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"We will continue to make clear our concerns to Sudanese military officials about the malign impact of Wagner, Meroe Gold, and other actors." Receding into the shadowsRussia's meddling in Sudan's gold began in earnest in 2014 after its invasion of Crimea prompted a slew of Western sanctions. Hide Caption 3 of 6 Photos: Al-Ibaidiya, Sudan Gold flakes being weighed at a gold lab. Most of CNN's insider sources claim that around 90% of Sudan's gold production is being smuggled out. Those Wagner operatives appear to be part of a growing climate of fear as Moscow tightens its grip on Sudan's gold pipeline, sources say.
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CNN's efforts to reach Axum were thwarted by both Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers multiple times over several days. Ethiopian soldiers block CNN's path, threatening the team with detention. CNN was informed by aid agencies that they had also been turned back by Eritrean soldiers manning the same checkpoint. Ethiopian military sources in the region confirmed to CNN that Eritrean soldiers were in control of key checkpoints along the route to Axum. That report was corroborated by humanitarian workers in Tigray, who said they had "protection" issues around distributing aid in some areas as civilians were later robbed of the aid by Eritrean soldiers.
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(CNN) Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Tuesday that his government would hold accountable any soldier found responsible for rape or looting in the country's conflict region of Tigray, just days after CNN and the UK's Channel 4 News published investigations into rape being used as a weapon of war against women. "Reports indicate that atrocities have been committed in Tigray region," Abiy wrote in a post on his Twitter account. Forces from neighboring Eritrea are participating in the military campaign on the side of Ethiopia's government, as CNN has previously reported. CNN unveiled medical records and testimony from survivors, alleging that women were being gang-raped, drugged and held hostage by soldiers. High-level UN agency officials issued a rare statement late Monday demanding the allegations of rape and other forms of sexual violence in the region be investigated.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Abiy, Read Organizations: CNN, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Forces Locations: Tigray, Ethiopia, Amhara, Eritrea
More evidence of sexual violence being used as a deliberate weapon of war is emerging from Ethiopia's northern Tigray region , where an armed conflict has been raging for months. She told CNN she is now pregnant. But in recent weeks, as foreign journalists have been allowed in, horrifying stories of rape and sexual violence are beginning to surface. One coordinator at a gender-based violence crisis center in Tigray told CNN they used to hear of cases every few days or once a week. Many of the women who have been raped have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, doctors told CNN.
Persons: Abiy Ahmed, Hamdayet, Tedros Tefera, didn't, Joe Biden, Chris Coons, they've, Tedros, Michelle Bachelet, EHRC Organizations: CNN, Forces, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Ireland, Amnesty International, Abiy, State Department, Channel, Sans, MSF, Ethiopian Human Rights, United Nation's, Human Rights, UN, UN Human Rights Office Locations: Tigray, Ethiopia, Amhara, Eritrea, Hamdayet, Eritrean, Dengelat, Axum, Mekelle, Ireland
They were from his town in Ethiopia's northern Tigray region, Edaga Hamus, and had also fled fighting there two weeks earlier. A group of Eritrean soldiers opened fire on Maryam Dengelat church while hundreds of congregants were celebrating mass, eyewitnesses say. Abiy has also denied that soldiers from Eritrea crossed into Tigray to support Ethiopian forces. Footage of the celebrations from 2019 shows priests dressed in white ceremonial robes and crowns, carrying crosses aloft, leading hundreds of people in prayer at Maryam Dengelat church. Several of the priests were killed as they left the church, Abraham said.
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But when it came, the Lagos State government's security camera footage of the Lekki toll gate shooting did not capture everything. The surveillance footage once again raises questions about the investigation into what happened at the Lekki toll gate protest -- and why surveillance video from the evening does not provide a more complete picture. The army has repeatedly said the soldiers deployed to the toll gate fired into the air and not at protesters directly. CNN's investigation had revealed the use of live ammunition at the toll gate, based on analysis carried out by ballistics experts and conversations with military sources. "It had nothing whatsoever to do with the Lekki toll gate," he said.
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