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gives the pair an opportunity — and incentive — to work toward common ground as Johnson is eager for trade agreements. Johnson, until recently, was so unwaveringly close to Trump that it would seem hard for this not to color his relations with Biden. Back in 2019, after Johnson's Conservative Party won a majority in Parliament, Biden called the new British prime minister a "physical and emotional clone" of Trump. So Biden should be cultivating his relationship with Macron as carefully as the one with Johnson. These relationships across the ocean require constant reassurance, particularly in the wake of the four years of the Trump administration.
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But Russia is unlikely to take that step just because of impassioned speeches from American leaders. It’s incumbent on the United States in particular to uphold these values as Ukraine is fighting a potentially existential war. Of course, granting Ukraine NATO membership — should Kyiv request it — wouldn’t go down very well in Moscow. Certainly, neither the United States nor NATO should demonstrate any interest in raising the temperature in this already superheated region. It is imperative, however, for the West and especially the United States to help Ukraine and its people face down Putin’s ambitions.
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On Jan. 2, Trump ordered the assassination by drone of one of Iran's most revered military figures, Gen. Qassem Soleimani. A critical and dangerous anniversary is fast approaching, and President Donald Trump is doing little to ease tensions. Trump hasn't conceded, but it seems clear that he will be leaving office, albeit without much grace. (France began withdrawing all its military forces from Iraq in March as the coronavirus began to spread.) Biden's ability to monitor real-time, actionable intelligence developed by U.S. agencies could give him insight into any moves Trump might be contemplating in Iran or Iraq.
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