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Opinion | My Job and I: Is This a Love Letter?
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To the Editor:Re “I’ll Never Let Myself Love a Job Again” (Sunday Review, April 11):Like Emi Nietfeld, I felt deeply lost in my early 20s, and when I landed a job at a tech start-up, I thought that I’d been saved. When I finally left, I swore that I would never love a job again. After six months at my new job (chosen because I knew that I could never love it), I learned that I couldn’t stand spending 40 hours a week doing work that sparked no passion. I learned that it is possible to love your job without losing yourself if your employer’s long-term strategy doesn’t rely on burnout. Instead of telling workers to set boundaries, maybe we should devote more of our public discourse to how companies can inspire employees without exploiting them.
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Ex-Google engineer Emi Nietfeld said she endured harassment and retaliation while working there. In an op-ed for The New York Times, she said Google's response led her to vow to "never love a job again." "Saying anything about his behavior meant challenging the story we told ourselves about Google being so special," Nietfeld wrote, adding: "Google was the Garden of Eden; I lived in fear of being cast out." When she eventually filed a formal HR complaint, Nietfeld wrote: "Google went from being a great workplace to being any other company." I fell for the fantasy that it could be," Nietfeld wrote.
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was filed, Google went from being a great workplace to being any other company: It would protect itself first. I later learned that Google had similar responses to other employees who reported racism or sexism. My manager told me H.R. wouldn’t even make him change his desk, let alone work from home or go on leave. Six months after my return, when I broached the subject of promotion, he told me, “People in wood houses shouldn’t light matches.”
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