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The holiday season is here—and so are the stresses that go with shopping for gifts. For years, shoppers have struggled with fake reviews on Amazon and influencers hawking products for pay on their feeds. Now, they’re also facing rising inflation and shorter return windows.
A new haircut, a bad day at work, the onset of seasonal affective disorder—so many things can be attributed to what people are calling a “menty b.”A nickname for “mental breakdown,” the term has gained traction among Instagram and TikTok users, many of whom work it into their usernames and posts as a light way of describing emotionally heavy times. Etsy shops sell sweatshirts, hats, laptop stickers, keychains and mugs emblazoned with “menty b.”
TBH was hot. Five years ago, the app, which prompted teens to compliment one another, topped Apple ’s App Store charts and quickly amassed millions of users in the coveted high-school demographic. Facebook snapped it up less than three months after launch—and soon shut it down. Now one of TBH’s co-creators is back with Gas, a nearly identical iPhone app. Gas asks teens multiple-choice questions about people in their school, letting them choose yearbook-style superlatives such as “the most beautiful person you have ever met” or the classmate who is “never afraid of getting in trouble.”
Several times a week, hundreds of people log onto Amazon’s Twitch service to watch a Betty Boop-like cartoon character named Pumpkin Potion. Wearing a spider-web-pattern dress, she plays piano and chats with the audience about what’s going on in her life for up to seven hours at a time. She selects tunes from videogame franchises such as Zelda and Pokémon and sometimes sings along. Fans react with song requests, virtual applause and comments. In nine months, Pumpkin has attracted more than 15,000 followers.
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  + stars: | 2022-09-19 | by ( Megan Graham | Katie Deighton | Patrick Coffee | )   time to read: +2 min
ChargePoint, the largest U.S. producer of EV charging stations, is rolling out an advertising display businessFriction over a new marketing direction follows years of challenges for the storied electronics chain. Many luxury-good sellers aren’t feeling the same pressure to cut marketing budgets that has hit other categories in recent months, thanks to a booming market for costly cars, travel packages and other premium products. Tennis Styles Fuel Seasonal Marketing Strategies The U.S. Open will put tennis fashion back in the spotlight, but consumers are increasingly embracing the sport’s look year-round. Large Ad Agency Networks Have Resisted the Economic Downturn—So Far Top global advertising agency networks have so far defied widespread declines in ad spending that have hurt digital platforms, publishers and broadcasters, but their outlooks for the years to come remain uncertain. Web3 Brands Try Serving Customers in the Real World Solana, SuperPlastic and Doodles are using interactive experiences to reach consumers who aren’t already NFT converts
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