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“And a lot of times, it was the Black officers who beat us worse than white officers,” Jones, 48, said. Some of these Black officers are good guys that came from rough neighborhoods, too. And for no reason.”Jones and other Black Memphis residents have shared a range of reactions to seeing five Black faces as the alleged perpetrators of Nichols’ fatal beating with NBC News. “I can’t be surprised because it’s a predominantly Black part of town with Black officers patrolling,” said Barbara Johnson, 75, and a grandmother. He said a police officer friend alerted him of Nichols’ death before it was made public.
The group of hard-line Republicans standing firm in opposing Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker has coalesced around an alternative: Rep. Byron Donalds, a conservative two-term lawmaker from Florida who is considered a rising star in the GOP but is still relatively unknown nationally. Donalds said the incident inspired him to change his life and eventually emerge from businessman to politician. In 2021, Donalds was denied membership in the Congressional Black Caucus and insisted it was because of his conservative views. Donalds’ wife, Erika Donalds, with whom he has three children, is also a conservative Republican and involved in state politics. Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., center right, speaks with a colleague in the House chamber at the U.S. Capitol, on Wednesday.
But when she finally spoke to Omogun-Broadnax a couple days later about being the face of her sports agency centered on Black female college athletes, McLean said she felt an immediate connection. “It’s really important for Black athletes to have that kind of representation because it provides another sense of protection. The pair of 33-year-old attorneys, who served as clerks in the same circuit court in Maryland, talked for years about creating an agency that could advance the careers of Black female athletes. “Black female athletes are some of the most talented human beings on this planet,” Omogun-Broadnax said. Solace’s focus on Black female athletes gives the agency a rare niche.
“Voter suppression was an issue, even if it wasn’t a completely successful issue,” Albright said. Albright said the “turnout was still pretty good for a runoff election,” although he acknowledged that “voter suppression” did affect some voters. … Showing up at the polls was more than beating voter suppression. It showed we care.”The robust Black vote also showed a level of erudition, Albright said, defying some myths that Black voters don’t understand, or thoroughly consider, the issues when voting. … So, Black voters overcame a lot — and showed they are smart voters, too.”
Cassaundra Brownell, a self-described “serial entrepreneur” from Maryland, was relieved when she found the Justis Connection, a company that links potential clients with Black attorneys. Her case illuminates a point Black lawyers and advocates have been making for some time: Black clients feel that they receive heightened support and more favorable results from Black lawyers than with non-Black legal aid. And unlike Black lawyer associations like the National Conference of Black Lawyers and The National Black Lawyers, which some have relied on to find Black legal representatives in their cities, the Justis Connection specifically works on making those client-attorney connections. “And the thing about a Black attorney is that he or she would be much more relatable to Black clients,” Davidson said. But it’s probably not going to be the same.”However, even with connections being made, a significant problem still exists: There are not enough Black attorneys to address the needs of Black clients.
The authors noted that “social forces” may have played a part in the accelerated brain aging seen among their Black subjects. A lot of things contribute to dementia and Alzheimer’s, like high blood pressure and diabetes. Pete Comparoni“Elevated blood pressure is a very strong risk factor for worsening cerebrovascular disease,” King said. One option is through activities like restorative yoga, which Grant said can help address stress and regulate blood pressure and brain function. You have to go to your primary care doctor and check your blood pressure and blood sugar level.
Black voters in Louisiana are confused. Louisiana House of RepresentativesIn an unusual twist, Jordan initiated a campaign last summer for an amendment he authored to fail. Jordan was fine with the amendment not passing, even though many Black voters disagreed. The Louisiana State Penitentiary, nicknamed Angola. “I have to believe that every person of color in Louisiana would vote to have that removed from Louisiana’s Constitution.
They underscore the importance of educating Black voters on the significance of the Dec. 6 runoff between Warnock and Republican contender Herschel Walker. Yet voting rights organizations supporting Warnock say Black voters they’ve spoken with remain energized because expanding Democrats’ majority in the Senate even by a single seat would have a significant impact. Les Talusan / Courtesy MoveOnIn last week’s election, Warnock received 90% of the Black vote, compared to Walker’s 8%, according to an NBC News exit poll. “All the elements we’re talking about impact mostly Black voters,” Albright said. And tired or not, Black voters will come out for the runoff.”Follow NBCBLK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
The other is Herschel Walker.”A runoff election to decide control of the Senate is not new for Georgia or its Black voters. Now, Jones said, Black voters are facing the burden of having to pull Georgia — and the country — across the line. That part is confusing.”Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker. All of them have so much admiration for Stacey Abrams.”Abrams received 90% of the Black vote, but only 51% of the women’s overall vote, according to NBC News Exit Polls. I can’t be worried about the Senate,” Jones said.
That the WNBA star, who lost her appeal Tuesday, is a gay Black woman could add unknown variables to a penal system that is known to be remote and harrowing. “Conditions in prisons and detention centers varied but were often harsh and life threatening,” a 2021 State Department report on Russian human rights abuses said. “Russian prisons are grim, even relative to prisons in other countries. Prisoners were used for farming, mining or logging in sparsely populated areas of the country or worked in sweatshop conditions. It can often take weeks for prisoners to arrive at the prisons on prison trucks and specially designed train carriages called Stolypins.
And Black families are affected the most. “And that means more Black families are impacted,” said Samuel Gross, the registry’s founder and senior editor. “This has caused deep wounds to Black families.”Thompson’s point is easily seen in Termaine Hicks’ family dynamic. While in prison, Hicks wrote a letter to his son every month for 16 years. And especially families … ”“The disproportionate representation of communities within our prison systems tend to impact Black families and communities more,” she said.
Still, these six Black Republicans seem unmoved, even if Black voters overall appear to present more of an uphill challenge. Herschel Walker and Former ambassador Nikki Haley speak with the press during Herschel's Unite Georgia Bus Stop rally at the Global Mall in Norcross, Ga., on Sept. 9, 2022. It’s a bigger picture.”The Black vote was critical in turning Georgia blue in the 2020 presidential election and pushing Biden to the presidency and ultimately Warnock into the Senate. “I know Herschel Walker votes more conservative. Even with the recent allegations, these voters point out that between Warnock and Walker’s policies, they prefer Walker’s because he is anti-abortion.
And we still do.”A recent study of small business owners by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found that inflation and supply chain issues are the top challenges entrepreneurs face today. One in three small business owners call inflation their highest concern and 67% of them have raised prices in response to inflation. “The Paycheck Protection Program continues to be disadvantageous to smaller businesses, businesses owned by people of color, and businesses without employees. According to NBC Bay Area, searches for “Black-owned businesses near me” peaked in June 2020, with companies like Yelp making it easier for people to find and support Black-owned businesses, per data from Google. She said that during the height of the social justice movement, corporations and financial institutions pledged to support Black-owned businesses.
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