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Vice President Kamala Harris Heads to Border Facing Bipartisan Pressure
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President Biden tapped Ms. Harris to lead diplomatic efforts aimed at stemming the flow of migrants and to improve access in the U.S. to voting. People close to Ms. Harris acknowledge that she has made some high-profile missteps in her first few months, at times overshadowing what they see as her accomplishments. A spokeswoman for the vice president declined to comment. Asked in a television interview earlier this month why she hadn’t visited the border, Ms. Harris noted that she also hadn’t been to Europe. She added: “I’m not discounting the importance of the border.” Some said Ms. Harris appeared to equate the two places and minimize the seriousness of the border situation.
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For many, the result at the annual general meeting marks a new watershed moment for corporate governance in Japan after activist Toshiba shareholders prevailed earlier this year in securing a probe into the allegations of pressure on overseas investors. According to one Toshiba source, foreign investors had voted in greater numbers than in the company's previous shareholder meetings as they saw it as an important test case of corporate governance in Japan. 1/4 Toshiba Corp. Board of Directors Chairperson Osamu Nagayama attends a news conference in Tokyo Japan June 14, 2021, in this handout photo taken and released by Toshiba Corporation. Nagayama's ouster could help activist shareholders push the company to consider take-private offers. Nagayama only joined Toshiba's board in mid-2020 after the alleged pressuring of foreign shareholders to vote in line with management's board nominees took place.
Persons: Justin Tang, Osamu Nagayama, Satoshi Tsunakawa, Hiroshi Kajiyama, Akira Amari, Nagayama, Japan John Roos, Glass Lewis, Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Makiko Yamazaki, Tim Kelly, Edwina Gibbs Organizations: Toshiba Corp, Toshiba, United First Partners, Trade, Toshiba Corporation, Handout, REUTERS, Liberal Democratic Party, Capital, Pharmaceutical, Sony Group Corp, Services Inc, Investment Partners, Toshiba's, Investment, Thomson Locations: TOKYO, Japan, Singapore, Tokyo Japan, U.S, Toshiba's Singapore
Democrats and Republicans alike agree that there’s been a serious spike in violent crime over the last couple of years — the highest in more than a decade. Biden deserves kudos for standing up to his party’s loud progressive wing and insisting on taking action before more Americans needlessly die. The White House’s fact sheet on Biden’s crime-fighting plan talks of “gun violence resulting from the pandemic,” “gun violence exacerbated by the pandemic” and “gun violence associated with the pandemic.” In fact, the homicide spike “actually began in 2019, prior to the pandemic,” noted the National Commission on Covid-19 and Criminal Justice, a bipartisan panel assessing the pandemic’s effect on the justice system. More Americans believe violent crime is a “very big problem” than think the same about the coronavirus, a recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll found. In fact, violent crime was respondents’ top concern, beating the economy and race relations.
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Copies of the final edition of Apple Daily, published by Next Digital, are seen at a newsstand in Hong Kong, China June 24, 2021. read moreLee had ordered the branches to freeze Lai's accounts, "which they appear to have done," said a text of the senators' letter made available to Reuters. "These orders solidify the impression of many that the rule of law is no more in Hong Kong," they said. The White House and State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the senators' letter. In March, the Biden administration identified 24 Chinese officials previously sanctioned by the Trump administration as responsible for reducing Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy.
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If Trump were indicted and fled, he would go where there's no extradition treaty, legal experts say. The US would be in "uncharted territories" if it sought extradition of Trump, experts say. But the US and Russia have no extradition treaty or formal process through which a wanted person is arrested. Russian officials could agree to entertain Trump's application, which would trigger an international standoff between two countries with an already fraught relationship. If US authorities arrested Trump and won a criminal conviction against him, the former president's political career wouldn't necessarily stop there.
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Republicans are itching to conduct investigations of Hunter Biden if they win the majority in 2022. GOP inquiries would force the White House to play whack-a-mole with Hunter Biden accusations. Republicans are gearing up for a hot pursuit of Hunter Biden should they win a majority in Congress in the 2022 midterms. Republicans say they want to know more about Hunter Biden's ties to China and the Ukraine gas company Burisma. Johnson has this year sent at least four letters to federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies demanding answers on different Hunter Biden allegations, including on possible ties to "foreign nationals connected to the communist Chinese government"; unethical links to a Biden administration DOJ appointee; and an incident allegedly involving Hunter Biden and a firearm.
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Rudy Giuliani appeared on Newsmax Thursday to discuss the suspension of his New York legal license. He was it came because he was so effective at arguing for Trump's bogus election-fraud claims. Rudy Giuliani has claimed that the suspension of his license to practise law in New York was part of a plot to silence him because he was so effective at arguing former President Donald Trump's election-fraud claims. Giuliani appeared on the right-wing Newsmax network hours after an appelate court in New York suspended his law license on Thursday. In explaining the decision to suspend Giuliani's license, the New York court on Thursday cited his promotion of Trump's election-fraud conspiracy theories.
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They targeted a Republican state representative, now the Wyoming speaker of the house, because of his openness to liberalizing marijuana laws — a position Ms. Gore vigorously opposes. Using her Democratic cover identity, Ms. LaRocca got a job working for a consortium of wealthy liberal donors in Wyoming — the Wyoming Investor Network, or WIN — that had decided to back some moderate Republicans. What we’re doing long term.”Mr. Seddon, Mr. Maier and Ms. LaRocca did not respond to requests for comment about the operation or the campaign contributions. Cassie Craven, a lawyer for Ms. Gore, also did not respond to emails or a voice mail message seeking comment about the operation, nor did Ms. Gore herself. He had planned, he said, to take them to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee before the pandemic turned it into a virtual event.
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On Infrastructure, Biden Tests the Limits of Having It Both Ways
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His agreement with Senate centrists, including at least five Republicans, includes just under $600 billion in new federal spending, focused on physical infrastructure like highways and broadband. “Neither side got everything they wanted in this deal, and that’s what it means to compromise,” Mr. Biden told reporters in the East Room. “If this is the only thing that comes to me, I’m not signing it,” Mr. Biden said, just moments after extolling the virtues of consensus. “The bottom line is both tracks need to make progress concurrently.”Top Republicans were quick to denounce the two-step. They do not expect Republicans to walk away from the agreement struck this week.
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The insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 failed. But at the state level, the Republican war on elections is posting startling wins. They are trying to do what Trump failed to do: neuter elections as a check on Republican power. [You can listen to this episode of “The Ezra Klein Show” on Apple, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.] This is an example of what I’ve sometimes referred to as the “doom loop of democracy”: highly gerrymandered Republican state legislatures in key swing states passing legislation that gives them more power to discourage Democratic-leaning groups from voting, throw out legitimate votes and overturn election results — all of it backed up by Republican-dominated courts.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, , Ezra Klein Organizations: Capitol, Republican, Brennan, Apple, Spotify, Google, Democratic
Harris visits U.S.-Mexico border amid criticism from Republicans
  + stars: | 2021-06-25 | by ( Nandita Bose | ) + 0.00   time to read: +3 min
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris delivers remarks at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. June 18, 2021. It will be Harris' first visit to the border since becoming vice president five months ago. "The Vice President's trip to Guatemala and Mexico earlier this year was about the root causes, and this border visit is about the effects," Harris' spokesperson, Symone Sanders, said. During the trip, Harris said she would visit the border in the near future but was focused on "tangible results" and "opposed to grand gestures." As such, they are unlikely to stop their criticism of Biden's policies, even if Harris visits the border.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Jonathan Ernst WASHINGTON, Harris, Donald Trump, Symone Sanders, Theresa Cardinal Brown, Alejandro Mayorkas, Dick Durbin, Texas Veronica Escobar, Nandita Bose, Ted Hesson, Kieran Murray, Raju Gopalakrishnan Organizations: Clark Atlanta University, REUTERS, White, Reuters, Center, Department of Homeland Security, Democratic Representative, Thomson Locations: Atlanta , Georgia, U.S, Mexico, El Paso , Texas, Central America, Guatemala, California, United States, Washington, El Paso, Texas
46% of LGBTQ workers say they're still closeted at work because of a multitude of fears and issues. According to a Human Rights Campaign Foundation report, 46% of LGBTQ workers say they're still closeted at work. Here are 11 things you can do tomorrow, or right now, per an informal polling of all my favorite LGBTQ friends. When you want to know things like how we met, ask, 'How did you meet your partner?' It's exhausting being the teacher/expert on all things gay.
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One city 'ready to explode' as US murder rates surge in pandemic
  + stars: | 2021-06-25 | by ( Nathan Layne | ) + 0.00   time to read: +9 min
"It makes no sense," said Ross, 34, adding that no witnesses have stepped forward in the “broad daylight” murder. Such tributes have become a common sight in the poorer neighborhoods of Rochester, a city of 206,000 people in the northwestern part of the state. The per-capita murder rate climbed 30 percent in 2020 among 34 major cities surveyed by Richard Rosenfeld, a criminologist at the University of Missouri in St. Louis. Evans said the murder surge reflects rising problems with drug trafficking, criminal gangs and illegal firearms during the pandemic. The city’s police union, the Rochester Police Locust Club, said the department has only 12 investigators to pursue murder cases.
Persons: Malik Evans, Christopher Wood, Lindsay DeDario, Elijah Ross, Eric Ruise, Ruise, Ross, Jumyria's, Patrick Sharkey, George Floyd, Richard Rosenfeld, St . Louis, Rosenfeld, Joe Biden, Floyd, Lovely Warren, Evans, general’s, " Evans, Wood, Shamarla Grice, ” Demond Meeks, Meeks, Wanda Ridgeway, I'm, John Rouse, Daniel Prude, Prude, Rochester’s, COVID, Clay Harris isn’t, , , Harris, Retha Rogers, Rogers, Michael Washington , Jr, Brandon McClary, Nathan Layne, Hussein Waaile, Brian Thevenot Organizations: REUTERS, Princeton University, Oakland, Minneapolis Police, University of Missouri, Democratic, Reuters, Genesee, Rochester Police Department, Rochester Police Locust, Police, Rochester Police, Rochester, Thomson Locations: Rochester, NY, Rochester , New York, U.S, Lindsay DeDario ROCHESTER, N.Y, Chicago, Orleans, St ., New York, Los Angeles, COVID, Monroe County,
But there has never been a peace treaty, meaning the Korean War is still technically being fought. There are those that refer to the Korean War as, "the forgotten war" as it did not receive the same kind of attention as did World War II or the Vietnam War. Even now, 70 years later, the Korean War is given less notice than other conflicts and wars in history. The Korean War was the first military action following the end of WWII and the beginning of the Cold War. These numbers made the Korean War known as an exceptionally bloody war, despite the fact that it was relatively short.
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A survey finds support for halting federal unemployment benefits.
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Critics of the enhanced unemployment benefits argue they are discouraging people from looking for jobs and making it hard for businesses to find workers. Credit... Mario Tama/Getty ImagesA slim majority of Americans say it is time for enhanced unemployment benefits to end. The federal government is providing jobless workers with $300 a week in benefits on top of their regular unemployment payments. Of Republicans, 80 percent want the extra benefits to end right away, compared with 27 percent of Democrats. Companies look at my age and pass.”“Car broke down and no money to fix it.” The survey included 65 respondents who said they were currently receiving unemployment benefits.
Persons: Critics, Mario Tama, Republicans —, , Lyft, Read Organizations: Republicans, Republican, Democratic, The New York Times Locations: Alabama , Indiana, Missouri
Why Wall Street loves Joe Manchin right now
  + stars: | 2021-06-25 | by ( Julia Horowitz | Cnn Business | ) + 0.00   time to read: +7 min
Those words, from President Joe Biden on infrastructure spending, were enough to trigger a Wall Street celebration . "Infrastructure spending strengthens an already very strong economic growth outlook," said Jeff Buchbinder, equity strategist for LPL Financial. Victoria's Secret has made a huge pivot. Although marketing trends changed, Victoria's Secret mostly stuck to the same playbook that helped it dominate the industry for years: push-up bras and scantily-clad celebrity models known as its "Angels." But Victoria's Secret seems to be on a much better track.
Persons: Joe Biden, Stocks, Biden, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin —, Jeff Buchbinder, Jeffrey Sacks, Arnold Donald, Long, Janine Stichter, Nathaniel Meyersohn, Megan Rapinoe, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Paloma Elsesser, Stichter Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, CNN, Republican, Democratic, White, Dow, Nasdaq, LPL, Citi Private Bank, Biden, P Global, US Centers for Disease, British Airways, IAG, Jefferies, L, Brands Locations: London, Europe, East, Africa, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, tatters
A new bipartisan bill proposed in Congress would require the Social Security Administration to once again mail annual statements to everyone ages 25 and over who have paid into the system. The bill, called the Know Your Social Security Act, was proposed on Thursday by Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate. The Social Security Administration since 2011 has only sent out paper statements on a limited basis. Those who still receive annual mailed paper statements include people who are ages 60 and up who are not receiving benefits and have not signed up for an online My Social Security account. Receiving the annual statements will help workers make sure their earnings record with the government agency is accurate.
Persons: John Larson, Conn, Vern Buchanan, Ron Wyden, Bill Cassidy, Larson Organizations: Social Security Administration, Security, Republicans, Democrats, Senate, Finance, Social Security Locations: R, Sens
House Republicans plan to hold their own public hearing on the origins of Covid-19 next week, featuring "many respected doctors, scientists" and "members of Congress who've been investigating this on their own," House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., said Thursday. Scalise said he and other Republicans have repeatedly demanded Democratic leadership, include House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, conduct hearings to hold the "Chinese Communist Party accountable" for the pandemic, to no avail. "Here in the United States we’ve had over 600,000 deaths — nearly 4 million worldwide — yet Speaker Pelosi still refuses to hold a hearing on the origin of Covid-19," said Scalise, the subcommittee's ranking member. The Democratic-controlled House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee is investigating the origins of the virus, but has not held a hearing on it. Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., suggested in a statement last month that the committee would hold off until after the 90-day review was completed.
Persons: who've, Steve Scalise, Scalise, Donald Trump's, Nancy Pelosi, United States we’ve, Pelosi, Joe Biden, Biden, Adam Schiff, ” Schiff Organizations: Democratic, Communist Party, Intelligence, [ Intelligence Locations: United States, Wuhan, China
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ongoing claims for U.S. unemployment insurance have dipped faster in recent weeks in states ending federal benefits this summer than in states keeping the $300 weekly supplement in place until the fall, according to government data through last week. A sign advertising job openings is seen outside of a Starbucks in Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S., May 26, 2021. REUTERS/Andrew KellyFrom the week ending May 1 through the week ending June 12, continuing claims for state unemployment benefits fell 17.8% in the 26 states ending benefits early, to 990,000, and by 12.6%, to 2.18 million, in the rest of the country, according to a Reuters analysis of weekly federal unemployment data. Weekly data from small business time provider Homebase through the week ending June 20 in fact has shown no pickup in hiring in the states cancelling unemployment benefits. The states stopping benefits as a group have also pulled closer to their pre-pandemic levels of unemployment, suggesting less room for improvement.
Persons: Andrew Kelly, , Jefferies, Thomas Simons Organizations: WASHINGTON, REUTERS, Republican, Homebase, Democratic, Federal Reserve Locations: Manhattan , New York City , New York, U.S, California, New York, Louisiana, Vermont, Massachusetts, Northeast
Beach club tied to Sen. Whitehouse denies claims it's ‘all-white’
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NEWPORT, R.I. — An exclusive Rhode Island beach club tied to Democratic U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse has broken its silence to defend itself from claims that it’s for white people only after the controversy garnered national attention. Bailey’s Beach Club in Newport said in a statement Wednesday that the recent characterizations are “inaccurate and false,” The Providence Journal reports. Jack Nolan, the club’s general manager, told the newspaper the club’s membership information is private. On Wednesday, the senator also disclosed he belongs to a sailing club in Newport which doesn’t have a diverse membership. “I commit to working with the club and the community to build a more inclusive membership and to better connect with the local community,” Whitehouse said, according to the Journal.
Persons: Democratic U.S . Sen, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jack Nolan, Alexander Auersperg, John Greim, Whitehouse, GoLocalProv, ” Whitehouse, , he’s, Sandra, Organizations: NEWPORT, Democratic U.S ., Bailey’s, Providence Journal, Beach Association, Rock Beach Association, Getty Locations: R.I, Rhode, Newport
U.S. weekly jobless claims fall; spending on equipment strong
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While the goods trade deficit widened last month, that was because of an increase in imports as businesses desperately try to keep up with robust demand. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 7,000 to a seasonally adjusted 411,000 for the week ended June 19, the Labor Department said. STRONG GROWTHFederal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell told lawmakers on Tuesday that he believed the economy would see strong job creation in the fall. Strong demand and tight supply are forcing businesses to turn to imports, boosting the trade deficit. In a third report, the Commerce Department said the goods trade deficit increased 2.8% to $88.1 billion in May.
Persons: Amira Karaoud, Chris Rupkey, Daniel Silver, Jerome Powell, Veronica Clark, Lucia Mutikani, Paul Simao Organizations: REUTERS, Labor Department, Reuters, Democratic, JPMorgan, Treasury, Commerce Department, Citigroup, Thomson Locations: Louisville, U.S, WASHINGTON, New York, Pennsylvania, California , Florida, Illinois, Iowa , Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Louisiana
While the goods trade deficit widened, that was because of an increase in imports as businesses desperately try to keep up with robust demand. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 7,000 to a seasonally adjusted 411,000 for the week ended June 19, the Labor Department said. Strong demand and tight supply are forcing businesses to turn to imports, boosting the trade deficit. In a third report, the Commerce Department said the goods trade deficit increased 2.8% to $88.1 billion in May. The swelling goods trade deficit and falling retail inventories did little to change economists' robust GDP growth expectations for this quarter, with estimates around a 10% annualized rate.
Persons: Amira Karaoud, Chris Rupkey, Joe Brusuelas, Jerome Powell, Lydia Boussour, Lucia Mutikani, Paul Simao Organizations: REUTERS, Goods, Labor Department, Reuters, Democratic, RSM, Nasdaq, Treasury, Commerce Department, Oxford Economics, Thomson Locations: Louisville, U.S, WASHINGTON, New York, Pennsylvania, California , Florida, Illinois, Louisiana
Ohio ends vaccine lottery with state still below 50 percent threshold
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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio, the state that launched the national movement to offer millions of dollars in incentives to boost vaccination rates, planned to conclude its program Wednesday — still unable to crack the 50% vaccination threshold. Mike DeWine’s May 12 announcement of the incentive program had the desired effect, leading to a 43 percent boost in state vaccination numbers over the previous week. Multiple other states followed Ohio's lead, including Louisiana, Maryland, and New York state, with the impact on vaccinations hard to pin down. California awarded $116.5 million in prizes — the country’s largest pot of vaccine prize money — and Democratic Gov. The state is offering five residents the chance to win $1 million each in weekly lottery drawings from June 4 until July 7.
Persons: Mike DeWine’s, ” DeWine, Ohio's, Max ”, , Gavin Newsom, Newsom, Jim Justice, Sunday’s, Kate Brown, Oregonians, Brown, Jared Polis, Polis, Johnson, Ohioans, Jonathan Carlyle of, y’all, Esperanza Diaz, Sydney Daum, DeWine Organizations: Republican Gov, Democratic Gov, Sacramento Bee, Pfizer, Gov, Republican, Oregon Gov, Oregonian, Democrat, Moderna, Thomas Worthington High School Locations: COLUMBUS , Ohio — Ohio, Louisiana , Maryland, New York, California, West Virginia, May, Oregon, Oregonians, Colorado, Ohio, Jonathan Carlyle of Toledo, Cincinnati, Brecksville, Cuyahoga County, Columbus
Pelosi to Form Select Committee to Probe Jan. 6 Assault on U.S. Capitol
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WASHINGTON—House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said she will establish a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol, after Senate Republicans blocked an earlier effort to establish a bipartisan independent commission. The committee will investigate and report on the facts and the causes of the attack and will make recommendations for the prevention of any future attacks, Mrs. Pelosi said. The speaker had signaled her intention to form a select committee earlier this week during a meeting with the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, according to people familiar with the matter. “This gleeful desecration of the Capitol resulted in multiple deaths, and physical harm to over 140 members of law enforcement and terror and trauma to staff, workers and members,” said Mrs. Pelosi at a press conference on Thursday. But in the Senate, Republicans blocked the legislation, which needed 60 votes to advance under the chamber’s longstanding filibuster rule.
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi, didn’t, , Mrs Organizations: WASHINGTON, U.S . Capitol, Republicans, House Democratic, Capitol, Democrats, Senate Locations: Calif
Rudy Giuliani’s Law License Suspended in New York
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A New York court suspended Rudy Giuliani’s law license Thursday after concluding that he made “demonstrably false and misleading statements” in his effort to reverse the results of the 2020 election in favor of former President Donald Trump. Mr. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, represented Mr. Trump as his personal attorney during the latter years of his presidency. After the 2020 election, Mr. Giuliani led a legal team that laid out sprawling and unsupported allegations of a conspiracy between Democratic officials and foreign governments to steal the presidential election for Joe Biden. “These false statements were made to improperly bolster [Giuliani’s] narrative that due to widespread voter fraud, victory in the 2020 United States presidential election was stolen from his client,” the New York appellate division wrote in an order.
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