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Istanbul CNN —Sara Khreis replays the last day she spent with her mother over and over in her mind. Suddenly, they heard their neighbors outside screaming that an evacuation route had been organized: “Come on, get out, come on, get out!”Sara with her mother, Hala. Then they were on the street outside, joining a wave of other people holding white flags aloft: a universal symbol of surrender. The clip of Hala’s killing is one of a growing number that show unarmed civilians holding white flags being shot dead in Gaza. His father, holding a white flag, could be seen crying over his body.
Persons: Istanbul CNN — Sara Khreis, , ” Sara, Hala, Sara, , Tayem, Hala Khreis, ” Sara Khreis, Ramzi Abu Sahloul, Ahmed Hijazi, Hijazi, Sahloul, Hala’s, Cross, Hala didn’t, Mohammad, Faisel, ” Nour, Nour, ” Mohammad, Mohammad wasn’t, , Heba, ” Heba, Youssuf Abdel A’atti, ” Abdel A’atti, Sara Khreis, , ” CNN’s Scott McWhinnie, Gianluca Mezzofiore Organizations: Istanbul CNN, CNN, Human Rights Monitor, Israel Defense Forces, IDF, Turkish, International Committee, ICRC, Palestine Locations: Istanbul, Gaza, Hala, The Geneva, Gaza City, al, Palestinian, Turkey, Rafah
CNN —Israeli ground forces are closing in on Gaza City, the largest and most densely packed population center in the Palestinian enclave, satellite imagery and videos from open and official sources suggest. “IDF forces encircle Gaza from the air, land and sea, surrounding the city of Gaza and its surroundings,” Daniel Hagari, an IDF spokesman, said on Friday. Satellite imagery and footage have also shown Israeli forces on Salah al-Din Road, a highway running the length of the strip, seemingly blocking anyone still in Gaza City from moving south. The urban area encompassing Gaza City is home to nearly 2 million people living in an 88-square-mile expanse, which equates to about 21,000 people per square mile. A man sits on debris as Palestinians conduct a search and rescue operation after the second bombardment to the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza City, on November 1.
Persons: ” Daniel Hagari, , Hanoun, Beit Lahiya, , Salah al, Yousif Al Saifi, Israel, Ali Jadallah, Benjamin Netanyahu, Miri Eisin, ” Eisin, Al, Beit Hanoun, Qassam, Alexi J . Rosenfeld, Israel Ziv, , Dr, Abu, Sittah, Tal Al, Katie Polglase, Andrew Carey, Tamar Michaelis, Allegra Goodwin, Mike Pratt Organizations: CNN, Israel Defense Forces, IDF, Hamas, European Space Agency, Palestinian Ministry of Health, Getty, Qassam Brigades, Tanks, Al, Quds Hospital, Palestinian Red Crescent Society Locations: Gaza City, Gaza, Gaza’s, Beit Hanoun, Ramallah, Israel, Anadolu, Wadi Gaza, Miri, Israeli, Al Shati, Beit, Al, Quds, Hawa
But CNN’s analysis suggests that a rocket launched from within Gaza broke up midair, and that the blast at the hospital was the result of part of the rocket landing at the hospital complex. All agreed that the available evidence of the damage at the site was not consistent with an Israeli airstrike. In the past few days, a number of outlets have published investigations into the Al-Ahli Hospital blast. CNN geolocated the hospital blast by referencing nearby buildings just west of the complex. Marc Garlasco, the former defense intelligence analyst and UN war crimes investigator, says there are signs of a lack of evidence at the Al-Ahli Hospital site.
Persons: Joe Biden, , Israel, , Abed Khaled, Jazeera, Al, ” Markus Schiller, Cedric Leighton, Chad Ohlandt, PIJ, Fadel Na’eem, Na’eem, Dr, , , Marc Garlasco, Chris Cobb, Smith, I’ve, we’ve, ” Cobb, Patrick Senft, Senft, it’s, There’s, Cobb Organizations: CNN, Palestinian, National Security Council, Shifa, Ahli Baptist Hospital, Israel, Al, NATO, European Union, US Air Force, US National Security Agency, Rand Corporation, , Brigades, Quds Brigades, IDF, UN, Amnesty International, Armament Research Services, Islamic Locations: Ahli, Gaza City, Gaza, Israel, Islamic, Al, Al Jazeera, Tel Aviv, Europe, Washington , DC, Ashdod, Quds, rummage
Dajabón, Dominican Republic, and Les Cayes, Haiti (CNN) When Pauline Philippe found out she was pregnant with twins, she felt a flash of happiness. "I thought about everything that could happen," Phillippe told CNN. In 2017, he unveiled a four-pronged strategy focused not only on ending impunity, but also on prioritizing victims' rights and dignity. He appointed the UN's first Victims' Rights Advocate and created a "trust fund" to support victims. Hers is the "smallest, newest and poorest" department in the UN, Connors told CNN.
Persons: Dajabón, Les, Pauline Philippe, Preval, Aristide !, Prince, Philippe's, Phillippe, Philippe, General Kofi Annan, Antonio Guterres, Jane Connors, Jokencie Jean Baptiste, Les Cayes, we're, Rosemina Joseph, Yasna Uberoi, Paula Donovan, Beatrice Lindstrom, it's, Lindstrom, Connors, decamp, Antonio Guterres hasn't, Sienna Merope, Synge, gesturing, she's, I've, Caitlin Hu, Etant Dupain, Paula Newton, CNN's Eliza Anyangwe, Eliza Mackintosh Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, General, Central African, moto, UN's Office, UN's, Development, Trust Fund, Democratic, Harvard Law School, Institute for Justice, Democracy, Trust, New Locations: Dominican Republic, Les Cayes, Haiti, Port, Niger, Central African Republic, Dajabón, Cap, Haiti's, Haitian, Les, Senegalese, Port Salut, Uruguayan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, New York City, Prince, South Sudan, New York, UN, Africa
The person filming the video zooms in as the aircraft spirals downwards out of control, revealing that it is missing a wing. Credit: Ria NovostiCNN has reviewed flight data and videos, and interviewed aviation and explosive experts, to piece together what happened in the minutes leading up to the crash. The analysis suggests that the private aircraft experienced at least one “catastrophic inflight incident” before it dropped out of the sky. According to CNN’s analysis of available flight data, the plane traveled another 30 miles before it crashed. “Even though the aircraft was not transmitting position information, other data like altitude, speed, vertical rate, and autopilot settings were broadcast.
Persons: Yevgeny Prigozhin, Dmitry Utkin, Vladimir Putin, Rosaviatsia, Prigozhin, ” Flightradar24, , Steffan Watkins, Markus Schiller, ” Schiller, Schiller, Robert Schmucker, ” Schmucker, Kuzhenkino, Daniel Kwasi Adjekum Organizations: CNN, Ria Novosti CNN, Pentagon, Kremlin, Embraer, Wagner, Planet Labs, NATO, European Union, United Nations, Aviation, Brazilian, RIA Novosti, University of North Locations: Moscow, St . Petersburg, Credit, Belarus, Russia, Belarusian, Kuzhenkino, Tver, Europe, University of North Dakota
CNN —Saudi border guards killed “hundreds” of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers crossing the Yemen-Saudi border between March 2022 and June 2023, Human Rights Watch alleged in a report released Monday. Several videos purportedly recorded near an informal migrant camp appear to show Saudi border guard posts, and newly constructed fences next to one. “Saudi border guards have used explosive weapons indiscriminately and shot people at close range, including women and children, in a pattern that is widespread and systematic. But despite a reduction in abuses, human rights groups say violence has continued, and some migrants HRW interviewed said they had fled because of the recent conflict. Interviewees described being attacked by Saudi border guards, describing their uniforms and describing the explosive weapons being “like a bomb.”“We were fired on repeatedly.
Persons: HRW, ” HRW, Organizations: CNN, Human Rights Watch, HRW, Maxar Technologies CNN, Saudi, Human Rights, Reuters, United Nations Locations: Saudi, Yemen, Al Raqw, Horn of Africa, Aden, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia’s, Tigray, Amhara, Oromia, Djibouti, Houthi, Saada, United States, Iran
“Currently we don’t have security in Afghanistan at all, whenever we go out we don’t know if we will come home alive or not,” he added. Taliban security forces guard a checkpoint near the foreign ministry in Kabul on March 27, after an ISIS-K suicide bomber struck the site. The data, which is available in a live map, includes 367 pieces of open-source evidence — largely videos and images shared on social media — about 70 ISIS-K attacks since August 2021. As the Taliban try to minimize the threat ISIS-K poses, attacks on civilians continue. Taliban security forces have been waging ongoing operations and night raids against ISIS-K.
CNN —The violence that has exploded in Sudan as the country’s two top generals grapple for power has unfolded at a terrifying, breakneck speed. Hemedti uses this discourse as a bloody shirt to maintain his influence and military forces for future use,” Fareid said. Marwan Ali/APFrom a subclan of the Mahariya Rizeigat tribe, nomadic people that herded camels in Darfur, Hemedti got his start as a commander of the Janjaweed. Unlike Sudan’s former dictator, Hemedti has not faced charges from the International Criminal Court. The general’s shared sense of impunity was underlined in October 2021, when they staged a coup, arresting Hamdok and his cabinet.
The case is a constitutional petition filed in Kenya’s High Court, which has jurisdiction over the issue, as Facebook’s content moderation operation hub for much of east and south Africa is located in Nairobi. “They have suffered human rights violations as a result of the Respondent failing to take down Facebook posts that violated the bill of rights even after making reports to the Respondent,” reads the complaint. The legal filing alleges that Facebook has failed to invest adequately in content moderation in countries across Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, particularly from its hub in Nairobi. In a statement to CNN, Meta did not directly respond to the lawsuit:“We have strict rules which outline what is and isn’t allowed on Facebook and Instagram. Last year, whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, told the US Senate that the platform’s algorithm was “literally fanning ethnic violence” in Ethiopia.
By the time Cherelle Griner arrived at the White House, it was clear Brittney Griner was on the verge of being released. As Cherelle Griner waited to meet with Sullivan, however, a change in venue signaled what was about to happen. Biden delivered the first official confirmation that Brittney Griner was on her way home, something he’d told aides he wanted to do himself. Shortly after, advisers delivered the official notification to Biden and Cherelle Griner: Brittany Griner was secure and in the hands of US officials. Biden then brought Cherelle Griner to a chair set up next to his at the Resolute Desk.
CNN —Brittney Griner’s freedom ultimately hinged on the release of a convicted Russian arms dealer whose life story inspired a Hollywood film. On Thursday, a source told CNN that the US basketball star had been released from Russian detention in a prisoner swap for Viktor Bout, nicknamed the “Merchant of Death” by his accuser. Viktor Bout is pictured in a temporary cell ahead of a hearing at a court in Bangkok in August 2010. Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images“His early days are a mystery,” Douglas Farah, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center who co-authored a book on Bout, told CNN in 2010. He said that Bout graduated from the Military Institute on Foreign Languages, a well-known feeder school for Russian military intelligence.
December 5, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news
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Explosions at two Russian air bases Monday have focused attention on Ukraine's efforts to develop longer-range combat drones. The Russian Defense Ministry says the attacks were carried out by Ukrainian drones, which it claims were brought down by Russian air defenses. Imagery — both satellite and photographs — indicates some damage was done to Russian military planes at one base in Ryazan region. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has offered no official comment on the explosions, and the Ukrainian government has not acknowledged adding long-range attack drones to its arsenal. The two bases hit, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, are hundreds of miles inside Russian territory and beyond the reach of Ukraine's declared arsenal of drones.
CNN —When Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019, he was lauded as a regional peacemaker. A year later, he launched a conflict that spiraled into a brutal civil war, spawning one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. In November 2020, Abiy ordered a military offensive in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region and promised that the clash would be resolved quickly. Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Tigray conflict has its roots in tensions that go back generations in Ethiopia. For months at the start of the conflict, Abiy denied that civilians were being harmed or that soldiers from Eritrea had joined the fight.
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