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(CNN) Ethiopia's government has used the country's flagship commercial airline to shuttle weapons to and from neighboring Eritrea during the civil war in Ethiopia's Tigray region , a CNN investigation has found. Air waybill showing transportation of 'RIFFLE & DFS' -- in reference to rifles and dry foodstuffs per airline sources -- on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 12. Air waybill showing 'military refill' being transported on an Ethiopian Airlines flight on November 13. Ethiopian Airlines told CNN in its statement that no employees had been suspended or terminated due to their ethnic background. CNN has confirmed that these Emirates SkyCargo straps have been used on other Ethiopian Airlines flights.
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(CNN) The United Nations has rebuffed Ethiopia's decision to expel seven senior UN officials as the country's war-torn northern Tigray region descends into famine, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Friday. "If the current trajectory continues, I fear for the future of many Ethiopian lives, and indeed for the stability of the country and the region. The UN denounced Ethiopia's decision to eject its officials from the country on Friday, and vowed to continue its humanitarian work. If the Ethiopian order goes ahead, it would mark one of the most significant expulsions of senior UN humanitarian officials from any country. Earlier this month, UNOCHA said there was a "de facto humanitarian aid blockade" into Tigray, where at least 400,000 people are facing famine conditions, according to the agency's latest figures.
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People cheer as they say Eritrean forces have left the northern town of Shire in Ethiopia's Tigray region, June 29, 2021 in this in this still image taken from video obtained by REUTERS. The former rulers of Ethiopia's Tigray region, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), said on Monday they were back in control of the regional capital Mekelle after nearly eight months of fighting, and the government declared a unilateral ceasefire. There were similar scenes in Shire in northern Tigray on Wednesday, after Eritrean troops had left, residents said. With electricity and phone and internet lines cut to the region, aid agencies are severely limited in their ability to access people in dire need of food and other services. “We are preparing for resumption of aid,” Abu Salah said, noting that 5.2 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance in Tigray.
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The Tigray conflict has its roots in tensions that go back generations in Ethiopia. Because of a previous conflict with neighboring Eritrea, there are also a large number of federal troops in Tigray. For months at the start of the conflict, Abiy denied that civilians were being harmed or that soldiers from Eritrea had joined the fight. Separate investigations by CNN and Amnesty International in February uncovered evidence of massacres carried out by Eritrean forces in the Tigrayan towns of Dengelat and Axum late last year. All actors in the conflict have been accused of carrying out atrocities, but Eritrean forces have been linked to some of the most gruesome.
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A building is seen through a bullet hole in a window of the Africa Hotel in the town of Shire, Tigray region, Ethiopia, March 17, 2021. Video footage from a resident in the northern town of Shire who said government-allied Eritrean forces had pulled out showed similar scenes. The Ethiopian military spokesman, Eritrean information minister and Amahara regional spokesman all said they were unable to comment. On Tuesday, residents said Eritrean forces could no longer be seen in Shire, a large town at the junction of several main roads. Another resident in Shire told Reuters "overnight there was a massive movement of Eritrean troops from Axum, Shire to Sheraro direction."
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extrajudicial killings, CNN has previously compiled extensive eyewitness testimony that Ethiopian soldiers and soldiers from neighboring Eritrea were perpetrating massacres sexual violence and other abuses in the region. Even after Ethiopian soldiers withdrew, the massacre site remained under attack. Villagers told CNN the continued presence of soldiers in the area was an attempt to hide evidence of the killings. An arms expert told CNN these would normally be used in light machine guns and assault rifles like those seen in the massacre video. At the time, another one of Alula's brothers told CNN it was hard to accept.
Persons: TMH, Ethiopian Prime Minister's, Mahibere Dego, Abiy Ahmed, Mariam Megdelawit, Alula's Organizations: CNN, Amnesty, Tigrai Media, Ethiopian Prime, Ethiopian Locations: Tigray, Ethiopia, Mahibere Dego, Ethiopia's Amhara, Eritrea, Axum, Alula
Now hunger is stalking the Tigray region again, and a senior UN official alleges that starvation is being used as a weapon of war. In some of his strongest public comments to date on the crisis, the UN's top humanitarian official, Mark Lowcock, accused Eritrean forces of "trying to deal with the Tigrayan population by starving them." Minister of Information Yemane Gebremeskel has previously said accusations that Eritrean soldiers are blocking or looting aid are "fabricated." Some residents accused Amhara forces of stealing their crops and livestock, or chasing them off their farms. Continuing harassment from Eritrean forces meant that no one was plowing the land for the next crop, farmers told aid workers.
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US officials estimate that as many as 1.25 million people live in areas humanitarian workers cannot access. Between March 27 and May 5, the government, the World Food Programme (WFP) and other partners provided food aid to more than 1.2 million people in 32 districts. Humanitarian workers say famine could have already arrived there and they would have no way of knowing. "We are seeing a trend towards more restricted humanitarian access in Tigray," a spokesperson told CNN. CNN reported Wednesday that Eritrean troops, in coordination with Ethiopian forces, had once more closed off key aid routes in central Tigray.
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CNN's efforts to reach Axum were thwarted by both Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers multiple times over several days. Ethiopian soldiers block CNN's path, threatening the team with detention. CNN was informed by aid agencies that they had also been turned back by Eritrean soldiers manning the same checkpoint. Ethiopian military sources in the region confirmed to CNN that Eritrean soldiers were in control of key checkpoints along the route to Axum. That report was corroborated by humanitarian workers in Tigray, who said they had "protection" issues around distributing aid in some areas as civilians were later robbed of the aid by Eritrean soldiers.
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Graphic, unverified footage had surfaced of a mass killing near Dawit's hometown of Mahibere Dego, in a mountainous area of central Tigray. If the soldiers in the Mahibere Dego video are indeed Ethiopian National Defense Forces then it may be the first visual evidence of Ethiopia's involvement in war crimes. Amnesty International used 3D modeling software to match the footage to satellite imagery of the location outside Mahibere Dego. In freeze-frames of the footage, soldiers can be seen wearing uniforms with embroidered Ethiopian national flag patches on the shoulder and black "Ethiopian Army" stitching on the lapel. Dawit and other residents said Ethiopian troops had been fighting in another town nearby before coming to Mahibere Dego.
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NAIROBI (Reuters) - Eritrea has agreed to withdraw troops from Ethiopian territory along their mutual border, Ethiopia’s prime minister said on Friday, under international pressure to address mounting reports of human rights abuses during months of conflict. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who acknowledged for the first time this week that Eritrean forces had crossed the border into Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region during the fighting, said Ethiopia’s military would take over guarding the border area. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said this month he wanted Eritrean forces replaced in Tigray by forces that would respect human rights. Abiy did not make clear on Friday whether any Eritrean troops not in the immediate border area would also withdraw. He did not comment at the time on whether Eritrean troops were in Tigray.
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“Women say they have been raped by armed actors, they also told stories of gang rape, rape in front of family members and men being forced to rape their own family members under the threat of violence,” Wafaa Said, deputy U.N. aid coordinator in Ethiopia, said in a briefing to U.N. member states in New York. She said at least 516 rape cases had been reported by five medical facilities in Mekelle, Adigrat, Wukro, Shire and Axum. The violence in Tigray has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes in the mountainous region of about 5 million. This week, Abiy acknowledged for the first time that atrocities such as rape had been committed and said any soldiers committing crimes would be punished. Dozens of witnesses in Tigray have told Reuters that Eritrean soldiers routinely killed civilians, gang-raped and tortured women and looted households and crops.
Persons: ” Wafaa Said, Abiy Ahmed, Redwan Hussein, Billene Seyoum, Mulu Nega, Osman Saleh Mohammed, Yemane Gebremeskel, ” Said, , Antony Blinken, Abiy Organizations: YORK, United Nations, Ethiopian, Eritrea’s, U.S, Reuters, Eritrean Locations: Ethiopia’s Tigray, Ethiopia, New York, Mekelle, Wukro, Shire, Axum, , Tigray, Eritrea, Billene
FILE PHOTO: The United Nations logo is seen on a window in an empty hallway at United Nations headquarters during the 75th annual U.N. General Assembly high-level debate, which is being held mostly virtually due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in New York, U.S., September 21, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Segar“Women say they have been raped by armed actors, they also told stories of gang rape, rape in front of family members and men being forced to rape their own family members under the threat of violence,” Wafaa Said, deputy U.N. aid coordinator in Ethiopia, said in a briefing to U.N. member states in New York. The Ethiopian government takes the allegations of sexual violence “very seriously” and has deployed a fact-finding mission, Ethiopia’s U.N. ambassador, Taye Atskeselassie Amde, told Reuters. The violence in Tigray has killed thousands of people and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes in the mountainous region of about 5 million. The United Nations has raised concerns about atrocities, while U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has described acts carried out as ethnic cleansing.
Persons: Mike Segar, ” Wafaa Said, Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s U.N, Taye Atskeselassie Amde, , Osman Saleh Mohammed, Yemane Gebremeskel, ” Said, Antony Blinken, Abiy Organizations: YORK, United Nations, United, General Assembly, REUTERS, Ethiopian, Reuters, Eritrean, U.S Locations: Ethiopia’s Tigray, United Nations, New York, U.S, Ethiopia, Mekelle, Wukro, Shire, Axum, , Tigray, Eritrea, “ Ethiopia
More evidence of sexual violence being used as a deliberate weapon of war is emerging from Ethiopia's northern Tigray region , where an armed conflict has been raging for months. She told CNN she is now pregnant. But in recent weeks, as foreign journalists have been allowed in, horrifying stories of rape and sexual violence are beginning to surface. One coordinator at a gender-based violence crisis center in Tigray told CNN they used to hear of cases every few days or once a week. Many of the women who have been raped have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, doctors told CNN.
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NAIROBI (Reuters) - Ethiopians in the war-scarred north are dying from lack of healthcare services, are suffering food and water shortages, and remain “terrified”, according to aid agencies finally accessing remoter parts of Tigray region. “Every time we reach a new area, we find food, water, health services depleted, and a lot of fear among the population. Many Tigrayans had relied on food aid even before the war, with locust plagues in early 2020 worsening their plight. The state-run Ethiopian Press Agency quoted the Tigray Water Resource Management Bureau as saying clean water was running short for many because of damaged infrastructure, looted offices, stolen equipment and an inoperative dam. The European Union last week suspended budget support for Ethiopia worth 88 million euros ($107 million) until aid groups had better access.
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Muhsin Muhammad on his journey from NFL pro to private equity
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Muhsin Muhammad on his journey from NFL pro to private equityMuhsin Muhammad, Axum Capital Partners and former NFL wide receiver, joins CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report" to share his story of going from NFL to private equity.
Persons: Muhsin Muhammad Organizations: NFL, Axum Capital Partners Locations: Axum
FILE PHOTO: Members of Amhara region militias ride on their truck as they head to face the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), in Sanja, Amhara region near a border with Tigray, Ethiopia November 9, 2020. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri/File PhotoAbiy Ahmed cut the ribbon on a mega-highway linking south Ethiopia with Kenya’s port of Mombasa, alongside Kenyan counterpart President Uhuru Kenyatta, as part of Ethiopia’s aspirations to become a regional powerhouse. “Just like the infrastructure, we should work on peace and security,” he said at the border town of Moyale, refraining from mentioning Tigray. Abiy declared victory after capturing the regional capital Mekelle, but TPLF leaders say their combat continues from surrounding hills. Both sides’ claims are difficult to check, as most communications in Tigray are down and access is severely restricted.
Persons: Ahmed, Uhuru Kenyatta, , Abiy, Kenyatta, Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Organizations: United Nations, REUTERS, Tiksa, Kenyan, Human Rights, Journalists, Aid, Ethiopian Locations: NAIROBI, GENEVA, Kenya, Tigray, Sanja, Amhara, Ethiopia, Mombasa, Moyale, , Sudan, Africa, Kenya’s, South Sudan, Geneva, Mekelle, Sherero, Axum, Addis Ababa
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet attends a news conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, December 9, 2020. REUTERS/Denis BalibouseGENEVA (Reuters) - The situation in Ethiopia is “worrying and volatile” as fighting in the Tigray region continues amid reports of ethnic profiling of Tigrayans including in Addis Ababa, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said on Wednesday. “We have reports that particularly areas surrounding towns like Mekelle, Sherero, Axum, Abiy Addi, and the borders between the Amhara and Tigray regions, fighting continues between federal forces and the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), and affiliated militias on both sides,” Bachelet told a news conference in Geneva. “There is an urgent need for independent monitoring of the human rights situation in the Tigray region, all necessary measures to protect civilians, and accountability for violations.”Reuters has been unable to verify claims by either side in the conflict since phone and internet connections to the Tigray region are down and access to the area is strictly controlled.
Persons: Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, Denis Balibouse GENEVA, , Abiy Addi, ” Bachelet, Organizations: Human Rights, United Nations, REUTERS, ” Reuters Locations: Geneva, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Tigray, Addis Ababa, U.N, Sherero, Axum, Amhara
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Rebellious forces from Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray said they had shot down a military plane and retaken a town from federal forces on Sunday, a day after the prime minister announced federal troops had taken over the regional capital and military operations were complete. There was no immediate comment from the government or the military on the claims made by Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in text messages to Reuters. Thousands of people are believed to have been killed and nearly 44,000 have fled to Sudan since the fighting began. In text messages on Sunday, he said that his forces had shot down an Ethiopian military plane and captured the pilot, and had also retaken the town of Axum. Also on Sunday, Ethiopian state TV (ETV) said on Sunday that 70 graves, some individual and some containing multiple bodies were found in the town of Humera in Tigray.
Persons: Debretsion Gebremichael, Abiy, TPLF, , Debretsion, Mengistu Haile Mariam Organizations: Ethiopian Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Ethiopia’s, Tigray, Sudan, Mekelle, Axum, Humera, Eritrea
Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) Ethiopia has entered the "final phase" of a "law enforcement" military operation in the northern restive region of Tigray after a 72-hour deadline to surrender expired, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted in a statement on Thursday. Abiy claimed "thousands of Tigray Special Forces and militia members" surrendered in that time -- a claim CNN has been unable to independently verify due to a communications blackout in the region. The Ethiopian federal forces have been notified to conclude the "final phase" of capturing the regional capital of Mekelle. "We call on the people of Mekelle and its environs to disarm, stay at home and stay away from military targets, and take all necessary precautions." Trenches across the runway of Axum airport in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, seen in this satellite image from Maxar Technologies taken on November 23
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Abiy Organizations: CNN, Tigray Special Forces, Ethiopian, Maxar Locations: Nairobi, Kenya, Ethiopia, restive, Tigray, Mekelle, Axum
Some 42,000 refugees have fled over the border to Sudan and TPLF rockets have hit neighbouring Eritrea. Tigrayan forces have fired rockets at the airport of Eritrea’s capital Asmara, while Ethiopian soldiers have been pulled from peacekeeping missions in Somalia and South Sudan. The U.N. mission in South Sudan said it was aware of the three soldiers’ repatriation. Although Ethiopia is ultimately responsible for the conduct and movement of its 2,000 troops in South Sudan, the statement said, discrimination due to ethnicity could violate international law. Ethiopia has described the Tigray fighting as an internal law enforcement matter.
Persons: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah, Abiy, , Joaquim Chissano, Ellen Johnson, Kgalema, Joe Biden’s, Jake Sullivan, “ I’m, al, ” Billene Seyoum, Mai Kadra, Tigrayans, of Sheba, Grant Harris Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Maxar Technologies, Union, United Nations Security, Ethiopian, Covenant, National Security Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Ethiopia, Tigray, Sudan, Kassala state, Mekelle, Eritrea, Amhara, Dansha, Adwa, Mozambique, Liberia, South Africa, Addis Ababa, Africa, Eritrea’s, Asmara, Somalia, South Sudan, al Qaeda, Ethiopia’s, Mai, Axum, Barack Obama’s
Thousands of people are already believed to have died and there has been widespread destruction from aerial bombardment and ground fighting since the war began on Nov. 4. If confirmed, the presence of Eritrean ground forces would amount to a major escalation of the conflict. In Tigray, satellite images showed Ethiopian troops in the ancient town of Axum and trenches dug across the local airport’s runway. Axum’s history and ruins give Ethiopia its claim to be one of the world’s oldest centres of Christianity. Abiy repeated his position on Wednesday that the Tigray fighting was an internal law enforcement matter.
Persons: Abiy, , Joaquim Chissano, Ellen Johnson, Kgalema, Joe Biden’s, Jake Sullivan, “ I’m, Grant Harris Organizations: Rights Watch, Reuters, Union, Maxar Technologies, Ethiopian, National Security Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Ethiopia, Tigray, Mekelle, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia’s Amhara, Mozambique, Liberia, South Africa, Axum, Barack Obama’s
Ethiopia war destabilising east Africa, warns EU
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A 72-hour government deadline for Tigray forces to surrender is due to expire on Wednesday evening. Tigrayans forces have fired rockets at the neighbouring country of Eritrea, and Ethiopian soldiers have been pulled from peacekeeping missions in Somalia and South Sudan. The U.N. mission in South Sudan said it was aware of the three soldiers’ repatriation, and that its human rights division was following up. Although Ethiopia is ultimately responsible for the conduct and movement of the roughly 2,000 troops it had in South Sudan, the statement said, discrimination due to ethnicity could violate international law. Long lines of cars were forming in front of gas stations in Mekelle, the Tigray regional capital, according to satellite images taken on Nov. 23 and provided to Reuters by Maxar Technologies.
Persons: Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah, , ” Josep Borrell, Abiy Ahmed, , Borrel, Joaquim Chissano, Ellen Johnson, Kgalema, al, UNMISS, ” Billene Organizations: European Union, REUTERS, African Union, United Nations Security, Reuters, Maxar Technologies Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Horn, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kassala state, Mozambique, Liberia, South Africa, Addis Ababa, Niger, Tunisia, Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, al Qaeda, Ethiopia’s, Mekelle, Axum
ADDIS ABABA/NAIROBI (Reuters) - Forces of Ethiopia’s Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have destroyed an airport in the town of Axum, state-affiliated Fana broadcaster said on Monday, after federal troops gave them a three-day deadline to surrender. TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael told Reuters the ultimatum was a cover for the government forces to regroup after what he described as defeats on three fronts. There was no immediate response from either side to the other’s comments, and Reuters could not confirm the latest statements. Claims by all sides are hard to verify because phone and internet communication has been down.
Persons: Debretsion Gebremichael Organizations: Forces of, Reuters Locations: ADDIS ABABA, NAIROBI, Tigray, Axum, Fana
TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael told Reuters that threat was a cover for government forces to regroup after what he described as defeats on three fronts. The conflict has spread beyond Tigray, with the TPLF firing rockets into both neighbouring Amhara region and across the border to Eritrea. Fana broadcaster said TPLF troops had destroyed the airport serving the town of Axum, which lies northwest of Mekelle and is a popular tourist draw and UNESCO World Heritage site. The TPLF says Abiy has “invaded” their region in order to dominate them and is inflicting “merciless” damage on Tigrayans. “We are people of principle and are ready to die in defence of our right to administer our region,” TPLF leader Debretsion added in a text message to Reuters on Monday.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Debretsion Gebremichael, of Sheba, Catherine Sozi, Abiy, , Debretsion Organizations: Forces of, Reuters, HERITAGE SITE, United Nations, UNESCO Locations: NAIROBI, Tigray, Axum, Mekelle, Sudan, Amhara, Eritrea, Africa, Europe, Fana, Ethiopia,
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