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A street in Moscow. Kyiv says it is asking Western governments to talk to foreign executives about their continued role in Russia. Ukraine is ratcheting up pressure on Western executives who have retained posts at Russian companies, saying their presence is indirectly supporting Moscow’s war effort. Many Western executives cut ties with Russia after it invaded Ukraine last year, sometimes in opposition to the war or to comply with Western sanctions. Others remained for various reasons, including saying they had a fiduciary duty to their investors, a responsibility to local employees or yearslong ties to Russia that were hard to break.
BAKHMUT, Ukraine—In the battle to keep warm, Ukrainian infantryman Kyrylo Molchanov has turned to “trench candles”—empty food cans packed with cardboard—to heat his front-line dugout. With Russia and Ukraine fighting through the winter, keeping Ukrainian soldiers warm could become a competitive advantage for Kyiv.
A giant salt mine has become a focal point on the most fiercely contested front line in Ukraine, as Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group sets its sights on taking what it sees as a military and economic asset. Russia has said it has captured the eastern town of Soledar, where the mine is located, though Ukraine says the settlement remains contested. While the mine’s owner doubts it has military value, the operation could be a lucrative one. The salt mine could have economic value if Wagner can consolidate its hold there. Russia has seized key economic assets in the parts of Ukraine that it occupies, echoing Wagner’s use of military muscle in Africa to take control of mines.
The workers clambering over the charred remains of an electricity transformer at a Ukrainian power station are fighting on one of the war’s most important fronts: protecting Ukraine’s power grid. Russia has targeted Ukraine’s electricity supply with a blitz of drones and missiles, leaving businesses struggling and millions of people with sporadic heat and light in subzero temperatures.
Andriy Chirkov said the chicken farm he manages will have to start from scratch. KYIV, Ukraine—Andriy Chirkov said he felt euphoric when the giant chicken farm he managed on Ukraine’s Black Sea coast was freed from Russian rule. Then he saw the devastated state soldiers had left it in. For Ukraine’s war-battered economy to return to health, Kyiv needs to revive economic assets like Avangard Group’s Chornobaivske chicken farm, a factory that used to export a billion eggs a year. The Wall Street Journal reported in April on how the invasion had left the farm’s over 4 million chickens dead, landing a handful of remaining workers with the job of burying the birds.
Russian President Vladimir Putin called Thursday for a 36-hour cease-fire during Russian Orthodox Christmas as his troops were getting pushed back and hit by Ukrainian forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country wouldn’t agree to any truce that leaves Russian troops occupying its territory. One of his advisers said Thursday on Twitter that Mr. Putin’s offer was hypocritical.
KYIV, Ukraine—Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said his forces have pushed Russian troops from the outskirts of the contested eastern city of Bakhmut, giving high-level endorsement to similar recent reports from some Ukrainian forces on the ground. Russian officials haven’t commented on any retreat from in or around the battle zone, which has achieved outsize significance for both sides.
BAKHMUT, Ukraine—Russian troops have tempered their assault on the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, Ukrainian commanders say, as stiff resistance forces Russian units to shift some of their firepower to surrounding areas. Some Ukrainian officers and British military intelligence say that Russia is no longer hitting Bakhmut—a city that has assumed outsize importance to both sides—with the same ferocity as they were last month. The Ukrainian commanders say Russia has instead repositioned armored vehicles and artillery fire toward the nearby town of Soledar.
KYIV, Ukraine—Russia fired a salvo of missiles at Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine on Saturday in what many Ukrainians saw as an attempt to intimidate them on the eve of the new year. The barrage of more than 20 missiles was the second this week and came hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged to strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses in 2023. The commander in chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, Valeriy Zaluzhny, said 12 of the missiles had been intercepted.
KYIV, Ukraine—Ukrainians greeted 2023 with drinks, air raids and a firm belief that their country will fully reverse the Russian invasion that marked the past year with disruption and death. Their optimism for the new year comes with around 20% of the country still in Russian hands; military and civilians still dying in the thousands; and the economy suffering lasting damage from a war that few Western experts see ending soon, or outside a negotiating table.
German self-propelled PzH2000 guns need to be serviced outside Ukraine in most cases of failure. Some of the most powerful weapons that the West gave to Ukraine have been languishing away from the battlefield for prolonged periods because of complex maintenance procedures and quarrels among European allies. The unavailability of these weapons for extensive periods poses a considerable challenge for Ukraine, which has been battling Russian forces that invaded the country in late February.
Soon after Russian tanks rolled into eastern Ukraine, three of that country’s biggest farming operators lost tracts of land equivalent to more than twice the area of New York City. It wasn’t taken by the military. In all three cases, leaders of the Ukrainian farming operations say, the land ended up in the hands of the family company of a former Russian agriculture minister, Alexander Tkachev .
As Russia targets Ukraine’s energy grid with missiles and drones, Kyiv is running out of vital parts needed to repair a network that provides electricity for homes, businesses and hospitals. Moscow has deliberately attacked Ukraine’s ability to generate and transport power in a bid to sap the country’s morale, leaving millions without heat and light as temperatures fall below freezing.
Vessels linked to Russia’s largest grain trader shipped thousands of tons of stolen Ukrainian grain to global buyers, using a sophisticated system of feeder vessels and floating cranes, according to an investigation by The Wall Street Journal. The ships are linked either through their management or ownership to companies controlled by Russian businessman Peter Khodykin , who in turn owns RIF Trading House LLC, the country’s largest grain exporter and a big player in global grain markets, according to corporate and legal documents reviewed by the Journal.
Newport Wafer sits in the middle of the semiconductor supply chain that transforms logs of silicon into circular wafers that eventually get cut into chips. The U.K. government said a Chinese-owned company must unwind its acquisition of a British computer-chip factory more than a year after the takeover was completed, saying the deal posed a risk to national security. In a decision published late Wednesday, the U.K. ordered Nexperia BV—a Dutch subsidiary of China’s Wingtech Technology Co.—to sell at least 86% of Newport Wafer Fab , a manufacturing facility in Wales.
Lisa Osofsky, wearing a scarf, and her team from the U.K.’s Serious Fraud Office outside the court in London. LONDON— Glencore PLC, the commodities giant, said it would pay a penalty and costs of 281 million pounds, equivalent to about $320 million, after pleading guilty to British charges of bribing officials in West Africa for preferential access to crude oil. The penalty, imposed by a U.K. judge Thursday, is part of a wide-ranging bribery investigation by authorities in Britain, the U.S. and elsewhere that has hung over the global mining and trading business for years.
ISTANBUL—The price of wheat and corn rose early Monday even as ships carrying grain left Ukraine’s ports despite Russia saying it would suspend its participation in an agreement that has allowed Ukrainian grain exports for months. The price of wheat was up by 5.7% and corn by more than 2.5% in early morning trade.
Tesla is a big customer of Glencore, which owns a mine in Ravensworth, Australia. Tesla Inc. held early-stage talks with Glencore PLC last year about buying a stake in the commodities giant, according to a person familiar with the matter. The electric vehicle maker’s interest came as manufacturers across the West look to secure supplies of so-called future-facing metals that are used in batteries and the renewable energy industry.
U.N., Turkey Race to Save Ukraine Grain Deal
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Cargo ships carrying grain from Ukraine waited for inspection off the coast of Turkey last week. ISTANBUL—The United Nations and Turkey on Sunday scrambled to rescue an agreement that allowed Ukraine to ship grain via the Black Sea, a day after Russia suspended the deal in a move that threatens global food prices and puts pressure on Ukraine’s allies. U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres was working Sunday to end the Russian suspension, a U.N. spokesman said, and the Turkish defense ministry said it was in talks with Russia to rescue the agreement. No ships will leave Ukraine while the Russian suspension is in effect, the ministry said.
LONDON— Rishi Sunak , one of Britain’s richest-ever prime ministers, is under pressure over his personal wealth, which opposition politicians say leaves him out of touch with a population strained by high inflation and bracing for spending cuts and a likely recession. His family wealth—estimated at 730 million pounds, equivalent to $846 million, by the Sunday Times Rich list—and tax position was highlighted in Parliament on Wednesday. One Labour Party lawmaker said the average nurse in the state-run National Health Service would have to work 20,000 years to accumulate the same riches.
Ukraine said its exports of agricultural products have recovered to around prewar levels, a revival that has helped ease pressure on global food prices and offers a bright spot in Kyiv’s fight against Russia. However, analysts say the rise in exports, which were hit hard by the war, hides continued hurdles for Ukraine’s globally important agricultural industry. The country relies on shipping grain out of the Black Sea, a route dependent on cooperation with Russia. Farmers, meanwhile, have planted fewer crops this year, and Russia still controls a large slice of Ukrainian farmland.
Several countries have been impressed with the M777 howitzer’s performance in the war in Ukraine. British arms maker BAE Systems PLC said it was considering restarting production of the M777 howitzer, as the big gun’s performance on Ukrainian battlefields revives interest in the weapon. BAE said several countries had expressed an interest in buying M777s, production of which is currently being wound down. The inquiries come after Ukrainian forces have been using the artillery piece to deadly effect against Russian troops in recent months.
Food & Services News
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TechThe grocery-delivery company is one of the few companies in Silicon Valley moving toward a public listing in what may be one of the slowest years for IPOs in decades.
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