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On Infrastructure, Biden Tests the Limits of Having It Both Ways
  + stars: | 2021-06-25 | by ( Jim Tankersley | ) sentiment -0.83   time to read: +2 min
His agreement with Senate centrists, including at least five Republicans, includes just under $600 billion in new federal spending, focused on physical infrastructure like highways and broadband. “Neither side got everything they wanted in this deal, and that’s what it means to compromise,” Mr. Biden told reporters in the East Room. “If this is the only thing that comes to me, I’m not signing it,” Mr. Biden said, just moments after extolling the virtues of consensus. “The bottom line is both tracks need to make progress concurrently.”Top Republicans were quick to denounce the two-step. They do not expect Republicans to walk away from the agreement struck this week.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Thursday that the House will establish a select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. "This morning, with great solemnity and sadness, I am announcing the House will be establishing a select committee on the January 6th insurrection," Pelosi said at a news conference. The select committee will investigate and report on the facts and the causes of the attack" and report recommendations. "The select committee is about our democracy, and about ensuring that the Capitol dome remains a symbol of freedom, about preserving America's role as an emblem of resilience, determination and hope," Pelosi said. That is what the select committee will be about, and that is about seeking and finding the truth."
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi, Bennie Thompson, John Katko, Chuck Schumer Organizations: House Homeland Security
Managing Joe Manchin: How Chuck Schumer Tries to Keep Democrats United
  + stars: | 2021-06-24 | by ( Lindsay Wise | Eliza Collins | ) sentiment -0.97   time to read: +1 min
WASHINGTON—Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York liberal, and Sen. Joe Manchin, the pivotal West Virginia centrist, have long been a prominent odd couple on Capitol Hill. But there are limits to what friendship can achieve in a Senate where each party has 50 seats and Vice President Kamala Harris has a tiebreaking vote. The interplay between the two men was on display when Mr. Schumer scheduled a vote to open debate on the Democrats’ sweeping elections bill. The bill itself was almost certain to fail, given it would require 60 votes—at least 10 from Republicans—to pass, and no Republican had signaled support. But Mr. Schumer wanted to proceed anyway to show that Democrats were united behind it and that its failure would be at Republican hands.
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The G-21 talks have focused on a $1.2 trillion, eight-year spending plan, with a mix of new and repurposed funding. “I’m hopeful we can get a positive response from the White House today,” he told CNBC in an interview. The two sides will meet at the White House at 11:45 a.m. EDT (1545 GMT), the White House said in a statement. STICKING POINTThe White House opened talks with the group after Biden broke off negotiations with Republican Senator Shelley Capito. The White House said her proposals had fallen short of meeting “the essential needs of our country”.
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Biden gives green light to bipartisan infrastructure plan
  + stars: | 2021-06-24 | by ( David Morgan | Richard Cowan | ) + 0.00   time to read: +4 min
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday embraced a bipartisan Senate deal to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on infrastructure projects, building roads, bridges and highways and helping stimulate the economy. U.S. President Joe Biden speaks to Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), following a bipartisan meeting with U.S. senators about the proposed framework for the infrastructure bill, at the White House in Washington, U.S., June 24, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque“We have a deal,” Biden told reporters, flanked by Democratic and Republican senators who wrote the $1.2 trillion proposal, which came after months of White House negotiations with lawmakers. Democratic and Republican members of the group displayed high spirits, chuckling and smiling together at microphones in the driveway of the White House. Biden was due to speak further about the deal at the White House at 2 p.m.
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The second measure would be passed through a Senate maneuver called reconciliation here, which would allow it to take effect without Republican votes. “I expect that in the coming months this summer, before the fiscal year is over, that we will have voted on this (bipartisan) bill - the infrastructure bill - as well as voted on the budget resolution,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “It almost makes your head spin.”McConnell, Pelosi and Schumer have not been directly involved with the bipartisan infrastructure talks. Slideshow ( 6 images )RECONCILIATION REDUXPelosi said the House would vote on the bipartisan bill only after the Senate had also approved the additional reconciliation bill. Republicans chafed at his definition of infrastructure, which included fighting climate change and providing care for children and the elderly.
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The bipartisan group of Senators negotiating an infrastructure package will head to the White House to meet with President Joe Biden on Thursday. The lawmakers appeared optimistic after closed-door meetings with White House officials Wednesday. “We’ve agreed to a framework on the entire package,” Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, told reporters Wednesday afternoon. White House officials also met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., on Wednesday. “I would call this a much sturdier framework,” Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., said.
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"White House senior staff had two productive meetings today with the bipartisan group of Senators who have been negotiating about infrastructure," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement Wednesday night. "The group made progress towards an outline of a potential agreement, and the President has invited the group to come to the White House tomorrow to discuss this in-person." President Joe Biden invited Democratic and Republican infrastructure negotiators to the White House on Thursday, as senators say they have moved closer to a deal to revamp transportation, broadband and utilities. Twenty-one senators — 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats — have backed the infrastructure framework. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., met with White House officials on Wednesday night.
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128 organizations sent a letter to Biden urging him to extend the student-loan payment pause. They want the pause maintained until Biden reforms student-loan programs and cancels student debt. This week, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer urged Biden to extend the pause by six months. That's why they are calling on the president to further extend the pause. "Failing to extend this pause would not only hurt our nation's struggling students, but it could also impact future economic growth and recovery."
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Biden agreed to a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal on Wednesday. Progressives immediately said they'll only support it if a reconciliation bill comes alongside it. After weeks of negotiations, President Joe Biden on Wednesday arrived at a deal on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan with a bipartisan group of 10 senators. Immediately, progressive Democrats said they'd only support it if a reconciliation bill comes right beside it. The framework of the bipartisan infrastructure plan remains unclear, but it will likely encompass physical infrastructure, like roads and bridges, with around $550 billion in new spending.
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Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Omits Big Climate Measures
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Mr. Biden has pledged that the United States will slash its planet-warming emissions roughly in half over the next decade. He wants to reposition the world’s largest economy as a leader in global efforts to halt warming. “The United States right now has an opportunity to back up its ambitious claims with a detailed and defensible plan to honor those commitments. “If we don’t pass climate legislation through reconciliation, we won’t have the credibility to compel other countries to act at the scale and speed that’s needed,” Mr. Brune said. Senate leaders are trying to load climate provisions into the reconciliation bill by way of tax incentives that could pass muster with the parliamentarian.
Persons: Biden, we’ll, ” Michael Brune, Mr, Brune, Chuck Schumer Organizations: Mr, United, Sierra Club Locations: Scotland, United Nations, United States, New York
In 1980, Senate Republicans won a majority for the first time in 26 years, breaking the Democrats’ hammerlock on the chamber. After Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked consideration of marquee voting rights legislation, Democrats are closer than ever to ending the filibuster. The eagerness of many Senate Democrats to abolish the filibuster reflects a case of epic legislative amnesia about the rule’s double-edged nature. Senate Democrats in 2019 used it to block construction of Trump’s border wall. Senate Democrats only feel differently now because they hold the majority and are frustrated by being on the other side of the coin.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats in Congress and at the White House nudged Republicans on Wednesday to join them in forging an agreement on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan. Two senior Democrats said they expected Wednesday’s meetings to yield results in negotiations that began after Biden rejected a Republican infrastructure proposal just over two weeks ago. The White House team includes Biden’s legislative director Louisa Terrell and Steve Ricchetti, counselor to the president. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders is working up a far more ambitious infrastructure blueprint of $6 trillion. That maneuver would require all 48 Democrats and the two independents that caucus with them to agree.
Persons: Tom Brenner, Jon Tester, , Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Obama, Todd Young, Hakeem Jeffries, Louisa Terrell, Steve Ricchetti, Bernie Sanders, Schumer, Kamala Harris Organizations: WASHINGTON, White House nudged Republicans, U.S, Capitol, REUTERS, ” Democratic, Democrat, White, Republicans, Republican, Reuters, ” House Democratic, Senate, Democratic Locations: Washington , U.S
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Democrats in the U.S. Congress and at the White House nudged Republicans on Wednesday to join them in forging an agreement on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan by the end of business on Thursday. A second Democratic negotiator, Senator Joe Manchin, told reporters they hoped to have a deal before the Senate breaks on Thursday for the July 4 Independence Day holiday. Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders is working up a far more ambitious infrastructure blueprint of $6 trillion. Schumer has said he plans to hold a July vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill and follow up in the autumn with a second Democratic-only measure. That maneuver would require all 48 Democrats and the two independents that caucus with them to agree.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -A bipartisan group of U.S. senators sought agreement on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan by the end of business on Thursday, with President Joe Biden awaiting final numbers and multiple meetings with White House officials on the agenda. Although not taking part directly, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, in an interview with Fox News Radio, called the talks “constructive” but said it was “too early to say” whether a deal would emerge. The White House turned its attention to the group of 21 senators after Biden rejected a Republican infrastructure proposal just over two weeks ago. Asked how he felt about the bipartisan infrastructure plan, Biden told reporters: “I’ll tell you that when I get the final numbers tonight.”A sticking point is how to pay for it. Schumer has said he plans to hold a July vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill and follow up in the autumn with a second Democratic-only measure.
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WASHINGTON — Democrats on Capitol Hill are urging President Joe Biden to extend the federal student loan payment moratorium by at least six months as the economy continues to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. President Donald Trump then took executive action to extend the student loan payment deferral through January, and Biden on his first day in office signed an executive order continuing the pause through Sept. 30. The call to extend the loan pause also comes as Democrats and advocates for debt cancelation have pressured Biden to use executive action to wipe out up to $50,000 in federal student loan debt for all borrowers. In the letter to Biden on Wednesday, Democrats encouraged the president to complete the review process before federally held student loan payments resume. "However, given the fast-approaching deadline for borrowers to resume payments, it is critical that the Administration act as quickly as possible to extend the pause on payments and interest," they wrote.
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Infrastructure Negotiators See Progress in Senate Talks
  + stars: | 2021-06-23 | by ( Kristina Peterson | Andrew Duehren | ) + 0.96   time to read: +1 min
WASHINGTON—Lawmakers in a bipartisan Senate group said they were edging closer to an agreement on how to pay for a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure package, but they were still haggling over ways to come up with the funding ahead of meetings expected later in the day. The package is expected to include funding for improvements to roads, bridges, transit, airports and enhanced infrastructure for broadband, water and electric vehicles. Lawmakers said they hoped to reach a basic agreement before the Senate departs later this week for a two-week July 4 recess. Rob Portman of Ohio, one of the GOP leaders of the group, said Tuesday night after the day’s final meeting. “It takes a while to write this stuff and do it correctly, but we’re getting there.”
Persons: Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, ” Sen, Rob Portman, Organizations: WASHINGTON, Lawmakers, Senate, GOP Locations: N.Y, Calif, Ohio
U.S. Democrats vow 'long march' toward voting rights reforms
  + stars: | 2021-06-23 | by ( Richard Cowan | ) + 0.00   time to read: +4 min
Given Senate Republicans' solid opposition, Schumer has a tough battle ahead. 2 Democrat, this week spoke of breaking up a voting rights initiative into smaller bits that might test Republican resolve. "Our American Democracy is in peril, and today, every single Senate Republican voted against saving it. Democrats also could pursue a bill that would restore Washington's oversight of certain states' changes to election laws and build a more expansive voting rights bill upon that. Some Republicans are on record as potentially supporting the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, named after the late civil rights leader and Democratic congressman.
Persons: Chuck Schumer, Joshua Roberts WASHINGTON, Schumer, Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump's, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Manchin, Klobuchar, John Lewis, Kyrsten Sinema, Richard Cowan, Scott Malone, Gerry Doyle Organizations: Democratic, Capitol, REUTERS, U.S . Congress, Republicans, American Democracy, Republican, , Democrats, John Lewis Voting, Senate, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Washington
When Does the Actual Governing Start?
  + stars: | 2021-06-23 | by ( Karl Rove | ) + 0.58   time to read: +1 min
Have you ever felt you’re about to witness a gigantic pileup and there’s nothing you can do to stop it? Some items on the list are wanna-do’s: ideas to expand government, spend money and jack up taxes. The Democrats’ list of wanna-do’s is growing rapidly and regularly. Last week, Sen. Bernie Sanders called for a $6 trillion spending package with an even more elastic definition of infrastructure. Meanwhile, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez led a cadre of Democrats to demand more climate provisions be included in any infrastructure bill.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is considering whether to form a House select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot after Republicans blocked legislation to create a bipartisan panel. Pelosi informed the House Democratic Steering and Policy committee of her thinking Tuesday evening, stressing the importance study the attack, which left several dead and dozens injured. There was initial confusion as to whether Pelosi was moving to form the committee or mulling the possibility. Senate Republicans blocked House-passed legislation in May that would have established a bipartisan commission to investigate the attack. Pelosi, however, told her conference earlier this month that forming a select committee was one of the options on the table after Republicans blocked the legislation.
Persons: Nancy Pelosi, Pelosi, Drew Hammill, Hammill, Bennie Thompson, John Katko, Donald Trump, Jim Jordan of, Matt Gaetz, Chuck Schumer, Organizations: Republicans, House Democratic, NBC, Rep, House Homeland Security, Democrats, Justice Department, FBI Locations: Jim Jordan of Ohio, Florida
'Voter suppression' part of GOP platform -Schumer
  + stars: | 2021-06-23 | by ( Reuters Editorial | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: 1 min
Politics'Voter suppression' part of GOP platform -SchumerPostedAfter Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked an election reform bill Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to fight on, while calling out the opposition.
Persons: Schumer, Chuck Schumer Organizations: GOP, Senate Locations: U.S
Mr. Biden dispatched aides to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for discussions that his press secretary, Jen Psaki, said yielded progress but no agreement. Top White House officials are set to meet on Wednesday evening with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the majority leader, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California. The bipartisan group has not reached public agreement on how to finance the spending. Mr. Biden has offered $4 trillion in potential revenue sources, all concentrated on increasing the tax burden on businesses and high earners. Republicans have countered with hundreds of billions of their own, including increased taxes for drivers and repurposing previously borrowed money from the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill that Mr. Biden signed into law this year.
Persons: Biden, Jen Psaki, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Brian Deese, Steve Ricchetti, Mr, Louisa Terrell, Shalanda Young, Susan E, Rice, Biden —, Deese, Ricchetti, Terrell Organizations: Capitol, White, California, National Economic, Legislative Affairs, Management, Domestic Policy, Democratic, Republican, Mr Locations: New York
PAY-TO-PLAY ACCESS: For $725 a year, you can be invited to an elite donor club that has regular policy talks with Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Klobuchar isn't the only lawmaker to offer pay-to-play access for donors — but specifics are usually kept under wraps. Read our exclusive report on Klobuchar's elite club of donors. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Democratic leadership speaking with reporters about progress on an infrastructure bill and voting-rights legislation on June 15. Here's what the workers told us.
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Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday criticized Republicans for blocking a voting rights bill. He compared their views to those of senators opposed to civil rights reforms in the '60s. In an attack on Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer compared his Republican counterpart's opposition to a bill to protect voting rights to senators who fought against civil rights reforms in the '60s. In his response, Schumer compared McConnell's position to that of senators in the 1960s who opposed federal legislation to protect civil rights and the voting rights of Black Americans. The 1965 Voting Rights Acts and the 1964 Civil Rights Act were landmark pieces of legislation passed during the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, designed to overcome racist state laws that targeted Black communities.
Persons: Sen, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, McConnell, Schumer, Donald Trump's, Joe Biden, Jim Crow, Joe Manchin Organizations: Republican, Republicans, Tuesday, GOP, Southern, Senate Democrats, Democrats Locations: Georgia, Arizona, West Virginia
A “Stop Gun Violence” sign displayed on a truck during a Gun Violence Peace March last week in Miami. The Biden administration announced on Tuesday that the Justice Department would start five “strike forces” to combat gun trafficking in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and the San Francisco area. Mr. Biden does not feel that reforming the police and tackling crime are conflicting goals, the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said on Tuesday. Centrist Democrats in the Senate — along with Mr. Biden — have said repeatedly that they want to strike a deal with Republicans. Mr. Biden dispatched aides to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for discussions that his press secretary, Jen Psaki, said yielded progress.
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