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Walt Nauta, an aide to former President Donald Trump, prepares to join Trump on an airplane in Palm Beach, Florida, in March. Nauta’s indictment is the second in the special counsel’s investigation after Trump was indicted on seven counts on Thursday. Nauta’s involvement in the movement of boxes of classified material at Trump’s Florida resort had been a subject of scrutiny of investigators. Investigators obtained surveillance footage showing Nauta and the worker moving boxes of the classified documents around the resort, CNN previously reported. Nauta had spoken to investigators repeatedly in the probe, at first telling them he hadn’t handled boxes or sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago.
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Starting earlier this month, American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty members have a brand-new way to earn both airline miles and elite status-qualifying Loyalty Points. How many miles will AAdvantage members earn? Remember, too, that the American AAdvantage program offers several other programs that let members rack up more miles without even flying, including American AAdvantage eShopping and the AAdvantage dining program. The lowest tier of elite status with American, AAdvantage Gold, requires you to earn 40,000 Loyalty Points in a status year. Meanwhile, when it comes to earning redeemable miles, the easiest way to do so quickly is through the several co-branded airline credit cards that earn American AAdvantage miles.
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From now on, staff – including cabin crew members – can have long hair (provided it’s worn in a low bun or ponytail), wear makeup or not wear makeup as they choose, wear glasses instead of contact lenses (provided they have clear lenses) and sport flat shoes. Crew members who opt to wear dresses or skirts will be required to wear hosiery. And while it’s okay for crew members to have tattoos, they must cover up their ink while working. The airline also introduced an option for crew members to include their pronouns on their name tags. In 2022, British Airways announced it would allow all cabin crew members to sport makeup, face stubble, piercings, jewelry and nail polish alongside their uniforms.
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The story behind this playful rooftop portrait
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Hong Kong’s humidity – already oppressive – was intensified in the dark, maze-like alleyways of an unruly enclave known as Kowloon Walled City. Greg Girard, courtesy of Blue Lotus GalleryA ‘strange, vertical village’Girard first visited Kowloon Walled City in 1986 while on a shoot at the nearby airport. As such, the Walled City remained technically subject to Chinese rule, though this was never enforced. The site of the Walled City has since been transformed into a public park, which opened in 1995. Ongoing interest in the Walled City is, Girard suggests, because of the spirit it encapsulates: the aptitude for survival even in the harshest of circumstances.
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Minobu, Japan CNN —Tucked deep in the mountains of Japan’s Yamanashi prefecture, the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan has tatami floors, kimono-sporting staff and signs in handwritten calligraphy. But its popularity received a huge boost in 2011 when the Guinness Book of World Records designated Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan as the oldest hotel in the world. The front entrance of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan. Courtesy Nishiyama Onsen KeiunkanLearning to let goStandard rooms at Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan have three sections: two sitting areas and one living space. To solve this, he took over the original shares of the business and created the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan Limited company.
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CNN —Donald Trump, who has often lied, unquestionably told the truth when he said Thursday was a “dark day” for America. Why the new indictment could be more serious than the firstAmazingly, this was not the first time Trump was indicted. This undercut his arguments that he declassified everything he took from the White House. — On Thursday, CNN’s Zachary Cohen revealed that a key former White House official who worked in both the Trump and Obama administrations was interviewed by special counsel prosecutors earlier this year. “The weaponization of federal law enforcement represents a mortal threat to a free society,” he tweeted before making his own White House pitch.
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I promise there are some simple and immensely helpful ways in which LGBTQ people and allies can take action in June and every month. Don Arnold/Getty ImagesIf you don’t know where to begin with lobbying, look to an LGBTQ or civil rights group doing the hard work on the ground. Commit to learning and teaching: Even members and strong allies of the LGBTQ community can benefit from fresh learning. After all, the LGBTQ community is anything but a monolith — there are so many diverse forms of representation and a landscape that is quickly evolving. It’s also not a bad time to support brands that are supportive of the LGBTQ community.
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A video captured the moment an Asiana Airlines passenger opened the emergency exit door mid-flight. The man sitting next to the passenger told CNN that he thought he was going to die. A man who sat next to an Asiana Airlines passenger accused of opening a plane door mid-flight last month said it reminded him of a disaster movie. Lee also said that the man sitting next to him "seemed tense" and that both of them were "trembling with fear." Lee told CNN that he feels like he's "been born again" after the incident.
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People need to prepare for a surge in AI-generated content being shared online, a tech CEO told CNN. The viral image of an explosion near the Pentagon is just "the tip of the iceberg," Jeffrey McGregor said. The viral AI-generated image showing an explosion near the Pentagon is "truly the tip of the iceberg of what's to come," a CEO who works in image authenticity detection has warned. Earlier this year, a photographer sparked debate about whether AI-generated images can be classed as art after an image he created using DALL-E 2 won a major international photography competition. It's not just AI-generated images that are being used to deceive people.
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Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav is faced with finding another CEO for CNN after Chris Licht's exit. Just over a year after appointing Chris Licht to run CNN, Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav now faces the task of finding his replacement. He might look for a woman or person of color to bring diversity to a Warner Bros.
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The plaintiff’s filing accuses JPMorgan of intentionally slow-walking its document production to avoid questioning on certain topics during depositions that occurred over the last few months. The plaintiff attorneys want to ask Dimon about an extensive JPMC internal review related to Epstein conducted in the fall of 2019. The financial institution produced “key documents” related to that review days after Dimon’s deposition, according to the motion. “These documents demonstrate that JPMC was fully capable of learning the full extent of Epstein and Staley’s personal relationship,” the filing says. “We do not believe there is any basis to reopen any of these depositions,” a spokesperson for JPMC told CNN on Friday afternoon.
Persons: JPMorgan Chase, Jeffrey, Epstein, Jamie Dimon, Dimon, JPMC, “ JPMC, ” Dimon, Jeffrey Epstein, , Organizations: New, New York CNN, JPMorgan, CNN Locations: New York
Donald Trump’s criminal cases, explained
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Trump was indicted back in March by the Manhattan district attorney on state charges related to hush-money payments to a former adult-film star in 2016. Smith is also overseeing other investigations related to Trump, including those regarding the January 6, 2021, insurrection and the 2020 election. That federal law deals with the illegal retention of “national defense information,” a broad term that encompasses classified documents and other sensitive government materials. Federal charges related to classified documents likely do not either. But people do routinely serve prison time for retention of classified documents, conspiracy and obstruction.
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Traditional dishes are served for lunch at a Crimean Tatar restaurant in Kyiv. The Crimean Tatars were accused of collaborating with the Nazis and were taken off in cattle trucks to the Ural Mountains and to Uzbekistan, thousands of kilometers away. I see now how stupid it is to hold back on making new friends and acquaintances.”Crimean Tatar history books -- Viktor Shevchenko's reading during frontline deployments. According to Shevchenko, Crimean Tatars are grateful Ukraine allowed them to return in the 1990s. Ukraine’s politicians, too, were too often guilty of making empty pledges, Shevchenko said, promising greater freedoms for Crimean Tatars that never materialized.
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Thankfully, Chee said, his home has five air conditioners – one in each bedroom and a larger unit in the living room. “I drank plenty of water, took cold showers and kept the air conditioning on for the entire weekend. Indeed, in this city, air conditioning has become almost a way of life. But Singapore’s love affair with air conditioning has an enormous cost. Here are some possible solutions 02:39 - Source: CNNBreaking the loopStill, experts say there are ways to break the air conditioning doom-loop.
Persons: Chee Kuan Chew, ” Chee, , Mo Kio, Chee, Lee Kuan Yew, Edgar Su, Suhaimi Abdullah, Matthias Roth, Roth, Radhika Khosla, ” Khosla, Heng Chye Kiang, Smart, Heng Organizations: CNN, Reuters, Economic, International Energy Agency, Urban, United States Environmental Protection Agency, National University of Singapore, United Nations, Montreal Protocol, Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise, Environment, Bloomberg, Getty, Singapore’s National Environment Agency, NEA, , National University of Singapore’s School of Design Locations: Singapore, New York City, Japan, United States, , Kigali, Montreal, Orchard
New York CNN —Raj Shah, the Fox Corp. brand protection executive who pushed Fox News in an even more pro-Trump direction after the 2020 election, has left the company. “Raj brought talent and creativity to his role at Fox,” Fox spokesperson Brian Nick told CNN on Thursday. Hear what Fox News viewers think about the Dominion settlement 03:30 - Source: CNNA cache of internal Fox communications brought to light in Dominion Voting Systems’ massive defamation lawsuit against the right-wing network included several messages from Shah. “This is the kinda s—t that will kill us,” he wrote, according to legal filings. We cover it wall to wall and then we burn that down with all the skepticism.”
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CNN —Days after Apple unveiled its $3,499 mixed reality headset, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared to take a jab at the company’s pricing and vision for the product. “Our device is also about being active and doing things,” Zuckerberg said at an all-hands meeting with Meta employees on Thursday, referencing its Quest VR headset line. The Apple Vision Pro headset blends both virtual reality and augmented reality, a technology that overlays virtual images on live video of the real world. Last week, Zuckerberg tried to preempt the expected Apple headset announcement by teasing the Meta Quest 3. In his remarks to employees, Zuckerberg repeatedly focused on headset pricing.
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Hypersonic missiles are those that can travel at a speed beyond Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. Iran unveils its first hypersonic missile 06:13 - Source: CNNIsrael’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was quick to dismiss the potential threat posed to his country. Uzi Rubin, founder and former director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization at the Israeli defense ministry has no reason to believe the missile is not real and functional. Has Iran made it to the A-list among countries that can produce hypersonic missiles? Israel has several missile defense systems.
Persons: Jerusalem CNN — It’s, , Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Yoav Gallant, ” Iran’s, Uzi Rubin, it’s, Alex Vatanka, Iran’s, John Krzyzaniak, , , Rubin, Israel doesn’t, we’d Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Aerospace, CNN Israel’s, Israel Missile Defense Organization, CNN, Iran, , Middle East Institute, Wisconsin, Control, ISIS, United Arab Emirates, Patriot, Area Defense, UAE, Patriots, Iran’s Locations: Abu Dhabi, Jerusalem, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Israel, Iran, Washington ,, United States, Washington , DC, Syria, Iraq, Kurdish, East, Gaza, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ukraine, Yemen, Gulf, Islamic Republic, Persian
“As president, I could have declassified, but now I can’t,” Trump says, according to the transcript. CNN obtained the transcript of a portion of the meeting where Trump is discussing a classified Pentagon document about attacking Iran. The transcript of the audio recording suggests that Trump is showing the document he’s discussing to those in the room. Look, look at this,” Trump says at one point, according to the transcript. Look, look at this.”“Secret” and “confidential” are two levels of classification for sensitive government documents.
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London CNN —A High Court judge in London has denied Julian Assange permission to appeal an order to extradite him to the United States, where he faces criminal charges under the Espionage Act. A London court issued a formal extradition order to send the Australian to the US in April last year; it was rubber-stamped by the UK government two months later. In January 2021, a UK judge rejected a request from the US to extradite Assange, ruling that such a move would be “oppressive” to his mental health. Amnesty International’s European Institutions Office described the latest court decision as “disappointing.” It said allowing the extradition “would set a dangerous precedent, threatening all our rights to freedom of expression” in a Twitter post. The reaction was similar from Reporters Without Borders (RSF) which said it was “deeply concerned” by the High Court decision against Assange which brings him “dangerously close” to being extradited.
Persons: Julian Assange, Justice Swift, Assange, Vanessa Baraitser, Mr, Assange’s, Stella, Julian, , Chelsea Manning, , Rebecca Vincent, Biden, Dominique Pradalié Organizations: London CNN, CNN, WikiLeaks, High, U.S ., Twitter, London’s Metropolitan Police, Eastern, of, Army, Department, High Court, Amnesty, Office, International, European, of Journalists, British Locations: London, United States, Belmarsh, of Virginia, Guantanamo
CNN —An aide to former President Donald Trump has been indicted in special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into the mishandling of classified documents from the Trump White House, two sources familiar with the indictment tell CNN. Walt Nauta’s indictment is the second in the special counsel’s investigation after Trump was indicted on seven counts on Thursday. Nauta was with Trump at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club this week. Investigators obtained surveillance footage showing Nauta and the worker moving boxes of the classified documents around the resort, CNN previously reported. Nauta had spoken to investigators repeatedly in the probe, at first telling them he hadn’t handled boxes or sensitive documents at Mar-a-Lago.
Persons: Donald Trump, Jack Smith’s, Walt Nauta’s, Trump, Nauta, , ‘ Trump Organizations: CNN, Trump White House, Nauta, Patriot, FBI, DOJ, Mar, Trump, Street Journal Locations: Bedminster , New Jersey, Trump’s Florida, Beach
CNN obtained a transcript of a tape in which Donald Trump said he didn't declassify "secret" information. In a 2021 meeting, Trump discussed — and maybe showed — a classified Pentagon document about attacking Iran. According to the transcript, the former president at one point said: "As president, I could have declassified, but now I can't." On another occasion, CNN said the transcript shows the former president referring to the document as "highly confidential" and "secret." Last week, CNN reported on the recording obtained by federal prosecutors in which Trump acknowledged that he had taken a classified document.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, , Mark Meadows, Jack Smith Organizations: CNN, Service, intel, Prosecutors, White Locations: Iran, Bedminster , New Jersey
New York CNN —Walgreens just opened a redesigned store in a downtown Chicago neighborhood where most of the merchandise is intentionally kept out of sight. It’s not designed to deter theft, Walgreens says. The new Walgreens store now has only two aisles for shoppers to peruse for their everyday needs, such as over-the-counter medication, bath and body care supplies, batteries, Band-aids, and grab-and-go snacks. Those hidden products – including color cosmetics, beer, wine and spirits, hair color products and gift cards – can only be accessed for purchase through a kiosk system, also set up in the store. Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill that went into effect Jan. 1 that’s designed to crack down on retail crime by raising penalties on retail theft statewide.
Persons: Walgreens, Robb Karr, J.B, Pritzker, , Karr, , John Hassard, Robson, Hassard, Lululemon, “ We’re Organizations: New, New York CNN, Walgreens, Roosevelt, What’s, CNN, Walmart, Target, Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Walgreens ., Robson Forensic, National Retail Federation Locations: New York, Chicago, America, Walgreens . Illinois, Atlanta, harm’s, San Francisco
CNN obtained a transcript of a recording of Donald Trump talking about a classified document he kept after leaving the White House. Look, look at this. Trump was discussing a classified Pentagon document about attacking Iran, per CNN. Look, look at this," Trump actually said on the recording. Trump was indicted by the Department of Justice Thursday night on seven counts related to his mishandling of classified documents.
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CNN —Next year will mark 50 years since President Richard Nixon resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal. The fact is that almost all of the serious Republican contenders were complicit in helping Trump at one point or another. The most important factor remains the intense partisanship that we see within the Republican Party. This intense partisanship also gave rise to an extreme theory of presidential power that has taken hold since Ronald Reagan was president. All of these factors have converged to allow Trump to remain the most powerful Republican in the room.
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CNN —Mike Batayeh, a comedian and actor who played laundromat manager Dennis Markowski in “Breaking Bad,” has died, his manager confirmed to CNN. The news was first reported by TMZ, citing Batayeh’s sister, who told the outlet her brother suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Michigan on June 1. “He will be greatly missed by those who loved him and his great ability to bring laughter and joy to so many,” Batayeh’s family said in a statement. His TV credits over the years include appearances in “CSI: Miami,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He appeared in multiple episodes of “Breaking Bad” in 2011 and 2012. A memorial service is planned for Batayeh in Plymouth, Michigan next week, according to his manager.
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