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One Answer to America’s Recycling Problems—Make Big Brands Pay
  + stars: | 2020-12-05 | by ( Saabira Chaudhuri | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
Who should pay to recycle discarded cereal boxes, drinks bottles and detergent containers? The makers of such products have long fought efforts to make them pay for the cost of dealing with packaging waste. Now, trade groups that represent companies like Procter & Gamble Co. and PepsiCo Inc. are softening that stance, as consumers become more concerned about plastic waste and municipalities struggle to cover the costs of their recycling programs. Such rules could help pay for curbside collection and sorting infrastructure, and spur companies to design packaging that is easier to recycle, lawmakers say. Ninety two recycling programs have been eliminated in the U.S. since late 2017, according to the Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit.
Persons: , Sen, Tom Udall Organizations: Procter, Gamble Co, PepsiCo Inc, Federal, Recycling Locations: U.S, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, China
REUTERS/Jorge Duenes/File PhotoThe moves come even as Democratic President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to rescind many of Trump’s immigration policies. The Trump administration argued in a proposed version of the regulation released in October that the change is needed to better protect U.S. workers. A federal judge on Tuesday blocked two different fast-tracked Trump rules targeting the H-1B program. After the ruling, the Trump administration said it would still consider ending the program and then issued an order that narrowed its scope. Even though a federal judge ruled against that move in November, the administration could try other last-minute avenues to hamper the program.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Donald Trump, Jorge Duenes, Joe Biden, Trump, Stephen Miller, Ken Cuccinelli, Alex Conant, , , Biden, Barack Obama, Trump’s, Dreamer, Frank Sharry Organizations: WASHINGTON, REUTERS, Democratic, Trump’s, U.S . Department of Homeland Security, White House, Reuters, Trump, House, DHS, America’s Locations: Mexico, Tijuana, United States, Trump’s
How American investors are gobbling up booming bitcoin
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Tom Wilson | Alun John | ) + 0.00   time to read: +7 min
FILE PHOTO: Representations of virtual currency Bitcoin and U.S. dollar banknotes are seen in this picture illustration taken January 27, 2020. It is North American investors who have been the bigger winners in the 165% rally this year. Weekly net inflows of bitcoin - a proxy for new buyers - to platforms serving mostly North American users have jumped over 7,000 times this year to over 216,000 bitcoin worth $3.4 billion in mid-November, data compiled for Reuters shows. Others also point out that cryptocurrency trading is highly opaque compared to traditional assets and patchily regulated, making comprehensive data on the emerging sector rare. Nonetheless, Chainalysis found North American trading volumes at major exchanges - those with the most blockchain activity - had eclipsed East Asia’s this year.
Persons: Bitcoin, Dado Ruvic Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Chainalysis, , Ciara Sun, James Quinn, “ You’re, Curtis Ting, Christopher Matta, 3iQ, Leo Weese, OKEx, Lennix Lai, Yuzo Kano Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Q9, North, cryptocurrencies, , New, Blockchain Research, Hong Kong Bitcoin Association Locations: HONG KONG, North America, East Asia, East, China, Japan, South Korea, American, bitcoin, U.S, United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Western Europe, North America’s, New York, Canadian, Asia, Hoh, Korea, Beijing, Malta, Tokyo
Opinion | Find Your Place in the Vaccine Line
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Stuart A. Thompson | ) + 0.00   time to read: +11 min
To start, tell us about yourself:Based on your risk profile, we believe you’re in line behind people across the United States. If the line in was represented by about 100 people, this is where you’d be standing:How quickly we’ll move through this line is still an open question. It’s possible enough vaccine could be available after the first few months to skip phases altogether and start vaccinating everyone. Incarcerated, Homeless and Sick Americans May Come First In some states, the share of sick Americans, prisoners and homeless people is far higher. Start of vaccine line 62% of people in East Carrol County, La., have Covid-19 comorbidities, are homeless or are incarcerated 57% Issaquena County, Miss.
Persons: , , Sema, Young, William Schaffner, America’s, It’s, haven’t, Jared Polis, Sgaier, Vijay Samant, Mr, Samant, Gordon Douglas, “ That’s, Fred Ledley Organizations: Health, Surgo, Ariadne Labs, , Surgo Foundation, Centers for Disease Control, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, American Medical Association, Mississippi . Healthy, Merck, Washington State, Kaiser Family, AstraZeneca, University of Oxford, Bentley University, Locations: United States, you’re, States, America, Illinois, Cook County, Colorado, Southern, Alabama , Louisiana , Texas, Mississippi, East Carrol, La, Issaquena County, Miss, Harlan County, Ky, Douglas County, Colo, County , Utah, Boulder County, Washington, Idaho , West Virginia, Alabama, California, Maryland
DealBook: How to Fix America
  + stars: | 2020-12-03 | by ( Andrew Ross Sorkin | The New York Times | ) + 0.00   time to read: +41 min
DealBook: How to Fix America As we face so many challenges, we asked top experts for one idea we could do right now to make the country a better place. To do so, we need a program that makes every American an owner of the compound growth in value of corporate America. The government could fund investment accounts for every child born in America, a program we could call Birthright. Nowhere in the United States is this more evident than in the education children receive. If we are going to break the cycle of poverty, we must reimagine education in America.
Persons: Juan Carlos Pagan, , We’ve, we’ll, Cash, William Ackman, , Read, Otto Steininger, Robert F, Smith, Heidi J, Larson, , I’ve, Prithwiraj Choudhury, United States doesn’t, Michael, Mike, Greenwood, ” Greenwood, Andrew Young, Ryan Glover, It’s, Marcelo Claure, Oren Cass, Ed boondoggle, Hal Harvey, ” Let’s, Heidi Heitkamp, Biden, John B, King Jr, Barack Obama, I’m, Chris Coons, Chris Magnus, , Kwame Owusu, Kesse, Geoffrey Canada, Raj Chetty, William Julius Wilson, Alexandra Délano Alonso Organizations: Millionaires Credit, Getty, Pershing, Capital Management, Vista Equity Partners, Community Development Finance, of America’s, McKinsey, University of London, University of Washington, Harvard Business, U.S, Tulsa, Economic, Administration, Workers, Greenwood District, Okla, Craftsmen, Greenwood, Bounce, Child, SoftBank, Pew Research Center, Sense Media, National Education Association, Mobile, Sprint, Credit, American, Energy Innovation America, America, Former United, Indian Health Service, Invest, Department of Justice, Indian, Technology, Hire, Education Trust, Fund, AmeriCorps, Mental, of Education, Harvard, New, ICE Locations: America, U.S, United States, Tulsa, Okla, Northwest Arkansas, Tucson, Ariz, Canadian, Canada, Greenwood, American, Oklahoma, Atlanta, It’s, California, North Dakota, Country, Chris Coons of Delaware, . New York City, Harlem
The Social Life of Forests
  + stars: | 2020-12-02 | by ( Ferris Jabr | ) + 0.00   time to read: +43 min
The Social Life of Forests Trees appear to communicate and cooperate through subterranean networks of fungi. The planted saplings had plenty of space, and they received more light and water than trees in old, dense forests. “That tree is feeding these seedlings.”The trees, plants, funghi and microbes in forests are so thoroughly connected some scientists describe them as superorganisms. The emerging understanding of trees as social creatures has urgent implications for how we manage forests. Through a process called horizontal gene transfer, fungi, plants and animals — including humans — have continuously exchanged DNA with bacteria and viruses.
Persons: Ferris, Brendan George Ko, Suzanne Simard, Simard, Douglas, mycorrhizas, , ” Simard, David Janos, Jason Hoeksema, Richard Powers’s, Patricia Westerford, Knopf, Darwin, “ It’s, , I’m, Douglas fir, , Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird, Peter Wohlleben, ” Hoeksema, It’s, Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, Thomas Malthus, Adam Smith, Richard Lewontin, Toby Kiers, it’s, Oreos, Erik Leslie, Sm’hayetsk Teresa Ryan, Ryan, Nelson, gnats, they’d Organizations: University of British, The New York Times, Oregon State University, Resources, University of Mississippi, New York Times, , Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, TED, Titanic, Washington, Procter Community Forest, Procter, Nations, Sustainability, American Locations: University of British Columbia, British Columbia, North America, Nelson , British Columbia, Nelson, It’s, Mycorrhizas, America’s, New, Vrije, Procter , British Columbia, Tokyo, States, United States, Canada, Kootenay, North American, Menominee, Wisconsin, Lake States, Selkirk, Japanese, Toronto, Maui, Pacific
Truvada currently costs American users roughly $1,700 a month; Teva’s generic, which debuted in October, is marketed for around $1,455 per month. Gilead's all-but-proprietary access to sell Truvada is the equivalent of Hershey’s controlling who has access to chocolate milk. Meanwhile, generic versions of Truvada — Ricovir, Tavin-EM, or Tenof-EM — elsewhere in the world cost $210 to $720 per year. (Until Teva’s generic debuted, Gilead owned 100 percent of the Truvada market in the U.S, pulling in roughly $3 billion a year.) The problem with patents thus persists because toxic agents in soulless systems have created a ruthless market for its ostensible solutions.
Persons: it's, Teva, Gilead, Emory, Bayh, Sen, Birch Bayh, Robert Dole, , alafenamide, Obama, Trump, Biden, America’s Organizations: University of California, Emtricitabine, Emory University, NIH, National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, Dole, FDA, Harvard, Big Pharma Locations: States, America, U.S, Gilead, Truvada, , California, Massachusetts, Czech, San Francisco
The Rich, Literary Life of the Creator of America’s Favorite Girl Spy
  + stars: | 2020-12-01 | by ( Liesl Schillinger | ) sentiment -0.96   time to read: +2 min
SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO LIEThe Life and Times of Louise Fitzhugh, Renegade Author of ‘Harriet the Spy’By Leslie BrodyHow would the universe address you, if it thought there was something you urgently ought to know? If you’ve ever seen the work of the conceptual artist Jenny Holzer, you get a sense of how it might work. Her project is interrupted when a classmate discovers one of the notebooks and shares it with their class. Some entries are philosophical, but her classmates mostly notice the takedowns: “JANIE GETS STRANGER EVERY YEAR”; “TODAY A NEW BOY ARRIVED. HE IS SO DULL NO ONE CAN REMEMBER HIS NAME.” They ostracize Harriet, but she refuses to end her mission of self-enlightenment.
Persons: Louise Fitzhugh, ‘ Harriet, Leslie Brody, Jenny Holzer, Stark, Truisms ”, Harriet, James Merrill, ” Fitzhugh’s Harriet, Ole Golly, Harriet winkled, JANIE, Ole, , Locations: New York City, American
Mortgage boom risks coming home to roost for Brazil's banks
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Carolina Mandl | ) + 0.00   time to read: +7 min
Buying is now far more competitive and each percentage point drop in interest rates brings a mortgage within reach of 2.8 million more families, Brazil’s construction association says. So those individuals not hit by the pandemic kept their acquisition plans,” Cristiane Portella, head of Brazil mortgage association, Abecip, said. But banks and homebuilders say those mistakes will not be repeated amid low interest rates and new rules on repossession. Unlike the last real estate crisis, housing prices and interest rates are at a low,” analyst Fabio Fonseca, a partner at JGP Gestão de Recursos, said. “Low interest rates have made house financing so much cheaper that demand is huge even considering only very good payers,” Albuquerque said.
Persons: Sao Paulo, Fernando do Prado, Jenifer Ferreira, Pilar Olivares, ” Jenifer, Jenifer, Fernando, Itau, ” Danilo Caffaro, ” Cristiane Portella, Abecip, Rafael Menin, Sandro Gamba, Fabio Fonseca, Recursos, Romero Albuquerque, Albuquerque Organizations: SAO PAULO, Reuters, REUTERS, Banco Bradesco, Banco Santander Brasil, Itau, Caixa Economica, Mortgage, Santander Brasil, Brazil Realty SA Locations: Sao, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America’s, Chile, U.S, Brazilian, Sao Paulo, Brooklin
The Grit and Glory of Dolly Parton
  + stars: | 2020-11-30 | by ( Emily Lordi | Craig Mcdean | ) + 0.00   time to read: +7 min
For “There Was Jesus,” which was recorded last June, Williams tells me he “would have been thrilled” even if Parton had followed the typical procedure of recording her backing track independently and sending it to him. PEOPLE WANT HER gifts, her glow, her time; and Parton, who, as she says, “loves everybody and wants everybody to love me,” is often happy to oblige. Even I was not immune to the desire for a little more Dolly. Still, I like to think that in that extra, unscheduled 10 minutes, Parton was able to sit down by herself somewhere to write something — or rest. Makeup: Dolly Parton.
Persons: Parton, , , , “ I’m, ” Allen, Debbie, Willie Nelson, Jesus, Williams, Mavis Staples, Otis Redding, can’t, Melinda Newman’s, America’s “ comforter, didn’t, ” Summers, Summers, Dolly, they’d, Steve Summers, Cheryl Riddle, Dolly Parton, Nick Brinley, Peter Duong, Emma Magidson Organizations: Wagoner, Billboard Locations: , Nashville
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on Sunday announced an all-female communications team aimed at bringing "diverse perspectives" to the White House. Kate Bedingfield, who was the deputy campaign manager for the Biden-Harris campaign, will serve as White House Communications Director. Symone Sanders, one of the most prominent faces of the Biden 2020 campaign, will serve as a senior adviser and chief spokesperson for Harris. Ashley Etienne, a senior campaign adviser who will serve as Harris’ communications director. Karine Jean Pierre, a senior adviser to Biden who will serve as deputy press secretary.
Persons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jen Psaki, Biden, Kate Bedingfield, Harris, , Symone Sanders, Elizabeth Alexander, Jill, Ashley Etienne, Karine Jean Pierre, Pili, Janet Yellen, John Kerry, Ron Klain, Trump, Donald Trump Organizations: Sunday, Obama, White, Biden, White House Communications, America’s, Fox News
More than 40 million Americans have student loan debt, and outstanding student loans nationwide total more than $1.5 trillion. "The moment that I finally get my winnings, my plan is to pay off my student loan debt," Leake said. Like most borrowers, Leake has not paid his federal student loan bills since then. In March, the Department of Education suspended federal student loan debt payments, paused accruing interest and stopped collections on defaulted federal loans as part of the federal CARES Act. Or, President-elect Joe Biden may forgive some federal student loan debt when he takes office.
Persons: Brandon Leake, , Leake, he's, Terry Crews, Howie Mandel, There's, Donald Trump, It’s, That's, that's, Adam Minsky, Trump, Joe Biden, you've, Minsky, there's Organizations: Department of Education Locations: Invest, Stockton , California, Boston
AstraZeneca uncertainty will give market unease: Cantor Fitzgerald's Louise Chen
  + stars: | 2020-11-27 | by ( ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: 1 min
AstraZeneca uncertainty will give market unease: Cantor Fitzgerald's Louise ChenDr. Vamil Divan, Mizuho America’s senior biopharmaceutical research analyst, and Louise Chen, Cantor Fitzgerald managing director, join "Squawk on the Street" to discuss vaccine candidates and distribution.
Persons: Cantor, Louise Chen Dr, Vamil, Mizuho America’s, Louise Chen, Cantor Fitzgerald
‘A Love Letter to Detroit,’ on Vellum and Chrome
  + stars: | 2020-11-26 | by ( Norman Mayersohn | ) + 0.98   time to read: +1 min
Of the myriad treasures that might draw a sightseeing car lover to Detroit, one potential attraction is notably missing: a major public museum collection dedicated to the automobile. A measure of relief from that drought has arrived in the form of “Detroit Style: Car Design in the Motor City, 1950-2020,” an exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts that opened this month and runs through next June. Paintings and sculptures intended to illuminate the relationship of art and car culture over the past 70 years will also be on display. Despite the location of its stately Beaux-Arts home on Woodward Avenue, a major artery of all things automotive in Detroit, the D.I.A. The last major exhibition of cars within the museum’s walls was a design retrospective in the 1980s that spanned the era from 1925 to 1950.
Persons: Organizations: America’s Motor City, Petersen Automotive Museum, LeMay, Detroit Institute of Arts, Beaux, Arts Locations: Detroit, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Reno , Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Motor City
Maybe yours is seeing the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall and gazing at the Rockefeller Center tree, all done up in lights. Below is a selection of offerings — some beloved mainstays, a few cheeky upstarts — which you can indulge in watching from home. DanceSan Francisco Ballet’s ‘Nutcracker’The company that presented America’s first full-length “Nutcracker,” in 1944, is now offering what it calls the first “virtual Nutcracker experience.” Don’t expect cutting-edge VR. It’s a point-and-click tour of San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House with extras embedded: a video class about pantomime, a printout activity book. Set in San Francisco in 1915, this version is handsome, tasteful and visually rich, with a second act stuffed with unusual treats.
Persons: Ballet’s, America’s, , Helgi Tomasson’s, BRIAN SEIBERT Organizations: Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller, Dance San, Opera House Locations: Norway, San Francisco
"Interior Chinatown," by Charles Yu. Hulu is currently developing “Interior Chinatown” as a series and Yu is adapting his own work. “That didn’t go over super well,” said Yu, the son of an aerospace engineer father and a mother who worked as a school district accountant. Wanting to be responsible and a financially independent member of the family, Yu chose to go to law school instead. Nearly 20 years later, Yu is a permanent part of American literature thanks to the National Book Award.
Persons: Charles Yu, it’s, ” Yu, Yu, William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, Philip Roth, Toni Morrison, , I’m, , Willis Wu, Wu, “ Kung Fu Guy, Inventively, we’re, Kelvin Yu, Donald Trump, they’re, what’s Organizations: NBC Asian, Book Foundation, Hulu, University of California, Columbia Law School Locations: , NBC Asian America, Chinatown, American, Golden, America’s, Los Angeles, Berkeley,
A healthcare worker takes the temperature of COVID-19 patient Troy Burrows as healthcare personnel treat people with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at a hospital in Lakin, Kansas, U.S., November 19, 2020. Miller, Kearny’s chief medical officer - who doubles as the county health officer - called around to larger hospitals in search of an ICU bed. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are spiking nationally. Shortages of staff, rather than beds, are the biggest single problem in many hospitals, the health officials said. When he died, “the family did not want to admit this patient had died of COVID, because they didn’t believe COVID kills people,” she said.
Persons: Drew Miller, Troy Burrows, Callaghan O'Hare, Miller, “ It’s, ” Miller, weren’t, , isn’t, Donald Trump, Trump, Kelly Cawcutt, , Anthony Hericks, Melisa Hazell, Aya, April Hansen, Mary Helland, Amanda Hullet, Hullet, Judy Mason, Judy, Holly Thomas, Thomas, idly, Hazell, Alison Schwartz, COVID, Pete Ricketts, Ricketts, ” Ricketts, Kristi Noem, ” Schwartz Organizations: Reuters, REUTERS, Kearny County Hospital, Dakotas, South Dakota, Midwest, Democrat, White House, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Moderna Inc, Pfizer Inc, Avera, Nurses, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, CommonSpirit Health, Hutchinson Regional, , Health, Republican, South Locations: Lakin , Kansas, U.S, Kearny, Kansas, Lakin, COVID, America, Ohio, United States, North Dakota, South, Wisconsin, Nebraska, New, California, Midwest, Sioux Falls , South Dakota, Hutchinson , Kansas, San Diego , California, Minnesota, Janesville , Wisconsin, South Dakota, Mt, Rushmore
The job and wage growth that President Trump hoped would propel him to a second term was particularly strong in metropolitan America. Yet the Americans who live where the economy is thriving most—in the nation’s cities and their surrounding communities—voted to reject the president. Mr. Trump won Texas but lost the county that includes Fort Worth—a first for his party since 1964. He carried Florida, but voters in and around the state’s largest city, Jacksonville, voted Democratic for the first time since 1976. Phoenix’s county...
Persons: Trump Organizations: Texas, Democratic Locations: America, Fort Worth —, Florida, Jacksonville, Phoenix’s
EU's Michel invites Biden to 'rebuild' trans-Atlantic alliance
  + stars: | 2020-11-23 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) + 1.00   time to read: +1 min
Slideshow ( 2 images )BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A top European Union official, in a phone call with Joe Biden on Monday, invited the U.S. president-elect to rebuild “a strong trans-Atlantic alliance” and attend a meeting with the bloc’s 27 national leaders next year, his office said. European Council President Charles Michel congratulated Biden on his election and, in a 20-minute call on Monday evening, invited him to a special meeting in 2021 with EU heads in the bloc’s hub Brussels, which is also home to NATO headquarters. “During the call President Michel proposed to rebuild a strong transatlantic alliance based on common interests and shared values,” Michel’s office said in a statement. “He welcomed the strong commitment of President-elect Biden to America’s allies and his support for European cooperation.”As the EU grapples with the historic setback of Brexit, the bloc’s statement also highlighted Biden’s support for preserving peace and stability on the sensitive Irish border despite Britain leaving the EU. Biden has warned London it must honour its 2020 Brexit divorce deal with the EU as it protects peace on the island of Ireland, or else there will be no U.S. trade deal for Britain.
Persons: Joe Biden, Charles Michel, Biden, Michel, , America’s, Donald Trump, Brexit Organizations: European Union, European, NATO, , , EU, Britain Locations: BRUSSELS, Brussels, Brexit, Britain, London, Ireland, Washington, United States
A video circulating on social media and viewed over 7.3 million times on Twitter has triggered unfounded speculation of irregularities in the elections process in Floyd County, Georgia. As reported here by the New York Times, the process revealed that some of the votes in four counties, including Floyd County, were not part of the original count. We knew they were lost on the memory cards.”THE VIDEOThe boxes that are visible in the video contained all the votes cast in Floyd County, over 41,000, Conrad said. According to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office, Biden led Georgia by 12,284 votes after the statewide audit ( here ). The scene, however, does not show boxes full of “uncounted” or “missing” paper ballots or evidence of voter fraud.
Persons: Heather Mullins, Donald Trump, , Trump, Biden, Melanie Conrad, Conrad, rescan, ” Conrad, , Mullins, Brad Raffensperger’s, Read Organizations: Twitter, Reuters, Real America’s Voice, Facebook, YouTube, U.S, Trump, New York Times, Republican Locations: Floyd County , Georgia, Floyd, Georgia, ANCMk, GEORGIA, Floyd County
FILE PHOTO: A man walks in front of the Monte dei Paschi bank in Siena, central Italy, January 29, 2016. Italy’s Treasury and Bank of America declined to comment, while Orrick was not immediately available. Rome is expected to pay about 150,000 euros in financial and legal fees, with the lion’s share going to Bank of America, the sources said. Rome has set aside 1.5 billion euros to shore up MPS but the bank faces a shortfall of at least 2 billion, sources have said. In the case of MPS, that entails a 3 billion euro earnings boost, sources have said.
Persons: Max Rossi, Giorgio Cocini, Patrizio Messina, Marco Nicolini, Orrick, Jean Pierre Mustier, Organizations: Treasury, of America, REUTERS, Bank, America’s, Bank of America, UBI Banca, MPS, Banco Locations: MILAN, dei, Siena, Italy, Tuscany, Rome
People shared rumors that bodies were dumped in the waterway, which some sardonically referred to as Venice. In 2007, a small whale strayed into the mouth of the canal and died. Mr. Vogel said he hoped that the dredging of the rest of the canal could be completed over the next decade. Matt Cline, 34, who lives in Gowanus, stood Monday on the promenade near the excavator with his baby slung to his chest. He smiled and took a selfie as the excavator behind him pulled up another pile of muck.
Persons: , Bob Lewis, Vogel, Matt Cline Locations: Venice, Butler, Jersey City, N.J, Gowanus
These Items in Your Home Are Harming America’s Sea Animals
  + stars: | 2020-11-19 | by ( Catrin Einhorn | ) + 0.99   time to read: +1 min
A new report by Oceana, a conservation group, illustrates some of what we know about how plastic affects sea turtles and marine mammals in United States waters. The authors focused on sea turtles and marine mammals for practical reasons. These animals are federally protected, so when they are found in distress or wash up dead on a beach, responders are required to document it. But the report notes that the number is “a gross underestimate” because humans observe a tiny fraction of animal deaths in the ocean. Even so, of the nation’s 23 coastal states, it found cases in 21.
Persons: , Kimberly Warner Organizations: Oceana Locations: United States, U.S, Oceana
ET Presidential Transition Live Updates: Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack the Election Process The assault on the voting system takes on intensity as deadlines for certifying results in several states approach. The state faces a Friday deadline to certify its election results. Shortly after Mr. Trump took office, the White House issued a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day that neglected to mention Jews. Two other prisoners are to be executed in December, including Lisa M. Montgomery, the only woman on federal death row. The Justice Department under Mr. Trump resumed federal capital punishment this summer after a nearly two-decade informal moratorium.
Persons: Trump, Joe Biden, Jim Urquhart, Trump’s, Katie Hobbs, , Joseph R, Biden, Brad Raffensperger, Lindsey Graham, ” Mike Duggan, Nick Corasaniti, Jim Rutenberg, Anna Moneymaker, White, Darren Beattie, Beattie, Peter Brimelow, Mr, Beattie’s, Jonathan Greenblatt, , Michael Conroy, Associated Press WASHINGTON —, Weeks, Orlando Cordia, Lisa M, Montgomery, Robert Dunham, Organizations: Trump, Allies, Arizona State Capitol, Republican, Committee, Democratic, The New York Times, Commission, America’s, Southern Poverty Law, Defamation, White, Mr, Nazi, Associated Press WASHINGTON, Justice Department, Orlando, Orlando Cordia Hall, Prisons, Justice Locations: Phoenix, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Wayne County, Detroit, Black, , Wayne, Europe, Charlottesville, Va, Terre Haute, Ind
ET Presidential Transition Live Updates: Michigan Republicans Tried to Rescind Certification of Results After a Call From Trump Republican election officials in Wayne County tried to rescind the certification of Detroit’s results, but they legally cannot. The Trump administration has been criticized before for fostering anti-immigrant sentiment and ties to white nationalists. Shortly after Mr. Trump took office, the White House issued a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day that neglected to mention Jews. The Justice Department under Mr. Trump resumed federal capital punishment this summer after a nearly two-decade informal moratorium. The payments were cited by the Trump administration when it cut off funding and took other punitive measures against the Palestinians starting in 2018.
Persons: Trump, David Goldman, Monica Palmer, ” Tracy Wimmer, Jocelyn Benson, , Rudolph W, Giuliani, Joseph R, Biden, Benson, Palmer, William Hartmann, Hartmann, Mark Serrano, Wayne County’s, — Nick Corasaniti, Jim Rutenberg, Kathleen Gray, Maggie Haberman, Tamir Kalifa, Trump’s, Katie Hobbs, , Brad Raffensperger, Lindsey Graham, ” Mike Duggan, Jonathan C, Kinloch, Hillary Clinton, Kelly Loeffler, Nicole Craine, Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, Warnock, Ossoff, David Perdue, Loeffler, Mr, Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell, Biden’s, , Anna Moneymaker, White, Darren Beattie, Beattie, Peter Brimelow, Beattie’s, Jonathan Greenblatt, — Trump, Michael Conroy, Associated Press WASHINGTON —, Weeks, Orlando Cordia, Lisa M, Montgomery, Robert Dunham, Mahmoud Abbas, Debbie Hill, Eager, — Adam Rasgon Organizations: Michigan, Trump Republican, Wayne County Community College, Associated Press, Detroit, Board, State, Trump, Republicans, Republican, The New York Times, Committee, Democratic, Wisconsin —, Republican Party, Commission, America’s, Southern Poverty Law, Defamation, White, Mr, Nazi, Associated Press WASHINGTON, Justice Department, Orlando, Orlando Cordia Hall, Prisons, Justice Locations: Wayne County, Detroit, Michigan, Wayne, Leesburg, Va, Dallas County, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Black, , Arizona , Georgia, Nevada, Michigan , Pennsylvania, Marietta , Ga, Atlanta, Europe, Charlottesville, Terre Haute, Ind, Palestine, Ramallah, Washington, Israel
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