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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is considering a vote to convict President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial, Republican sources told Insider. "It's the time to shiv him and then brace for the fallout," said one GOP source with ties to the Trump White House. Sources close to the White House say the president's team remains in chaos after last week's riot. They also don't believe McConnell has the votes to convict him, according to another Republican close to the White House. "He's only going to get stronger," one of the sources close to the White House said, "if he survives all this."
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“Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s blatant disregard for the facts," Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and the president's son, said in a statement to NBC News. "The City of New York has no legal right to end our contracts and if they elect to proceed, they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million dollars. “This is a breach of a binding contract, and they have no right to terminate the agreement,” the Trump Organization said in a statement Sunday. Meanwhile, the business backlash against the president for his role in the deadly attacks on the Capitol continues to grow. Cushman & Wakefield, one of the country's largest real estate service firms, said it would no longer do business with the Trump Organization, a company spokesperson told NBC News in an email.
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Pence made that clear in a Tuesday night letter on White House stationary to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "They're telling him he can't," one of the GOP sources close to the White House said. And a wave of recent departures also came from top White House staffers citing the attack on the Capitol.. "This is him by himself and it is something that has never happened before," said one former senior Trump administration official. I just think that's a goofy theory," said the former Trump administration official.
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President Trump is angry at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher over her plan to go to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, a Republican source told Insider. President Donald Trump is angry at Trump and Jared Kusher, his daughter and son-in-law, over her plan to attend President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, a Republican source told Insider. Trump said on Friday that he would not be attending Biden's inauguration, breaking a long-standing norm in US democracy. A White House source told the outlet she "is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she's doing whatever she can to save her reputation." Another White House source denied to the Mail that Ivanka plans to attend the inauguration.
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And in 2019, zero House Republicans defected from Donald Trump when he was impeached over the Ukraine matter. That’s the modern-day historical context to evaluate the number of House Republicans who might eventually vote on Wednesday to impeach Trump over his role in last week’s insurrection at the Capitol. ET Wednesday, 5 House Republicans say they will vote to impeach Pres. Trump:• Rep. Cheney of WY• Rep. Kinzinger of IL• Rep. Katko of NY• Rep. Upton of MI• Rep. Herrera Beutler of WA215+ House Democrats support impeachment. — NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) January 13, 2021 As of publication time on Wednesday, there are at least five House Republicans who said they will vote for Trump’s impeachment today.
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(Reuters) - Before Apple Inc banned Parler from its App Store store on Saturday, the social media site topped the charts as the most popular free app on its App Store in the United States. After Inc stopped hosting its business, effectively taking the upstart social media service offline, Parler is now fighting for survival. Parler, which was founded in 2018, is a social media network which styles itself as a “free speech-driven” space. Suspensions by Apple Inc’s App Store and Alphabet Inc’s Google had already meant potential new users were unable to download the app. Disinformation researchers said far-right groups that appeared at the riot maintained a vigorous online presence on alternative platforms including Parler where they spread violent rhetoric and organized ahead of the unrest.
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Secret Service agents were forced to testify during an investigation into then-President Bill Clinton's affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Ex-President Richard Nixon also rejected Secret Service protection, saying it would save the public money. "That is a very, very slippery slope to go down as far as the Secret Service is concerned," said former Secret Service agent Joe Funk, a 21-year veteran of the Secret Service who served on the details of presidents George H. W. Bush and Clinton. But the courts rejected their argument that Secret Service agents deserve special confidentiality privileges. Trump's older children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Tiffany Trump — get Secret Service protection only while their father is president.
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President Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitter last week, after the social media platform repeatedly cited language they said helped incite the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol Building. The rest of his family, save for Donald Trump Jr., seem to have spent much of the last few days off the platform. Donald Trump Jr., however, has tweeted more than three dozen times in defense of his father and in defense of free speech. President Donald Trump's personal account was permanently banned from Twitter on Friday, after weeks of back and forth between the president and the social media giant. Additional tweets on Friday led to the president's permanent removal, along with that of the Trump campaign's Twitter account.
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An Urgent Reckoning for the Trump Brand
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As House Democrats introduced an article of impeachment on Monday, more than a dozen big businesses vowed to withhold certain political donations. Morgan Stanley and AT&T said they, too, would suspend contributions to those lawmakers. The Trump Organization had already been facing considerable financial challenges. While such an array of challenges would spell doom for just about any hospitality brand, executives of the Trump Organization said they planned on cashing in on Mr. Trump’s global fame with overseas branding deals. “There has never been a political figure with more support or energy behind them than my father,” Eric Trump, the president’s son, who helps run the family business, said in a statement on Monday.
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The CEOs of Twitter and Parler were at odds with each other Saturday, each posting on their own network about Apple's decision to ban Parler. Before the ban, Parler had been the most downloaded app. On Parler, CEO John Matze responded by posting a screenshot of Dorsey's tweet and adding his own comment. "Yeah, we were number one until the fake news rage mob at Twitter and your anti-competitive friends went after us," Matze wrote. Like Twitter, Parler users can also sign into the network on the web.
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New York (CNN Business) Parler, the alternative social network popular with conservatives, has been banned by Apple, Google and Amazon. The platform became the most-downloaded app on the weekend of November 8 -- the day major media outlets called the election for Joe Biden. Parler, founded in 2018, bills itself as "unbiased social media" and a place where people can "speak freely and express yourself openly without fear of being 'deplatformed' for your views," according to its website and App Store description. The social media platform has been heavily used by supporters of President Donald Trump, including some who participated in Wednesday's US Capitol unrest. Many conservative politicians and media personalities have become active on Parler.
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Police use tear gas around Capitol building where pro-Trump supporters riot and breached the Capitol, January 6, 2021. A web of pro-Trump dark money groups helped organize the rally that led to a deadly riot on Capitol Hill. After the rally, Trump supporters marched to the steps of Congress and broke into the U.S. Capitol building. However, America First Polices, a pro-Trump policy advocacy dark money group, did disclose in 2019 that they contributed to Women for America First. It's in front of the White House... that way they don't have to go far to see us, " the woman holding the camera says.
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It also shows Eric Trump, Donald Jr.'s brother, being congratulated for his birthday that same day. CNBC has requested comment on the video from the Trump Organization, which Donald Jr. runs with Eric Trump, and from the White House. Donald Trump Jr. speaks during a rally of supporters of US President Donald Trump on The Ellipse outside of the White House on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards Donald Trump Jr and Mark Meadows at Trump TV viewing party"Thank you Mark!" Zoom In Icon Arrows pointing outwards Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump at Trump rally TV party
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President Trump, his family and allies had been pushing violent rhetoric for weeks trying to overturn the 2020 election. Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the formal vote declaring Trump had lost, was whisked away to a secure location. Trump supporters participate in a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 in Washington. Vice President Pence, who was evacuated from the Capitol, should seriously consider working with the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to preserve democracy," added Timmons. "Those are not the actions of conservatives and True Trump supporters.
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President Trump, his family, and his allies had been pushing violent rhetoric for weeks, in an effort to overturn the 2020 election. Trump supporters participate in a rally Wednesday in Washington. "Those are not the actions of conservatives and True Trump supporters. President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani speaks to supporters from the Ellipse near the White House on Wednesday in Washington. And Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani earlier on Wednesday, before the melee at the US Capitol, told the president's supporters: "Let's have trial by combat."
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thousands of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, including members of far-right militia groups, gathered in Washington in protest at a meeting of Congress on Wednesday to certify Joe Biden’s victory in November’s presidential election. One of his sons, Eric Trump, warmed up the flag-waving crowds with unfounded conspiracy theories. “It doesn’t matter,” Eric Trump said. My father has started a movement and this movement will never, ever die.”Congress was due to certify Biden’s victory on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, Trump supporters trying to reach Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington were stopped by riot gear-clad police, who used pepper spray and batons to drive them back.
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President Donald Trump faces numerous legal issues at the federal and state levels that could occupy his time for years to come. Trump's legal turmoil involves the president's administration, campaign, inaugural committee, and businesses interests. The outgoing president could face criminal and civil matters at the federal, state, and local levels. During an hourlong phone call, Trump asked Raffensperger, a fellow Republican, to "find" 11,780 votes in Georgia — a state that Trump lost by roughly that many votes. Three Democratic members of Congress, in two separate requests filed during late December, have asked the Department of Justice and Federal Election Commission to investigate whether it violated election laws.
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Former Republican congressional candidate George Santos posted photos on Instagram of him and his fiancé attending a New Year's Eve party at President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort. The New York Times later included a link to Santos's Instagram photos in an article. The New York Times linked to this photo by George Santos in its January 1 article about the Mar-a-Lago party. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump. However, many of Trump's associates, including Rep. Matt Gaetz and the president's sons Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., were in attendance.
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President Donald Trump faces numerous investigations and other legal problems once he leaves office. The ones he should worry about most are cases brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. We've dug through court filings to find out who's on the teams investigating Trump and the Trump Organization. Here are the 15 investigators and prosecutors from New York who Trump may be seeing a good bit more in his post-presidency. President Donald Trump's post-presidency will likely be plagued by investigations and other legal problems.
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FILE PHOTO: (L-R) Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump attend the ground breaking of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office Building in Washington July 23, 2014. The Times also said that Trump has asked advisers about the possibility of “preemptively” pardoning his three eldest children - Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump. COULD TRUMP PARDON HIS CHILDREN AND INNER CIRCLE? CAN TRUMP PARDON HIMSELF? Trump could try to pardon himself preemptively to cover the possibility of prosecution for federal crimes after he leaves office.
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The bill has enough bipartisan support to override a potential Trump veto and pass in its current form. Trump took scant interest in the stimulus bill while it was being negotiated, as he pursued his bogus voter-fraud claims. 748, the CARES Act in the Oval Office of the White House on March 27, 2020 in Washington, DC. The future of the stimulus bill is unclear. Another key concern is the December 28 deadline when stopgap government funding — which was passed to allow the stimulus bill to be negotiated — will expire.
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An election systems worker driven into hiding by death threats has filed a defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s campaign, two of its lawyers and some conservative media figures and outlets. His lawsuit, filed Tuesday in district court in Denver County, Colorado, names the Trump campaign, lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, the website Gateway Pundit, Colorado conservative activist Joseph Oltmann, and conservative media Newsmax and One America News Network. When the prospect of a Trump victory was brought up, Oltmann said a man identified as “Eric from Dominion” supposedly said “don’t worry about the election, Trump is not going to win. The lawsuit acknowledged that Coomer made comments critical of the president on his private Facebook page; he now says his page is inactive. Fox News Channel, another network popular with Trump supporters, is not being sued and Coomer actually uses Fox’s Tucker Carlson to buttress his case.
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The Trump campaign shell company that helped hide $617 million in 2020 presidential campaign spending was almost exclusively a Trump family production, run in part by a top deputy to Eric Trump, Insider has learned. But when Lara Trump quit the board, Trump advisors familiar with AMMC did not assume her power had waned. It wasn't me," Parscale tweeted on Monday, pasting a photo of a spreadsheet of his budget for the Trump campaign. The Trump campaign never publicly disclosed Miller's campaign salary, just as it did not disclose the salaries of Guilfoyle and Lara Trump. By contrast, the nominal president of the Trump campaign shell company, Trump campaign chief financial officer Sean Dollman, was paid directly by the Trump campaign in publicly available payments disclosed to the FEC.
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President Trump could be threatening to veto Congress' COVID-19 stimulus bill to retaliate against GOP lawmakers who "abandoned" him in his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election. In a Tuesday night video, Trump harshly criticized the omnibus package, which includes the $900 billion stimulus and appropriations legislation to fund the federal government. Axios similarly reported that Trump is blowing up the stimulus as an effort to exert maximum pressure over the GOP and get back at Sen. Mitch McConnell for acknowledging President-elect Biden's win. President Donald Trump could be blowing up Congress' omnibus legislation including a $900 billion stimulus deal and a bill to fund the government as retaliation for GOP lawmakers 'abandoning' his efforts to overturn the election, according to reports from Axios and Politico. If Trump vetoes the bill, Congress could be put in the position of having to vote to override it.
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Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law and a senior campaign adviser, served on the board of a limited liability company through which the Trump political operation has spent nearly $900 million since 2019, according to documents reviewed by The New York Times. Ms. Trump is married to the president’s son Eric Trump. The president has spent millions of campaign dollars on his own family businesses in the last five years. But the newly disclosed records show an even more intricate intermingling of Mr. Trump’s political and familial interests than was previously known. A spokesman for the president, Tim Murtaugh, said that neither Ms. Trump nor John Pence was compensated by American Made Media Consultants for their service as board members.
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