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REUTERS/Carlos BarriaA posts by The Committee to Defend the President sharing the tweet seriously and with over 1,600 shares, can be seen here and reads, “We agree with President Trump's sister, Betty! LOVE!” (here)Donald Trump has four siblings: Robert Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, Elizabeth Trump Grau, and Fred Trump Jr. Earlier this year, disparaging tapes of Trump’s sister Maryanne came to light, visible in a Washington Post report here. According to the Post, his other sister Elizabeth “has stayed out of the public eye,” making a public announcement on Twitter additionally unlikely. Tweet by Trump’s sister Betty was sent from a now-suspended parody account.
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President Donald Trump tweeted a link to a story falsely claiming that his sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, had issued a "rare and bold statement" in support of him. The story was based on tweets from a parody account, @TheBettyTrump, which was suspended later on Friday. The account in question, @TheBettyTrump, later changed its bio to identify as a parody account before it was suspended by Twitter. The social media episode marked another instance of President Trump spreading dubious accounts on his official Twitter page. As of 4 pm Friday, the tweet remained on Trump's page despite the parody account it linked to getting suspended.
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No, Trump’s sister did not publicly back him. He was duped by a fake account.
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On Friday morning, President Trump shared a seemingly innocuous article on Twitter. The piece said that his sister, Elizabeth Trump Grau, had publicly voiced her support for her brother amid his baseless claims that he won the 2020 election. “LOVE!”There was just one problem: Ms. Trump Grau had not said what the article claimed. In fact, the article Mr. Trump shared was based on a fake Twitter account that posed as his sister. That article, on the website of a conservative talk-radio host named Wayne Dupree, quoted a post from a Twitter account named “Betty Trump” that used a photo of Ms. Trump Grau as its profile picture.
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