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Without Crowds, Is Times Square Really Times Square? Take a Look
  + stars: | 2020-12-01 | by ( Corey Kilgannon | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
A tour bus agent desperately tried to discern which passers-by were New Yorkers and which ones were out-of-towners. This is Times Square, jarringly quiet beneath flashing billboards. Times Square needs a crowd, which is as much a part of its character as the incessant lights. “Without the Broadway shows, the office workers, the tourists, the crowds, you got no Times Square.”The throngs of visitors — the trademark of the famous neighborhood for more than a century — are gone. And there is an eeriness to the emptiness, helping to stir the faint fear that Times Square could slip back to its 1970s self, a seamy neighborhood known for open crime, drugs and sex shows.
Persons: , Ronnie Boyd Organizations: New, McDonald’s, , Broadway Locations: Maryland, Brooklyn
Barbra Streisand“Putting It Together,” from “The Broadway Album” (1985)“I love doing a song from beginning to end in one take!” Streisand says of the recording of “Putting It Together,” which was originally written by Stephen Sondheim for his 1984 musical “Sunday in the Park With George.” Streisand’s rendition appears on her “Broadway Album,” a compendium of 12 show tunes, and a homage to the theater district that made her. (She got her start on Broadway in 1962, when she starred in Arthur Laurents’s “I Can Get It for You Wholesale.”)“My Man,” from “Funny Girl” (1968)In 1968, Streisand made her cinematic debut as the Ziegfeld star Fanny Brice in the musical “Funny Girl,” a performance that would earn her an Academy Award for best actress (her first of two Oscars). “My Man,” one of the film’s 10 songs featuring Streisand, remains a favorite of hers: “Movie musicals used prerecorded tracks,” she recalls, “but because I’m a terrible lip-syncher, and I needed the emotion to be real, I asked my director, Willy Wyler, if I could sing this part live. Thankfully, he let me do it. I adored him!”
Persons: Barbra Streisand, , Streisand, Stephen Sondheim, George, , Arthur Laurents’s “, Ziegfeld, Fanny Brice, Willy Wyler Organizations: Broadway
After Covid-19, Broadway’s Next Comeback
  + stars: | 2020-11-28 | by ( Michael Riedel | ) + 0.99   time to read: 1 min
Back in March, the actress Patti LuPone was starring in the revival of Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Company” on Broadway. She and the show’s producer Chris Harper were entertaining guests in Ms. LuPone’s dressing room when they got a shock. Cynthia Nixon, the actress and political activist, told them she’d come to the show that night “because I wanted to do something fun before the city is locked down.”Ms. LuPone and Mr. Harper had not heard the phrase “locked down” before, but it chilled their blood. The next day, at a meeting...
Persons: Patti LuPone, Stephen Sondheim’s, Chris Harper, Cynthia Nixon, Ms, LuPone, Harper Organizations: Broadway
Andrew Lloyd Webber feels 'very optimistic' on the comeback of Broadway theatersLegendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber joins 'Closing Bell' to discuss his outlook for Broadway theaters and entertainment. He says he is excited about the potential for a vaccine and the future for the theater business.
Persons: Andrew Lloyd Webber Organizations: Broadway
Several months after Jacobsen’s video was posted, remixes of the song produced in the style of a Broadway musical began to appear on TikTok. Users, imagining what a “Ratatouille” musical would look and sound like, began to compose and upload their own original songs. TikTok users who are also musical fanatics say creating a “Ratatouille” musical has helped them cope with the absence of live theater in their lives. After uploading the video in October, which would go on to be viewed more than 1.5 million times, the “Ratatouille” musical trend exploded. Christian has been a prolific composer for the TikTok “Ratatouille” musical, imagining songs for characters like Chef Gusteau, the revered restaurateur, and Anton Ego, the food critic.
Persons: Emily Jacobsen, ” Jacobsen, , Remy, Jacobsen, 🎼, eason, ives., ong, ike, ove, alf, ake Organizations: Disney, Pixar, NBC, ust Locations: Hartsdale , New York
“Between the World & Me,” is something altogether different, both old and new, a combination of film and theater that could only work on TV. Coates may not have known these specific events would happen, but the world continues to live down to his expectations. “Between the World and Me” has tapped into something that falls in between the two genres, a work all its own, a pandemic-influenced theatrical TV performance that is neither movie nor limited series nor show. It is, as HBO terms it, a special, in every sense of the word. Special enough that HBO is working to make sure it reaches as wide an audience as possible, available to stream on HBO’s website.
Persons: “ Hamilton, Diana ”, Spike Lee, , Nehisi Coates, . Coates, Kamilah Forbes, Coates, Ferguson, Forbes, Malcom X, Chadwick Boseman, Howard, Mahershala Ali, Phylicia Rashad, Rashad, who’s, Amy Cooper, Breonna Taylor’s, Trump, what’s, Organizations: Disney, Netflix, HBO, Broadway, . Coates ’ New York Times, Apollo, Apollo Theater, Howard University Locations: . Coates ’, Minneapolis, Baltimore
Actor John Leguizamo on "True Colors." Latinos have fought in every single war the country has ever had, Leguizamo said. Leguizamo brings up the story of Marcelino Serna, who fought in World War I as a private in the U.S. Army. Lots of Latino 'genius kids'Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a Vanity Fair piece in 2017 on how Leguizamo was an inspiration for him. In the entertainment industry, when it comes to the pipeline of talent, Leguizamo said that “there’s millions of Lins and there are a million of me.
Persons: John Leguizamo, Tony, Peacock, Leguizamo, , Marcelino Serna, Serna, Lin, Manuel Miranda, Miranda, “ Hamilton ”, ” Leguizamo, It’s Organizations: NBC Universal, Telemundo, Broadway, U.S . Army, U.S . National, NBC, Facebook, Twitter Locations:, , U.S, United States, Idar, Texas
Why Do We Care So Much About Diana’s Dresses?
  + stars: | 2020-11-17 | by ( Vanessa Friedman | ) + 0.90   time to read: +1 min
And so, once again, to Princess Diana. This time around the re-examination comes courtesy of “The Crown,” Season 4, a.k.a. the Diana Season. The scrutiny has been building since the 20th anniversary of the princess’s death in 2017, when Virgil Abloh declared Diana his Off-White muse and Kensington Palace held an exhibition devoted to her outfits. The one where the princess, in the form of the actress Emma Corrin, catches the Windsor eye, makes her public debut, gets married and miserable, develops an eating disorder and becomes a Fashion Icon nonetheless.
Persons: Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Stone, Diana, Virgil Abloh, William Ivey Long, Emma Corrin, Corrin, la, Organizations: Broadway, Netflix, British Vogue, Brooklyn Museum Locations: Kensington, British
‘Hamilton’ Was Just the Beginning. Hollywood Loves Broadway, Again.
  + stars: | 2020-11-04 | by ( Alexis Soloski | ) sentiment -0.89   time to read: +2 min
After all, one moment’s zeitgeist is another’s old hat, even if that hat is spangled. Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix’s original film division, predicted that Netflix might linger at the stage door for a while, in search of intellectual property, or IP. Originality is our IP.” Remaking musicals felt original, he said, and it was that something that Netflix would continue to invest in. “It’s about going beyond just a single production and really lifting them up as creators generally,” she said. In this moment — and until theaters can safely reopen — these screen adaptations do seem like gifts, gifts that may keep on giving.
Persons: Scott Stuber, , Amanda Greenblatt, — Greenblatt, Matthew Lopez, Phoebe Waller, , , Kail, “ It’s, Schreck Organizations: Netflix, Amazon, Woodstock Film Locations: Greenville, New York
William Rodrigues dos SantosHad this been a normal year, the Tony Awards would have occurred in June and Broadway would be gearing up for its lucrative holiday season. The coronavirus pandemic prematurely ended the 2019-2020 Broadway season, limiting the number of eligible nominees and eliminating the 2020-2021 season entirely. Setting the stageThe Tonys aren't just a time for Broadway to hand out awards and celebrate the previous season of shows. "The Tonys have become so important that shows are now frontloaded in a season so they open right before the awards," said Miller. "So a huge number of Broadway shows open in late March and early April."
Persons: William Rodrigues dos Santos, Tony, Sunday's Tonys, Derek Miller, Miller, Doubtfire, Virginia Woolf, Tina, Heather Hitchens, Charlotte St, Martin Organizations: Broadway, Harvard University, Producers, American Theatre Wing, Broadway League, Time Square, New York Locations: , New York, New York, United States, Moulin Rouge, June, October
Viral videos showing police officers playing basketball or dancing with residents portray them in a heartwarming light. But sometimes those very same officers are accused of using excessive force, violence, and racist policing practices. That's why we should focus less on singular acts of individual officers and instead reexamine the institution and culture of policing itself. In subsequent years, some residents would argue the dancing officer Samuel Alvarez was part of the problem, too. A couple months later during the second National Folk Festival, Alvarez again allegedly used excessive force against young Black men outside a downtown bar.
Persons: Eric Ginsburg, Samuel Alvarez, Alvarez, Sam Alvarez, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, they'd, Chieu Di, Vo, Marcus Smith, Smith, Greensboro's George Floyd, he's, Bobby White, White, Norm Stamper, They're, they're, Jim Crow Organizations: Facebook, Fox, Greensboro Police Department, Broadway, Folk, New York Times, Greensboro Police, Greensboro police, YouTube, Greensboro, Greensboro City, Police, Former Seattle Police, NPR, Southern, Triad City Beat Locations: Durham , North Carolina, Greensboro , North Carolina, Greensboro's, Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina, Cuban, Florida, America, United States
How to Staycation in 6 American Cities
  + stars: | 2020-10-29 | by ( Elaine Glusac | )   time to read: +2 min
Hotels do not have guest-room capacity restrictions, though gatherings are limited to 50 people. Restaurants may serve indoors at up to 25 percent capacity. Indoors, museums and historical sites are also at 25 percent capacity. More than 10,000 restaurants have moved outdoors and many are adapting to winter with heat lamps, tents and plastic igloos. But the Bronx Zoo plans to hold its Holiday Lights display Nov. 20 to Jan. 10 (tickets $34.95).
Organizations: Dylan Hotel, Langham New, Mastercard, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Line, Cruises, & Company, Broadway, Herald, Bronx Zoo, Mastercard, NYC & Company Locations: York, New York, Langham New York, Fort Tryon, Upper Manhattan, Manhattan, Herald Square
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