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Typical spiders — and most creatures — tend to find the noise and wind disturbance from nearby busy roads to be too stressful, but the Jorō spider doesn’t seem to mind much, according to a new study published in Arthropoda on February 13. University of Georgia ecology students and study coauthors Kade Stewart, Caitlin Phelan and Alexa Schultz handle a Jorō spider. What to do when you come across a Jorō spiderAs the nonnative Jorō spider continues to spread in the region, the spiders pose a threat to native species that are beneficial to the environment. While conducting the study, the researchers found evidence of the Jorō spiders coexisting with native spiders, Davis said. And the Jorō spiders eat species that are good and bad for the environment, including the infamous lantern fly, he added.
Persons: , Andy Davis, Kade Stewart, Caitlin Phelan, Alexa Schultz, Davis, Floyd Shockley, Shockley, ” Shockley, , They’re, they’re Organizations: CNN, University of Georgia’s Odum, of Ecology, University of Georgia, Entomology, Smithsonian National Museum of Locations: United States, Arthropoda, Washington ,
A Congressman is urging Elon Musk to give SpaceX Starshield access to US forces in Taiwan. AdvertisementElon Musk is facing pressure to provide SpaceX's Starshield satellite network to US defense personnel in Taiwan, according to Forbes. However, the outlet described a "group of US lawmakers" were involved in the calls for Musk to provide satellite access to US defense forces in Taiwan. The letter then called on Musk to brief the select panel regarding Starshield's capabilities in Taiwan by March 8, Forbes reported. The request could present challenges for Musk, who has considerable business ties in China, where Tesla has a significant manufacturing presence.
Persons: Elon Musk, Forbes, , Elon, Mike Gallagher, Musk, Gallagher, Taiwan's, Lai Ching, Tesla, hasn't, Joseph Wu Organizations: SpaceX, Service, Forbes ., Forbes . Wisconsin GOP, US Defense Department, Forbes, Street, Chinese Communist Party, New York Times, United States Congress, Times, Business Locations: Taiwan, China, Forbes, Forbes . Wisconsin, Russian, Starshield, Hong Kong
AdvertisementHe went on to claim that Black people walk around with photos of his mug shot on $19 T-shirts — which he claimed was the "number one" mug shot, followed by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra's. Fulton County Sheriff's OfficeTrump's latest comments about Black people come as he and his allies seek to secure a historic share of the Black vote for Republicans. Despite persistent accusations of using racist language over the years, Trump won 12% of the Black vote in 2020, which was the highest a Republican president has received in recent decades. Jasmine Harris, the Biden campaign's media director, who is Black, said Trump was an "anti-Black tyrant" and "the proud poster boy for modern racism," per NBC News. Trump holds Black Americans in such low regard that he "publicly dined with white nationalists a week after declaring his 2024 candidacy," she said.
Persons: , Donald Trump, he's, Trump, I'm, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra's, Alexey Navalny, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Sen, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Jasmine Harris, George Floyd's, Harris Organizations: Service, Black Conservatives, Black Conservative, Trump, Republican, Black, Office, Republicans, Department of Housing, Urban, Biden, NBC, Central Locations: Columbia , South Carolina, Fulton, Fulton County, South Carolina
Workplace conflict often looks like high school drama, according to consultant Rosalind Wiseman. Wiseman is no stranger to teen drama — in fact, she literally wrote the book on it. The corporate world and high school aren't the same, but the similarities are striking"The answer that I should say is that, 'Oh, adults are so much more mature than kids,'" she told Business Insider when asked about how workplace drama compares to high school. Wiseman said workplace drama tends to look different than what you see in high school — teens can be far more "crass" — but the levels of sophistication in which the conflicts and undermining play out can be similar. AdvertisementWhatever the conflict, adults can end up feeling similar to high schoolers — excluded, taken advantage of, or even bullied.
Persons: Rosalind Wiseman, Wiseman, , weren't, it's, you've, Jimi Celeste, Patrick McMullan, cleary Organizations: Service, Bees, US State Department, UBS Financial Services, Los Angeles Bar Association, Broadway, Wilson Theatre Locations: New York City
Change Healthcare's systems are down for a fourth straight day after parent company UnitedHealth Group disclosed that a suspected cybersecurity threat actor gained access to part of its information technology network on Wednesday. UnitedHealth, the biggest health-care company in the U.S. by market cap, owns the health-care provider Optum, which merged with Change Healthcare in 2022. Optum services more than 100 million patients in the U.S., according to its website, and Change Healthcare offers solutions for payment and revenue cycle management. ET Saturday, Change Healthcare said the disruption is expected to continue "at least" through the day. The AHA declined to comment on the Change Healthcare cyberattack.
Persons: UnitedHealth, We're, CISA Organizations: UnitedHealth Group, Healthcare, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, CNBC, CVS Health, CVS, American Hospital Association, AHA, Department of Health, Human Services, FBI, Infrastructure Security Agency, HHS Locations: U.S
Today, I'm the owner of a barber shop and the founder of the Washington Barber College. Courtesy of Story SyndicateI took $500 from the check and put it down on a rental space for a barber shop. I later purchased another barber shop, and with the profits from that business, bought an additional shop that was going out of business. AdvertisementThe People Trust Community Loan Fund. We would also pick up homeless individuals and bring them to the barber shop to provide haircuts.
Persons: Arlo Washington, , Oscar, Barber, it's, Syndicate I'm, we've, We've, Mr, We're, Little, I've, It's Organizations: Service, Washington, Washington Barber College, Syndicate, People Trust Loan Fund, People Trust, Federal Credit Union, University of Arkansas, Little, Trust Community Loan Fund, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, The Treasury Department, Trust Loan, People Trust Loan, Depository Institution Locations: Little Rock , Arkansas, Local, Washington, Arkansas, Little, Central Arkansas, Little Rock, Rock, Wrightsville , Arkansas
Women may see greater health benefits from exercising regularly than men do, according to a recent study. DON'T MISS: Exercise 2-4x more than the HHS recommends to achieve maximum benefit, says new studyResearchers also found that women were able to see greater health benefits with less exercise than their male counterparts. Men who engaged in about five hours of moderate to vigorous exercise each week lowered their chances of dying by 18% in comparison to men who didn't. The reason why women may have stronger benefits from regular exercise than men isn't clear, though it's possible it boils down to differences in anatomy, the study's researchers told CBS News. Exercising regularly is great for heart health in general"I think the big message is physical activity helps to reduce cardiovascular mortality, period," Garg tells CNBC Make It.
Persons: Beteal, wasn't, Nadish, Garg Organizations: American College of Cardiology, HHS, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, CBS News, Hermann, CNBC, U.S . Department of Health, Human Services Locations: UHealth, Houston
Microsoft offered to sell its Bing search engine to Apple in 2018, Google said in a court filing earlier this month. In the fourth quarter, Microsoft generated $3.2 billion from search and news advertising, while Google search and other revenue totaled $48 billion. Google said in its filing that when Microsoft reached out to Apple in 2018, emphasizing gains in Bing's quality, Microsoft offered to either sell Bing to Apple or establish a Bing-related joint venture with the company. Google said Apple CEO Tim Cook sent an email to Apple executives about the assessment of Bing, but his remarks are redacted in the filing. Cue testified that "if Apple did not receive the massive payments it sought from Google, Apple would have developed its own search engine," the Justice Department asserted in its filing.
Persons: Tim Cook, Eddy, Apple's, Bing, Apple, Satya Nadella, Rob Sanderson Organizations: Apple, Allen, Co . Media, Technology Conference, Microsoft, Google, U.S . Justice Department, Bing, Safari, Justice Department, Windows, MSN, Department, Bloomberg Locations: Sun Valley , Idaho
CNN —Professional bowler Brandon Novak is facing child pornography charges after he was reportedly arrested midway through a tournament earlier this month. Per the report, Chillicothe police were first notified of Novak last year when a complaint was filed regarding his Facebook account being associated with child pornography, according to The Dispatch. Novak's mugshot from Ross County jail. Ross County JailDuring police interviews with Novak, he said he purchased pornography from someone on Snapchat, but initially said that he did not know the videos would contain child pornography, The Dispatch reported. He later admitted that he knew he was purchasing child pornography and was taking steps to conceal it, according to The Dispatch’s review of the police report.
Persons: Brandon Novak, Novak, Novak's mugshot Organizations: CNN —, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Public Records, Chillicothe Police Department, Dispatch Locations: Indiana, Ross County, Ohio, Chillicothe , Ohio, Indianapolis, Chillicothe, Ross
An altercation at an Oklahoma public school involving a 16-year-old nonbinary student who died the next day began after the student “poured water” on girls who had been making fun of the teenager, according to a body camera video interview released by the Owasso Police Department late Friday. The video of the 16-year-old student, Nex Benedict, talking to an Owasso officer provided the fullest account yet of what took place inside the girls’ bathroom on Feb. 7. The interview, which lasted about 20 minutes and took place at a local hospital, provided new details of the confrontation at the West Campus of Owasso High School. And they had said something like, ‘Why do they laugh like that?’ They were talking about us in front of us. And so I went up there and I poured water on them” from a plastic water bottle, Nex told the officer.
Persons: Nex Benedict, Nex, ” Nex Organizations: Owasso Police Department, West, Owasso High, Nex Locations: Oklahoma
CNN —The suspect in the killing of an Augusta University College of Nursing student on the University of Georgia campus in Athens did not attend school at the campus and did not know the victim, authorities said Friday. The Athens-Clarke County Coroner identified the 22-year-old nursing student on Friday morning. All classes on the University of Georgia’s Athens campus were canceled Friday and will resume Monday, the school said. I will miss and love you forever Laken.”Before her enrollment at Augusta University, Riley was a student at the University of Georgia until 2023, UGA spokesperson Cole Sosebee said. Riley’s body was discovered mere hours after the death of a University of Georgia student the previous night.
Persons: Laken Hope Riley, , Jeff Clark, Jose Antonio Ibarra, Ibarra, Riley, Clark, ” Clark, haven’t, Greg Trevor, Riley “, , Joshua L, Jones, , ” Riley, Lauren Phillips, “ I’m, Cole Sosebee Organizations: CNN, Augusta University College of Nursing, University of Georgia, Augusta University, ” University of Georgia Police, Campus, University of Georgia’s, ” Police, Police, UGA, College of Nursing, University of, University of Augusta College of Nursing, of Nursing, University, Georgia Locations: Athens, Clark, Clarke, , University of Georgia’s Athens
The United States and Britain carried out another round of large-scale military strikes Saturday against multiple sites in Yemen controlled by Houthi militants, U.S. officials said. The strikes were intended to degrade the Iran-backed militants’ ability to attack ships in sea lanes that are critical for global trade, a campaign they have carried out for almost four months. American and British warplanes hit missile systems and launchers and other targets, the officials said. Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand provided support for the operation, according to a joint statement from the countries involved that was emailed to reporters by the Defense Department. The strikes, which the statement called “necessary and proportionate,” hit 18 targets across eight locations in Yemen associated with Houthi underground weapons storage facilities, missile storage facilities, one-way attack unmanned aerial systems, air defense systems, radars and a helicopter.
Persons: Organizations: Houthi, British, Defense Department Locations: States, Britain, Yemen, Iran, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand
United Airlines , American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are among the carriers that have raised the price to check bags this year. Earlier this week, American Airlines raised its checked bag fees for the first time in more than five years and adopted the two-tiered strategy that United, JetBlue and several budget airlines already have. American Airlines previously charged $30 for either service. Why are airlines raising baggage fees? Airlines have argued that higher costs such as labor and fuel, their biggest expenses, mean they had to raise bag fees.
Persons: Scott Olson, Barry Biffle, Biffle Organizations: O'Hare International, Getty, Getty Images Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United, JetBlue, CNBC, Frontier, Transportation, Airlines Locations: Chicago, North America
Hong Kong CNN —With Hong Kong’s sky-high cost of living, residents like Andy Tsui have been looking for alternative ways to have more fun and spend less. Rather than spending his cash in his hometown of Hong Kong, he’s been crossing the border into mainland China to splurge instead. Such trips are noteworthy because, for much of Hong Kong’s modern history, the traffic has been largely — conspicuously, even — in the other direction. Hong Kong used to be the place where Chinese would escape to, not from. In 2023, just 26 million mainlanders — about half of the 2018 crowd — visited Hong Kong.
Persons: Andy Tsui, he’s, boba, ” Tsui, Justin Robertson, Noemi Cassanelli, CNN Hong Kong’s, Hong Kong —, misbehaving, , , Steve Tsang, Hong, Shenzhen’s, Hongkongers, Gilles Sabrie, Hongkonger Eddy Lam, Lam, Cherrie Leung, Qilai Shen, Hugo Sin, , Gary Ng, John Lee, Tsang Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, CNN, Shoppers, Yuen, Britain, Newspapers, Hong, Hong Kong Immigration Department, China Institute, SOAS University, Huawei, Tencent, Bloomberg, Getty, Sam’s Club, Costco, Sam’s, Walmart, Hong Kong, Shenzhen hasn’t, Xinhua, RTHK, SOAS University of London Locations: Hong Kong, China, splurge, Peking, Shenzhen, East, Hong, People’s Republic of China, British, Beijing, London, Bay Area, San Francisco , New York, Tokyo, Kowloon, Coco, Shanghai, , Inner Mongolia, Taiwan, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong’s, Britain, Canada, Australia, Bay,
Consumers are spending more of their budgets on food than they have in 30 years. And high food costs could stick around for a while, executives and small business owners have said. US consumers spent 11.3% of their disposable income on food in 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing data from the US Department of Agriculture. The last time food made up as much of their spending was in 1991, the Journal reported. AdvertisementIt looks like elevated food costs will likely stick around, too.
Persons: it's, , haven't, It's, François, Xavier Roger, Roger, Brian Will, they've, Steve Cahillane Organizations: Service, Street, US Department of Agriculture, Business Locations: Georgia
As state leaders scramble to address the problem, one solution is showing some promise: Give those young people $1,000 cash every month, no strings attached. AdvertisementSo far 120 young people across the state are receiving the direct cash payments, the report says. Participants receive payments of $ 1,000 a month. AdvertisementThe Baltimore Young Families Success Fund , for example, gives young parents in the city $1,000 a month. In Denver, the city recently extended a basic income program offering some residents up to $1,000 a month after participants reported increased housing security .
Persons: , Anjala Huff, Huff, Tonaeya Moore, Austin, Sen, Paul Bettencourt Organizations: Service, Business, The Oregon Department of Human Services, DHS, Baltimore Young Locations: Oregon, Multnomah County, Portland, Maryland, Denver, Iowa , South Dakota , Arizona, Texas, Harris County, Houston
AdvertisementLegislation to severely restrict the use of attack-trained patrol dogs in Virginia state prisons has passed the state legislature, receiving overwhelming bipartisan support in the House and passing unanimously in the Senate. Patrol dogs have been used to attack or intimidate prisoners in eight states in recent years. The new law could dramatically impact the use of patrol dogs at six high-security prisons where, according to incident reports obtained by BI, patrol dogs have been regularly used to attack men who refuse to leave their cells or who are involved in one-on-one altercations. When pressed by lawmakers on BI's findings that Virginia deployed patrol dogs 18 times more often than any other state, Elam said that the number of bites in Virginia was "alarming." The new legislation regulating patrol dogs in Virginia prisons passed the House on February 8 82-15 with overwhelming bipartisan support.
Persons: , Holly Seibold, Michael Webert, Marcus Elam, Elam, we've, Kyle Gibson, Webert, Seibold, Glenn Youngkin, Christian Martinez Organizations: Business, Service, House, Democrat, Republican, BI, Virginia Department of Corrections, Department of Corrections Locations: Virginia, Arizona
CNN —When special counsel Jack Smith asked the Supreme Court to reject former President Donald Trump’s immunity claims there was an unmistakable hue of urgency to the request. It could grant Trump’s request and then hold arguments and decide the merits of the immunity issue – perhaps on an expedited basis. The Supreme Court can move quickly, at least by judicial branch standards. George Walker IV/APThe Supreme Court denied that request, allowing the appeals court to review the case first. US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor participates in a conversation with University of California Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky on Monday, January 29.
Persons: Jack Smith, Donald Trump’s, Smith, Trump, , Steve Vladeck, Tanya Chutkan, Chutkan, ” Smith, Donald Trump, George Walker IV, Randall Eliason, , ” Eliason, Sonia Sotomayor, Amy Coney Barrett, we’re, ” Barrett, ” Sotomayor, Barack Obama, don’t, Trump’s, Vladeck, Biden, University of California Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky Organizations: CNN, University of Texas School of Law, DC, Appeals, National Religious Broadcasters, Gaylord, Supreme, DC Circuit, George Washington University, National Governors Association, Trump, Democratic, Boy Scouts of America, Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts of, Department of Homeland Security, University of California Berkeley Law, Capitol Locations: Mexico, Boy Scouts of America, Texas
How Hermes Became the Ultimate Status Symbol
  + stars: | 2024-02-24 | by ( Madeline Berg | )   time to read: +11 min
Now, its shares are also hot commodities, with their performance outpacing bigger luxury brands like Louis Vuitton owner LVMH and Gucci-maker Kering. "The curse of retail is everyone chases more," Simeon Siegel, a senior retail analyst at BMO Capital Markets, told Business Insider about luxury brands. "Brand equity is much more diluted than Hermès'," Herzog said of brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Hermès is 'fairly recession-proof'Keeping it simple has helped Hermès hold its own as luxury brands start to lose their shine after a multiyear spending boom. It also announced it will expand the Saint Junien facility in New Aquitaine (also France) which makes Kelly and Birkin bags.
Persons: Hermès, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Kering's, hasn't, it's, Axel Dumas, Simeon Siegel, Siegel, Birkin, , waitlists, Edward Berthelot, there's, Hitha Herzog, Nicole Pollard Bayme, Kelly, Versace, Herzog, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bernstein, Luca Solca, Chanel, Solca, Winston Chesterfield, Barton, That's, Williamsburg , Brooklyn —, Axel, Pierre, Alexis Dumas —, Bernard Arnault's LVMH, Dumas, Barton's Chesterfield, They've, Cousins Axel Dumas, Alexis Dumas, Rodrigo Vaz, Thierry Hermès, they've, We're Organizations: BMO Capital Markets, Capri Holdings, North, Gucci Locations: Hermès, London, China, France, Louviers, Ardennes, New Aquitaine, Aspen , Colorado, Naples, Florida, Nanjing, Princeton , New Jersey, Williamsburg , Brooklyn
Throughout his 2024 bid, Mr. Trump has portrayed the United States under the Biden administration as a nation in steep decline. First, he will conjure a dark vision of what he sees as the future under Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden has frequently argued that he has been a better steward of the economy than Mr. Trump, whom he portrays as having undercut working-class Americans. Under Mr. Biden, the economy grew 3.1 percent from the end of 2022 to the end of 2023. But Mr. Trump has backed off those promises in the face of polls showing that non-Republican voters are concerned that he poses a threat to democracy.
Persons: Donald J, Biden, Trump, ” Mr, Bidenomics, MAGAnomics, Trump’s, Mr, Nikki Haley, , Organizations: Republican, Trump, Conservative Political, Conference, The New York Times, Mr, Justice Department Locations: South Carolina, Washington, United States, CPAC
President Joe Biden's Education Department is officially one step closer to finalizing its second attempt at student-loan forgiveness for federal borrowers. This second attempt at student-debt relief is separated from the other targeted relief initiatives the Education Department has been in the process of carrying out. During a February 21 speech touting the latest relief, Biden said he would continue to pursue loan forgiveness for federal borrowers despite legal challenges. "Look, early in my term, I announced a major plan to provide millions of working families with debt relief for their college student debt. "I announced we were going to pursue alternative paths for student debt relief for as many borrowers as possible.
Persons: , Joe Biden's, It's, Biden's, Tamy Abernathy, Abernathy, Biden Organizations: Service, Joe Biden's Education Department, Higher, Education Department, Democratic, Federal Register, Republican
Riley was an Augusta University College of Nursing student at its campus in Athens, which is also home to the University of Georgia. She was a junior on the dean’s list, Augusta University said. “The victim was an undergraduate student at the University of Georgia until the spring of 2023, and then she became a nursing student at the Augusta University nursing program in Athens,” UGA spokesperson Cole Sosebee said. Obtained by CNNAll classes on the University of Georgia’s Athens campus are canceled Friday and will resume Monday, the school said. Augusta University has canceled Friday classes at the College of Nursing campus in Athens, which is about 2.5 miles from the University of Georgia’s intramural fields.
Persons: Hope Riley, , Greg Trevor, Riley, Sonny Wilson, Jeffrey L, Clark, Cole Sosebee, Laken Hope Riley, Augusta University’s, Brooks A, Keel, Joshua L, Jones Organizations: CNN — University of Georgia Police, UGA, Augusta University College of Nursing, University of Georgia, Augusta University, CNN, University of Georgia Police, Police, ” UGA, University of Georgia’s, College of Nursing, University of, ” Augusta University, UGA Police Department, USA, Brumby Hall Locations: Athens, Clarke, , University of Georgia’s Athens, Clarke County
“They continue to surprise us,” said one senior defense official, referring to the Houthis. Officials also believe Iran instructed the groups to back off the attacks following the US strikes. The issue is becoming more acute, especially given the notable increase in Houthi attacks over the last two days. At the same time, the Houthis also crave international legitimacy, officials said, and want to be recognized as the official Yemeni government. Still, there are no signs yet that Iran is actively withholding support from the Houthis, officials said.
Persons: CNN —, Biden, , Sabrina Singh, , , Marc Miguez, Israel, Privately, Matthew Miller, Singh, ” Singh Organizations: CNN, Pentagon, Central Command, Carrier Strike, Yemeni, Saudi, State Department, US, Prosperity Locations: Iran, Yemen, Gulf, Aden, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Baghdad, Gaza, Israel, Red, Oman, Bahrain
The man pushing the thumb drive was a citizen of an Eastern European country and a guest of Claremont. That evening, Rollie passed a thumb drive containing disinformation about Hunter Biden and Burisma to a Pompeo aide. Smirnov was indicted last week for lying to the FBI about Hunter Biden. The revelation about Rollie's thumb drive comes shortly after the indictment of Smirnov, for allegedly making false statements about Hunter Biden in June 2020. Like Smirnov, Rollie's materials accuse Hunter Biden of involving his father in Burisma's business and committing a vast off-the-books fraud.
Persons: Mike Pompeo, Hunter Biden, Rollie, Pompeo, Burisma, BI Rollie, I'm, Rollie's, Biden's, Josef, Johnathan Buma, Donald Trump, Joe Biden's, Peter Schweizer, Rudy Giuliani, John Solomon, Hunter, Giuliani, Alexander Smirnov, Smirnov, Biden, David Weiss, Smirnov's, Joe Biden, GOP Sen, Charles Grassley, MAGA, Jack Posobiec, Buma, Anastasiia Carrier Organizations: Claremont Institute's, Claremont, Business, BI, KGB, Department, Claremont Institute, FBI, New York Times, Prosecutors, GOP, State Department, Justice Department, Anastasiia Locations: Russia, Ukrainian, Beverly Hills, Eastern, Soviet, Los Angeles, Russian, Delaware, Ukraine, The Hill, East, West, Eastern Europe
CNN —Detroit Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart has been suspended three games without pay after an altercation with a Phoenix Suns player prior to a game between the two teams, the NBA announced. The 22-year-old was arrested for assault after punching Suns forward Drew Eubanks before the two teams played on February 14 at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona. “The attack on Drew Eubanks was unprovoked, and acts of violence such as this are unacceptable,” a Suns spokesperson previously told CNN. Stewart is in his fourth season with the Pistons, averaging 11 points and 6.8 rebounds per game in 35 games played this season. After the game, Pistons head coach Monty Williams said he and other team officials had talked to Stewart, who gave them his side of the story.
Persons: Isaiah Stewart, Drew Eubanks, Eubanks, Stewart, Stewart “, , Drew, Frank Vogel, ” Stewart, LeBron James, James, Monty Williams, ” Williams, Organizations: CNN — Detroit Pistons, Phoenix Suns, NBA, Suns, Footprint, Phoenix Police Department, , Phoenix Police, CNN, ” Suns, Pistons, Indiana Pacers Locations: Phoenix , Arizona
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