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Why Washington Can’t Quit Listening to Larry Summers
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Larry Summers has split his pandemic time between houses in Massachusetts and Arizona. He also seems to live inside the collective mind of the Washington economic establishment. Deploring the way he dominates the narrative is its own catalyst to his dominance, though his critics often miss the paradox. Other respected academics were repeating variations on the same theme, though most economists argued that a 2021 price pop was more likely to be short-lived. But it was Mr. Summers, a longtime Harvard professor, whose brash declarations worked a sort of nerd magic, drawing the boundaries of the debate and forcing the White House — one he largely supports — on the offensive.
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Rudy Giuliani appeared on Newsmax Thursday to discuss the suspension of his New York legal license. He was it came because he was so effective at arguing for Trump's bogus election-fraud claims. Rudy Giuliani has claimed that the suspension of his license to practise law in New York was part of a plot to silence him because he was so effective at arguing former President Donald Trump's election-fraud claims. Giuliani appeared on the right-wing Newsmax network hours after an appelate court in New York suspended his law license on Thursday. In explaining the decision to suspend Giuliani's license, the New York court on Thursday cited his promotion of Trump's election-fraud conspiracy theories.
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WASHINGTON — Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is running for governor of his home state of Maryland, where the outgoing Republican governor has proven immensely popular despite the state’s heavy Democratic tilt. Perez led the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice and then served as labor secretary under President Barack Obama. When his term as DNC chair ended earlier this year, Perez was replaced by current chairman Jaime Harrison, who ran for Senate in South Carolina last year. Maryland goes heavily Democratic in presidential elections but, like its fellow Northeast liberal states Massachusetts and Vermont, currently has a popular Republican governor. Perez enters the race with widespread name recognition, connections to national donors and some key local endorsements, but he is hardly alone in the race.
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Former DNC chair Perez announces bid for Maryland governor
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Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez speaks to the crowd before the start of the Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidates debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., February 7, 2020. In an online video announcing his candidacy, Perez vowed to build a Maryland where all residents have access to quality education, affordable healthcare and a good job. In the five-minute video announcing his candidacy, Perez highlighted his upbringing as the son of Dominican of Republic immigrants. Perez served as the head of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice and as labor secretary under President Barack Obama. He was elected to head the Democratic National Committee in 2016 after Hillary Clinton lost a bitter race for president to Republican Donald Trump.
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Opinion | In N.Y.C., Black Is Back
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In that ad, Trump also wrote: “Let our politicians give back our police department’s power to keep us safe. Unshackle them from the constant chant of ‘police brutality.’” All five suspects would be wrongly convicted while Dinkins was in office. The pump was being primed for unleashing law enforcement to crack down in the city, whatever the cost. As The New York Times reported in 1992, more than 10,000 off-duty police officers gathered at City Hall to protest. Then the rioting began: “A handful of people, then hundreds, then thousands, broke through police barricades and surged onto City Hall’s steps.
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REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker/File PhotoSEATTLE/WASHINGTON, June 21 (Reuters) - Boeing Co (BA.N) announced on Monday that veteran lobbyist and political strategist Tim Keating, who helped navigate the U.S. planemaker through its worst-ever crisis following fatal 737 MAX crashes, has left the company but gave no reason. The U.S. planemaker came under intense scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators following fatal crashes of its 737 MAX jetliners in 2018 and 2019. The crashes plunged the company into its worst-ever crisis, one long-since compounded by the coronavirus pandemic. Keating is a forceful Washington insider whose deep knowledge of congressional process and politics helped him push through numerous campaigns since joining Boeing in 2008. Before Boeing, Keating was senior vice president of global government relations at Honeywell (HON.O), and chairman of the board at Washington lobbying firm Timmons and Company.
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"I will not stay silent as a homophobic, entitled man attacks my partner," Kasser said. In her op-ed last October, Kasser wrote, "Ten years ago I told my husband I was gay and asked for a divorce." "His words paralyzed me, which is exactly the power of coercive control," Kasser wrote. Some of that money, Bergstein wrote, could be used to pay for Samponaro's salary and that of another legislative aide. "Going forward, I will continue to fight against bullying and bigotry in all its forms," Kasser wrote.
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U.S. appeals court puts on hold overturning of California assault weapon ban
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A U.S. federal appeals court on Monday put on hold a judge's ruling this month to overturn California's 32-year-old ban on assault weapons. California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who had appealed against the decision to overturn the ban, said the state's assault weapons laws would remain in effect while appellate proceedings continue. In the order, Benitez had said the California ban was in violation of the Second Amendment rights of the state's citizens. California became the first state to ban assault weapons in 1989 after a school shooting that killed five children. Six other states and the District of Columbia have an assault weapons ban in place, according to the gun safety group Giffords.
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Conservatives should welcome the tight labor market because it makes these talking points true. That's because a hot labor market makes a lot of things conservatives say about the economy true. Trickle down is real, when the labor market is tightTight labor markets make various conservative policy prescriptions more appropriate. That hasn't always been the case, but a tight labor market makes it much more likely. But a tight labor market makes these ideas more true, more of the time, for more people.
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Many up-and-coming politicos probably covet the unique spot Ginsburg holds in liberal hearts and chotskies. A woman carries an RGB tote bag with a pin that reads, "Facts Matter" in New York City on Dec. 20, 21017. “It's a sign of understanding the emotional value of what Americans are thinking about.”The “notorious RBG” phenomenon was a mystery to Ginsburg during her lifetime. Political sidelines are typically a small portion of bookstores’ revenue, but during the Trump era, everyone got into the “resistance” game with “covfefe” mugs and “nasty woman” necklaces. But that boom may be headed for a bust since no one wants Trump's tweets on their t-shirts and toiletpaper anymore.
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‘Free’ Money Can Make Life Worse
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Democrats in Congress recently made an enormous change to public social programs while no one was paying attention and without bipartisan support. Next month the Internal Revenue Service will start sending checks to qualifying families—$300 a month for every child under 6 and $250 for each older child. These monthly payments will flow regardless of whether the recipient is working, looking for work, or in training or education programs. Democrats in Washington claim these checks will reduce child poverty, as if the absence of money were the only problem for these families. By sending checks directly, the Biden administration will sever the contact between parents and social workers, which helps uncover signs of addiction.
Persons: Clinton, Biden Organizations: Internal, Service Locations: Washington, New
Insider asked all nine candidates how they'd handle the DA's investigation into the Trump Organization's and ex-president Donald Trump's finances. "My life trajectory has left me unintimidated by people with power and money," Farhadian Weinstein said. REUTERS/Carlo AllegriFarhadian Weinstein said it would be improper to discuss how to handle the Trump investigation while the case is still open. The specter of January 6Throughout the DA's investigation, Trump has followed the same playbook he has with every other legal challenge: attack his enemy as politically-motivated liars. As the next Manhattan District Attorney, my message is clear — we will not let fear triumph over the fair pursuit of justice," Lang said.
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How Long Can America Keep Borrowing?
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Reforms of these popular programs were so politically fraught that finding consensus on solutions proved impossible during our tenure in the Senate. In 1994 the budget deficit was $203 billion (2.8% of gross domestic product), and the national debt was $3.4 trillion (47.8% of GDP). The crisis we identified 27 years ago seems negligible given where the debt stands today. The words “current law” are critical as the CBO forecasts only what will happen should government make no changes in spending and tax policies. Under Mr. Biden’s first budget proposal, the debt is expected to reach 117% of GDP by 2031.
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WASHINGTON — A modern presidential tradition is poised to return to the White House — at least in part. A portrait unveiling event for the Obamas is not on their or Biden’s schedule, people familiar with the process said. Trump and his wife, Melania, recently began discussions with the White House Historical Association, which commissions the presidential portraits, about their pictures. The Trump White House moved portraits of Bush and Bill Clinton to a less-visible location. The Biden White House recently moved them back to their traditional spot.
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While we’ve spent the past five years obsessed with Russia’s meddling in America, we’ve conveniently forgotten America’s meddling in Russia. “Yanks to the Rescue: The Secret Story of How American Advisors Helped Yeltsin Win” proclaimed the headline. Some countries say they’re strong, some say heroic, some say divine or tragic or misunderstood. I loved the freedom, I loved the suburbs, I loved holidays full of eating and fireworks, I loved the ample personal space, and I loved, deeply loved, Ronald Reagan — the American president who fought for my freedom. Soon enough I realized that while for me, the American flag symbolized hope, for those Salvadorans, the American flag meant death.
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Kaine and Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., the country's first openly gay U.S. senator, led the introduction of the resolution. “Throughout our history, far too many people serving our nation have lived in fear of retribution or persecution because of their sexual orientation,” Kaine said in a statement. “It’s time to acknowledge the harm caused to these Americans, their families, and our country by depriving them of the right to serve as federal civil servants, diplomats, or in the Armed Services. At that time, then-President Bill Clinton issued an executive order that prohibited the government from denying security clearance based solely on sexual orientation. Diplomacy Center and a board to review difficulties facing LGBTQ diplomats and their families, among other actions, though the bill never passed.
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LONDON — Reflecting on his summit with President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin reached for the words of a well-known compatriot. Before the summit, both leaders agreed relations were at a historic low, and afterward Biden appeared to accept that a sudden rapprochement between the two adversaries was unlikely. In this sense, Biden delivered an unambiguous message to Putin, saying the U.S. won't tolerate Russia's alleged misdemeanors, drawing up some "red lines" that it shouldn't cross. “This was about the U.S. trying to turn down the temperature in relations and to draw clear red lines with Russia," Bergmann told Reuters. "It was productive in the sense that the two leaders had the chance to directly explain their positions," Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian radio on Thursday.
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In his first summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, President Biden sought ways to tamp down Russia’s disruptive behavior so that he can concentrate more on other world problems, including what officials consider the top U.S. threat: China. The question, though, is whether a combative and confident Mr. Putin sees any reason to cooperate. “It’s a formidable task,” said Andrew Weiss, vice president at the Carnegie Institute for International Peace and a former Russia expert for the Clinton administration. “People in the Biden administration are savvy enough to know that Vladmir Putin has no intention of crawling into a box so the U.S. can give its undivided attention to China.”A U.S. intelligence report in April named China the No. Mr. Biden and his aides have spent time with officials from Japan, South Korea and Europe in a bid for an alliance that can counter what the president sees as China’s authoritarian influence.
Persons: Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Biden, Putin, , , Andrew Weiss, Clinton, Vladmir Putin Organizations: Carnegie Institute for International Peace, Locations: China, Russia, U.S, , Beijing, Japan, South Korea, Europe
A communications expert watched Putin and Biden interacting for clues about how their summit went. Putin's tapping fingers and leaning-back pose gave the sense he wanted the summit to end, she said. A body language expert has said the body language of Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin reveals their attitude to the historic meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin meet for a summit at Villa La Grange in Geneva, Switzerland, June 16, 2021. Kevin LaMarque/Reuters"Putin's body language tells you: 'whatever,'" she said.
Persons: Putin, Biden, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Mary Civiello, Civiello, , Kevin LaMarque, Bill Clinton, George W, Bush, Donald Trump Organizations: BBC, Communications, Villa La Grange Locations: Geneva, Switzerland
WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that President Joe Biden has to clean up the “disaster” that former President Donald Trump created by emboldening Russian President Vladimir Putin. Clinton, a former secretary of state, said Biden will make clear that Russia will face consequences if there are further cyberattacks against the United States, arguing that Trump left Putin unchecked even in the wake of Russian interference in U.S. elections. She expects Biden will deliver a direct message to Putin in the wake of several high-stakes incidents of ransomware that shut down critical U.S. infrastructure. And then let's make sure you understand that the United States is back,” Clinton said of what the message will be. The last meeting she said she had with Putin was in June 2012 with Obama at the G-20 summit in Mexico.
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CHICAGO—Former President Barack Obama, once a community organizer, has gotten a taste of community organizing himself as preservationists and other activists have slowed the construction of his presidential center. The groundbreaking for the center to celebrate Mr. Obama and press its mission of fostering future leaders could finally happen late this summer after years of lawsuits, fundraising and federal reviews. The eventual opening, previously scheduled for 2021 before the challenges arose, is poised to set a modern record for time between a presidency and completion. Presidential libraries opened in recent decades have done so in about half the time as what is expected for Mr. Obama’s center, Wall Street Journal calculations show. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library welcomed visitors just more than 1,000 days after Mr. Reagan’s last day in office.
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Live Summit Live Updates: Putin Lands in Geneva to Meet With Biden Tensions between Washington and Moscow are high as President Biden meets face to face with Russia’s leader. One challenge will be trying to convince Mr. Putin that cyberattacks will be met with a “robust” response. Members of the press in front of Villa La Grange, where President Biden and President Vladimir V. Putin will meet on Wednesday. Administration officials say Mr. Biden is determined to deliver a stern message to Mr. Putin about the use of cyberweapons and the dangers of an escalating online war. “This is a different man,” Mr. Putin said of Mr. Biden.
Persons: Biden, Mr, Putin, Vladimir V, Doug Mills, Henry Kissinger, George W, Bush, , Donald J, Trump, , ” Marc Santora, Michael D, “ We’re, Aleksei A, Navalny, Trump’s, , Maxim Blinov, Vladimir Frolov, ’ ” Russia’s, Putin’s, Leonid Volkov, “ He’s, Sergey Ryabkov, ” “, Ivan I, ” Anton Troianovski, Oleg Matsnev, Erin Schaff, Barack Obama, Stephen Crowley, Bill Clinton, Dirck Halstead, John McCain Organizations: Putin, Biden, Villa La Grange, ., New York Times, Mr, NBC, Credit, Air Force, West, Administration, White, United, Facebook, RIA Novosti, Trump, The New York Times, U.S Locations: Geneva, Washington, Moscow, Europe, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Soviet Union, Swiss, Slovenia, Britain, United States, Helsinki, Brussels, Belarus, Russian, Iran, St . Petersburg, Osaka, Japan, New York, Lake Geneva
Hillary Clinton said the GOP is doing Putin's work for him by denying the 2020 election results. Clinton said Republicans have been flirting with Putin's authoritarian model of governance. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Wednesday said there are people within the US who doing Russian President Vladimir Putin's work for him by continuing to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election. Biden is aware of the problem, Clinton said, and knows he has to work to do on "both fronts." "We don't have Trump being, in effect, a spokesperson for Putin any longer," Clinton said.
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Progressives are calling on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire. Full-page ad endorsed by 13 progressive groups urging Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to step down. Alarmed by that possibility, progressives are demanding that Breyer, the oldest Supreme Court justice, leave the bench. The current Supreme Court term ends in just a few weeks but Breyer has not yet publicly weighed in on his retirement. "He believes that's a decision Justice Breyer will make when he decides it's time to no longer serve on the Supreme Court," she said.
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It's rather the opposite: an instrument for the Senate majority to ram through legislative priorities over minority opposition. Former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, used reconciliation to raise taxes; Republicans George W. Bush and Donald Trump used it to cut them. First, the House and Senate pass budget resolutions with "reconciliation instructions" for committees. This happened in February when the parliamentarian ruled a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage should not be included in the COVID-19 aid reconciliation bill. All eyes are again on Manchin with another reconciliation bill expected; he has only said he's open to the idea.
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