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WASHINGTON — A dozen House Democrats publicly criticized their colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., late Wednesday, accusing her of giving "cover" to terrorist and suggesting her remarks about Hamas and the Taliban reflect a "deep-seated prejudice." “Equating the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is as offensive as it is misguided,” the group, led by Rep. Brad Schneider, of Illinois, said in a statement, urging Omar to "clarify" her remarks. Omar responded to her critics by calling their statement "offensive" and defending her initial remarks. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban,” she wrote on Twitter, echoing her remarks on the video. In a follow-up tweet, Omar defend her initial remarks: “Citing an open case against Israel, US, Hamas & Taliban in the [The International Criminal Court] isn’t comparison or from 'deeply seated prejudice'.
Persons: WASHINGTON, Ilhan Omar, Brad Schneider, Omar, , Antony Blinken, Jake Auchincloss, Ted Deutch, Lois Frankel, Josh Gottheimer, Elaine Luria, Kathy Manning, Jerry Nadler, Dean Phillips, Kim Schrier, Brad Sherman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz Organizations: House, Rep, Twitter, Hamas, Taliban Locations: United States, Israel, Illinois, U.S, Afghanistan, US, Massachusetts, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Washington, California
GOP Rep. Paul Gosar said the rioter who died was "executed" and that others were "peaceful patriots." Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona painted the people who participated in the riot as victims, referring to them as "peaceful patriots" who are being harassed by the government, and said Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was killed by Capitol police during the attack, was "executed." Read more: Paul Gosar is the GOP's under-the-radar hardcore culture warriorNewsletter Start your day with the biggest stories in politics and the economy. During the hearing, Democrats offered a different assessment of that day, with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida calling out her GOP colleagues directly. "Mr. Gosar used his questions to downplay the actions of violent insurrectionists who left 140 police officers injured."
Persons: Paul Gosar, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ashli Babbitt, Jeffrey Rosen, Christopher Miller, Robert Contee, Read, Gosar, Babbitt, Rosen, Jody Hice, Trump, insurrectionists Organizations: GOP, Democratic, Republican, Trump, Capitol, Rep, Capitol police, Metropolitan Police Department, Service, Chamber, Department of Justice, Republicans Locations: Arizona, Georgia, Florida
Sen. Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming holds stock in Coca-Cola, a company other Republicans are boycotting. But don't count Sen. Cynthia Lummis, a freshman Republican from Wyoming, among them. On March 16, Frankel sold up to $15,000 worth of stock in Hess Corp., according to a disclosure filed with the US House. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania is investing in a South Korean gaming company. He sold stock in Suncor Energy and Chevron.
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Jamie Harrison of South Carolina will be next to lead the Democratic National Committee, according to the New York Times. Harrison's run against Sen. Lindsey Graham in November broke fundraising records and earned him a reputation as a fundraising juggernaut. Jamie Harrison, the former South Carolina Senate candidate who shattered fundraising records, will be the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, according to the New York Times. Harrison grew up in Orangeburg, S.C., going on to graduate from Yale University and the Georgetown University Law Center. After a lobbying stint, Harrison became the first Black chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party.
Persons: Jamie Harrison of, Joe Biden, Harrison, Harrison's, Lindsey Graham, Jamie Harrison, Joe Biden's, Insider's John Dorman, Sen, Graham, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Jim Clyburn, Tom Perez, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Organizations: Democratic National Committee, New York Times, Times, Sen, Trump, Visit, South, South Carolina Senate, DNC, Yale University, Georgetown University Law Center, South Carolina Democratic Party, Wikileaks Locations: Jamie Harrison of South Carolina, South Carolina, Orangeburg, S.C
Several government agencies, including the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security, have issued technical advisories on the situation. The latest U.S. hack employed a similar technique: SolarWinds said its software updates had been compromised and used to surreptitiously install malicious code in nearly 18,000 customer systems. In some cases where access was especially valuable, the hackers used it to deploy more active malicious software to spread across its host. “This is powerful tradecraft, and needs to be understood to defend important networks,” Rob Joyce, a senior NSA cybersecurity adviser, said on Twitter. “Now we learn with the SolarWinds hack that if anything, the defenders are falling farther behind.
Persons: Sergio Flores, , Paul Nakasone, Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump, John Ullyot, Trump, FireEye, SolarWinds, Rob Joyce, Marco Rubio, , Mitt Romney, Dick Durbin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff, Biden “, Jason Healey, George W, Bush Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Sergio Flores U.S, National Security Agency, NSA, Cyber Command, SolarWinds, Microsoft, U.S . Treasury, Commerce Department, Russia, White, State Department, Joint Chiefs, Staff, Department of Homeland Security, Treasury, FireEye Inc, Publicly, Microsoft Corp, Federal Bureau of, FBI, FireEye, Orion, U.S, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Security Agency, Twitter, Republican, Russian, Democrat, Democratic, , National Security Council, of, Columbia University Locations: Regis, San Francisco, Austin , Texas, U.S, Texas, United States, Russia, ., China, Ukraine, America, what’s
The resulting agreement was signed by Representative Zoe Lofgren of California, the chairwoman of the Administration Committee, in January and paid out this summer. It resolved claims brought by Mr. Awan and the other four staffers under the Federal Tort Claims Act that House officials behaved negligently in their second inquiry after the Justice Department found no evidence of illegal conduct. Mr. Awan declined to comment on the settlement. Mr. Awan was born in Pakistan in 1980 and moved to Northern Virginia in 1997. As the workload grew, Mr. Awan brought on two of his brothers, his wife and a friend to assist him, and they became shared employees as well.
Persons: Zoe Lofgren, Mr, Awan, Ms, Lofgren, , Peter Romer, Friedman, , Robert Wexler of, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cedric Richmond of, Joseph R, Biden, Wasserman Schultz, Trump Organizations: Administration, Federal, Justice Department, Florida, White, Democratic National Committee, Mr Locations: Zoe Lofgren of California, Pakistan, Northern Virginia, Robert Wexler of Florida, Cedric Richmond of Louisiana
When people think of gene mutations, the breast cancer (BRCA) genes often come to mind. "Detailed analytical testing through the FDA review process showed that our Genetic Health Risk and Carrier Status reports meet accuracy thresholds of 99 percent or higher." Costs of screeningIf you are found to have a so-called "cancer-gene," you generally will start undergoing annual cancer screenings. Medicare also doesn't cover breast MRIs, which doctors recommend for those with a high breast cancer risk, as well as preventive surgeries, Schlager said. 'Managing your destiny'While there may be costs with cancer screenings, it is better than the alternative: not catching cancer early and paying for costly treatments.
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