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Disney is working on a "real" lightsaber that mimics the Star Wars prop's retractable and light-up capabilities. Disney may be working on bringing the signature Star Wars lightsabers to our Republic. The effect is much closer to the classic lightsaber drawing from the Star Wars franchise than Disney's past props. The company also sells more expensive non-retractable lightsabers that look closer to the props shown in the Star Wars franchise. According to The Verge, the prototype was unveiled at a Disney Parks presentation, when the chairman pulled out the retractable lightsaber, much to the delight of fans like Ridout.
Persons: Ben Ridout Organizations: Disney, VR, Twitter, Star Wars, Disney Parks . Disney Parks, Disney Parks Locations: Epcot
The bike system offer "gamified workouts" and access to popular streaming services. A new indoor exercise bike from Playpulse offers buyers the chance to work out while playing virtual bumper cars and stream entertainment right to their bikes. There are four games currently listed, but Playpulse says it is developing more game options. Playpulse game "Helios." The entry-level Peloton bike starts at $1,895, with the new Peloton Plus priced at $2,495.
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MLB trading cards will now be available as NFTs, in partnership with card maker Topps and blockchain marketplace WAX. There's a new way to trade baseball cards, and it doesn't involve physical cards at all. This week, Topps, the card company that issues baseball trading cards, will be launching a line of digital-only trading cards of Major League Baseball players as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The launch will take place on April 20 and will be on the WAX platform for blockchain-based token sales. WAXThe MLB is taking after its basketball counterparts in the launch of blockchain-based trading cards.
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SpaceX's Starlink satellite-internet service is open to preorders in certain markets. Starlink, a satellite-based internet service and division of Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX, is currently in its beta-testing phase. But some users can sign up to preorder the internet service, which aims to provide "high-speed, low latency broadband internet" globally. See when Starlink estimates it will provide service to your location. In October 2020, Insider reported that Starlink beta tests in the Pacific Northwest showed promising results and extremely high download speeds.
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Amazon has defeated a vote to form a union at its warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) said it's officially filing objections alleging Amazon illegally interfered with the election. Amazon workers at the company's warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama have voted against forming what would have been the first-ever Amazon workers' union in the US. With a majority of votes against the union, Amazon has successfully defeated the unionization attempt. The union vote was marked by appeals from Amazon to change the NLRB's practices.
Persons: it's, John Logan, RWDSU, Stuart Appelbaum, Appelbaum, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Joe Biden Organizations: Amazon, Wholesale, Department Store Union, unionizing, National Labor Relations Board, San Francisco State University, gaslight, US Postal Service, The Washington, NLRB, USPS Locations: Bessemer , Alabama, Bessemer, Birmingham, Alabama
The results of Amazon's historic union vote are in, and the majority of warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama, voted against forming a union. Objections seeking to challenge the results of a failed union vote are common, Insider has reported. Jennings and other employees who voted against the union said that Amazon already provides everything a union would. Since the workers voted against forming a union, there will not be a bargaining table. Getty/ PATRICK T. FALLONWorkers feared changeJennings said she worried that if the union vote passed, it would have affected morale and perks.
Persons: Cori Jennings, Jennings, Stuart Appelbaum, Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Connor, Thomas Eady, Eady, didn't, Getty, PATRICK T, Connor, Jason, Michael, Mike, FALLON Organizations: unionizing, National Labor, Amazon, Workers, FALLON Workers, Intercept, Wholesale, Department Store Union Locations: Bessemer , Alabama, Amazon's Bessemer, Alabama, Sen, Bessemer, stow, Birmingham , Alabama
The NLRB has counted 3,215 votes in Amazon employees' historic union vote in Bessemer, Alabama. RWDSU, the union under which employees would unionize, said Amazon challenged hundreds of ballots. A total of 3,215 employees at Amazon's fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, cast ballots in a closely watched vote over whether to unionize, according to a press release from the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. The warehouse has more than 5,800 employees, meaning roughly 55% of employees voted. In the contentious union vote, Amazon has repeatedly contested aspects of the voting process to the NLRB, which denied the company's request to install cameras monitoring the ballot room in the NLRB's Birmingham office.
Organizations: NLRB, RWDSU, Amazon, Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union, National Labor Relations Board, Union Locations: Bessemer , Alabama, NLRB's Birmingham
Samuel Adams will give out up to 10,000 payments of $7 to customers who share a vaccine card or sticker. If you've gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, Samuel Adams will let you buy drinks on the company's tab. Samuel Adams joins several retailers in offering incentives to people who have gotten the coronavirus vaccine. Insider reported in March that Krispy Kreme would be giving away one free glazed donut per day to any customer with a COVID-19 vaccination card. And for vaccinated people who wanted to take advantage of as many promotions as possible without damaging their vaccination card, Insider reported that Staples will laminate cards for free through May 1.
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Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would 'soon' legalize sports betting online. New York State says that it will soon allow mobile sports betting, in a move hoping to shore up funding for schools and other services, the governor's office announced on Tuesday. As far as timing, Cuomo on Wednesday said New Yorkers can expect mobile betting "soon," but has yet to provide a specific date. Cuomo posted on Twitter that the state would directly operate the mobile betting, and that the program's revenues would go to "youth sports, education, and to combat problem gambling." The overall New York State budget, after it takes effect, will also include broadband internet services available at a reduced rate to low-income people, and the legalization of recreational cannabis.
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Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire, according to Forbes
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Kim Kardashian West was declared a billionaire by Forbes. The valuation of Kardashian West's net worth comes after the success of her beauty and fashion brands. Reality TV star and fashion and beauty guru Kim Kardashian West has appeared on the Forbes World's Billionaires List for the first time. Forbes estimated Kardashian West's net worth from October of last year at $780 million. However, Forbes later ran a major story saying that Jenner's net worth had been overvalued and that Jenner was no longer considered a billionaire by Forbes' standards.
Persons: Kim Kardashian West, Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Forbes, Kardashian West's, Kanye West, West, Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kylie Organizations: Forbes, Coty, Reuters, Kardashian West
Harvard Business Review research points to the positive impacts of having women in C-Suite roles. Researchers found organizations with more women embraced transformation while looking to reduce risk. A company with multiple women executives is more likely to be open to change, according to findings published in the Harvard Business Review on Tuesday. Researchers pointed to the value of diversity overall in making companies more open to change. Last year, Insider reported that companies were hiring more diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders despite hiring being down overall.
Persons: Corinne Post, Boris Lokshin, Chrisophe Boone Organizations: Harvard Business, Lehigh University's College of Business, Maastricht University, University of Antwerp
Amazon illegally fired employees who criticized the company, the National Labor Relations Board found. Amazon maintains the employees were fired for violating internal policies. Amazon acted illegally by firing two employees who publicly criticized the organization last year, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found, the New York Times reported on Monday. The National Labor Review Board said complaints from Amazon employees tripled in the past year, Business Insider's Annabelle Williams previously reported. Representatives for Amazon and the National Labor Relations Board did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.
Persons: Emily Cunningham, Maren Costa, Amazon, Cunningham, Jaci Anderson, Annabelle Williams, Mark Pocan Organizations: Amazon, National Labor Relations Board, New York Times, NLRB, National Labor, Board, Rep Locations: New York City, Birmingham , Alabama, Birmingham
Tim Cook said that Apple's political strategy remains unchanged under the Biden administration. Trump and Cook have had a well-publicized relationship, with Trump exempting Apple from some tariffs. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a podcast interview with journalist Kara Swisher that Apple employs much the same political strategy across both the Trump and Biden administrations. Trump also once called him "Tim Apple" — Cook said that he "leaned into it" and changed his Twitter name to Tim Apple for a time. The relationship between Cook and Trump made headlines during 2019's trade war with China, in which Cook asked Trump to exclude some Apple products from stricter tariffs on Chinese imports.
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One of the factors driving pro-union sentiment, workers say, is a feeling of being watched by Amazon. The system, per Insider's reporting, can result in a warehouse worker's termination without directly involving a human supervisor or manager. Insider reported that in a statement on the map, Amazon wrote: "The [Team Member] Relations Heatmap is designed to identify stores at risk of unionization." For some European warehouse workers, the Pinkerton Spy Agency has gotten involvedMotherboard reported in November 2020 that leaked documents showed that Amazon had worked with the Pinkerton Spy Agency, famous for its anti-union efforts, to spy on warehouse workers across Europe. And in December 2020, Insider reported that operatives from Pinkerton had infiltrated a private strike in Barcelona, drawing up a report on the workers and journalists in attendance.
Persons: Pinkerton Organizations: Amazon, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Amazon News, Foods, Whole, Pinkerton, Pinkerton Spy Agency Locations: Bessemer, Alabama, Europe, Barcelona
The platform, a dating app that connects "sugar babies'' and "sugar daddies," has 10 million users. Sugar babies on the Seeking Arrangement are encouraged to negotiate an "arrangement" with their partner. He encouraged sugar daddies to send groceries, flowers, or food to their sugar babies as they physically distance. It releases an annual ranking of the schools it says have the most sugar babies. "Sugar babies beat student debt," the website for their dedicated college program, Sugar Baby U, says.
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Digital fashion companies aim to disrupt and digitize high fashionInsider spoke with a representative from The Fabricant, a digital fashion house. Not all digital-fashion items are NFTs, explains Michaela Larosse, head of communications at The Fabricant, a digital fashion house. CryptoKitties approached the digital fashion house about designing a dress that would be available on the blockchain. Not every digital fashion house sells NFTs — many digital designers have garments that you can buy online and get fitted to your photos. But with many influencers and online personalities marketing physical clothing on digital platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, perhaps digital fashion isn't far behind.
Persons: NFTs, Michaela Larosse, CryptoKitties, Forbes, Larosse, Armour, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Londo, Karlie Kloss Organizations: Brands, of Fashion, Buffalo London Buffalo London
Here's a guide to getting access to the platform used by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and more. Invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse has made headlines recently, from hosting conversations with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to inspiring a "black market" for invites. Initial Clubhouse users receive 2 invites. Insider reported that some Chinese citizens were paying up to 65 euros for an invitation to Clubhouse. However, users likely won't need invites forever: Insider reported in February that Clubhouse hopes to move to an open-access model as soon as possible.
Persons: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Read, There's, it's Organizations: Apple, Twitter
The former CEO of Parler, John Matze, announced Thursday that he had launched a GoFundMe page to support legal fees "associated with [his] departure from Parler." "I also am likely heading into a Congressional investigation into Parler, and it is uncertain whether Parler will indemnify me for the inevitable costs of defending this investigation," Matze wrote on the GoFundMe page. In March, Insider reported that Matze was suing Parler over his departure and accusing the company of taking his 40% ownership stake. Insider reported that the lawsuit claimed Matze was ousted after he said the platform should have more stringent content-moderation policies. After the app stores removed Parler, Amazon Web Services also stopped providing hosting services, forcing the platform offline.
Persons: John Matze's, Rebekah Mercer, John Matze, Matze, Parler Organizations: Capitol, Apple, Google, Amazon Web Services Locations: Parler
Fraudulent vaccines and other coronavirus treatments have cropped up worldwide since the start of the pandemic. The FDA has issued guidance to consumers to protect themselves from COVID-19-related scams. Fake coronavirus vaccines have cropped up around the world, ranging from a major ring in China to a 55-year-old man in the Pacific Northwest accused of selling bogus vaccines. The FDA has issued warnings about false coronavirus tests and counterfeit vaccines as people globally scramble to get their shots. The FDA issued a warning urging people to "beware of fraudulent coronavirus tests, vaccines and treatments."
Persons: Johnny Stine, Stine, vaccinate, coronavirus, Kong Organizations: FDA, US Justice Department, Justice Department, BBC, Social, ABC News, YouTube, Facebook, FTC Locations: South Africa, COVID, China, Pacific, Washington
He told Insider that he backs the union effort by actual Amazon employees in Alabama. The Twitter account mentioned she was a middle-aged woman with two sons, and strongly opposed unionization. Appleton told Insider that he decided to create the Darla Twitter account last Friday. "Corporations put ungodly amounts of time and money into pretending they care about anything as much as they care about profits," Appleton told Insider. The union vote has officially closed as of Monday, and the ballots are currently being counted.
Persons: Darla, Robby Appleton, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Appleton, Twitter Organizations: Amazon's FC, Twitter, Amazon Locations: Alabama, Bessemer, Amazon, Chicago
Amazon's warehouse in an Alabama town is undergoing a historic union vote. Workers fear changeJennings said she worries that if the union vote passes, it will affect morale and perks. She is also concerned about the RWDSU opposing Amazon workers' at-will status. But, she said, if the union vote passes and she doesn't agree with the reason to strike, she'll just go to work. "Amazon is really pushing the anti-union thing a little too hard," with its constant messaging to workers, Eady added.
Persons: Cori Jennings, Jennings, Bernie Sanders, PATRICK T, FALLON, Chelsea Connor, Thomas Eady, Eady, didn't, Getty, Michael, Mike, FALLON Connor, Jason, Dave Jamieson, Jamieson, she's, she'll, Connor Organizations: Workers, National Labor, Board, Getty, Wholesale, Department Store Union, Intercept, Twitter Locations: Alabama, Sen, Bessemer , Alabama, Bessemer, Birmingham , Alabama, stow
There's been a big uptick in complaints of Amazon getting in the way of workers' rights to organize. In the past year of the pandemic, at least 37 complaints have been filed, NBC News reports. The news outlet spoke to workers who felt the company had retaliated against them for attempting to organize, some of whom have NLRB complaints active. The report found that, since February of 2020, there were at least 37 filed against the retail and tech giant alleging anti-union activity that infringed on workers' rights. The number of complaints amounts to more than three times the complaints in 2019 and over six times the complaints in 2018, per NBC.
Persons: There's, Kate Taylor Organizations: Amazon, NBC, National Labor, Board, Walmart Locations: Alabama, Bessemer
The NLRB denied a request from Amazon to set up cameras watching the ballots for a historic union election. The ballots of workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are slated to be counted this week. The National Labor Review Board denied a request by Amazon to set up cameras watching the ballot boxes as votes began to be counted in the company's Bessemer, AL union vote. The NLRB denied the company's request to have an in-person vote, instead requiring that the company comply with mail-in voting, Insider reported in February. The vote on whether Bessemer workers will join the RWDSU closed on March 29, and the RWDSU told Insider last week that it hopes to have a result by Sunday, April 4.
Organizations: NLRB, National Labor, Board, Amazon, CNBC, Birmingham, Retail Wholesale Department Store Union, RWDSU Locations: Bessemer , Alabama, Bessemer, Alabama
Experts say it "may be the most important union vote in decades." "It may be the most important union vote in decades," Lynne Vincent, an assistant professor of management at Syracuse University's Whitman School, told Insider. An Amazon warehouse unionizing could have a massive impactThe vote will impact workers beyond those at Amazon. A vote in favor of the union would still only be the first step in Amazon workers' union being recognize. Amazon workers' unionizing efforts have been heavily covered by the media, and drawn support from high-profile figures including President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders.
Persons: unionize, Lynne Vincent, Wilma Liebman, Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton, Read, Biden, Celine McNicholas, — we've, McNicholas, Lucas Jackson, Insider's Isobel Asher Hamilton, Annabelle Williams, Catherine Highsmith, Rick T, Vincent, Bernie Sanders, It's, Art Velasquez, Unionizing, Velasquez Organizations: Syracuse University's Whitman School, National Labor Relations, Presidents, for American Progress, Amazon, Economic, Institute, REUTERS, Lucas Jackson Workers, unionizing, Walmart, Retail, Wholesale, Department Store Union, Washington Post Locations: Bessemer , Alabama, Amazon, Bessemer
Insider spoke with two warehouse workers about their fight against Amazon's anti-union tactics. Six thousand warehouse workers in Alabama could soon decide the future of a $1.5 trillion tech giant and its 560,000 employees worldwide. At those meetings, workers watched anti-union videos, and, after one of them, Richardson was kept behind by a manager. The contract was from a poultry plant and had nothing to do with Amazon, Highsmith told Insider. On March 9, the RWDSU said it had received enquiries from more than a thousand Amazon workers around the country since voting in Bessemer began.
Persons: Darryl Richardson, Richardson, Chelsea Connor, it's, Jennifer Bates, Bates, Joe Biden, Sens, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, Danny Glover, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, Catherine Highsmith, Highsmith, Isobel Asher Hamilton, , Dustin Chambers Highsmith, RWDSU Amazon's, Amazon, Amazon's, Connor, Sellers, " Highsmith, He's Organizations: Amazon's, Amazon, Wholesale, Department Store Union, Alexa, Workers, Staff, Washington Post, REUTERS, National Labor Relations Board, USPS, Union, doer, Bessemer, National Labor Relations Locations: Alabama, Bessemer , Alabama, Amazon's Bessemer, Bessemer, Jefferson, Queens
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