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There was simply no appetite, among House leadership, for such drastic and decisive action. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability. In plain English, Congress has the power and authority to expel from office any constitutional officer who engages in sedition and takes up arms against the Constitution of the United States. The original context for this, obviously, was the Civil War and its immediate aftermath. Under Johnson’s arrangement, the former Confederate states could operate under their antebellum constitutions, the end of slavery notwithstanding.
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“It was important for me to shine a lens on myself and to be introspective about my own mistakes in my own personal evolution,” Couric, 64, now says. That personal journey is at the center of her new memoir, Going There, which chronicles her rise through the Big Three television networks at a time when they were brazen boys’ clubs. She became known as “America’s sweetheart” during her 15 years co-anchoring the Today Show before taking over CBS Evening News then hosting her own daytime show, Katie, on ABC. Bush, David Duke, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Sarah Palin, and she writes openly about losing her first husband, Jay Monahan, and her sister, Emily Couric, to cancer. The chapters she spends on the sexual assault allegations against her former Today co-host Matt Lauer offer a look into the experience of finding out the worst about someone you cared about and trusted.
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Opinion Debate Will the Democrats face a midterm wipeout? Ezra Klein speaks to David Shor, who discusses his fear that Democrats face electoral catastrophe in 2022 and beyond unless they shift their messaging. speaks to David Shor, who discusses his fear that Democrats face electoral catastrophe in 2022 and beyond unless they shift their messaging. Bret: There’s no good climate solution unless China and India step up. On the whole, I think the slimmed-down Biden package thing could be a winner all around.
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Key moments from decades of climate conferences
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But the realization that industrial activity was causing climate change, and discussions about what to do about it, began much earlier. Here are some key moments in the global climate conversation:1800s - Throughout the 1800s, several European scientists study how different gases and vapours can trap heat in Earth’s atmosphere. 1990 - At the U.N.’s so-called Second World Climate Conference, scientists highlight the risks of global warming to nature and society. Framework Convention on Climate Change at the Rio Earth Summit. Key points to be discussed include emissions pledges, climate financing, and phasing out coal use.
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U.S. taps private groups to help resettle Afghan refugees
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Tens of thousands of Afghans have arrived in the United States as part of an American evacuation. President Joe Biden's administration is working to accommodate as many as 50,000 refugees in the United States. Sarah Krause, executive director of the Community Sponsorship Hub, said the sponsorship program will help create enduring bonds between the Afghans and the communities that sponsor them. Some refugee organizations have been pushing for the United States to adopt a program of private or community sponsorship for individual refugees, similar to a model used in Canada. Last month, former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama helped launch a new group, Welcome.US, aimed at supporting the Afghan refugees.
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In contrast, Twitter and Google keep a "firewall" between lobbyists and content moderation teams. Employees complained that his involvement in content moderation has led to the protection of "powerful constituencies," especially on the political right. In contrast, Twitter maintains a firewall between its "trust and safety" content moderation team and its policy team, while Google's content and public policy teams answer to different higher-ups. "When you have the head of content policy reporting to a lobbyist who has to make the president happy, that's an unhealthy dynamic," a former employee told POLITICO. "There should be a firewall between the two teams," Evelyn Douek, a Harvard scholar who researches private content moderation, told POLITICO.
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Some 40 years ago, an avant-garde punk movement was rumbling from the underground scene below 14th Street. Bands like the Contortions, Liquid Liquid, D.N.A. Amid the fray emerged the moment’s must-see band, Bush Tetras, who disbanded just four years later but left a profound impact on the scene. Key to the band’s dub-struck groove was their leather-jacketed drummer, Dee Pop, whose tight playing laced some soul into the nihilism of the no wave era. That’s what made the Bush Tetras a little more accessible.”
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Seattle’s new Climate Pledge Arena is hardly subtle with its message. The 41 million pound roof atop Climate Pledge Arena was originally constructed for the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. The "living wall" at Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena contains 8,500 individual plants from 24 species. Originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, Washington State Pavilion was later renovated to become Climate Pledge Arena. At Seattle’s Climate Pledge Arena, workers prepare the stage for a Coldplay concert.
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Opinion | Colin Powell and ‘Guernica’
  + stars: | 2021-10-23 | by ( Maureen Dowd | )   time to read: +1 min
The Shakespearean tragedy of Powell is that he knew it was a rotten decision. And, unlike the draft dodgers in the Bush White House, he knew the real cost of war. And somehow, Powell naïvely thought that he and his pal George Tenet could scrub his speech of all the deceptions shoehorned in by Cheney’s co-conspirators. Diplomats referred to Iraq as “The House of Broken Toys.” But in the end, it was America that was broken. I was stunned when Mary McGrory, the liberal lioness of The Washington Post, wrote that Powell “persuaded me, and I was as tough as France to convince.” She explained that she was “clinging tightly to the toga of Colin Powell” because no one commanded such respect.
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Neera Tanden named White House staff secretary
  + stars: | 2021-10-22 | by ( Steve Holland | )   time to read: +2 min
Ting Shen/Pool via REUTERSWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Neera Tanden, whose bid to be White House budget chief was derailed by opposition from Republicans after her sharp critiques of them on Twitter, was named White House staff secretary on Friday, putting her in a key behind-the-scenes role. The appointment, which does not require Senate confirmation, was announced during a morning staff call, a White House official said. The staff secretary job manages the paper flow, circulates documents among senior staff for comment as part of the decision-making process and is often known as the “nerve center” of the White House. It is a job once held by current Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was staff secretary for Republican George W. Bush’s White House. Tanden will report to White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.
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Pyongyang’s recent flurry of missile tests — most recently, a submarine-launched ballistic missile South Korea says North Korea launched Tuesday — and the apparent resumption of nuclear weapons materials production at the Yongbyon reactor are reminders that North Korea remains a central perennial problem befuddling U.S. foreign policy. With the exception of the United States and North Korea, all nuclear weapons states have diplomatic relations. Were Washington to follow the U.S.-China political and nuclear normalization model, it would legitimize a more worrying North Korea nuclear wild card. The Kim family also regards nuclear weapons as its crowning technological achievement, able to cast a continuing shadow over South Korea. In all, North Korea remains much like all other nuclear-armed nations today: committed to the bomb for a trifecta of security, institutional and vanity reasons.
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The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program is a contract with the American people. By offering significant loan forgiveness to borrowers who have worked in public service jobs for 10 years and made 120 loan repayments , it greatly strengthens this country. Our government made a promise to public service workers to help them, and we cannot let them down. The PSLF Program was enacted with bipartisan support and signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2007. The logic for the program is simple: Public service jobs generally pay less than jobs in the for-profit sector.
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Mr. Biden’s wording was a reminder of what a minefield Taiwan remains for the United States, 42 years after the passage of the Taiwan Relations Act and amid a major buildup of Chinese military forces in the region. And once a strategy of ambiguity is described in less-than-ambiguous terms, as he seemed to do on Thursday, it is hard to walk it back. Mr. Biden is hardly new to the issue: He is one of the very few political figures who have been around Washington so long that he voted for the act, in 1979, as a young senator from Delaware. As chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he traveled to Taiwan and understood the nuances of the wording. He understood it so well, in fact, that 20 years ago Mr. Biden warned President George W. Bush that “words matter” after Mr. Bush said he would do “whatever it took” to defend Taiwan.
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He’s Bobby V, and He Wants to Be Mayor
  + stars: | 2021-10-22 | by ( Neil Vigdor | )   time to read: +1 min
In Stamford, the second-largest city in Connecticut, a province of mixed baseball loyalties lying between New York and Boston, one of the last remaining names on the ballot for mayor this fall is more familiar to sports fans than to municipal policy wonks: Bobby Valentine. That Bobby Valentine, the former ESPN commentator whose managerial career took him from the employ of George W. Bush with the Texas Rangers to the Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan. And yes, the same Bobby Valentine who once disguised himself with a fake mustache in the Mets dugout after being ejected from a game. As of the start of October, the candidates had raised close to $1 million and already spent more than four times what was spent on the mayor’s race in 2017. This puts them on pace to break the $1.3 million record set in 2013.
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But privately, some Democratic donors are preparing for a post-Biden campaign. Pete Buttigieg's backers hope he'll run against Vice President Kamala Harris. Influential Democratic donors who backed Pete Buttigieg in 2020 are privately chattering about prodding him to run for the White House in 2024 if President Joe Biden doesn't seek reelection, Insider has learned. Harris donors are "sad" about the current state of her political operation, that person said. (Buttigieg and Harris confidants say there is no personal tension between the two high-profile members of the Biden administration at the moment.)
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New York (CNN Business) President Joe Biden faces a number of economic concerns , from supply chain disruptions to inflation. Powell's tenure as Fed chair is set to end in February, and a growing number of prominent Democrats in Washington are calling on Biden to choose someone else to head the Fed. Meet the other Fed chair contendersLael Brainard, a current member of the Fed's Board of Governors, is listed as having a 23% chance. Still, even if Powell winds up being one and done as Fed chair, that may not matter too much to the market. "Whoever gets in as Fed chair should likely have a business as usual approach," Pike said.
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One of the Washington prosecutors is Todd Gee, a deputy chief of the Public Integrity Section, which is part of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. The section, which oversees public corruption cases, is involved in nearly all major criminal investigations into alleged misconduct by federal, state and local officials. He also worked as the chief counsel to Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee during the George W. Bush administration. “Is there any prohibition against people who’ve been lobbyists, partisan committee staff or political consultants actually going in and serving in the Public Integrity Section, or is that allowed?” Mr. Gaetz asked. “There is a requirement that, once somebody becomes a prosecutor, just like when somebody becomes a judge, that they get rid of whatever preconceptions they had before,” Mr. Garland said.
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As more people move to cities and the climate warms, extreme heat could harm and kill more people, reduce worker productivity and hurt economies, the study says. Nearly a quarter of the world’s population is in areas where extreme heat exposure is rising, the study says. The study took a novel approach and used satellite data to measure heat worldwide, giving researchers a sharper global view of the problem. In the study of heat risk across the world’s cities, the authors used a measure called wet-bulb globe temperature to assess these factors. Then, they compared temperature data to population maps to understand how many people were affected by extreme heat.
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And in 2003, he jumped into the fray over affirmative action. “I’m a strong believer in affirmative action,” Powell said at the time on the CBS news program “Face the Nation.” He later echoed those sentiments on CNN. “But hardly a whimper is heard over affirmative action for lobbyists who load our federal tax codes with preferences for special interests,” he added. “One of his most lasting legacies is that he is a credible Black Republican conservative. But when asked if they ever discussed affirmative action, she said, “we did not.”People must “tread lightly” and define the terms around affirmative action, she noted.
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Then Rahm Emanuel, the nominee for ambassador to Japan, will face the panel amid objections by some Democrats over his handling of the police killing of a Black teenager in 2014. Mr. Emanuel, who is known for an aggressive and sometimes abrasive style, has been coached to engage in the least confrontational way possible, according to a person involved in his preparations But the most difficult moments for Mr. Emanuel might not come from Republicans. “Rahm Emanuel covered up the murder of Laquan McDonald,” Ms. Bush wrote on Twitter when his nomination was announced in August. Advertisement Continue reading the main storyAs a two-term mayor of Chicago, Emanuel attracted praise and criticism. (Unlike Mr. Emanuel, she has also had to lead the city through a pandemic.)
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Fox News host Dana Perino said it is "absurd" to blame excess demand for the US's supply chain woes. In a Wednesday morning segment, Perino took exception to a WaPo op-ed on the subject. "I thought this was so absurd, that Americans are wrong to have a belief in American excellence," Perino said. As Insider's Áine Cain and Grace Kay recently wrote in their analysis, the numbers show the supply chain crisis is partially Americans' fault because of a tremendous spike in demand. "The point is, you're the transportation secretary, and our transportation grid is broken.
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But Powell was first and foremost a man of the military, not a party man. Presidential hopeful and Texas Governor George W. Bush welcomes retired U.S. Army General Colin Powell to the first night session of the 2000 Republican National Convention July 31, 2000 in Philadelphia. Republican critics may say the man who vaulted over his peers to become Ronald Reagan’s national security advisor and George H.W. Bush’s chairman of the joint chiefs had turned his back on the party that launched his career of public service. For all his gratitude to them, he reserved his deepest loyalty not to political parties, but to the United States military.
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The nation is truly saddened by the passing of Colin Powell. He was unquestionably the most distinguished military officer of my generation, and I greatly admired him. He was unquestionably the most distinguished military officer of my generation, and I greatly admired him. Powell was wounded twice in Vietnam and awarded the Soldier's Medal for rescuing a colleague following a helicopter crash. Powell also broke with the Republican Party and endorsed Barack Obama for president in 2008, only two weeks before the election.
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He favored policies designed to keep young adults, especially Black Americans, out of the criminal justice system. He suspected that many Black Americans agreed. The program was eventually renamed the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Powell once said he wanted the next generation to have opportunities like he did, according to Andrew Rich, dean of the Colin Powell School. “Maybe they just disproportionately expect a Colin Powell to do more or be more than he needs to be.
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“Colin Powell is the engineer of the U.S. invasion of Iraq,” said Ahmed Falah Hassan, 54, a lawyer in Baghdad after Powell's death was announced on Monday. Marines pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein in the center of Baghdad on April 9, 2003. Ali Mohsin, 48, a retired Baghdad primary school teacher, also shed no tears for Powell. “They said that Powell was the reason behind liberating Iraq,” the Baghdad woman said. “The result was more instability in the region, not the democracy that he and the Bush administration promised.”These failed wars also did significant damage to the U.S. standing as a world power, he said.
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