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But while the homeless are eager to grab up backpacks, some are less enthusiastic about getting a vaccine. With so few homeless people fully vaccinated, Newman fears the worst. As of the end of February, the New York City Department of Homeless Services documented 113 deaths of homeless people from Covid, 101 of whom died in shelters. To incentivize them, the group offers $25 McDonald’s gift cards, and volunteers share their own stories about getting the vaccine. The city is also working on getting more homeless vaccinated.
Persons: Sara D, , Jeffrey Newman, Jayson Conner, Newman, Conner, ” Newman, Adam Shrier Organizations: Roosevelt, ., , Department of Social Services, Corps, New, New York City Department of Homeless Services, NYC, Trace Corp, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: New York, New York City, York City, Covid
Johnson & Johnson said Tuesday a second shot of its Covid-19 vaccine given about two months after the first increased its effectiveness to 94 percent in the United States against moderate to severe forms of the disease. Download the NBC News app for breaking news and politicsThe company has now "generated evidence that a booster shot further increases protection against Covid-19," Dr. Paul Stoffels, J&J’s chief scientific officer, said in a statement Tuesday morning. People line up for Johnson & Johnson vaccines at the Broadway Junction subway station in Brooklyn, N.Y., in May. Vaccine effectiveness in the real world study varied by age. For those under age 60, the vaccine was 86 percent effective at preventing hospitalization versus 78 percent for those 60 and older.
Persons: Johnson, Joe Biden, Dr, Paul Stoffels, J, Spencer Platt Organizations: NBC, Covid, Pfizer Inc, Biden, Johnson, Broadway, Getty, Pfizer, FDA, World Health Organization Locations: United States, Brooklyn, N.Y, Covid
Live Covid Live Updates: Adams, N.Y.C.’s Likely Next Mayor, Wants to Turn Empty Hotels Into Housing for Homeless An extra dose of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine raises protection, the company says. The data, presented in a news release, has been submitted to the Food and Drug Administration, Johnson & Johnson said. Up to five months after vaccination, the effectiveness of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine against hospitalization remained steady at around 81 percent. Many people got their Johnson & Johnson shot far more than eight weeks ago. Credit Credit...
Persons: Adams, N.Y.C, , Johnson, Eric Adams, Shams DaBaron, James Estrin, Mr, Bill de Blasio, Andrew M, Cuomo, Adams’s, de Blasio, “ Adams, Laura Mascuch, Johnson’s Janssen, Tobias Schwarz, Alex Plavevski, Christina, Deshaun, Tamir Kalifa, Lorena Tule, Romain, , , Michelle Goebel, Goebel, Allison Zaucha, LaBerge, I’m, Covid, Randi Weingarten, Weingarten, Sarah Mervosh, Joe Raedle, Katie Wait, “ It’s, Wait, Biden, hasn’t, wouldn’t, Emma Bubola, Maria Mavropoulou, Vassilis, Michael Probst, Kai Fuhrmann, Fuhrmann, Darrian Traynor, William West, Daniel Andrews, Doug Mills, ” Mr, blindsided, Donald J, , Xi Jinping, ” “ We’re, we’ve, ” Michael D, David E, Sanger, Unvaccinated, Bolsonaro, Jair Bolsonaro, Stefan Jeremiah, Boris Johnson, Britain, “ I’ve, Jantar, — Ministro Luiz Ramos, Luiz Ramos, ’ U.N, General Says António Guterres, António Guterres, Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, Guterres, Peace, John Angelillo, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Abdulla Shahid, U.N, Joanne Haynes, Imani Khayyam, Diana Espinosa, Adnan Abidi, ” Laurence Boone, lockdowns, Jerome H, Powell, Ms, Boone Organizations: Housing, New York Times, Democratic, Network of New, Covid, Agence France, Food and Drug Administration, Johnson, Pfizer, ., The New York Times, Kaiser Family Foundation, American Federation of Teachers, Travelers, Miami International Airport, European, Bank of Greece, European Union, coronavirus, Associated Press, Police, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations, , Credit, West, AstraZeneca, Oxford University, General, Solidarity, General Assembly, United, New York City, Assembly, V.I.P, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Department of Health, Human Services, telehealth, Health Resources, Services Administration, Centers for Disease Control, Navajo, Organization for Economic Cooperation, Development, Investors, Federal Reserve Locations: New York City, Sunset Park , Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, Network of New York, United States, Harbin, China, Heilongjiang Province, Russia, San Antonio , Texas, Dallas, Atlanta, Carlsbad, Calif, Katy , Texas, Europe, Florida, Britain, European Union, Brazil, India, Iran, South Africa, St, Augustine, Fla, America, Greece, The New York Times Greece, Germany, Idar, Oberstein, Melbourne, Australia, Victoria, States, U.S, Afghanistan, , Kabul, South America’s, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar, Portuguese, United Nations, Maldives, General, telemedicine, telehealth, Arkansas , Arizona, Maine, , Idaho, Arizona, New Delhi, PARIS, Paris, Europe’s, France, Italy, Spain, Indonesia
The official residence of NYC mayoral nominee Eric Adams is once again in question. For a second time, he's changing his tax returns over his official residence, according to The City. However, The City's investigation found that Adams reported zero days spent at the property in tax returns filed after the primary. Instead, Adams will refile his tax returns for 2017, 2018, and 2019 after already amending them following the initial controversy. The decision to refile was made after The City contacted the Adams campaign about the irregularities, according to the report.
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Superstar cities like NYC and San Francisco are just getting bigger during the remote work era. So instead of spelling the end of the big city, remote work has moved its borders to the edge of the metro area. Email address By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider as well as other partner offers and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy PolicyInstead of wiping out big cities, remote work seems to be making them even bigger. But Enrico Moretti, the economist who (literally) wrote the book on superstar cities, told Bloomberg's Justin Fox not to get carried away. Superstar cities in a remote work worldRather than drastically changing superstar cities, remote work has subtly reimagined city life by giving more workers more flexibility.
Persons: Enrico Moretti, urbanites, Bloomberg's Justin Fox, didn't, Stephan D, Whitaker, hasn't, Moretti, Richard Florida, There's Organizations: Service, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Bank of America Locations: San Francisco, Berkeley, Jobs, New York, New York City, Brooklyn, Florida
Nets Rookie Goes Apartment Shopping. Needs Ice Cream.
  + stars: | 2021-09-20 | by ( David Gardner | )   time to read: +1 min
Day’Ron Sharpe ducked his head under the doorway instinctively and scanned his eyes across the apartment. In that moment, it didn’t matter that this brand-new building in Downtown Brooklyn was still coated in dust. It didn’t matter that he’d just taken an elevator that had insulation on the walls and plywood on the floor. All that mattered was this: He could imagine himself being at home in this apartment. Sharpe had been on his house-hunting journey for only an hour, and already he was behaving like a lifelong New York City apartment shopper.
Persons: Day’Ron Sharpe, Sharpe, Locations: Downtown Brooklyn, New York City
The NYC rental market is a nightmare right now — more so than usual. A flurry of rentersBy last winter, NYC's rental market had become every New Yorker's dream. In August, New York City surpassed San Francisco as the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the country. NYC rentals bounced back more swiftly than anticipatedBoth Hadzki and Parsons noted that NYC's rental market has picked up faster than expected. Lisa RennauThe current state of the rental market may bode poorly for young professional's finances, but it's certainly good news for the city's economy.
Persons: Lisa Rennau, who'd, Douglas Elliman, Miller Samuel, Jay Parsons, Gaby Lagos, It's, Ramzis, Hadzki, Nancy Wu, Insider's Taylor Borden, Parsons, Alexander Spatari, Jazmin Beltran, it's, bode Organizations: Service, NYU —, Facebook, Workers, Yorkers, York, Palm Beach, NYU Locations: New York City, Shanghai, Berlin, New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Lagos, Honduras, East, Chelsea, San Francisco, LA, Arizona, Soho, Williamsburg, Phoenix, It's, York
Kellyanne Conway was brutally honest with Trump about his 2020 campaign missteps, per a new book. During the summer phone call, Conway reportedly told Trump to stop focusing on election grievances. But first, Conway told Trump that she wanted him to see her "as somebody else" and not just an advisor. The Trump 2020 campaign headquarters was in Arlington, Va., just minutes from the White House, while Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign was based in Brooklyn. "Trump 2020 resembled Hillary 2016.
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Fauci urges Americans not to get booster shots until they are eligible. Speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press, Dr. Fauci said Mr. Biden “wasn’t getting ahead of the science,” noting that the president always said the plan was dependent on authorization by the F.D.A. “They’re not being left behind by any means.” As more information comes in about how the original vaccines are working, Dr. Fauci said he expects to see the plan for boosters change. Dr. Fauci said the results from Moderna’s trial will likely come a few weeks later. Instead, it recommends that close contacts who have not been fully vaccinated quarantine for as long as 14 days.
Persons: Fauci, Anthony S, Shawn Thew, Dr, Biden’s, Fauci’s, Biden, Mr, Biden “ wasn’t, , you’re, , ” Dr, Johnson, “ They’re, Francis S, Collins, Read, Chris Rock, Angela Weiss, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy, Rock, Betty White, Albert Gea, Mondo Donovan, Natalia Cifuentes, Hadja Bah, Jessica Allen, Nicole Craine Organizations: White, Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer, Press, Moderna, Johnson, National Institutes of Health, Agence France, Reuters, Tourism, The New York Times, Centers for Disease Control, New York Times Locations: United States, Brooklyn, Madrid, Barcelona, Reuters Madrid, Spain, Europe, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Marietta , Ga, York, Florida , Louisiana , Missouri, Mississippi
Average daily deaths in the United States surpass 2,000. United States Coronavirus Deaths 2,000 4,000 deaths Feb. 2020 Mar. Deaths 7–day average 2,011 These are days with a reporting anomaly. The seven-day average is the average of a day and the previous six days of data. The seven-day average is the average of a day and the previous six days of data.
Persons: John Moore, Jan, Anthony S, , Shawn Thew, Dr, Biden’s, Fauci’s, Biden, Fauci, Mr, Biden “ wasn’t, , you’re, ” Dr, Johnson, “ They’re, Francis S, Collins, Read, Governor Tate Reeves, Mississippi’s, Rogelio V . Solis, Tate Reeves, Reeves, ” Mr, That’s, ” Read, Chris Rock, Angela Weiss, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy, Rock, Betty White, , Albert Gea, Hilary Swift, Pret, John Nkengasong, Africa’s, Nkengasong, Mondo Donovan, Natalia Cifuentes, Hadja Bah, Jessica Allen, Nicole Craine, ” Ms, Barre, Dmitry Kostyukov, anosmia, Sebastiao Moreira, , Anne Woolridge, Woolridge, it’s, James D . Michelsen Organizations: New York Times, Vermont, for Disease Control, Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, Pfizer, ABC, White, Centers for Disease Control, Delta, Press, Moderna, Johnson, National Institutes of Health, Associated Press, Sunday, The New York Times, Mar, Union, Biden, Agence France, Kaiser Family Foundation, Reuters, for Systems Science, Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Tourism, ., U.S, Center, Urban, Starbucks, Africa Centers for Disease Control, Tiksa, for Disease, World Health Organization, African Union, Ethiopian, The New York Times PARIS, Solid Waste Association, International Finance Corporation Locations: United, Houston, Covid, Texas, Florida, United States, States, Guam, Idaho, Delta, Jackson, Miss, Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Alabama, Mississippi, “ State, Brooklyn, Madrid, Barcelona, Reuters Madrid, Spain, Europe, Britain, France, Italy, Portugal, Manhattan, Midtown, Philippines, New York City, Midtown Manhattan, , Lower Manhattan, Herald, Wakefield, Louisiana, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Tiksa Negeri, Africa, Marietta , Ga, York, Florida , Louisiana , Missouri, Hélène Barre, Limoux, Carcassonne, , Barre, oenologists, Bordeaux, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Shutterstock, Uganda, Indonesia’s, Mar
This week, we're taking you to Mount Everest, giving you a tour of Los Angeles' most expensive apartment, and showing you how high-end wineries are fighting back against scammers. As some have dove into their passion projects, other die-hard athletes are quitting their jobs to climb Mount Everest or hike the Appalachian Trail. Peter Dazeley/Getty ImagesExperts estimate that about 20% of wine sold worldwide is fake — so high-end wineries are going to great lengths to fend off new-age scammers. See how high-end wineries are fighting back against scammers. We spoke with O'Neill, who took us through her daily routine during fashion week, working 7 a.m. to midnight leading up to her show.
Persons: Let's, Suman Karthik, Peter Dazeley, Katie Nave Katie Nave, dos, Crystal Cox, Ryan Serhant, who's, Christopher Amitrano, Julia Testa, Neiman Marcus, Testa, Tory Williams, Taylor, WeWork, Alexandra O'Neill Alexandra O'Neill, Markarian, Jill, O'Neill Organizations: scammers, Getty, SoHo, nab, Revlon, Microsoft, Saks Fifth, Company, Saks, New Locations: Los Angeles, Brooklyn
A shopping cart is seen in a Target store in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., November 14, 2017. The University of Michigan said its consumer sentiment index edged up to 71 in the first half of September from 70.3 in August - the lowest since December 2011. Assessments of current conditions slipped further, to 77.1 from 78.5 in August, while the survey's forward-looking expectations index ticked up to 67.1 from 65.1, which had been the lowest since 2013. "The steep August falloff in consumer sentiment ended in early September, but the small gain still meant that consumers expected the least favorable economic prospects in more than a decade," the survey's director, Richard Curtin, said in a statement. The survey's one-year inflation outlook ticked back up to 4.7% this month to match July's reading, which had been the highest since 2008, from 4.6% in August.
Persons: Brendan McDermid, Richard Curtin, Dan Burns, Chizu Organizations: REUTERS, The University of Michigan, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Brooklyn, New York, U.S
A Florida doctor and a medical consultant pleaded guilty this week to federal charges arising from a scheme to pressure hundreds of women to get their pelvic mesh implants removed. The effort was intended to increase the value of personal injury claims against the manufacturers of the medical devices. The two men pleaded guilty to violations of the federal Travel Act, a law that prosecutors have used to pursue charges of bribery in the health care profession. Dr. Walker, also 51, who pleaded guilty to two counts, could be sentenced to at least eight years when he appears before the judge in January. The scheme was one of the more unsavory sides of the mass tort case against a half-dozen manufacturers of pelvic mesh including Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson.
Persons: Christopher Walker, Wesley Blake Barber, Barber, Raymond J Dearie, . Walker, Johnson Organizations: Act, Eastern, of, Boston Scientific, Johnson Locations: Florida, Brooklyn, U.S, of New York, United States
Mr. Casey is a shining example of the practice; he has written every day for the last seven years. Mr. Casey now juggles cutting hair with teaching journaling workshops regularly for individuals and groups, including, most recently, a transmasculine group. Mr. Casey transitioned in 2014, the year he began journaling and also enrolled in barber school. Mr. Casey, 54, lives in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, with two roommates. I keep a Mason jar of water in the fridge overnight because I heard somewhere that drinking cold water in the morning is good for metabolism, which may or may not be true, but now I find myself craving cold water in the morning.
Persons: John Casey couldn’t, Casey, journaling, , I’m, I’ve Locations: Crown Heights , Brooklyn, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn
These Are the Art Shows and Events to See This Season
  + stars: | 2021-09-17 | by ( Will Heinrich | )   time to read: +2 min
NIKI DE SAINT PHALLE IN THE 1960S De Saint Phalle’s moment continues with this show dedicated to her earliest “Tirs,” canvases she shot with a rifle, and her “Nanas,” the endearingly exaggerated female forms for which she’s best known. (Sept. 10-Jan. 23, 2022; the Menil Collection, Houston, DIOR: DESIGNER OF DREAMS The North American premiere of a show that originated (naturally) in Paris has everything from his 1947 “New Look” to the present day, with photos, a “toile room,” more than 200 haute couture pieces and rooms devoted to all his successors as artistic directors. Its title is partly derived from Title IX, the federal law barring any educational program receiving federal funds from discriminating “on the basis of sex.” (Sept. 10-Jan. 9, 2022; Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Conn.,, JESTER, MYSTIC, POET: CONTEMPORARY PERSIANS — THE MOHAMMED AFKHAMI COLLECTION” A survey of recent contemporary art from Iran and by Iranians. (Sept. 10-Jan. 16, 2022; Asia Society Museum, MODERNIST: E. McKNIGHT KAUFFER An expansive look back at the influential early-20th-century graphic designer known as the poster king. (Sept. 10-Nov. 14; Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University,
Persons: NIKI, CHRISTIAN DIOR, YALE Eva Hesse, Howardena Pindell, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Mickalene Thomas, Audrey Flack, , MOHAMMED, McKNIGHT, Cooper Hewitt, FRITZ, Wallach Organizations: NIKI DE, Houston, Brooklyn Museum, WOMEN, YALE, Yale, Yale College, Yale University Art, Asia Society Museum, Smithsonian Design Museum, Gallery, Columbia University Locations: Paris,, New Haven, Conn, Iran,
FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Crews searching for a missing man at Grand Canyon National Park made an unexpected discovery this summer. The park hasn’t been able to locate any immediate family but has talked with friends of Walsh, Baird said. Unintentional finds don’t happen often at Grand Canyon National Park, which covers 1,904 square miles (4,931 square kilometers) and is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. Eight people are still listed as missing from the Grand Canyon or last seen there over the past 10 years, Baird said. Sometimes, rafters on the Colorado River that flows through the Grand Canyon find them.
Persons: — Crews, Scott Walsh, Joelle Baird, , Crews, Gabor Berczi, Tomscanyi, Baird, ” Walsh wasn’t, Walsh, Trish Lees, Joseph Radford Organizations: Southwest, Authorities, Rangers, Investigators, National Transportation Safety Locations: FLAGSTAFF, Ariz, Hungarian, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, U.S, Yavapai Point, Ecuador, Brooklyn , New York, Coconino County, Rhode Island, Colorado, California, Joseph Radford of Glendale , Arizona
Together, they compiled a compelling list of books by, about and for Hispanic people whose stories are shaping today's culture. The month-long celebration, which kicked off in the U.S. on Wednesday and ends on October 15, is meant to recognize Hispanic Americans for their year-round contributions. Make some room on your bookshelf and crack open a fresh read this Hispanic Heritage Month. In July, Oprah Winfrey — who presumably received an advance copy of the book — tweeted her praise of the memoir, writing: "Searing. Its value comes from that harsh dose of empathy — which, neuroscientists say, is a marker for long-term success.
Persons: Tarana Burke,, it's, Burke, , Oprah Winfrey —, Elisabet Velasquez, Saraciea Fennell, Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez, Mojica Rodriguez Organizations: Civil Rights Movement, Puerto Rican, Brown, Sharp, Latina Rebels Locations: U.S, Puerto, Brooklyn, N.Y, Reading, Bronx
“That option was more interesting than going to Hampton Inn,” Ms. Parsons said. Their relationship blossomed, and Mr. Latessa soon moved to New York, where the couple lived in a fifth-floor walk-up in Harlem, while he attended graduate school. Mr. Latessa, 32, a college counselor at a charter high school in East Harlem, is from the Cincinnati suburbs. Some friends had recently bought a place there, and Mr. Latessa was familiar with the area through his college admissions work, thanks to the area’s many high schools. They wanted to stay within walking distance of the 1 train, so they stuck to the southernmost part of Riverdale, Spuyten Duyvil.
Persons: Kelsey Parsons, Matt Latessa, Parsons, Latessa, , Ms, , Latessa’s, Scott Kriger, Brown Harris Stevens Organizations: New Locations: East Harlem, Lancaster, Pa, Hampton, New York, Harlem, London, Bedford, Stuyvesant , Brooklyn, Toronto, Cincinnati, New York City, Riverdale, , Spuyten
“These letters succeed in acting as measures of coercive control, but they fail to undermine victims’ credibility at trial,” Ms. Penza said. “Juries see through these letters, especially when the prosecutors and witnesses provide context for the circumstances in which the letters originally came to be written.”Writing letters for Mr. Kelly was so routine, the woman who testified under a pseudonym told the jury, that Mr. Kelly would say “it was time for us to write letters,” and his live-in girlfriends would quickly set pen to paper. The singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, now faces charges regarding his sexual encounters with women and girls in several states. In Brooklyn, he is charged with one count of racketeering and eight violations of an anti-sex trafficking law known as the Mann Act. (Mr. Kelly’s defense team plans to call its own witnesses on Monday.)
Persons: Moira Penza, ” Ms, Kelly, , Mr, , Robert Sylvester Kelly, Mann, Aaliyah, Locations: Penza, Chicago, Brooklyn
Joan Washington, Dialect Coach to the Stars, Dies at 74
  + stars: | 2021-09-16 | by ( Clay Risen | )   time to read: +1 min
Joan Washington, an acclaimed dialect coach who taught Penélope Cruz to sound Greek, Jessica Chastain to sound Israeli and an entire cast of British actors to speak like Brooklyn Jews, died on Sept. 2 at her home in Avening, England. She was 74. Her husband, the actor Richard E. Grant, announced her death on Twitter. He later said the cause was lung cancer. She taught actors for most of Britain’s leading national and regional theaters; if a British performer appeared onstage speaking a thick American patois — say, in Neil Simon’s “Brighton Beach Memoirs” — there was a good chance it was Ms. Washington’s handiwork.
Persons: Joan Washington, Penélope Cruz, Jessica Chastain, Richard E, Grant, Washington, Henry Higgins, Eliza Doolittle, George Bernard Shaw’s, , Neil Simon’s, Washington’s handiwork Organizations: Twitter Locations: Brooklyn, Avening, England, British, Brighton
Foot traffic levels in the heart of the Theater District are recovering. More specifically, dining establishment foot traffic recovered 55 percent, while hotel foot traffic recovered 61 percent for the same comparison period. “We haven't done anything special in return for Broadway because again, it's a wait-and-see,” he said. “At this point, if my business could make enough money to break even, I'm happy,” he said. Other Broadway shows like Come From Away, Aladdin and Moulin Rouge are set to return in the coming weeks.
Persons: Rosen, , , Bill de Blasio, Vijay Dandapani, Dandapani, Peter Dafnos, Dafnos, “ We've, ” Dafnos Organizations: New York, Broadway, Theater, Times Square Alliance Business Improvement District, Hotel Association of New, NBC News Locations: Brooklyn, Junior’s, York City, New, New York City, , York, West, Hotel Association of New York City, Moulin Rouge
Fashion Returns to the Museum
  + stars: | 2021-09-15 | by ( Vanessa Friedman | Zachary Woolfe | )   time to read: +1 min
It may be a simple coincidence that the Brooklyn Museum unveiled a major Dior extravaganza, “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams,” the week before the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute opens its fall show, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” But after two years of lockdowns and sweatpants, it seemed like fate. A fashion horn of plenty! In many ways the two shows are like opposite sides of a coin. One is an epic — 22,000-square-foot — and very glamorous ode to a single European brand, often considered the epitome of French fashion, which has passed through the hands of seven different designers. But together they raised some interesting questions for Vanessa Friedman, the chief fashion critic for The New York Times, and Zachary Woolfe, The Times’s classical music editor, about what kinds of garments belong in a museum, and the nature of a fashion exhibition compared to a runway show.
Persons: “ Christian Dior, Vanessa Friedman, Zachary Woolfe Organizations: Brooklyn Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Art’s Costume Institute, The New York Times Locations: America
This is everyday life in New York City’s largest jail, despite Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vow to close it for good. Jails in communities have numerous advantages over a centralized facility on a difficult-to-access island. Whatever critics from the left or right may exclaim, New York is not going to go without jail cells. Mr. de Blasio first promised to close Rikers in 2017 — the last time he visited the island. It was a long-overdue fix meant to keep people from being locked up simply for being poor.
Persons: Bill de Blasio’s, Rikers —, de Blasio, , Mary Lynne Werlwas, it’s, haven’t Organizations: Legal Aid Society Locations: New York, Brooklyn , Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, New York City
At Coach, an Eclectic Paean to New York Cool
  + stars: | 2021-09-15 | by ( Megan Conway | )   time to read: +2 min
This year marks the 80th anniversary of Coach, which got its start in 1941 as a small leather-goods workshop on 34th Street. “It’s how I connect with the youth culture of today,” he explained. The next day, youth culture was unavoidable. Skateboarders plucked from the city streets carved their way across the concrete surface of the pier. “You never really know how it’s all going to come together.”Thursday, Sept. 9, 12:03 P.M.
Persons: I’ll, , Vevers, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Pat McGrath, Guido Palau, he’s, , McGrath Organizations: Bugle Corps Locations: Brooklyn, Tokyo
The first night I went out for real was the Friday before the Puerto Rican Day Parade. Don’t you promise me the world/All that I’ve already heard/This time around for me, baby/Actions speak louder than words. But dancing activates the pleasure in this roiling field of possibilities, makes it feel as if there will always be another chance to choose. I’d seen — even learned a little — the corresponding dance, which is low to the ground, athletic, forceful, exhausting. Palo summons the dead, pounding the earth until they wake up and enter the living through the feet.
Persons: Rosie Perez, DJ Laylo, Mártir, , I’d, , Robin Stone —, You’ve, It’s, I’ve, salseros, Andrew Avilá, Lin, Manuel Miranda’s, Corinna Vega, you’re, Corinna, you’ve, Christian Mártir, Palo Organizations: Puerto Rican, Bronx Brewery, Palladium Locations: Brooklyn, Puerto Ricans, , South Bronx Puerto Rican, Colombian, Congolese, Cuba, Dominican Republic, palo, Americas
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