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GOP Rep. Byron Donalds says that he's being blocked from joining the Congressional Black Caucus. GOP Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida, a Black conservative, on Thursday said that he was being snubbed by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). "The Congressional Black Caucus remains committed to fighting for issues that support Black communities, including the police accountability bill, protecting voting rights, and a jobs bill that helps our communities," the spokesperson said. According to BuzzFeed, Donalds has reached out to at least three CBC members in seeking to join the organization. He added: "This is whether the ideology of somebody who is conservative is welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus.
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A Black freshman Republican from Florida said Thursday that the Congressional Black Caucus has been rebuffing his efforts to join the group. “The Congressional Black Caucus has a stated commitment to ensuring Black Americans have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. “The Congressional Black Caucus remains committed to fighting for issues that support Black communities, including the police accountability bill, protecting voting rights, and a jobs bill that helps our communities," the spokesperson said. "This is whether the ideology of somebody who is conservative is welcome in the Congressional Black Caucus. The other Black Republican in the House, Burgess Owens of Utah, also is not a member of the group.
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Google, Facebook pledged millions for local news. Was it enough?
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Google and Facebook accounted for 54% of U.S. digital advertising revenue in 2020, according to eMarketer, a market research company. Under the Facebook Journalism Project, for instance, Reuters received funding to develop a digital media training course for journalists. Both Facebook and Google have made contributions to the news industry apart from the $600 million. Both Facebook and Google say publishers benefit just from using their platforms, which deliver traffic that helps drive advertising revenue and subscriptions. The Seattle Times publisher said his paper has participated in programs backed by Google and Facebook.
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Perhaps the most important documents Ms. Edwards turned over were more than 2,000 “suspicious activity reports,” which banks file to the U.S. government to warn of possible financial misconduct. A Treasury Department agency is supposed to sift through suspicious activity reports and alert law enforcement agencies if the transactions seem likely to be crimes. But the suspicious activity reports that we reviewed at BuzzFeed News showed that even when some banks were subject to such agreements, they still carried out dubious transactions. When the series of articles based on the information provided by Ms. Edwards was published, it spurred meaningful action by authorities around the world. But Ms. Edwards, whose disclosures helped bring about these reforms, has been ordered to report to prison in August.
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Dr. Fauci said in a WSJ event that he feels compelled to read and reply to his thousands of daily emails. "I get asked a lot of questions that are medical questions [from] people who need help," Fauci said. Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Wednesday that he feels an urge to reply to each of the thousands of emails that fall into his inbox every day. "I am the type of person, I get asked a lot of questions that are medical questions [from] people who need help," Fauci said. "A lot of the emails are people that really do need to get some feedback from you," Fauci said.
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Christina Bobb, a correspondent for the far-right news network OAN, has been both covering the Arizona election audit and fundraising for the effort. Bobb was aiding AZ Senate Republicans with the effort as early as December, according to new documents. A correspondent for the far-right One America News Network, who is covering the ongoing Maricopa County election audit, has also been aiding the GOP-backed recount effort since at least December and using her visibility on the pro-Trump channel to fundraise for the controversial audit. In an impromptu CNN interview last week, Fann cited OAN's live coverage of the audit as proof that the entire process has been transparent. On April 9, Bobb tweeted about her organization and asked her followers to donate to support the Arizona audit.
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The sheer number of emails that Fauci receives and responds to in a day is a feat. In an email to a friend in late March 2020, Fauci wrote that he was getting more than 2,000 emails a day. "I am the type of person, I get asked a lot of questions that are medical questions [from] people who need help," Fauci, 80, said. With his role as a medical professional and in the middle of a pandemic, Fauci said he can't just delete his emails. Fauci occasionally responds to emails into the early morning, at around 1 or 2 a.m. (In the early days of the pandemic, Fauci said he was only sleeping four hours each night.)
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Fact Check-Jamaica has not banned K-Pop
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A satirical website article which claimed that Jamaica had banned K-Pop, has been taken seriously by some social media users. The article from 2018 (here), alleged that Jamaica was the first country to make South Korean pop music K-Pop illegal. The report includes a tweet from Roberta Nesta Morgan, spokesperson at that time for the Office of Prime Minister (of Jamaica), who stated, “This is NOT TRUE!!!! !”There was no immediate response to a Reuters request for comment from a representative in the Communications Office of the Prime Minister in Jamaica. A satirical website published the story.
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Fauci responded: "This pandemic has been extremely challenging for many countries around the globe including China and the USA. As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases within NIH, Fauci was at the center of the storm. Covid cases and deaths in the U.S. had climbed to terrifying new highs since Trump declared the pandemic a national emergency a month before. 2,000 emails a dayFauci showed patience, diplomacy and diligence in his often late-night replies to high-level U.S. officials, famous performers and everyday people. Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci during the "Fauci Cold Open" on "Saturday Night Live" on April 25, 2020.
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With emails mentioning masks, the pandemic response and the ‘lab-leak theory’ (here), the emails caused commotion online and among voices from the political right (here). The email from Zuckerberg, dated March 15, 2020, thanks Fauci for his leadership and invites him on a Q&A video to be featured in Facebook’s pandemic response efforts ( here , here ). While Reuters is unable to ascertain the contents of the redacted paragraph, there is no evidence that Zuckerberg mentioned ballots or election officials to Fauci in his email. Facebook told Reuters via email there was no mention of ballots or the election in Zuckerberg’s email. No email from Mark Zuckerberg among the Fauci emails accessed via FOIA request mentioned local election officials or mail-in ballots.
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Fact Check-Fauci emails were not ‘leaked’ but obtained by FOIA
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One Instagram post, with over 1,300 likes, that says the emails were leaked can be seen here . With emails mentioning masks, the pandemic response and the ‘lab-leak theory’ (here), the emails caused commotion online and among voices from the political right (here). The emails were accessed via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – a mechanism that allows public citizens to request government documents and information ( – by the Washington Post (here), Buzzfeed News (here) and CNN (here). FOIA has “provided the public the right to request access to records from any federal agency” since 1967. Fauci’s emails were not “leaked” but obtained by a FOIA by various media outlets.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci says people should keep an "open mind" to the origin theory that COVID-19 was leaked from a Chinese lab. Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke on "Morning Joe" after several of his emails that were made public by Buzzfeed News and Washington Post via a FOIA request. In some of the emails from April 2020, he and NIH Director Francis Collins discussed the theory that a possible origin of COVID-19 was a laboratory in China. "The situation is that we didn't know, and we still don't know what the origin is," he told "Morning Joe," after he was asked if he believed the lab leak theory was a conspiracy theory. However, since we don't know that for sure, you've got to keep an open mind."
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Former Treasury Department official Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday. Her sentencing comes more than a year after she pleaded guilty and admitted to leaking confidential documents to Buzzfeed News. A former Treasury Department official was sentenced to six months in prison on Thursday for leaking tens of thousands of pages of confidential financial documents to Buzzfeed News, the media publication reported. As a senior department official, Edwards had access to those filings and ultimately sent more than 50,000 pages' worth to BuzzFeed News reporter Jason Leopold. "She fought to warn the public about grave risks to America's national security, first through the official whistleblower process, and then through the press.
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Dr. Anthony Fauci said researchers should stay open-minded about the coronavirus pandemic's origins. Fauci said a "fair, open investigation" was needed to determine the real source of the pandemic. 'Very unlikely that anything could escape from such a place'The campus of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the city of Wuhan in China's central Hubei province on May 27, 2020. Fauci said that while there was increasing interest in the lab-leak theory, "the evidence is very sparse." He went on to say there should be a "fair, open investigation" into the COVID-19 pandemic's origins to "make sure this doesn't happen again."
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Fauci then emphasized that the email was sent to him, and he noted the origins of the coronavirus are still uncertain. I still do think it is, at the same time as I'm keeping an open mind that it might be a lab leak." In another email sent to Fauci on April 16, NIH director Francis Collins wrote "conspiracy theory gains momentum," a reference to the lab-leak hypothesis. But much of the email is redacted, and Fauci said he did not remember its substance. Berman asked Fauci.
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What Did Fauci Tell Trump About Wuhan?
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Highly skilled in the ways of Washington, Dr. Anthony Fauci persuaded a reluctant President Donald Trump to endorse shutting down much of the U.S. economy in the spring of 2020. After Mr. Trump turned against the idea, many governors continued to mandate shutdowns, supported by bleak pronouncements from Dr. Fauci and his adoring media fan base. Publicly, Dr. Fauci played down this possibility in 2020. But a trove of his emails obtained by two media outlets suggests that early in the pandemic, he had reason to take this potential scenario very seriously. Instead, Dr. Fauci is cast as a tireless and dedicated public servant who—don’t laugh—is uncomfortable in the media spotlight.
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Thousands of pages of Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails were released by BuzzFeed and The Washington Post. The emails reveal that Fauci was shocked by the public fascination with his persona. Our society is totally nuts," he said in response to articles about him. In one email, Fauci, who played a central role in the US COVID-19 response, received a Google News alert for his name. BuzzFeed also published more than 3,200 pages of Fauci's emails from January to June 2020.
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The Washington Post obtained Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails from March and April 2020. In one, a US health official told him that "doggie cones" could be used as PPE. A US health official suggested to Dr. Anthony Fauci early in the pandemic that medical workers could use "doggie cones" instead of personal protective equipment, according to emails obtained by The Washington Post. At the time of the emails, the US was struggling to provide doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers with enough PPE. A survey conducted by National Nurses United in February 2021 found that 81% of nurses said they had reused single-use PPE.
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Hundreds of pages of Dr. Fauci's emails show requests for advice, interviews, and keynote speeches. The medical director of the National Football League Players Association, for example, asked Fauci if he could confidentially brief him on how to safely start the next NFL season, while PayPal asked if Fauci could speak to its 23,000 employees. Fauci asked his staff: "How do we nicely say no to this person?" The emails showed Fauci's concerns about the pandemic and his attitude to his work. BuzzFeed also published more than 3,200 pages of Fauci's emails from January to June 2020, with Fauci saying in from February 5, 2020 that he was "hanging in there."
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"I said from the first day of my campaign that I wasn't running to be the 'trans' senator," she said. "I wanted to do right by the transgender community, but the way to do that was to be the best state senator I could. I was running to be the health care senator and the paid-leave senator. But McBride said that even though she was running in Delaware's deep-blue 1st District, she took nothing for granted. McBride is chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, a post she assumed during the middle of a pandemic.
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Instagram has changed its algorithm to prioritize current events and viral posts, according to the Financial Times. A company spokesperson confirmed to the outlet the change would happen "over time." Instagram has reportedly made adjustments to its algorithm in favor of news and viral content after internal and external concerns that users were not able to see pro-Palestinian content that was being shared on the app. Two people with knowledge of the change told the Financial Times that Instagram has changed the way it prioritizes which Instagram Stories are shown first in users' feeds. The group of concerned employees has grown to as many as 50, the Financial Times reported Sunday.
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Facebook is grappling with a reputation crisis in the Middle East, with plummeting approval rates and advertising sales in Arab countries, according to leaked documents obtained by NBC News. Between May 8 and May 18, users in Israel reported 494,463 cases of hate speech while Palestinian users reported 58,618 cases. Long historyFree speech and human rights groups have for years accused Facebook of censoring Palestinian voices, including activists and journalists. But pressure on Facebook has intensified this month as reports of such censorship collected by digital rights groups including Access Now and 7amleh have skyrocketed. Previously members of the Palestinian government and civil society groups had met with Facebook employees, Facebook spokesman Stone said.
Persons: WhatsApp, Sheikh Jarrah, Instagram, , Andy Stone, ” Stone, Boye Balogun, , Israel, , Ashraf Zeitoon, Mona Shtaya, ” Shtaya, Stone, Rashida Tlaib, Benny Gantz, Nick Clegg, Joel Kaplan, Azzam Alameddin, Mohammad Shtayyeh, 7amleh’s Mona Shtaya, “ Facebook, Shtaya, Gantz, Shtayyeh, Fatafta, Mark Zuckerberg, ” Fatafta Organizations: NBC News, Facebook, NBC, Apple, Google, United Arab, European Union, BuzzFeed, Jewish Voice, Peace, Institute for Middle East, Palestinian Business Committee, The New York Times, Washington , D.C, Rep, Twitter, Palestinian, Electronic Frontier Foundation Locations: Israel, Jerusalem, Dubai, Middle East, North Africa, Qatar, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, MENA, United States, Europe, East, Hebrew, U.S, 7amleh, Park , California, Al Aqsa, Washington ,, Palestinian
Venmo added new added in-app privacy controls after President Joe Biden's account was discovered. Venmo has added new privacy options after reporters found President Joe Biden's account in "less than 10 minutes" of searching. This change comes after the President's Venmo account was discovered after just a few minutes of searching, Buzzfeed News reported on May 14. The search for Biden's account began after The New York Times on Friday published an inside look at Biden's time in the White House. Software developer Jane Manchun Wong was first to share the news on Friday: "Venmo is working on friends list privacy settings after Joe Biden's Venmo friend list was uncovered.
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After I graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2018, I did what I was told to do. I spent the year after I graduated applying to every journalism job I could find. Any journalism school that doesn't is failing its students by not preparing them for all the potential stages of their careers. Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism was founded in 1912 by Joseph Pulitzer, the namesake of the esteemed Pulitzer Prize. At Columbia, we didn't just attend journalism school — we attended the journalism school.
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(CNN) Kevin Spacey is set to star in his first film since being accused of sexual misconduct in 2017. CNN has confirmed that the actor will play a detective in an upcoming Italian movie called, "L'uomo Che Disegnò Dio." "I cast him because he is a great actor," Louis Nero, the film's producer, told CNN in a phone interview on Monday. When asked about accusations made against Spacey, Nero said he believes that it's "false." Spacey garnered backlash in 2017 after actor Anthony Rapp told BuzzFeed News that the actor made a sexual advance toward him in 1986, when Rapp was 14 years old.
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