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allyColorado-based Boulder Campervans recently unveiled a $220,000 custom smart camper van named Lucy. The van was built for a couple that wanted to do full-time #VanLife in Alaska. Boulder Campervans, a company that recently skyrocketed in popularity nationwide, unveiled its latest $220,000 tiny home on wheels for a full-time #VanLife couple on January 1. While many customers now want camper vans for weekend warrior excursions in warmer weather, "Lucy" the van was built out for a couple that decided to live in the van full-time in Alaska. But unlike other camper van makers that initially had a backlog of builds due to supply chain delays, Boulder's schedule has been "little to not affected at all by COVID-19," according to Crider.
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'Baked Alaska' arrested in Capitol Hill riot: FBI
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FILE PHOTO: Activist Tim Gionet, who goes by the name "Baked Alaska" on the internet, addresses a rally of self-proclaimed White Nationalists and "alt-right" supporters at what they called a "Freedom of Speech" rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, June 25, 2017. REUTERS/Jim BourgWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Far-right media personality Tim Gionet, who goes by the handle “Baked Alaska,” was arrested on Friday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Houston, Texas, according to documents the agency posted online, and charged with participating in the violent riot on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. According to a sworn statement filed by an FBI agent, Gionet livestreamed a 27-minute video from the Capitol using a service called “DLive.”Gionet did not do much to hide his identity, according to the statement, which noted he “turned the phone around to show his face and is clearly identifiable.”The affidavit quotes other incendiary comments from Gionet on the video, including, “We are in the Capitol Building. 1776 will commence again” and “America First is inevitable.”The case is not listed on the federal courts public database and no attorney could be identified. Gionet, 33, launched his career at BuzzFeed in 2015 but soon left after turning to the far right.
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Airlines are stepping up their security measures on flights to Washington, DC ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Alaska Airlines is enacting the most stringent policies that restrict ticket sales on Washington flights and when passengers can leave their seats. That list includes American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. Spirit Airlines is banning firearms on flights to Baltimore as the airline does not fly to either or Washington's local airports. Harteveldt told Insider that no such restrictions were enacted post-9/11 and no other airline told Insider that alcohol sales would be put on hold.
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Spending levels at 40,000 restaurants nationwide dropped significantly last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants in some states, including Wyoming and Wisconsin, had spending levels similar to those before the pandemic. By the end of 2020, there had been a rebound, with restaurants spending $4,531 per week on food orders and other items. Average weekly food orders during the pandemic dropped 65.1% in Nevada and around 59% in Hawaii. Restaurants' spending levels dropped due to the in-door dining restrictions and job losses across the foodservice industry during the pandemic, according to the digital procurement network.
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Anthime Joseph Gionet, a far-right media personality nicknamed “Baked Alaska” who is known for livestreaming himself participating in illegal activity, was arrested by the F.B.I. on Friday and accused of illegally storming the Capitol during the attack on the building by President Trump’s supporters last week. Mr. Gionet, who has been banned from Twitter and YouTube for his content, livestreamed himself in the mob on DLive, a streaming service becoming more popular after a mass exodus of right-wing figures from more mainstream platforms. He posted a video that showed supporters of Mr. Trump taking selfies with officers in the Capitol who calmly asked them to leave the premises. Many of the mob participants have been easily identified through their social media posts.
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ET Live Updates: Amid Fears of Inauguration Violence, Man With Gun and ‘Unauthorized’ Credential Is Arrested in Washington The man’s father said he was working as a security guard at the Capitol. Mr. Biden has resisted calls to move the inauguration ceremony indoors for the sake of safety. Without specifically mentioning Mr. Trump, Mr. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris drew an implicit contrast with his administration’s dismissive attitude toward expert opinion. Mr. Biden also said that Dr. Francis S. Collins would remain as the director of the National Institutes of Health. “Go have fun with the press,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Bolton, who claimed he purposefully made visible what appeared to be “confidential” notes.
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NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United Nations is concerned that a U.S. plan to blacklist Yemen’s Houthi movement on Tuesday will hinder its efforts to assess a decaying oil tanker that is threatening to spill 1.1 million barrels of crude oil off the war-torn country’s coast. “We are continuing to prepare for the Safer tanker assessment and are broadly on track with this work,” U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said on Friday. The Houthis control the area where the tanker is moored and the national oil firm that owns it. U.N. officials are worried the designation will scare private-sector companies away from any business related to Yemen. A Saudi Arabia-led military coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015, backing government forces fighting the Houthis.
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An incentive program promoting renewable energy might gain support from conservatives seeking energy independence or economic development, Dr. Leiserowitz, said, even if they may not be as deeply concerned about addressing climate change. Mr. Biden has declined to support the Green New Deal specifically, though his campaign called it a “crucial framework” for climate action. As for the Paris climate agreement, which Mr. Trump abandoned with great fanfare, 75 percent of American voters said they wanted the nation back in. And while Mr. Trump heralded his aggressive efforts to relax energy efficiency standards for home appliances like dishwashers and light bulbs, 83 percent of the voters in the survey said they supported more energy-efficient appliances. In part it might be attributed to increased media coverage and events like the very active wildfire and hurricane seasons last year.
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US retail sales declined 0.7% in December, landing below the consensus economist forecast for unchanged spending. The data suggests strong online sales through the holiday season failed to offset COVID-19 lockdowns and surging case counts. US retail sales contracted 0.7% in December, according to Census Bureau data released Friday. Retail sales growth has stumbled after climbing for five consecutive months through September. But months of deliberation over a follow-up bill saw the CARES Act's relief programs expire and retail sales decline.
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ET Live Updates: Biden Plans Major Expansion of Vaccinations and Virus Relief President-elect Joe Biden unveiled an ambitious $1.9 trillion spending package. That means the trial will not effectively start until after Mr. Biden is sworn in on Wednesday, officials involved in the planning said. Mr. Romney was the only Republican last year to vote to convict Mr. Trump when the House impeached him for pressuring Ukraine to incriminate Mr. Biden. Speaking from Delaware on Thursday to introduce his sweeping economic plan, Mr. Biden urged lawmakers to come together and pass additional relief. “The very health of our nation is at stake,” Mr. Biden said, speaking from Delaware.
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Having a stash of credit card rewards set aside can make a huge difference if you're faced with a family emergency that requires last-minute travel, a job loss, or an unexpected move. Read Business Insider's guide to the best rewards credit cards. Credit card rewards can be a lifesaver when things go wrongNowadays, there are even more reasons to keep an emergency stash of points and miles handy. American Express offers personal and small-business cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including the American Express® Green Card , Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit Card from American Express , and The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express. Other issuers have added new, pandemic-friendly ways to earn and redeem credit card rewards, including expanded categories for using travel statement credits and limited-time bonus categories.
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New data published Thursday shows that despite the higher sticker price, electric cars may actually save drivers money in the long-run. They found electric cars were easily more climate friendly than gas-burning ones. Honda Civic Fuel cell Higher emissions 200 Nissan Leaf Electric cars have the lowest cost and emissions over time. Honda Civic Fuel cell Higher emissions 200 Nissan Leaf Electric cars have the lowest cost and emissions over time. Honda Civic Fuel cell Higher emissions 200 Nissan Leaf Electric cars have the lowest cost and emissions over time.
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Cramer and others have been buzzing about a legal assessment from retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig saying the Senate can't hold an impeachment trial once Trump leaves office. Under the Senate rules, the upper chamber must prioritize the Trump trial once the House officially delivers its article of impeachment charging Trump with inciting rioters who stormed the Capitol. But the senator acknowledged that Republicans like him are also worried about backlash from Trump and his supporters as the impeachment trial approaches. Chief Justice John Roberts presided over President Trump's first impeachment trial in early 2021. Cramer said he doesn't think there are 17 GOP Senate votes who would join with all 50 Democrats to convict Trump.
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TSA weighs barring hundreds from flights, steps up security before inauguration
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The Transportation Security Administration on Friday said it is assessing hundreds of people to determine whether they should be barred from flights as it steps up security ahead of President-elect Joe Biden's Jan. 20 inauguration. "Currently, TSA is processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment," TSA Administrator David Pekoske said in a statement. Airlines and airports are also increasing security. Major U.S. carriers are prohibiting passengers from checking guns on Washington D.C.-area flights starting this weekend for the next week. American Airlines is suspending alcohol sales on flights, while Alaska Airlines is limiting the number of tickets it sells to the city.
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is considering a vote to convict President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial, Republican sources told Insider. "It's the time to shiv him and then brace for the fallout," said one GOP source with ties to the Trump White House. Sources close to the White House say the president's team remains in chaos after last week's riot. They also don't believe McConnell has the votes to convict him, according to another Republican close to the White House. "He's only going to get stronger," one of the sources close to the White House said, "if he survives all this."
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Panoramic Images | Getty ImagesThe pandemic has upended the U.S. economy and it has also had a far-reaching effect on Silicon Valley, the venture capital industry and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in America. In 2020, $27.4 billion of venture capital was raised in the U.S., PitchBook reports. Of the total, 22.7% of the dealmaking occurred in the Bay Area, and 39.4% of deal value was invested in Bay area-headquartered companies. He notes that Silicon Valley's share of venture capital deal count in the U.S. has fallen every year since 2006. Sana Biotechnology has been one of the beneficiaries of the boom in biotech and pharma venture capital investing.
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Administrator Dickson for taking this clear stand for our safety and security,” said Sara Nelson, the head of the Association of Flight Attendants, which represents nearly 50,000 flight attendants at several airlines, including United Airlines. “This will help serve as a deterrent to unruly passengers who had been bucking the rules of aviation safety.”On Thursday, a Black American Airlines flight attendant was subjected to “racial epithets” on a hotel shuttle in Washington, according to the union that represents the airline’s flight attendants. On Friday, Alaska Airlines banned 14 passengers from future flights, describing their behavior on a flight from Washington to Seattle as “rowdy, argumentative” and harassing. Several other airlines have also reported banning passengers from future flights in recent days, too. Airline passenger bans are independent from the federal “no-fly list,” which is maintained by the F.B.I.’s Terrorist Screening Center.
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The Federal Aviation Administration announced Wednesday that it will stop issuing warnings to unruly passengers. Federal officials tightened restrictions on unruly airline passengers following several disruptive incidents on flights in and out of Washington, DC last week. "The FAA has seen a disturbing increase in incidents where airline passengers have disrupted flights with threatening or violent behavior," the agency said in a statement. Instead, the FAA will "pursue legal enforcement action against any passenger who assaults, threatens, intimidates, or interferes with airline crew members." In light of incidents like these, airlines have taken action by banning unruly passengers and ramping up safety efforts.
Persons: Trump's, Steve Dickson, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, Romney Organizations: Federal Aviation Administration, Federal, DC, Federal Aviation, FAA, Trump, Passengers, American Airlines, South, District, Alaska Airlines Locations: Washington, Washington , DC, Phoenix, Kansas, Utah, Seattle
Delta Air Lines has banned "north of 800" passengers for mask non-compliance. Delta has also banned passengers who harassed Utah Senator Mitt Romney on a flight from Salt Lake City to Washington. Delta Air Lines announced during its fourth-quarter earnings call that "north of 800" passengers have been banned since the policy was enacted in May 2020. An Alaska Airlines flight from Washington, DC to Seattle following riots also saw 14 passengers banned for violating the airline's mask policies. Delta flyers seeking a medical exemption to the mask rule must undergo a virtual screening with a medical professional.
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Administrator Dickson for taking this clear stand for our safety and security,” said Sara Nelson, the head of the Association of Flight Attendants, which represents nearly 50,000 flight attendants at several airlines, including United Airlines. On Friday, Alaska Airlines barred 14 passengers from future flights, describing their behavior on a flight from Washington to Seattle as “rowdy, argumentative” and harassing. Several other airlines have also reported barring passengers from future flights in recent days, too. In widely shared episodes, Trump supporters also heckled two Republican senators, Mitt Romney of Utah and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as they traveled to and from Washington. American Airlines on Wednesday said it was taking steps to ensure the safety of its crews and customers ahead of the presidential inauguration next week.
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Washington DC (CNN Business) Airlines and the Transportation Security Administration are stepping up security for flights to and from Washington, DC, amid threats of additional violence. In response, the TSA is increasing passenger screenings and airlines are banning some guns and alcohol and taking extra measures to keep airline crew members safe. AlcoholAmerican Airlines AAL told CNN Wednesday it is suspending alcoholic beverage service on flights to and from DC area airports between January 16 and January 21. TSA told CNN on Monday that the agency is on "high alert." Keeping crew and passengers safeAmerican is relocating crew members from hotels in downtown Washington to those closer to airports.
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Deaths nationwide were 18 percent higher than normal from March 15, 2020, to Dec. 26, 2020. Excess deaths have peaked three times, so far, as have deaths from Covid-19. There are now excess deaths in every state, with surges in states like California, Colorado, Kansas and Ohio fueling record death tolls in recent weeks. During the period of our analysis, estimated excess deaths were 21 percent higher than the official coronavirus fatality count. Most of the excess deaths in this period are because of the coronavirus itself.
Persons: , coronavirus Organizations: Centers for Disease Control, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New, New York City, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington State, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming Locations: U.S, United States, Covid, California , Colorado , Kansas, Ohio, Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, Jersey, Mexico, York, New York
Senate Plans Trial for Trump as G.O.P. Weighs Risks of Convicting
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That means the trial will not effectively start until after Mr. Biden is sworn in on Wednesday, officials involved in the planning said. Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California has discretion over when to transmit the article of impeachment, formally initiating the Senate proceeding. With Republicans fractured after the president’s bid to overturn the election inspired a rampage, many of them were trying to gauge the dynamics of a vote to convict Mr. Trump. Ms. Cheney had joined nine other members of the party who voted with Democrats to charge the president with “incitement of insurrection.”Most Senate Republicans stayed publicly silent about their positions. But Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska and one of the president’s leading critics, signaled on Thursday that she was among a small group in her party so far considering convicting Mr. Trump.
Persons: Mitch McConnell, Trump, Mr, Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s, Liz Cheney, Cheney, Lisa Murkowski Organizations: Republican, Senate, Trump, Republicans Locations: Kentucky, California, Wyoming, , Alaska
REUTERS/Joe Skipper/File PhotoDickson told Reuters the FAA’s special emphasis program would last through March 30 and warned disruptive passengers could face up to $35,000 fines and possible jail time. We’re going to go straight to enforcement,” Dickson said in an interview. The president of a large flight attendants’ union, who has pressed authorities to take strong action against disruptive passengers, applauded the FAA’s stance. On Friday, Alaska Airlines said it banned 14 passengers from future travel after “unacceptable” behavior on a flight from Washington to Seattle. On Tuesday, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Trump supporters who breached the U.S. Capitol should be banned from flying and added to a government “no-fly” list.
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Under the U.S. Constitution, impeachment in the House triggers a trial in the Senate. The New York Times reported that McConnell is said to be pleased by the House impeachment push. At least five House Republicans, including Liz Cheney, a member of her party’s leadership team, said they would vote for impeachment. Hoyer told reporters he expected between 10 and 20 House Republicans to vote for impeachment on Wednesday. Democrats could also use an impeachment trial to push through a vote blocking Trump from running for office again.
Persons: Donald Trump, Joshua Roberts, Joe Biden, Trump, Jim McGovern, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey, Liz Cheney, , impeaching Trump, Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole, us, ” Cole, Mike Pence, Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Hoyer, Pence, Biden, Hunter, Trump’s Jan, ” Trump Organizations: WASHINGTON, U.S . House, Republican, National Guard, U.S, U.S . Capitol, REUTERS, House, Democratic, Trump, Constitution, Senate, The New York Times, Republicans, Oklahoma Republican, . Washington, Ukraine, Georgia Locations: Washington , U.S, United States, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, ., U.S
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