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President Joe Biden on Friday denounced a recent increase in antisemitic incidents in a statement, calling them "despicable, unconscionable, un-American." "In the last weeks, our nation has seen a series of anti-Semitic attacks, targeting and terrorizing American Jews," Biden said. Mosques in the United States have reported damage in recent days as well. In addition, the ADL said, it received more than 190 reports of possible antisemitic incidents in the week after the fighting began, up from 131 incidents in the previous week. He also ordered prosecutors to aggressively pursue both criminal and civil investigations into hate incidents.
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Former House Speaker Paul Ryan delivered a thinly veiled warning Thursday about the Republican Party's reliance on former President Donald Trump, calling on the GOP to re-embrace traditional conservative principles. It was Ryan's sharpest criticism of Trump, who still enjoys support, albeit lessened, within the GOP, since Ryan left House GOP leadership. An NBC News poll last month found that 44 percent of Republicans say they support Trump more than the GOP, compared to 50 percent who say they support the party more than Trump. In his speech, Ryan also called on Republicans to avoid getting "caught up in every little cultural battle" to keep "outrage peddlers" at bay. "It was the populism of President Trump in action, tethered to conservative principles."
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President Joe Biden urged Congress to pass stricter gun control measures after the latest mass shooting at a Northern California rail yard Wednesday, in which eight people were killed. A public transit employee opened fire on co-workers at the downtown San Jose rail yard Wednesday, killing eight people, before he died by suicide, authorities said. Firearm sales have set records and gun violence has spiked nationwide over the last year. "We are still awaiting many of the details of this latest mass shooting, but there are some things we know for sure. "Once again, I urge Congress to take immediate action and heed the call of the American people, including the vast majority of gun owners, to help end this epidemic of gun violence in America.
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The Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke to lead the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department — making her the first woman and the first Black woman to helm the powerful post. In a vote of 51-48, the Senate confirmed Clarke as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Clarke previously led the Civil Rights Bureau at the New York attorney general’s office. In 2015, she was also named head of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, during which time the organization said it filed more than 250 lawsuits on voting rights, education, hate crimes and housing, among other areas. She acknowledged this past January that giving the professor a platform was a mistake, and touted her record on antisemitism in her civil rights work.
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Arizona Republicans passed a measure on Tuesday to strip Democrat Katie Hobbs, the current secretary of state, of her ability to defend election lawsuits, a seemingly partisan retaliation for her sharp criticism of the party's controversial election audit. The bill also states that the attorney general cannot represent or provide legal advice to the Secretary of State, which is generally the chief elections administrator, or the Department of State on any matters through June 30, 2023. State and federal experts and law enforcement officials have questioned the legality and prudence of the auditors and their efforts. Hobbs called the bill an attack on Arizona voters in a statement posted on Twitter. “The most extreme members of our legislature think they can stop me from doing my job and working on behalf of Arizona voters.
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A suspicious package containing white powder was sent to the home of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., his office said Monday. The suspicious package, which was sent to his Kentucky home, contained a white powder, his office told NBC News. It was not immediately known whether Paul was in Kentucky when the package arrived. "I'll say it again: If I ever meet Rand Paul's neighbor I'm going to hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume," Marx said. "I just made my own personal decision that I'm not getting vaccinated, because I've already had the disease, and I have natural immunity," he said.
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Ben Crump, the family's attorney, confirmed the visit to NBC News on Monday. The family will meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Tuesday morning in Washington before their scheduled White House meeting with Biden. Then the family will meet with several senators from both parties, but Crump declined to identify the lawmakers. Biden called for Congress to pass the bill by the anniversary of Floyd's death this past April in his first joint address to Congress. He said negotiators had “good, good progress over the weekend” and that “we can see the end of the tunnel.” Scott declined to say if he will meet with the Floyd family.
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The State Department issued a travel advisory Monday warning against travel to Japan, where Covid-19 infection rates are rising about two months before Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympic Games. The State Department noted that travel for tourism and other short-term purposes is still not permitted in Japan. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also updated a travel advisory Monday warning against traveling to Japan. The agency added, "If you must travel to Japan, get fully vaccinated before travel." NBC will broadcast the Tokyo Games, which were postponed last summer because of the pandemic.
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Floyd's brother Philonise Floyd and other relatives of individuals who died from police violence have also been involved. The bill aims to end certain police techniques, including chokeholds and carotid holds, two forms of potentially deadly force. Such practices would be banned at the federal level, and funding for local and state police agencies would be conditioned on those agencies outlawing them. The vast majority of the roughly 18,000 police departments in the U.S. are controlled at the local level, experts note, which is where organizers are more focused. "You're going to impact the budget at the local level more so than you can at the federal level," she said.
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A county judge in Georgia ruled Friday that 2020 election absentee ballots in the state’s most populous county can be unsealed and reviewed by a group of electors claiming Fulton County election workers counted fraudulent ballots. The group alleges in court documents, according to affidavits from four election auditors, that there were “counterfeit ballots” in Fulton County “counted and recounted” by officials. Fulton County, which includes metro Atlanta, has been a focus of Trump conspiracy theories. This is different from the GOP-led audit in Maricopa County, Arizona — that state’s largest county, which also helped Biden flip the state. That audit has been rife with controversy, including actions of the private company hired by Arizona Senate Republicans to recount millions of ballots from the 2020 election.
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“President Obama says there is footage and records of objects in the sky — these unidentified aerial phenomena — and he says we don’t know exactly what they are. Earlier this week, Obama appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on CBS and admitted, albeit in a humorous context, that the U.S. government cannot exactly explain the videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon. U.S. intelligence agencies are expected to deliver a report on “unidentified aerial phenomena'' to Congress next month, but the report has been delayed. The news has generated more speculation into how the government has handled sightings of mysterious flying objects — and if there's any worldly explanation for them. The unclassified report, compiled by the director of national intelligence and the secretary of defense, aims to make public what the Pentagon has known about unidentified flying objects and data analyzed from such encounters.
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Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, laced into House Republicans during a debate before the passage of a bill to create an independent 9/11-style commission to investigate the deadly Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol. "I want to thank the gentleman from New York and the other Republicans who are supporting this and thank them for their bipartisanship," Ryan said, referring to the 35 GOP House members who supported the measure. He said of the rest "of our friends on the other side of the aisle, holy cow. The fiery speech, which Ryan delivered after many GOP members expressed their opposition to the bill, ricocheted across social media. Ryan, a 10-term House member who has launched a bid for Ohio's open Senate seat, said the opposition was a "slap in the face to every rank-and-file cop in the United States."
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A federal appeals court sided with Ohio on Tuesday in the state’s effort to get detailed 2020 census data earlier than expected to draw new congressional and legislative districts. Circuit Court of Appeals said Ohio has standing to sue to get the data after a lower court dismissed the lawsuit in March. The ruling reversed the lower court decision and forced the lower court to try to remedy the matter. “Although Ohio would prefer to get its data sooner, Ohio agrees that an August 16 delivery would allow it to complete its redistricting process,” the judges' ruling stated. Yost, sued to get redistricting data from the Census Bureau by mid-August instead of waiting until Sept. 30, when the Census Bureau had estimated it would provide the detailed breakdowns for states.
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The New York attorney general's office said Tuesday that it is pursuing a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization, in addition to the ongoing civil probe. "We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the organization is no longer purely civil in nature. We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA. We have no additional comment at this time," Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for the office, said in a statement. A representative from the Trump Organization did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis lawyer known for brandishing a rifle at Black Lives Matter protesters outside his home last year, announced his run for the Senate in Missouri on Tuesday. McCloskey, a Republican, announced his candidacy on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program. He has tapped Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Trump campaign aide who is Donald Trump Jr.'s partner, as a national campaign chair. Their actions made them heroes in some GOP circles and earned them a speaking slot at Trump's Republican National Convention. Democrats in Missouri have struggled in recent statewide elections, but they see an opportunity in next year's Senate election, particularly if Republicans nominate the baggage-laden Greitens.
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Several Republican lawmakers, in an act of apparent protest, flouted mask rules on the House floor Tuesday during a voting session and then took a photo in front of the Capitol steps. "Best $500 I ever spent," Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., said after he left the chamber, a reference to the fine House members face for breaking mask rules set by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. GOP members that broke rules and went maskless on House floor take a pic right after votes. There's no official public record of which House members, including those who participated in the mask protest, have been vaccinated. Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., was seen having an animated debate with Greene, Boebert and Massie on the House floor for at least 15 minutes Tuesday afternoon.
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Pence several times touted the foreign policy achievements of the "Trump-Pence administration," a phrase not often used while he was in office. "Under the Trump-Pence administration, we made it crystal clear to the world that America stands with Israel," Pence wrote. "But now, President Biden has sent the world a profoundly different message. "There is no moral equivalency between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas," Pence wrote. "President Biden and every American leader should uphold Israel's right to self-defense and condemn the terrorists of Hamas — as well as their supporters and apologists — in the strongest possible terms."
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Census officials in the Trump administration prepared a briefing for then-Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross last August on several strategies to exclude undocumented immigrants from the 2020 Census, according to an internal document obtained through a public record request by the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center and provided to NBC News. The order directed Ross, whose agency oversees the census, to provide the president with data about the number of people who are undocumented so that when census officials presented Trump with the final count, he could exclude them. The internal briefing memo includes a strategic analysis on three options that the Census Bureau under Trump considered using to carry out the administration’s plan to exclude undocumented immigrants from the count. In addition, the Census Act prohibits the agency from using sampling methods to determine apportionment. Another option considered was using federal administrative data from other agencies, which the agency has long used to make estimates, but not for purposes of excluding undocumented immigrants.
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Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., is seeking support for a resolution to censure several Republican lawmakers who he said made misleading comments this week about the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Cicilline's resolution names Republican Reps. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Jody Hice of Georgia and Paul Gosar of Arizona. The text is forthcoming, but Cicilline sent a memo to his Democratic colleagues asking for support by close of business on Monday. The resolution comes after Wednesday's House Oversight Committee hearing on the Capitol attack during which former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen testified. The offices of Clyde, Hice and Gosar did not respond to a request for comment.
Persons: David Cicilline, Andrew Clyde of, Jody Hice, Paul Gosar, Cicilline, , Jeffrey Rosen, Clyde, ” Clyde, ” Gosar, Ashli Babbitt, Trump, Hice, Gosar Organizations: Capitol, Democratic, Capitol Police, Trump Locations: Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Georgia, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Clyde, Hice
It was the first debate before the June 22 primary in which the candidates could explain their visions to voters. However, turnout tends to be low in New York City primaries. "Safety is not synonymous with policing," Morales said, adding that the city has one of the largest police departments in the country. "My administration would reflect the incredible diversity of our city," Yang said. Donovan picked Wiley, Yang and McGuire picked Garcia, and Wiley picked Morales.
Persons: Eric Adams, Andrew Yang, Scott Stringer, Maya Wiley, Kathryn Garcia, Shaun Donovan, Raymond McGuire, Dianne Morales, Yang, Adams, Stringer, Wiley, Garcia, Donovan, McGuire, Morales, Bill de Blasio, excoriated Adams Organizations: Democratic, New York, New Yorkers, Change Research, Brooklyn Borough, Former City, Wiley, Coalition of, New York Times Locations: New York City, Brooklyn, New York
Texas Rep. Chip Roy will run for the GOP conference chair, challenging Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican party rising star, his spokesman confirmed to NBC news on Thursday. A GOP conference meeting is expected to take place Friday morning and Roy is expected to address his colleagues Thursday evening at conference candidate forum. Trump, in a statement on Thursday, threw his support behind Stefanik, a staunch ally of the former president. "Can’t imagine Republican House Members would go with Chip Roy—he has not done a great job, and will probably be successfully primaried in his own district. There are old sayings in Texas about find all the rope in Texas and get a tall oak tree.
Persons: Chip Roy, Elise Stefanik, Kevin McCarthy of, Steve Scalise, Donald Trump, Ken Buck, Roy, Liz Cheney, Trump, Can’t, Chip Roy —, Elise, Chip Organizations: Texas, GOP, Republican, NBC, Republican Party, Donald Trump Rep, House Republicans Locations: New York, Kevin McCarthy of California, Louisiana, Texas
The Republican governors of Ohio and Georgia announced on Thursday their respective states will opt out of receiving federal enhanced unemployment benefits, joining a growing list of GOP-led states dropping the pandemic-related benefit. As of May 13, more than a dozen Republican governors have halted the program. The study also noted that if all of the Republican governors were to pull out, those totals would affect roughly 4.8 million workers. The White House has taken steps to clarify rules around who can receive unemployment benefits and also urge American businesses to increase pay to get people back to work. "We're going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits," Biden said in a speech on Monday.
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The push also will include a set of 13 yet-to-be-revealed principles that the signatories want to see the GOP embrace. This is not the first group to form as the pro-Trump and traditional conservative factions of the Republican party remain at loggerheads. The new effort comes as a vote looms that is expected to oust Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., from the House Republican No. However, it does come as Trump’s pull within his own party appears to have lessened. One of the organizers is Miles Taylor, a former Trump official who wrote the then-anonymous op-ed blasting the former Trump administration.
Persons: Liz Cheney, Donald Trump’s, Christine Todd Whitman, Tom Ridge, Mary Peters, Charlie Dent of, Barbara Comstock of, Reid, Mickey Edwards of, Evan McMullin, Miles Taylor, Trump, “ We’re, we’re, Taylor, , ” Taylor, Organizations: GOP, American, Trump, Republican, Reuters, Reid Ribble of, CIA, NBC, NBC News Locations: loggerheads, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, Barbara Comstock of Virginia, Reid Ribble, Reid Ribble of Wisconsin, Mickey Edwards of Oklahoma
Sean Parnell, a staunch support of former President Donald Trump who narrowly lost a race for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district in November, announced Tuesday that he plans to run for the open Senate seat in the state. “The U.S Senate is evenly divided, Senate control depends on us,” Parnell said in an ad to Pennsylvania voters released on his Senate campaign website. The Senate seat in the presidential battleground state was left open after two-term GOP Sen. Pat Toomey announced last October that he would not seek re-election. Toomey had pushed back against Trump’s claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, which was key to President Joe Biden’s electoral victory. “You’re always trained as a leader to go where the contact is heaviest on the battlefield because that’s what your soldiers need to see,” Parnell told KDKA, a CBS station in Pittsburgh.
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Virginia Republicans selected former private equity executive Glenn Youngkin as their nominee in this year's governor's election, in which he will face whomever Democrats nominate in their own primary next month. "While certainly would have preferred a W, I send my heartfelt congratulations to @glennyoungkin on a tremendous race + deserved win. Virginia's off-year governor's election, which always takes place the year after a presidential election, is often read as a bellwether of the national mood a year into a new presidential term. A TV ad featured video of Trump singling out Youngkin by name for credit in a trade deal with China. In the final days before the convention, Youngkin campaigned with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, who has become a prominent Trump ally.
Persons: Glenn Youngkin, Pete Snyder, Snyder, Terry McAuliffe, Donald Trump, Snyder —, Mitt Romney's, Virginia —, State Sen, Amanda Chase, Youngkin, Trump, Carlyle, Sen, Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Organizations: Virginia Republicans, GOP, Carlyle Group, Gov, Youngkin, Trump, State, Virginia Locations: Virginia, China, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Vermont, Massachusetts
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