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China, West rush tsunami relief supplies to tsunami-hit Tonga
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A navy vessel carrying drinking water and food will arrive from Fiji on Thursday, while two military aircraft will also deliver 33 tonnes of emergency supplies including drinking water, food, tents, and walkie talkies, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said at a briefing late on Wednesday. The Chinese navy will ship bulky items such as portable cabins, tractors, generators and water pumps to Tonga in coming days, it added. Beijing claimed it was the first to supply drinking water and food supplies to Tonga on January 19, although this could not be independently verified by Reuters. The Australian and New Zealand naval vessels have also arrived in Tonga, and Canberra promised an A$3 million ($2.12 million) in humanitarian funding to Tonga. The Tongan government has said the entire population have been impacted by the ash and the tsunami.
Persons: Robert Whitmore, Jan, Zhao Lijian, Sampson, Kyle Raines, Praveen Menon, Michael Perry Organizations: Australian Department Of Defence, REUTERS, Reuters, The United States, Pacific Command, British Royal Navy, New, Canberra, Tongan, Thomson Locations: Adelaide, Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga, REUTERS WELLINGTON, Beijing, Fiji, France, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South, United States
China returns Indian citizen at disputed border
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A delivery truck drives along India's Tezpur-Tawang highway that runs to the Chinese border, in the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, May 29, 2012. Photo/Frank Jack Daniel//File PhotoBEIJING, Jan 27 (Reuters) - China has returned an Indian citizen who "illegally" entered into Chinese territory at the disputed border between the two Asian giants, a military official said on Thursday. Kiren Rijiju, an Indian federal minister, said Tarom had been handed over to the Indian army at a border post in northeastern Arunachal Pradesh. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterChina's announcement did not confirm the returned Indian citizen was Tarom, but it did add a warning to New Delhi. India and China have frequently clashed over their long and disputed Himalayan border, and China claims the entirety of Arunachal Pradesh as part of its Tibet region.
Persons: Frank Jack Daniel, Jan, Miram Tarom, Tarom, Colonel Long Shaohua, Long, Martin Quin Pollard, Devjyot, Tomasz Janowski, Alison Williams Organizations: India's Defence Ministry, Indian, Western Theater Command, People's Liberation Army, PLA, Indian Army, Twitter, Thomson Locations: Indian, Arunachal Pradesh, BEIJING, China, New Delhi, India, Tibet, Beijing, NEW DELHI
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailPutin is going to continue to attempt to build pressure on Ukraine, says former U.S. Army commanderPutin is going to continue to attempt to build pressure on Ukraine, says retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe.
Persons: Putin, Ben Hodges Organizations: Putin, U.S . Army Locations: Ukraine, Europe
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailRussia uses cyber that ruins people's lives and they don't care, says former U.S. Army commanderRussia uses cyber that ruins people's lives and they don't care, says retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, the former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe.
Persons: Ben Hodges Organizations: Russia, U.S . Army Locations: Europe
By late 1942, the US Navy's carrier fleet in the Pacific was in poor shape. To bolster that fleet, the US Navy got a loan from Great Britain: the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious. The carrier, codenamed USS Robin, never saw action with the US, but it helped bolster the American air arm. To bolster their ally, the British Admiralty would loan the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious to the US Navy to operate in the Pacific. The Fleet Air Arm Fairey Albacore Torpedo-Bombers that she carried were replaced with TBM Avengers.
Persons: Robin, USS Wasp, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Victorious, Grumman, HMS, DeWitt Ramsey, HMS Victorious, Tirpitz, TF113 Organizations: US, US Navy, Service, New, British, Royal Navy, USS, Guadalcanal, Hornet, USS Enterprise, British Admiralty, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Fleet, Torpedo, Bombers, F4F, US Navy Task Force, US Pacific Fleet, Carrier, Commanding, Squadron FAA, F4F Wildcats, US Carrier Air, Saratoga, British Home Fleet, Eastern Fleet, Task Force, Force, Defense Ministry, Pacific Locations: Great Britain, New Georgia Islands, Saratoga, Noumea , New Caledonia, Santa Cruz Islands, Santa Cruz, Pacific, Noumea, Panama, Pearl, Pearl Harbor, New Georgia, Nouméa, Essex, USS Lexington, British, Indiana, San Diego, Norfolk, Greenock, Scotland, Sydney, Bismarck, Okinawa, Caroline Islands, Formosa
An F-35C stealth fighter crash-landed on the deck of carrier USS Carl Vinson before falling into the South China Sea this week. The "landing mishap," as the Navy characterized the crash in an official statement, occurred Monday during routine flight operations. The Navy F-35C has been touted by Lockheed Martin as "the world's only long-range stealth strike fighter designed and built explicitly for Navy carrier operations." Cancian also told the outlet he believes the plane is largely intact because it impacted the carrier deck before falling into the water. A British pilot operating off the Royal Navy flagship carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth was forced to ditch the plane in the Mediterranean.
Persons: Carl Vinson, they've, Bryan Clark, Lockheed Martin, Aaron T, Smith, Clark, Carl Schuster, Mark Cancian, Cancian, Elizabeth Organizations: Service, US Navy, Navy, China, 7th Fleet, US, Hudson Institute, Lockheed, Strike Fighter Squadron, Command's Joint Intelligence Center, CNN, Smith Retired Marine Corps, Center for Strategic, Studies ', Security, Navy Times, British, Royal Navy, Sun Locations: China, South, Hawaii, Russian, South China, Russia, British
The US military has been winding down its operations in Iraq after years of battling ISIS. Iraqi special-operations forces are continuing that fight against the remnants of the terrorist group. Those Iraqi forces have been working closely with their US counterparts for nearly 20 years. Importantly, the Iraqi special-operations forces are separate from the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior, giving them more flexibility and credibility as independent actors. Shortly thereafter, these commandos merged with the battalion-sized unit to create the first Iraqi Special Operations Force Brigade.
Persons: ISIS, Abu Bakr al, AHMAD, Iraq's Al, Jose A, Torres, Erick Thronson, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: Iraqi, US, Service, ISIS, US Army, Force, Terrorism Service, Getty Images, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service, Counter Terrorism Command, Iraqi Special Operations Forces, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, 75th Ranger Regiment, Iraqi Counter Terrorism, Terrorism, Getty, US Army Special Forces, Green, Services, Iraq's Al Asad, Iraq's Al Asad Air Base, Staff, Coalition, Green Berets, Iraqi Special Operations Force Brigade, American, Green Beret, Army Green Berets, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Iraq, Syria, Virginia, US, Old City, Mosul, AFP, Iraq's, Iraqi, Iraq's Al Asad Air, Jordan, Jordanian, Baghdad
The state-run WAM news agency said that missile fragments fell harmlessly over Abu Dhabi. Bill Urban, a spokesperson for U.S. Central Command, in a statement acknowledged the assistance of American Patriot missile batteries prevented the Houthi missiles from striking targets in Abu Dhabi. The missile fire disrupted traffic into Abu Dhabi International Airport, home to the long-haul carrier Etihad, for about an hour after the attack. The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange also fell slightly. A satellite image from Planet Labs PBC analyzed by The Associated Press early Tuesday confirmed the strike took place near the city of al-Hazm, around 840 miles southwest of Abu Dhabi.
Persons: Yemen’s Houthi, Yemen’s, ” WAM, Bill Urban, ” Urban, Yehia Sarei, Zulfiqar, ” Sarei, Saudi Arabia …, , Torbjorn Soltvedt, Verisk, Jake Sullivan, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Organizations: United Arab Emirates, U.S ., Dhafra, Base, Patriot, Emirates, The Emirates, UAE Defense Ministry, U.S . Central Command, American Patriot, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Etihad, NBC, Al, Dubai Financial, Abu, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, U.S . Air Force’s, 380th Air Expeditionary, Embassy, U.S . National, Emirati, Saudi, Emirati Defense Ministry, Defense Ministry, Planet Labs, The Associated Press, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co, UAE Locations: Abu Dhabi, Persian, , Al, Dubai, UAE, British, U.S, Saudi Arabia, Abu, Yemen’s, Jawf, al, Saudi, Yemen, Jizan, Bangladeshi
The “Island Boys,” TikTok personalities who went viral for their widely ridiculed freestyle “I’m an Island Boy,” appeared in a recent Cameo video encouraging viewers to join the Army. The Island Boys video is the latest instance of Army recruiters’ using online platforms to reach younger people in a national labor shortage. The links would direct anyone who clicked on them to an Army recruitment form. Kelli Bland, the Army Recruitment Center’s director of public affairs, told Defense One that recruiters shouldn’t use their personal phones to promote recruitment on TikTok, either. In a letter last month, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., urged Army Secretary Christine Wormuth to disclose the percentage of Army recruiters using TikTok on their personal devices to promote recruitment.
Persons: , TikTok, aren’t, hasn’t, Franky, Alex Venegas, Orlando Tamez, Tamez, shoutout, Sergeant Tamez, ” Franky Venegas, Tamez didn’t, Venegas, didn’t, Alex, Franky Venegas, Montaisha Shanell, Shanell didn’t, Bryce Hall, Twitch, can’t, — Sen, Marco Rubio, Christine Wormuth, Kelli Bland, shouldn’t, , ” Bland, Sen, Rubio, ” Rubio Organizations: Army, The Army, Tamez, U.S . Army, Command, Navy, Defense Department, ” Military Locations: Texas, Caribbean
Black claimed Harris had a "war council" of Apollo staff, law firms, and publicists to oust him. Black's latest filing sheds light on the animosity between him and Harris and even criticizes Harris' management at the private-equity giant. As for the use of Apollo staff for Harris' family office business, Rosen told Insider that "any allocations were pursuant to Apollo policies, overseen by Apollo." Black claimed Harris shopped around for lawyers and firms willing to take on lawsuits against him, including Ganieva's eventual suit against him in New York state court. Evan Farber, a partner at Loeb & Loeb and an attorney for Rubenstein, also denied Black's allegations.
Persons: Leon Black, Josh Harris, Black, Harris, publicists, Leon Black's, Iago, Jeffrey Epstein, Guzel, commandeering, Ganieva, Wigdor, Marc Rowan, Steven Rubenstein, Epstein, Dechert, Jonathan Rosen, Evan Zemsky —, Slack, Rowan, Rosen, Rubenstein, , Evan Farber, Loeb, Mr, Farber, Jeanne Christensen Organizations: Apollo, eventual, Loeb, Wigdor, Black Locations: Russian, New York, Manhattan
The F-35C, a single-engine stealth fighter and the newest jet in the US Navy fleet, crash-landed on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson during routine operations on Monday, the Navy said. Chinese naval and coast guard vessels maintain a constant presence in South China Sea waters. JUST WATCHED US submarine hits underwater object in South China Sea Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH US submarine hits underwater object in South China Sea 02:06There has been no official Chinese comment on the crash, with state media reporting it only citing "foreign media." Schuster, a former US Navy captain, said it's possible China could make a claim for the salvage rights based on its territorial claims in the South China Sea. This US Navy recovery effort will mark the third time a country flying the F-35 has tried to pull one from the depths.
Persons: Carl Vinson, Vinson, Abraham Lincoln, Nicholas Lingo, Carl Schuster, Schuster, Collin Koh, Koh, Elizabeth Organizations: CNN, United States Navy, US Navy, Navy, Fleet, South China, Pacific Command's Joint Intelligence Center, Rajaratnam, of International Studies, U.S, Britain's Defense Ministry Locations: Seoul, South Korea, South China, Beijing, Philippine, South, China, Hawaii ., Singapore, British, Japan
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin briefed President Joe Biden on Saturday about U.S. options for responding if Russia invades Ukraine, as well as options for U.S. military movements in advance of an invasion, according to a defense official and a senior administration official. Austin presented options to reassure NATO allies and reinforce their defenses, specifically the defenses of those countries bordering Ukraine, the officials said. The briefing for Biden included the latest intelligence that the Russian military has not stopped building up forces around Ukraine, the officials said. Another defense official said Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to add more military units and flow forces to the border areas around Ukraine. “He’s getting stronger, literally by the day,” the defense official said.
Persons: Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden, Biden, , Austin, Mark Milley, Tod Wolters, Wolters, Vladimir Putin, , Harry S, John Kirby Organizations: State Department, U.S, NATO, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army, The New York Times . Air Force, U.S . European Command, U.S ., Russia, Truman, Pentagon Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Kyiv, Europe, Poland, Romania, Camp David, Maryland, U.S, Austin
President Joe Biden began his term with moves that bucked establishment thinking on US foreign policy. A February speech pledged to "course-correct our foreign policy" with a "global posture review," floating a fundamental rethink of where US forces were stationed and why. In the same speech, Biden promised to end American support for the Saudi war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales. Sadly, the ugly press of the Kabul fiasco also appears to have tempered Biden's bucking of the foreign policy establishment. If the president wants a foreign policy legacy that truly transforms, he should avoid it and trust his initial restraining instincts moving forward.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Andrew Doris, Joe Biden's, Ghani, Hamid Karzai, Wali Sabawoon, , Volodymyr Zelensky, what's, Matthew Petti, There's Organizations: Defense, Service, Anadolu Agency, Getty, US Air Force, US Air Mobility Command, Pentagon, White, AP, Yale's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale, US Army, Yale Journal of International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Saudi, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kabul, United States, Trump, Washington, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Korea
The USS Harry S. Truman carrier strike group entered the Mediterranean sea last week amid growing tensions with Russia. Department of Defense Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters the carrier group will "demonstrate NATO's ability to integrate the high-end maritime strike capabilities of an aircraft carrier strike group to support the deterrence and defense of the alliance." The carrier Truman is accompanied by the US cruiser San Jacinto and the destroyers Bainbridge, Cole, Gravely and Jason Dunham. The NATO exercise will last 12 days, starting January 24 and ending on February 4. Other NATO allies — including Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, France, and The Netherlands — are also deploying fighter jets and ships into Eastern Europe.
Persons: Harry S, John Kirby, Truman, Bainbridge, Cole, Jason Dunham, Kirby, Vladimir Putin, Jen Psaki, Jens Stoltenberg Organizations: Truman, Neptune, Pentagon, Service, Department of Defense Press, NATO, US, Ukraine isn't, U.S . Press, Alliance Locations: Russia, Ukraine's, NATO, Crimea, Ukraine, Jacinto, Russian, Ukrainian, Soviet, Moscow, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, France, Netherlands, Eastern Europe
Russia has massed tens of thousands of troops on its borders with Ukraine, and Western states fear Moscow is planning a new assault on a country it invaded in 2014.
Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Moscow
Crosland said Smith-Fields' family has been told the man is not a person of interest in the case — a move the family considers "unacceptable," he said. "The Police Department has been racially insensitive to this family and has treated this family with no respect and has violated their civil rights," the notice says. Bridgeport police did not return requests for comment about specific allegations made by Smith-Fields' family and their attorney. "They played some games, ate some food, and started to watch a movie," the incident report states. When she came back inside, the man told police, she went straight to the bathroom and stayed there for 10 to 15 minutes.
Persons: Lauren Smith, Bumble, Darnell Crosland, Crosland, Smith, Rebeca Garcia, Mayor Joseph Ganim, Fields, Ms, Garcia, , Lauren, Organizations: NBC News, NBC, Police, Mayor, Police Department, Office, Bridgeport Police Department, Medical, Command Staff Locations: Bridgeport , Connecticut, Bridgeport, Instagram
KARACHI, Pakistan, Jan 21 (Reuters) - Pakistan reported on Friday over 7,000 COVID-19 cases in a single day, its highest daily number of infections since the pandemic began, as the south Asian nation imposes new restrictions to curb the fast-spreading Omicron variant. Karachi, the country’s largest city, recorded its highest ever positivity ratio of 46.58% in the last 24 hours. He said the number of hospitalisations are rising, citing the on-going wedding season for the rapid spread of the virus. About 70 million people in Pakistan, or 32% of the population, have had two vaccine doses. The infection numbers are lower compared to other countries, such as neighbouring India - but Pakistan tests 50 to 60 thousand people a day with a population of 220 million compared to India where around 1.9 million tests are being done per day.
Persons: Jan, , ” Faisal Mahmood, Syed Raza Hassan, Michael Perry Organizations: National Command, Aga Khan University Hospital, Geo, Thomson Locations: KARACHI, Pakistan, Karachi, India
A US Military drone unit struck Syria's largest dam in 2017, despite it being on a 'no-strike' list, The New York Times reported. The New York Times reported that the strike used some of the largest conventional bombs. Tens of thousands were at risk of flooding in a narrowly avoided catastrophe, according to the report. At the time of the strike, ISIS occupied the region in Syria and oversaw the operation of the dam. "The destruction would have been unimaginable," the dam's former director told The Times on condition of anonymity.
Persons: Stephen J, Townsend Organizations: Military, New York Times, The New York Times, Service, Operations, Task Force, Force, The, ISIS, The Times, Central Command, Times Locations: Syria, Russia, Turkey
China says it warned away U.S. warship in South China Sea
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The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Benfold, forward-deployed to the U.S. 7th Fleet in the Indo-Pacific region, transits the Philippine Sea, June 14, 2018. Navy/Handout via REUTERSBEIJING, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Chinese forces followed and warned away a U.S. warship which entered waters near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, the country's military said on Thursday, in the latest uptick in tensions in the disputed waterway. The United States frequently carries out what it calls freedom of navigation missions in the South China Sea to challenge Chinese territorial claims. The South China Sea has become one of many flashpoints in the testy relationship between China and the United States, with Washington rejecting what it calls unlawful territorial claims by Beijing. China claims vast swaths of the South China Sea.
Persons: Arleigh Burke, Sarah Myers, Jan, Ben Blanchard, Himani Sarkar Organizations: U.S . 7th Fleet, U.S . Navy, REUTERS, Southern Theatre Command, People's Liberation Army, United, Beijing, Thomson Locations: REUTERS BEIJING, U.S, South China, United States, South, China, Washington, Beijing, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines
The broad review of counterterrorism policy actually wrapped up several weeks ago, someone familiar with the deliberations told me. For now, it seems, the promised root-and-branch reformation of America's counterterrorism policy is shaping up to be something more like a seasonal pruning. 'Over the horizon capabilities'The drone program, which is still under review, presents a particularly thorny set of issues for Biden. To hear them tell it, the issue of drone strikes is primarily a matter of degree. The new reporting is a stunning refutation of the core justifications given for the drone program during Obama's presidency.
Persons: Joe Biden, — Biden, Biden, Jake Sullivan, Donald Trump's, Barack Obama, Liz Sherwood, Randall, Sherwood, , Karen Greenberg, Obama, Trump, Sullivan, Avril Haines, John Brennan, Haines, Brennan, isn't, It's, Priyanka Motaparthy, Brian Finucane, what's, Nathan Sales, that's, Mark Milley, Zemari Ahmadi, Ahmadi's, Milley, Luke Hartig, Larry Lewis, Kenneth McKenzie, Ahmadi, McKenzie, Zemari, Bernat, Gene Tate, Finucane, carte, Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo, Hina Shamsi, Shamsi Organizations: Pentagon, CIA, National Security Council, Military Force, Biden's, Center, National Security, Fordham University, Biden, Obama, Columbia, Human Rights, State Department, International Crisis, Trump, Chiefs of Staff, New York Times, The Times, Toyota Corolla, Department of Defense, US Special Operations Command, US Central Command, AP, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Locations: Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Cameroon, Mali, Iraq, Syria, Washington, China, Guantánamo, institutionalize, Kabul, Kunduz, America
A medical worker administers a dose of the domestically developed Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp's coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at a vaccination site in Taipei, Taiwan August 23, 2021. REUTERS/Annabelle ChihTAIPEI, Jan 20 (Reuters) - Taiwan will mandate the use of passes that provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry into entertainment venues, the government said on Thursday, as it seeks to reduce infection risks while tackling a small rise in domestic Omicron cases. The Central Epidemic Command Centre said that from Friday entry into venues including bars and night clubs would require proof of full vaccination, either by showing a physical vaccine card or a new digital card. Taiwan has kept the pandemic well under control thanks to strict border measures enacted early on and a highly efficient tracing system. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterWriting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Himani SarkarOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Annabelle Chih, Ben Blanchard, Himani Sarkar Organizations: REUTERS, Epidemic Command, Thomson Locations: Taipei, Taiwan, Annabelle Chih TAIPEI
The US Navy conducted a freedom-of-navigation operation near contested territory in the South China Sea on Thursday. The US Navy said in an official statement that "unlawful and sweeping maritime claims in the South China Sea pose a serious threat to the freedom of the seas, including the freedoms of navigation and overflight, free trade and unimpeded commerce, and freedom of economic opportunity for South China Sea littoral nations." Although the US Navy regularly conducts FONOPs, not just in the contested South China Sea but around the world, China claims sovereignty over large swaths of the South China Sea and objects publicly whenever these operations occur. The Paracel Islands have long been disputed territory, with China, Vietnam, and Taiwan all claiming sovereignty. China maintains practical control of the area, having built 20 outposts in the Paracel Islands as it continues to tighten its grip on the South China Sea.
Persons: China's, Benfold, People's Liberation Army Southern Theater Command Tian Junli Organizations: US Navy, Service, US, China, People's Liberation Army Southern Theater Command, PLA Southern Theater Command, PLA Locations: South, South China, China, Vietnam, Taiwan
Greece's tier-one special-operations unit earned top marks from NATO's Special Operations Forces Headquarters in December. Evaluators from the NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters (NSHQ) traveled to Greece and put the country's elite special operators through the wringer. The Greek special-operations unit is composed of six teams that are separated based on their infiltration specialty. NATO first began coordinating its special-operations capability in 2006 with the creation of the NATO Special Operations Coordination Center (NSCC). In a recent gathering of NATO special operators, Gen. Richard Clarke, commander of US Special Operations Command, highlighted the importance of NATO's special-operations community.
Persons: Τμήμα, Konstantinos Floros, Constantine Floros, it's, Richard Clarke, Clarke, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: Special Operations Forces Headquarters, Delta Force, Service, NATO Special Operations Forces Headquarters, Paratroopers, Hellenic Army, NATO, ETA, Group, Hellenic National Defense General Staff, NATO Special Operations, Air Service, Army's Delta Force, US, Twitter, British Special Air Service, American Green Berets, 10th Special Forces Group, Navy, Warfare, Air Commandos, 321st Special Tactics Squadron, Twitter ETA, Greek Airborne, Coordination Center, Operations Command, 575th Marine Battalion, Army, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Greece, Turkey, Cypriot
Foreign internal defense, as it is known, is one of the most important special-ops mission, a US Green Beret said. Army Green Berets may conduct an unconventional-warfare operation by linking up with local guerrillas to take on Taliban fighters. Teaching others how to fightAn instructor explains patrol procedures to Iraqi special-operations soldiers during foreign internal defense training in central Iraq, August 19, 2019. This is where the cultural and linguist training" that Green Berets receive "really shines," the Green Beret said. If we don't have that end-goal in mind, then we will be there forever," said the National Guard Green Beret.
Persons: Emmanuel Braun, US Army John F, Karen Sampson, FID, Stavros Atlamazoglou Organizations: Green Beret, Service, Special Operations Command, Operations Command, Army, Marine Raider, Army Green, US, Operations, Department of Defense, National Guard, Special, US Army, Kennedy Special Warfare Center, School, Green, National Guard Green Beret, US Army Special Forces, Army Special Forces, Army Green Berets, Delta Force, Hellenic Army, 575th Marine Battalion, Johns Hopkins University Locations: Taiwan, Chadian, Chad, Al Qaeda, Iraq, Al Shabaab, Kenya
The New York Times obtained videos from the US military of a drone strike in Afghanistan that killed civilians. The August 29 strike killed 10 civilians, including 7 children, and has been called a "tragic mistake." In December, The New York Times reported that no one involved in the drone strike will receive any form of punishment. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin during the same hearing confirmed that the military knew civilians were killed "several hours" after the strike. But it took weeks for the Pentagon to fully acknowledge that civilians were killed in the botched strike.
Persons: Mark Milley, Zemari Ahmadi, Kenneth F, McKenzie, Sami Said, John Kirby, Lloyd Austin, CENTCOM, Daphne Eviatar Organizations: New York Times, Service, The New York Times, Joint Chiefs, Staff, ISIS, US, Command, Toyota, Islamic, Nutrition, Education International, US Central Command, Air Force, Pentagon, House Armed Services Committee, Times, Washington Post, Amnesty, Amnesty International, Human Locations: Afghanistan, The, Kabul, Islamic State, California
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