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Ron DeSantis and his team are strategically avoiding attacks on Trump, per a GOP donor. Dan Eberhart told Rolling Stone he's been told to hold back from attacking Trump. Ron DeSantis' team is strategically holding back from picking a fight with former President Donald Trump, per a new Rolling Stone report. "My understanding is that the DeSantis team doesn't see upside in kicking off the fight with Trump this early, even if it may be inevitable," Eberhart told Rolling Stone. At a November 16 press conference, DeSantis told people to "chill out" about a possible GOP civil war between him and the former president.
Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, has been suspended from Twitter. Account will be suspended," Musk tweeted on Thursday night. This is not love," Musk texted Ye in response to the image, according to a screenshot of their conversation Ye shared on Twitter before his suspension. Included in that text exchange was a screenshot from Ye's Twitter account that indicated he'd been put in a 12-hour Twitter timeout. Ye and Musk have tangled on Twitter ever since Musk welcomed Ye back to Twitter on November 20.
US officials think the protests in China are unlikely to gain momentum, Politico reported. Politico saw government communications on how the protests have been leaderless and disorganized. That's according to government communications from Tuesday seen by Politico that described the movements as disorganized and mostly leaderless. Some protesters in Shanghai described being pulled from the crowd indiscriminately, and being beaten and hung upside down by police officers. Protests in Shanghai and Beijing have largely died down, though there were still clashes between protesters and police in Guangzhou on Tuesday night.
Antony Blinken says it's a "sign of weakness" for Xi Jinping to quash Chinese dissent. He said the "massive repressive action" taken by Xi's government is not a sign of strength. Blinken added that it's obvious that China has to find a way forward from its zero-COVID policies. "China has to figure out a way forward on dealing with COVID, a way forward that answers the health needs, but also answers the needs of the people," Blinken said. Blinken's comments come amid widespread protests in Chinese cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai, and the capital, Beijing, against China's zero-COVID policy.
Former RNC chairman Michael Steele says GOP leadership can't move on so easily from Trump. Trump left a deep stain on the GOP after the Capitol riot and by meeting Nick Fuentes, Steele said. "They want all of us at this point to fixate on, 'We're past Trump, we're no longer doing Trump," Steele said. "But I'm sorry, you don't get to wipe that stain off your clean white shirt that easily because that's a deep stain." Trump, who declared his bid for the 2024 GOP ticket on November 15, received considerable backlash after dining with Fuentes at Mar-A-Lago on November 22.
Japan's Disney Store is selling products featuring Winnie the Pooh clutching a piece of blank paper. The products, which range from t-shirts and hoodies to tote bags and mugs, seem to be limited only to Japan's Disney Store, as they are not sold in the international Disney Store. Screenshot of Japan's Disney Store. Screenshot of Disney Store website. The Disney Store did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
Trump's team has a new rule: A senior official needs to be with Trump at all times, the AP reports. This comes after the backlash to Trump's dinner with rapper Kayne West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes. A senior official from the Trump campaign will accompany the former president at all times, a source familiar with the plans told the AP. Several sources close to Trump told NBC the dinner was a real blow to the Trump camp. "This is a fucking nightmare," an anonymous longtime Trump adviser told NBC.
Five cars rented by the Secret Service in Nantucket burst into flames a day after being returned. The cars were used by Secret Service agents during President Joe Biden's Thanksgiving trip. Neither Biden nor his family rode in the cars during the trip, a Secret Service spokesman told NBC. Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service spokesman, told NBC10 Boston the vehicles were rented from a Hertz outlet at the Nantucket Memorial Airport. Representatives at the Secret Service and the Nantucket Police Department did not immediately return Insider's requests for comment.
On a podcast on Monday, Kanye West said the IRS put a $75 million hold on four of his accounts. The rapper said he owes around $50 million in taxes. He's now estimated to be worth around $400 million, a massive drop for the one-time billionaire. "But I found out — okay, so they froze, they put a $75 million hold on four of my accounts." A lot — was it — well, around $50 million," Ye said.
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is running for RNC chair against incumbent Ronna McDaniel. "With all my due diligence and in prayer, I am 100% running for RNC chairman against Ronna McDaniel," Lindell said. Former President Donald Trump, Lindell's longtime ally, hasn't yet publicly supported his bid against McDaniel. Lindell told Insider that he hasn't spoken to Trump about the matter yet. As for McDaniel, she has signaled that she plans to run for another term as RNC chair, per Politico.
Sociologist and activist Frances Fox Piven warned the US about getting complacent after the midterms. She added that there is still a chance that the US could become a "fascist country." "The United States was well on the road to becoming a fascist country – and it still can become a fascist country." In January, noted political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon warned that American democracy could collapse if Trump wins in 2024. Piven added that in the years to come, there will be "vengeance politics" and attacks on President Joe Biden from the right wing — particularly in a Republican-controlled Congress.
Herschel Walker on Tuesday appeared to slip up and mispronounce the word "election" on TV. "This erection is about the people," Walker said, presumably meaning to say "election" instead. "This election is about more than Herschel Walker. This erection is about the people," Walker said during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News. Walker presumably meant to say "election," but messed up his pronunciation of the word while the two senators nodded and looked on.
Anwar Ibrahim has been tapped to be the next Malaysian prime minister. Anwar has spent two decades vying for the top jobAnwar was Malaysia's deputy prime minister in the 1990s, serving under then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. He was freed in 2004 after being acquitted of that sodomy charge. Anwar was convicted of that sodomy charge and sentenced to five years in prison in March 2014. Malaysia is now set to swear in its new prime minister at 5 p.m. local time on Thursday.
Ye was spotted at Mar-a-Lago with alt-right figure Nick Fuentes, per Politico and The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast confirmed with a source that Ye met Trump for dinner, but without Fuentes. Ye and Fuentes were first spotted together at an airport in Miami on Tuesday. —Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) November 23, 2022Politico and The Daily Beast both reported that Fuentes and Ye were seen together at Trump's golf club. Fuentes is well-known for being a participant at the 2017 white supremacist "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.
Multiple people were shot at a Walmart in Chesapeake, per local news outlet WAVY-TV. A police spokesperson told WAVY there were "multiple fatalities." Kosinski told members of the media that there were "multiple fatalities" in the incident and the suspected gunman is also deceased. Chesapeake city officials are asking people to not go near the Walmart while the investigation is ongoing. Representatives for Walmart and the Chesapeake Police Department did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.
West also showed Yeezy's creative team an explicit video of Kardashian, per Rolling Stone's sources. At this meeting, West screened an explicit video of Kardashian, according to Rolling Stone's interview with a person who says they saw the video. The staff member told Rolling Stone that West whipped out his phone and said: "My wife just sent me this." Rolling Stone also reported on other incidents where West played pornography — not involving Kardashian — in front of Yeezy collaborators. A Yeezy collaborator told Rolling Stone West showed him an explicit video of porn star Francesca Le engaged in a sexual act with another woman.
Mike Pence didn't give a straight answer when asked if he still thinks Trump is a good man. Pence was asked about a 2016 RNC speech, where he called Trump a "good man." NPR's Steve Inskeep asked Pence on Monday about a 2016 speech the latter made when accepting the nomination for the vice presidency. Inskeep brought up how, in that speech, Pence called Trump a "good man." Some Trump supporters erected makeshift gallows and chanted "hang Mike Pence" during the Capitol riot — actions that Trump privately expressed support for, the January 6 panel revealed.
Mike Lindell wants to sit down for an ask-me-anything with Elon Musk. He told Insider that he wants to show Musk "evidence" that could reverse his Twitter ban. Lindell also told Steve Bannon that if Musk wants free speech on Twitter, he should be let back on. Everyone's got their Twitters back and so on," Lindell told Bannon. "I want to show him the evidence of why Twitter kicked me off," Lindell told Insider.
A Christian organization has started a petition protesting Trump's 2024 campaign. Faithful America is asking Christians to "speak out" against Trump running for president. The petition was launched on November 16 by Faithful America. Faithful America also said in its petition that the Bible teaches "love, equality, and dignity," which it says are values that Trump's MAGA movement "clearly rejects." A representative at Trump's press office did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
Biden quipped that there had been "no ballot stuffing" and "no fowl play" during the midterms. He also said the "only red wave this season" would be if his dog, Commander, knocked over cranberry sauce. "The votes are in, they've been counted and verified, there's no ballot stuffing, there's no fowl play," Biden said on the White House South Lawn, according to a transcript of the speech. "The only red wave this season is gonna be if German Shepherd, Commander, knocks over the cranberry sauce on our table." Biden's quips came after a widely-touted "red wave" for the Republican Party failed to materialize during the midterms.
Trump's would-be rival, Chris Christie, says GOP challengers are failing the "leadership test." This is because they treat Trump like "Voldemort," Christie said, and don't name him while calling him out. This week, he also urged the GOP to "stop being afraid" of Trump, amid growing speculation that he will run against Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Meanwhile, Christie told the Washington Examiner he will decide in five to six months if he will run for president. A one-time Trump ally turned critic, Christie accused Trump of withholding a positive coronavirus test result and transmitting the virus to him.
Michael Cohen has a theory about why Ivanka Trump isn't working on her father's 2024 Presidential bid. He says he thinks Jared Kushner and Ivanka could have been FBI informants at Mar-a-Lago. Ivanka Trump was noticeably absent from her father's 2024 campaign announcement on Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago. In September, Kushner told Sky News that he's "enjoying the private sector" too much to wade back into politics. A lawyer for Ivanka Trump also did not immediately return Insider's request for comment.
Disney is replacing its CEO Bob Chapek, the company announced on Sunday night. Bob Iger, the company's CEO from 2005 to 2020, is taking over the reins again. download the app Email address By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider as well as other partner offers and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyFormer Disney CEO Bob Iger is back in charge at Disney, replacing Bob Chapek after two years. The change is effective immediately, per The Walt Disney Company. Iger was chairman and CEO of of The Walt Disney Company for 15 years, from 2005 to 2020, when Chapek was named CEO.
Michelle Obama said she straightened her hair so the US could adjust to a Black family in the White House. "Nope, they're not ready for it," Obama said while recalling her decision, per The Washington Post. "Let me keep my hair straight," Obama said. "We deal with it, the whole thing about, 'Do you show up with your natural hair?'" "They tripped out when Barack wore a tan suit," Michelle Obama said.
Even Trump's onetime spiritual adviser is ditching him, after he announced his 2024 presidential bid. "If Mr. Trump can't stop his little petty issues, how does he expect people to stop major issues?" Even Trump's one-time spiritual adviser has publicly slammed him, calling him childish, a day after he announced his 2024 presidential run. This was after Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid on Tuesday night at Mar-a-Lago, pledging to make America "great" and "glorious" again. Robison did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider on whether he would endorse Trump's 2024 bid.
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