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Read previewA Houston man has pleaded guilty to insider trading after he made $1.76 million in illegal profits after listening in on his wife's work calls as they worked from home. AdvertisementThe regulator said that Loudon purchased 46,450 shares of TravelCenters stock without his wife's knowledge before the deal was announced. It alleged that he "took advantage of his remote working conditions and his wife's trust to profit from information he knew was confidential." He told her he did it because he didn't want her to work long hours anymore, said the SEC complaint. The SEC noted that Loudon had not denied the allegations and had agreed to a partial judgment subject to court approval.
Persons: , Tyler Loudon, Alamdar, Hamdani, Loudon, scrutinizing, didn't Organizations: Service, BP, Business, Securities, Exchange Commission, SEC Locations: TravelCenters, Loudon
AdvertisementHe went on to claim that Black people walk around with photos of his mug shot on $19 T-shirts — which he claimed was the "number one" mug shot, followed by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra's. Fulton County Sheriff's OfficeTrump's latest comments about Black people come as he and his allies seek to secure a historic share of the Black vote for Republicans. Despite persistent accusations of using racist language over the years, Trump won 12% of the Black vote in 2020, which was the highest a Republican president has received in recent decades. Jasmine Harris, the Biden campaign's media director, who is Black, said Trump was an "anti-Black tyrant" and "the proud poster boy for modern racism," per NBC News. Trump holds Black Americans in such low regard that he "publicly dined with white nationalists a week after declaring his 2024 candidacy," she said.
Persons: , Donald Trump, he's, Trump, I'm, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra's, Alexey Navalny, Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Sen, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Jasmine Harris, George Floyd's, Harris Organizations: Service, Black Conservatives, Black Conservative, Trump, Republican, Black, Office, Republicans, Department of Housing, Urban, Biden, NBC, Central Locations: Columbia , South Carolina, Fulton, Fulton County, South Carolina
A Ukrainian pilot training to fly F-16s said it was like upgrading from a Nokia to an iPhone. He said the jets were "awesome" but had more complex electronic systems than Soviet-made jets. The first F-16 fighter jets should be delivered to Ukraine this summer, according to Denmark. AdvertisementA Ukrainian pilot said that transitioning from old Soviet-made planes to Western F-16s is like upgrading from a Nokia to an iPhone. The pilot, with the call sign "Moonfish," is one of six being trained to use the fighter jets at the Skrysdtrup base in Denmark.
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president has also indirectly suggested a cease-fire, something that the US has refused to consider unless Ukraine is involved in discussions, Reuters reported. Nuclear warPutin has made several threats of using nuclear weapons since the invasion began, but the West is divided on how seriously to take his comments. Jones said the risks of breaking the ultimate nuclear weapons taboo would likely outweigh any benefits. I think the US has already communicated pretty forcefully that all bets are off if Russia were to use nuclear weapons," he added.
Persons: It's, , Max Bergmann, Bergmann, Caesar Kunikov, Eliot A, Cohen, Arleigh, Burke, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy's, Putin, Adrienne Watson, Seth Jones, Jones, Vladimir Putin's Organizations: Service, Bakhmut, Eurasia Program, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Representatives, Russia's, CSIS, Nazi, Reuters, Ukrainian, Bloomberg, Kremlin, National Security Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Europe, Russian, YORUK, Nazi Germany, Red, Moscow, United States
Haley criticized Trump for questioning her husband's whereabouts while he's deployed on active duty. The exchange comes as Haley and Trump fight to secure the GOP primary nomination in South Carolina. At a Saturday rally in Conway, South Carolina, Trump mockingly asked: "Where's her husband? Oh, he’s away. The former South Carolina governor slammed Trump for his comments at a separate rally in Gilbert, South Carolina.
Persons: Haley, Trump, he's, , Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, He's, ” Trump, Where's, Michael Haley, , , Michael, ” Michael, AfN3u4AsJc — Nikki Haley, @NikkiHaley Organizations: GOP, Service, South Carolina Army National Guard, South, Trump Locations: South Carolina, Conway , South Carolina, Horn of Africa, Gilbert , South Carolina, United States
Read previewThe White House said former President Donald Trump’s suggestion that the US could let Russia attack non-paying NATO countries is "appalling and unhinged." Trump says he would encourage Russia to attack NATO allies: I said I would not protect our NATO allies. AdvertisementAs president, Trump frequently criticized NATO and threatened to withdraw from the alliance. A top European Union official recently revealed that as president, Trump told him the US would “never” help Europe if it was under attack. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg recently warned of widespread implications for Europe if Putin succeeds in Ukraine.
Persons: , Donald Trump’s, Trump, he’d, , we're, ak1a3Mtwzq — Biden, Harris, White, Andrew Bates, Biden, Vladimir Putin's, Putin, Jens Stoltenberg, Stoltenberg Organizations: Service, NATO, Business, American, Abrams, Reuters, Trump, NATO Nations, European Union, Republicans, Congress Locations: Russia, South Carolina, Adazi, Latvia, Soviet, Europe, Germany, Ukraine
A truck driver and his wife both won lottery prizes in the UK. The man quit his job within minutes after receiving the news. He had worked as a truck driver for over 40 years and said he felt that it was time for a break. AdvertisementA truck driver in the UK quit his job minutes after finding out that he and his wife had both won the lottery. Tony Hedley, 68, and his wife Christine both had winning tickets worth £166,666, or around $210,000, in the People's Postcode Lottery, the BBC reported.
Persons: , Tony Hedley, Christine, Hedley Organizations: Service, BBC, Business Locations: Newcastle
A stingray in a North Carolina aquarium became pregnant without a male in the tank. Scientists believe that a male shark could be the father. AdvertisementStaff at an aquarium in North Carolina were left confused after a stingray became pregnant despite there not being a male in her tank. Scientists have a few theories about how this might have happened — and one involves a male shark. The Aquarium and Shark Lab by Team Ecco in Hendersonville was initially concerned that the stingray had cancer when she began to swell.
Persons: , April Smith, ” Smith, Smith Organizations: Service, Staff, Lab, Ecco Locations: North Carolina, Hendersonville
Read previewRussia is using Starlink terminals in occupied parts of Ukraine, Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) has claimed. Ukrainian intelligence confirmed that Russia is using Starlink after intercepting the radio communications of Russia’s 83rd Assault Brigade, which is operating near the towns of Klishchiivka and Andriivka in the Donetsk region. Starlink said in a statement on Thursday that it does not do business with Russia's government or military. A Starlink antenna covered with a camouflage net used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donetsk region, December 2022. NurPhoto / GettyMusk initially gave his full support to Ukraine when Russia first invaded, with SpaceX sending "thousands" of Starlink terminals to the country, but relations have since cooled.
Persons: , Andrii, Elon Musk's, Ukraine’s GUR, Starlink, Bryan Clark, NurPhoto, Getty Organizations: Service, 83rd Assault Brigade, Business, Ministry of Defense, Elon, Elon Musk's SpaceX, SpaceX, Hudson Institute, Armed Forces of Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Klishchiivka, Donetsk, Armed Forces of Ukraine
Donald Trump claimed Pennsylvania's name will change if he loses the state. Donald Trump seemed to allude to sites honoring historical figures that had been renamed. However, there have been no moves to change Pennsylvania's name. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump bizarrely claimed that if he loses Pennsylvania, “they” will change the state's name. They’re going to change the name of Pennsylvania,” Trump said.
Persons: Donald Trump, , Trump, ” Trump Organizations: Service, National Rifle Association, Business Locations: Harrisburg , Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
An Oklahoma judge resigned after she was caught sending hundreds of texts during a murder trial. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementAn Oklahoma judge has stepped down after she was caught sending hundreds of text messages while presiding over a murder trial concerning the death of a two-year-old boy. AdvertisementThe move to oust Soderstrom came about after the Oklahoman published 50 minutes of security footage, which showed Soderstrom sending messages for minutes while in the courtroom. AdvertisementWhen the deceased child’s mother took the stand as the prosecution’s key witness, she sent a text saying: “Can I please scream ‘liar, liar?
Persons: , Traci Soderstrom, Braxton Danker, Khristian Martzall, John Kane IV, Soderstrom, , , child’s, Organizations: Service, Associated Press, Oklahoma Supreme, AP, Oklahoman Locations: Oklahoma, Lincoln County
Finnair says that weight data helps the safe operation of flights. AdvertisementAn airline’s trial policy to ask passengers to weigh themselves before flights has sparked controversy, with critics saying it could be triggering and embarrassing. Travel journalist Yvette Caster, also interviewed by GB News, called Finnair's move to weigh passengers "fatphobic." Finnair has announced it will begin weighing passengers with their carry-on luggage to better estimate the plane's weight before take-off. Uzbekistan Airlines began weighing passengers for the same reason in 2015.
Persons: Finnair, , Hayley Hasselhoff, Yvette, Kate Staniforth, , Laura Sanders, MailOnline, “ It's Organizations: Service, GB, Travel Republic, Air, Zealand, Korean, Hawaiian Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines Locations: Finland, British
Russian forces are escalating their assault on the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka. The Ukrainian mayor said Russian forces were "pressing from all directions" in large numbers. Russian and Ukrainian forces are battling inside the city, officials said. AdvertisementThe situation in the eastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka is critical as Russian forces are surrounding it and escalating their monthslong assault, Ukrainian officials say. They are storming with very large forces," Mayor Vitaly Barabash told The Kyiv Post on Thursday.
Persons: , Vitaly Barabash Organizations: Service, Kyiv, Business Locations: Ukrainian, Avdiivka
Read previewFormer UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called out Tucker Carlson after he went to Moscow to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. “When Tucker Carlson went to the Kremlin, he had a function well known to history. He was to be the stooge of the tyrant, the dictaphone to the dictator and a traitor to journalism,” Johnson wrote in an op-ed for the Daily Mail on Friday. “In his fawning, guffawing, slack-jawed happiness at having a ‘scoop,’ he betrayed his viewers and listeners around the world,” Johnson wrote. Using British slang for buttocks, Johnson called the interview "bum-sucking servility to a tyrant."
Persons: , Boris Johnson, Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin, , ” Johnson, Putin, Carlson, Johnson, , Adolf Hitler Organizations: Service, UK, Kremlin, Daily, Business, UN Human Rights, Ukraine, GOP, Fox News Locations: Moscow, Ukraine, Russia, American, France, Western
The FBI says Faye admitted to wanting to launch an attack on the southern border. AdvertisementA self-touted militia sniper was arrested by the FBI and accused of trying to sell an undercover agent an unregistered suppressor for an AK-47. But there's more — the FBI says Paul Faye Sr. owned multiple weapons and explosives and was planning to launch a violent attack on people at the southern border. According to the criminal complaint, an undercover FBI agent contacted Faye via TikTok, after which the pair exchanged phone numbers. Advertisement"I would be on top that roof right there, zeroing out, taking out anybody," Faye told the agent, per the complaint.
Persons: Paul Faye Sr, Faye, , TikTok, BI's Alia Shoaib Organizations: FBI, AK, Service, National Firearms Locations: Kentucky , Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee
A Silicon Valley county declared loneliness to be a public health emergency. San Mateo County found that 45% of its residents said they were suffering from loneliness. AdvertisementA wealthy Silicon Valley county in California has become the first in the US to declare loneliness a public health emergency. Stephen Lam/Getty ImagesIn San Mateo County, Canepa has proposed several ideas to combat the problem, including making neighborhoods more walkable. San Mateo County, with over 700,000 residents, in the San Francisco Bay Area, includes part of Silicon Valley.
Persons: , David Canepa, Vivek Murthy, Murthy, Stephen Lam, Canepa, Jennifer Steele Organizations: Facebook, YouTube, Electronic Arts, Service, Supervisors, NBC News, San Mateo, NBC, San Locations: San Mateo County, Silicon, California, California's San Mateo County, Japan, New York, San Mateo's, San Francisco Bay, Francisco, Silicon Valley
Trump asked his followers on Truth Social whether he resembles the King of Rock and Roll. He shared a photo of half of his face spliced with Elvis Presley's. The post was widely mocked on social media and sparked questions about his state of mind. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump shared a strange post on social media asking his followers if they think he resembles Elvis Presley. In a post on Truth Social on Saturday, Trump shared a photo of half of his face spliced with the King of Rock and Roll's face.
Persons: Trump, Elvis Presley's, , Donald Trump, Elvis Presley, King, Elvis Organizations: Service
Nikki Haley took aim at Trump while appearing in a sketch on Saturday Night Live. Haley questioned his mental competency and made references to his legal woes. AdvertisementNikki Haley made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live to mock her GOP presidential nomination rival, former President Donald Trump, over his mental competency and legal issues. In the sketch, Haley appeared as a "concerned South Carolina voter" at a CNN town hall, asking Trump, who was being played by James Austin Johnson, questions. "My question is why won't you debate Nikki Haley?"
Persons: Nikki Haley, Haley, , Donald Trump, Trump, James Austin Johnson Organizations: Trump, GOP, Service, CNN, Business Locations: Carolina
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended the idea of Tucker Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin. AdvertisementRep. Marjorie Taylor Greene defended the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin amid rumors that the former Fox News host is in Moscow. "Democrats and their propagandists in the media are spasming at the prospect of Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin," Greene wrote on X.AdvertisementThe Georgia Rep. added: "They HATE when someone like Tucker goes 'off script.' We have a free press in this country and its people like Tucker Carlson who we depend on to speak the truth!" It remains to be confirmed that he is in Russia and plans to meet with or interview Putin.
Persons: Marjorie Taylor Greene, Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin, Carlson, Putin, , Greene, Tucker Organizations: Fox News, Russian Telegram, Service, Bolshoi Theater, Russian, NATO, Kremlin, Business Locations: Moscow, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Russian, Istanbul
Lawyer Roberta Kaplan said Trump once used a coded version of the C-word profanity against her. The alleged incident took place before Kaplan went on to represent E. Jean Carroll against him. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementA lawyer who represented writer E. Jean Carroll against Donald Trump claimed that the former president once used a coded version of the C-word profanity against her. Kaplan told Conway that she initially didn't understand what Trump meant because they were not scheduled to meet the following Tuesday.
Persons: Roberta Kaplan, Trump, Kaplan, Jean Carroll, , E, Donald Trump, Carroll, George Conway, Sarah Longwell, Conway, Megyn Kelly, John Minchillo, Kelly, Debbie Walsh, Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Elizabeth Warren, Heidi Cruz —, Marianne LaFrance, Marie Yovanovitch Organizations: Service, Trump, Business, AP, Fox News, Center for American Women, Rutger's University, BBC, Yale University Locations: Trump's, Lago, Ukraine
Haley said Trump was "confused again" after he appeared to get the Indiana ballot deadline wrong. AdvertisementNikki Haley took another jab at former President Donald Trump's cognitive abilities after he appeared to mix up the Indiana ballot deadline. "Looks like he's confused again…" the Republican presidential candidate wrote on X in response to a Trump social post in which he said she was "scrambling" to qualify for the ballot three days after the deadline. Haley, the final remaining Republican challenger to Trump, has been ramping up attacks on his age and mental abilities. Haley has started sharpening her tone against Trump ahead of the upcoming primary in her home state, South Carolina.
Persons: Haley, Trump, Trump's, , Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's, Diego Morales, Joe Biden, CNN's Jake Tapper, Nancy Pelosi Organizations: GOP, Service, Republican, Trump, State, Democratic, Politico, UN Locations: Indiana, South Carolina
Russian troops tried infiltrating the Ukrainian town of Avdiivka through a sewer but were immediately hunted down by attack drones, Ukraine claims. Russian forces have been persisting in their attacks on the town in eastern Ukraine since October, leaving behind a trail of dead soldiers and wrecked vehicles. In its latest attempts to take Avdiivka, Russian troops have been entering the city's fringes using service tunnels, according to recent UK intel. The drone footage shows a soldier running into the doorway of a ruined house before a strike hits from above. The Russians are likely experiencing a ratio of 13 losses for every Ukrainian soldier, Forbes estimated, based on vehicle losses.
Persons: G8PNNZ9MHG, WarTranslated, Dmitri, Forbes Organizations: for, intel, Khorne Group, Mechanized Locations: Avdiivka, Ukraine, Russian, Russia, Ukrainian
Trump's former White House economic advisor said that his predictions of a recession under Biden had been wrong. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump's White House economic advisor said the US economy was faring far better under President Joe Biden than he expected. Larry Kudlow said on Thursday that he had been wrong to predict an economic recession under the Democratic president. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Biden, Larry Kudlow, Kudlow, , Donald Trump's, Joe Biden Organizations: White, Service, Democratic, Fox Business, Business
Ukraine's intelligence chief hinted that his country would conduct more attacks on Russian soil following a string of unclaimed attacks that took place on Russia's oil and gas infrastructure. Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's defense intelligence directorate, told CNN that drone attacks on Russian soil were "quite possible." "And I believe that this plan includes all the major critical infrastructure facilities and military infrastructure facilities of the Russian Federation." Budanov said attacks on Russian soil mean the country's citizens finally "see the real picture," and that helps Ukraine. Ukraine's allies have said that they don't want the weaponry they've given to be used against targets on Russian soil, something Ukraine has agreed to.
Persons: Budanov, Insider's Alia Shoaib, Jan Kallberg Organizations: CNN, Russian Federation, Sky News, Centre for, Russian Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Moscow, Kyiv
A woman in China has cut her children out of her will as she felt they neglected her. Instead, she is leaving her $2.8 million fortune to her pets, says a Shanghai report. A pet clinic will administer the money and care for her dogs, cats, and their offspring. AdvertisementA wealthy woman in China has decided to leave her $2.8m fortune to her pets, and her three children will get nothing, say reports. Advertisement"We told Auntie Liu that if her children change their attitude toward her, she could always alter her will again," the official said.
Persons: , Liu, Auntie Liu Organizations: Service, China Morning Post, Zonglan, Registration, China Morning Locations: China, Shanghai
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