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WASHINGTON — Stephen Bassett and Mick West don’t agree on much. We don't know if it's an enemy. We don't know if it's an optical phenomenon," said new NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, a former astronaut and Florida senator, in a recent CNN interview. For him, it’s a question of national security and understanding whether rivals like China or Russia have developed advanced technology we don’t know about. Important people have had an interest in UFOs for a long time; they just didn’t really talk about it.
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Critical Race Theory has become one of the most animating issues for Republicans nationwide. What is critical race theory? "Critical race theory is a practice. Republicans in a number of states have pushed to ban critical race theory from schools, misleadingly contending that the concept teaches kids to hate the US and each other. Coverage of critical race theory dominates Fox News coverage across daytime, primetime, and online.
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Two passengers sharing a room on a Caribbean cruise ship tested positive this week for Covid-19, triggering safety precautions that enabled some 600 other passengers to continue eating and gambling on the ship. The passengers who tested positive are asymptomatic and are in isolation, the cruise line said. At the same time, cruise lines have said the detection of positive cases onboard indicates that their health and safety protocols are working. John Roberts, a travel writer, said passengers around him have generally reacted calmly since the captain announced the positive cases. “It suggests, at least, that the amount of virus circulating in their bodies is low enough not to create severe symptoms,” Dr. Pereira said of the two passengers who tested positive.
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Multiple news outlets won Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of the killing of George Floyd and work related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Columbia University announced Friday. The New York Times won the 2021 Pulitzer for public service for its coverage of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Star Tribune in Minneapolis won the Pulitzer for breaking news reporting for its coverage of Mr. Floyd’s killing. For investigative reporting, the Pulitzer went to the Boston Globe for its reporting on governments’ failing to share dangerous truck drivers’ information that could have kept those people from driving. The Pulitzer for national reporting went to the staffs of The Marshall Project,, IndyStar and the Invisible Institute for their reporting on damage done by police dogs.
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Pioneering CEO Ursula Burns Wants to Make Stories Like Hers Less Rare
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As the first Black female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, her promotion was historic—not least because she was succeeding another woman, Anne Mulcahy. “I wanted the stories to go one step further, to try to understand why it’s so rare,” Ms. Burns, 62, said over the phone from her home in Manhattan. Ms. Burns says that Xerox was “very diverse,” at least comparatively. Just five Fortune 500 companies have Black CEOs, and the number will drop to four when Kenneth Frazier, Merck’s CEO, steps down later this month. A record 41 women now run Fortune 500 companies, but that is still less than 10%.
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Reuters and the Minneapolis Star Tribune each won a Pulitzer Prize on Friday for journalism about racial inequities in U.S. policing, while the New York Times and the Atlantic were honored for chronicling the COVID-19 pandemic, the two topics that dominated last year’s headlines. The Pulitzer Prizes are the most prestigious awards in American journalism and have been handed out since 1917, when newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer established them in a bequest to New York's Columbia University in his will. Reuters Editor-in-Chief Alessandra Galloni said in a statement that the series shaped the debate over how to reform American policing. The Pulitzer Prize for Reuters, a unit of Thomson Reuters (TRI.TO), was the newsroom's ninth since 2008, and sixth in the last four years. loadingThe New York Times won the public service journalism honor, often seen as the most coveted of the 22 prizes, for its "prescient and sweeping coverage of the coronavirus pandemic."
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Google, Facebook pledged millions for local news. Was it enough?
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Google and Facebook accounted for 54% of U.S. digital advertising revenue in 2020, according to eMarketer, a market research company. Under the Facebook Journalism Project, for instance, Reuters received funding to develop a digital media training course for journalists. Both Facebook and Google have made contributions to the news industry apart from the $600 million. Both Facebook and Google say publishers benefit just from using their platforms, which deliver traffic that helps drive advertising revenue and subscriptions. The Seattle Times publisher said his paper has participated in programs backed by Google and Facebook.
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Most mayoral primaries typically feature bruising campaigns; ranked-choice was supposed to discourage that, with candidates wary of alienating each other’s base. That had largely been true this year, but the level of sniping and negative campaigning has increased in recent weeks. But the voting system also has its quirks. That is expected to take weeks, and officials have cautioned that a victor may not be declared until mid-July. “Ranked-choice voting has definitely added an unpredictability to the race,” said Ester Fuchs, a politics professor at Columbia University.
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When she returns from her space flight, Gerardi hopes to help make sure the next generation of space explorers is a more diverse one, from a wide range of backgrounds and demographics. The space industry, like other STEM fields, has wide racial and gender gaps and is overrepresented by white men. "It wasn't an industry I saw myself necessarily as having a future in until I was a little bit older and discovered the commercial space flight industry," Gerardi said. But her chance to go into space came from her background in science communication, which turned into space research and more. Had those platforms existed when she was growing up, Gerardi says she may have joined the space industry sooner.
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Biden's upcoming summit with Putin will be one of his biggest tests yet as president. Experts say it's unclear what Biden hopes to gain from Putin, who wants to keep the US as an adversary. If Biden doesn't come out with "clear deliverables," the summit could be perceived as a win for the Kremlin, a former US official warned. Experts warn that Putin has no intention of using the meeting to improve relations, and question what Biden has to gain via the summit. The Biden administration's actions to punish Russia, however, have yet to produce a demonstrable change in behavior from Putin.
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The Covid-19 pandemic was incredibly challenging for college students and when schools shut down and went to remote classes, many students chose to take time off — a gap year or even a gap semester — instead. Others didn't want a diminished college experience as coronavirus forced most universities online and internships, jobs and study abroad opportunities were canceled. More from College Voices:Latinx college students faced family, financial challenges during the pandemicTikTok, Bumble, others are hiring college students as brand ambassadorsI want to move to New York after college graduation. Gap years are common as some high school students take a year off to travel or volunteer before college. After being sent home, he withdrew from the spring 2020 semester and worked on congressional campaigns.
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Florida and Alabama will no longer report daily Covid cases and fatalities as vaccinations rise and states begin shifting to the "next phase" of the pandemic. "Florida is transitioning into the next phase of the COVID-19 response," the Florida Department of Health wrote in an emailed statement Monday. "As vaccinations increase and new case positivity rate decreases, the Florida Department of Health has moved to a weekly reporting schedule." Many states have moved away from daily reporting over the course of the pandemic, with nearly twenty reporting data five days a week, according to a list maintained by Hopkins. The Alabama Department of Public Health could not be reached for comment.
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Law firms often tout pro bono work on behalf of nonprofits in the public interest and can benefit from limited tax breaks for the work. At least one lawyer for Winston & Strawn has used pro bono hours to block public defenders from organizing. Big law firms use pro bono hours to show their social cachetStaffers at some legal nonprofits expressed concern that their organizations were spending funds fighting the unionization efforts. Aside from some limited tax breaks, the value that pro bono work gives big law firms is in social capital. Law firms often tout their pro bono work in marketing materials.
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New York City will have a new mayor as Bill de Blasio hits his term limit. Controversies and notable items: Since launching his mayoral campaign, Yang has been under much heavier scrutiny than he faced while running for president. Eric AdamsBrooklyn Borough President and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams. Dianne MoralesNonprofit executive and Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Dianne Morales. Shaun DonovanNew York City mayoral candidate Shaun Donovan.
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Live Covid Live Updates: Third Wave Feared in Africa as Vaccine Rollout Stumbles Immunization drives on the continent have been crippled by a lack of funding and doses. South African retirees waiting to receive doses of Covid vaccine at a clinic near Johannesburg, South Africa, last week. While Africa has reported less than 3 percent of global coronavirus cases, the W.H.O. “The threat of a third wave in Africa is real and rising,” Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the W.H.O. Portugal had remained on Britain’s green list even as the rate of positive coronavirus cases there rose 37 percent over the past two weeks.
Persons: Themba, Matshidiso Moeti, , Moeti, hesitancy, Allison, Abbott, , Alejandro Hoberman, Irwin Redlener, Redlener, Anthony S, Fauci, Biden’s, Mara Aspinall, “ We’ve, ” Lauren McCarthy, Ana Brigida, ” Grant Shapps, Shapps, Isabella Kwai Organizations: World Health Organization, United Nations, Democratic, Pfizer, Moderna, and Drug Administration, Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University, Dr, Covid, CNN, Arizona State University, Travelers, The New York Times Travelers, BBC, Chelsea, Manchester United, Champions League Locations: Africa, U.S, Johannesburg, South Africa, Uganda, Britain, India, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Covax, Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Boston, United States, Portugal, Lisbon, Madeira, Azores, Porto, Spain, Balearic, Europe, British
"Right now, they are hair on fire," a former government official said of the Biden administration. The impact of ransomware attacks has grown since Biden took office, officials said. In a typical ransomware attack, hackers break into a corporate network and lock up data, demanding payment to release it. That's why the Biden administration is contemplating ways to deter ransomware gangs and the countries that give them sanctuary, principally Russia. The White House said Biden will tell Russian President Vladimir Putin at their summit June 16 that Russia must stop harboring criminal hackers.
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As with many top colleges, you often need relatively deep pockets and stellar test scores to attend an Ivy League school like Columbia University. But, like most of the world's top universities, Columbia also offers a handful of its courses online entirely for free. You can audit over 30 of Columbia's online courses at no cost on edX, a non-profit founded by Harvard and MIT to lower education barriers such as cost and location. You can also pay to earn a certificate in one of these courses, or sign up for multi-course programs designed for building deep knowledge or valuable skill sets — like machine learning. 12 online Columbia University courses you can take for free:
Organizations: Ivy League, Columbia University, Harvard, MIT Locations: Columbia, edX
But officials say criminal ransomware attacks from abroad, once a nuisance, have become a major source of economic damage, as the disruption of gasoline and meat supplies in recent weeks has illustrated. Officials say that intelligence collection puts the U.S. in a better position to target the groups if the president orders a strike. Russia allows the hackers to operate without interference as long as they are attacking the West, U.S. officials say. Since Biden took office, the impact of ransomware attacks has grown, officials say. Cyber security experts say successful ransomware attacks often take advantage of companies with substandard cyber defenses.
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But many of the surveillance court’s opinions remain secret, and the U.S.A. Freedom Act does not ensure that the court’s future opinions will see the light of day. The surveillance court has made clear it believes the executive branch should have the last word on whether the court’s opinions should be published. challenged this conclusion, both the surveillance court and the appeals court that oversees it held that they lacked authority even to consider the A.C.L.U.’s claim. The surveillance court has exempted itself from this rule on the ground that it deals with national security matters. The petition we and our colleagues filed in the Supreme Court seeks to bring the surveillance court’s practices in line with the Constitution.
Persons: James, John Brennan, Donald Verrilli, , David D, Cole, Jameel Jaffer, Theodore B, Olson, George W, Bush Organizations: U.S.A, American Civil Liberties Union, Columbia University
Stimulus Checks Substantially Reduced Hardship, Study Shows
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“It bridged a gap,” Ms. Ray said, while she waited for slower forms of assistance, like rental aid. In addition to providing for the test, Ms. Ray said, the checks brought hope. “Part of the benefit of the stimulus to me was God saying, ‘I got you.’ Spiritual and emotional reassurance. He also argued that hardship would have fallen anyway, since the last round of stimulus checks coincided with tax season, which sends large sums to low-wage workers through tax credits. Noting that the stimulus checks allocated as much to households with incomes above $100,000 as they did to those below $30,000, Mr. Winship called them inefficient and a poor model for future policy.
Persons: Ms, Ray, , , , ” Scott Winship, Zachary Parolin, Winship Organizations: American Enterprise Institute, University of Michigan, Columbia University, Columbia, Analysts
Trump Administration Secretly Seized Phone Records of Times Reporters
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Mr. Comey had been under scrutiny since 2017, after Mr. Trump fired him as the director of the F.B.I. The inquiry into Mr. Comey, according to three people briefed on that investigation, was eventually code-named Arctic Haze. As part of that effort, law enforcement officials had seized Mr. Richman’s phone and computer, according to a person familiar with the matter. They are said to have initially searched them for material about Mr. Comey’s conversations with Mr. Trump, and later obtained a court’s permission to search them again, apparently about the Russia document matter. is also said to have subpoenaed Google in 2020, seeking information relevant to any emails between Mr. Richman and The Times.
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expects two million air travelers a day to pass through its checkpoints, numbers not seen in more than a year. The Transportation Security Administration expects the daily number of people passing through U.S. airports to top two million over Memorial Day weekend. Credit... Will Oliver/EPA, via ShutterstockMemorial Day weekend is underway in the United States, and things are decidedly different for travelers than they were a year ago. More than half of all adults in the United States have now been fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last year, reports of revelers ignoring mask and social distancing rules over the holiday weekend were legion.
Persons: Will Oliver, Darby LaJoye, LaJoye, ” Mr, ” Dr, Rochelle Walensky, Walensky, Wafaa, Dr, Sadr Organizations: Reagan National Airport, Washington , D.C, Transportation Security Administration, Centers for Disease Control, AAA, European Union, Columbia University Locations: Washington ,, U.S, United States, India, South America, Southeast Asia, Wafaa El, Sadr, El
A photo of a microchip designed by Columbia University engineers is circulating in connection with conspiracy theories claiming a chip is inserted with the COVID-19 vaccine. This microchip, however, is still being tested, is not yet for human use, and has nothing to do with vaccines. Posts show a picture of the microchip inside the tip of a needle, with captions and comments suggesting a connection with the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of these posts reference the “magnet challenge”, where social media users started posting videos of magnets attracted to the site of a COVID-19 vaccine injection claiming it proves the vaccine contains a microchip. Reuters has also previously debunked other claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain a microchip here , here , here , here and here .
Persons: I’m, , Holly Evarts, , Ken Shepard, Read Organizations: Columbia University, Posts, moderna, Reuters, Columbia Engineering, Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Columbia
2 Intermediate People's Court where Australian writer Yang Hengjun is expected to face trial on espionage charges, in Beijing, China May 27, 2021. Australian consular officials visited Yang in detention on Friday, after being denied access to the court on Thursday. read moreAn Australian citizen born in China, Yang wrote about Chinese and U.S. politics online as a high-profile blogger and also penned a series of spy novels. The Chinese foreign ministry didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Thursday accused Australia of meddling in China's judicial sovereignty by seeking access to the court hearing.
Persons: Graham Fletcher, Yang Hengjun, Carlos Garcia Rawlins China's, Marise Payne, Yang, Payne, Mo Shaoping, didn't, Zhao Lijian Organizations: REUTERS, Australian, Reuters, Columbia University, Foreign Ministry, Thomson Locations: China, Beijing, Australia, Australian, New York, Guangzhou
If she wins the June 22 Democratic primary, Morales could become the first woman and first Hispanic elected mayor. NYC mayoral candidate Dianne Morales dances salsa in an outdoors dance class in the Bronx, N.Y. Nicole Acevedo / NBC NewsThe former nonprofit executive left her job in 2019 to run for mayor. “There's so much trauma from Covid that people are anxious to just kind of move on.” But is not just the Covid-19 pandemic, Morales said. Edwin Gano / Dianne Morales Campaign“My story is all too familiar to poor people, single mothers, Black and Brown people and immigrants,” she tweeted alongside the statement. Morales also has the lowest average donation of any candidate, a sign of grassroots support, according to a Politico analysis.
Persons: Dianne Morales, George Floyd’s, George Floyd, ” Morales, , Morales, , Sonora Carruseles ’, “ Micaela, Nicole Acevedo, Bill de, “ I've, Eric Adams, Andrew Yang, Maya Wiley, Scott Stringer, Doña Rosa, , Mike Bloomberg, Edwin Gano, Brown Organizations: NBC News, Latina, New York City, Democratic, NBC, Phipps, Community School, Human Services, New, Brooklyn, New York, Stony Brook University, Harvard University, Columbia University, Department of Education’s, Youth Development, Yorkers, City, Department of Education, Mayor, Politico, Facebook, Twitter Locations: York City, Bronx, Sonora, Puerto Rican, New York City, New, Brooklyn
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