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Joe Rogan said it's weird to call someone "Black" unless they are "100% African from the darkest place." He mentioned that his guest, Jordan Peterson, had been called a "mean, mad white man" in a debate. In a four-hour podcast episode of "The Joe Rogan Experience," Rogan discussed an array of topics — including the Bible, the Joker, and Benzodiazepine abuse — with clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson. Rogan went on to comment that "the Black and white thing is so strange because there's such a spectrum of shades of people." Rogan, Peterson, and Dyson did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.
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General view of a Dubai duty free closed shop at Dubai International Airport, as Emirates airline resumed limited outbound passenger flights amid outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Dubai, UAE April 27, 2020. REUTERS/Ahmed JadallahDUBAI, Jan 27 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates will lift an entry and transit ban on on Saturday on travellers who had recently visited South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and eight other African countries. The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) said late on Wednesday it was lifting the ban on those who had visited certain African countries in the previous 14 days, imposed due to the Omicron COVID-19 variant. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterThose travelling from African countries will have to obtain a negative COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours prior to departure and a negative rapid-PCR test at the departure airport. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterWriting by Alexander Cornwell; Editing by Kim CoghillOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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To qualify for the payments, farmers have to send their children to school, prune cocoa trees, plant shade trees and diversify their income with other crops or livestock. Children casually helping on family farms outside of school time do not fall under the International Labour Organization's definition of child labour. By 2025, it wants to be able to trace 100% of its cocoa back to specific farms under its in-house sustainability scheme, the Nestle Cocoa Plan. "We're very confident this will be a game changer on the road to reducing the risk of child labour," said Batato. The incentive will then be levelled at 250 francs after two years and progressively extended to all of Nestle's 160,000 cocoa farmers by 2030.
Persons: Luc Gnago, Nestle, Magdi Batato, Batato, Alexander von Maillot, Von Maillot, Silke Koltrowitz, Alexandra Hudson Organizations: REUTERS, Nestle, Reuters, University of Chicago, Sustainable Trade Initiative, International Labour, Nestle Cocoa Plan, Alexandra Hudson Our, Thomson Locations: Djigbadji, Soubre, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Ivory Coast ZURICH, LONDON, West Africa
Former U.K. prime minister and current U.N. special envoy for global education, Gordon Brown, told CNBC that the world must come together to find the $4.4 billion needed to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Global education crisisBrown also told CNBC that there's a global education crisis that will affect economies, the ability to have a productive workforce and the standard of living of the entire population if no action is taken. He said Africa is a region particularly affected by the crisis in global education. Building a highly skilled workforceBrown told CNBC that the countries that are going to be successful in the future are the ones with highly skilled workers. Gordon Brown, United Nations special envoy for global education, speaks on the launch of the International Finance Facility for Education on May 11, 2018.
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Unfortunately, this hasn't generated broad-based benefits for the majority of cocoa farmers. Private sector, local governments and nongovernmental organizations in West Africa have worked to address child labor risks by monitoring farms, educating communities and building schools to offer alternatives to families. Its long-term sustainability is threatened by numerous factors, including, intolerably, the risk of child labor on cocoa farms. Individually, these payments incentivize practices that have been effective in reducing the risk of child labor in cocoa-farming communities. It will help address the key economic, social, and infrastructure challenges that contribute to child labor risk.
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European lenders lost ground to Wall Street rivals during the pandemic because volatile markets boosted the earning power of U.S. banks' outsized trading arms. European rivals earn proportionately more from lending and benefit from a higher interest rate environment. As the continent's biggest lenders prepare to report full-year earnings for 2021, kicking off with Deutsche Bank(DBKGn.DE) on Thursday, European banks must seize the opportunity that now presents itself, analysts consultants and investors say. In investment banking, U.S. banks have beaten European rivals on their own turf by almost any metric in recent years, and the gap has been widening. European lenders have also largely avoided amassing mountains of bad loans as corporate borrowers weathered the COVID-19 pandemic.
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LIVE MARKETS More than four
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Summary European shares fall 1.3%Fed likely to hike rates in MarchU.S. futures in the redJan 27 - Welcome to the home for real-time coverage of markets brought to you by Reuters reporters. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterThat, in a nutshell, is why the U.S. Federal Reserve feels there is "quite a bit of room to raise interest rates". Powell did not deny that possibility, so markets have started to price a fifth move. And world markets are taking notice. read more(Danilo Masoni)*****Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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LIVE MARKETS Fed tightening cycle: bend it like the Footsie
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Summary European shares fall 0.6%, off lowsFed likely to hike rates in MarchU.S. futures in the redJan 27 - Welcome to the home for real-time coverage of markets brought to you by Reuters reporters. You can share your thoughts with us at markets.research@thomsonreuters.comFED TIGHTENING CYCLE: BEND IT LIKE THE FOOTSIE (0959 GMT)Many pundits expected London's FTSE 100 to do quite well when the Fed decided to embarked in this new tightening cycle. Not only is the Footsie one of the only European benchmarks to trade in the black this morning, it's also outperforming the other blue chip benchmarks this year. The Fed's hawkish stance sent the European tech sector just a whisker from bear market territory early this morning. In Asia shares tumbled to their lowest in nearly 15 months and European equities look set to follow with futures down 1.4-2.1%.
Persons: it's, Julien Ponthus, Brent Thill, Jefferies, Danilo Masoni, Powell, William Ackman, Tesla, Rowe Price, Dr Martens, UniCredit, SEB, Polymetal, Sujata Rao, Dow Jones, Ian Williams, Jerome Powell Organizations: Fed, Nasdaq, Microsoft, TECH, Deutsche Bank, SAP, JPMorgan, U.S . Federal, Treasury, Netflix, Reuters, bps, Dow, McDonalds, Mastercard, JetBlue, Apple, Visa, IG Group, Diageo, Sabadell, Peel, Federal Reserve, U.S, Thomson Locations: U.S, Zealand, South Africa, Southwest, St, James's, STMicro, Asia
Morning Bid: More than four rate rises in 2022?
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The world's largest economy is predicted torecord GDP growth at a 37-year high of 5.5%, with data due later on Thursday. That, in a nutshell, is why the U.S. Federal Reserve feels there is "quite a bit of room to raise interest rates". Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterCould there be more than four rate rises this year? Similar steepening is notable between other bill maturities in a sign more tightening is being priced. But with buyers still in hiding, Tesla shares tanked in after-hours trade.
Persons: Jerome Powell, Yuri Gripas, Sujata Rao, Powell, William Ackman, Tesla, Rowe Price, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, Dr Martens, UniCredit, SEB, Saikat Chatterjee Organizations: Congress, Capitol, REUTERS, JPMorgan, U.S . Federal, Treasury, Netflix, Deutsche Bank, Reuters, bps, Dow, McDonalds, Mastercard, JetBlue, Apple, Visa, SAP, IG Group, Diageo, Sabadell, Polymetal, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, Zealand, South Africa, Southwest, St, James's
OUAGADOUGOU, Jan 27 (Reuters) - The junta that overthrew Burkina Faso's government warned ex-ministers not to leave the capital or obstruct its military officers during talks over how to return to democratic elections, one of the politicians present said on Thursday. The junta is also due to meet a group of trade unions on Thursday, according to an internal note from Burkina Faso's main labour organisation that was seen by Reuters. read moreECOWAS imposed sanctions on Mali and Guinea following military takeovers in August 2020 and September 2021, respectively. The juntas in Mali and Chad agreed to 18-month transitions to democratic elections, while Guinea's has not yet laid out a timeline. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterReporting by Thiam Ndiaga; writing by Aaron Ross; Editing by Alison WilliamsOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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LIVE MARKETS Russia/Ukraine: scanning Europe for stress
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On that note, Both Citi and Jefferies just released in-depth reviews of how the European stock markets are exposed to the geopolitical crisis. Euro zone money markets currently price more than 20 basis points of ECB rate hikes by December 2022. With that in mind, stock pickers are increasingly looking for data on rate sensitivity across the space; and a timely Jefferies note on European banks has some interesting findings. "Secondly, French banks have significant exposure to France, where lending is mostly at fixed rate, limiting the rate sensitivity". USyieldcurveFinally, political pressure on the Fed is currently to bring inflation down, not to rescue equity markets.
Persons: We've, Julien Ponthus, Jefferies, Bankinter, Danilo Masoni, Joost van Leenders, , Stefano Rebaudo, it's, Brent Thill, Powell, William Ackman, Tesla, Rowe Price, Dr Martens, UniCredit, SEB, Polymetal, Sujata Rao, Dow Jones, Ian Williams, Jerome Powell Organizations: West, Citi, Jefferies, Renault, Pfizer, ECB, Banca, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale, BNP, Federal Reserve, Kempen Capital Management, Fed, Nasdaq, Microsoft, TECH, Deutsche Bank, SAP, JPMorgan, U.S . Federal, Treasury, Netflix, Reuters, bps, Dow, McDonalds, Mastercard, JetBlue, Apple, Visa, IG Group, Diageo, Sabadell, Peel, U.S, Thomson Locations: U.S, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, Russia, Ukraine, russia, France, Zealand, South Africa, Southwest, St, James's, STMicro, Asia
An emerging subtype of Omicron is spreading 1.5 times quicker than the original, Denmark estimates. Omicron BA.2 has been emerging since late December. The chart covers all variants and lineages, not just Omicron BA.2. Our World in DataShe also noted that in Denmark BA.2 was spreading most quickly among children. Although BA.1 and BA.2 share a lot of these mutations, BA.2 also has about 50 mutations BA.1 doesn't, as Insider's Catherine Schuster-Bruce previously reported.
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But Cardi B is walking away with more than a financial victory: The case is a cautionary tale for those who want to mix unfounded gossip with news on social media. In her lawsuit, Cardi B made clear that she was never a prostitute or a cocaine user and had never had herpes, as the YouTuber repeatedly claimed. Until now, “going viral” has paid — which is just what Kebe’s Cardi B videos did. This defamation case, and Cardi B’s victory, does more than highlight how much money is at stake when it comes to social media content. Cardi B is no stranger to social media as a money-making, career-defining machine, of course.
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Yet, Antarctic meteorite expeditions are more or less potluck: many missions return, after much cost and no little danger, empty-handed. “Visit an ice field during a reconnaissance mission and see what you get, often based on chance and past experience.”The meteorite "treasure map" of Antarctica shows how the objects are not evenly dispersed throughout the ice sheet. Around 45,000 meteorites have been collected from Antarctica, nearly two-thirds of all meteorites found so far on Earth. On landing, they embed themselves in the ice sheet. “But we also quickly knew that it’s not simply that we saw these conditions so there must be meteorites here.
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WASHINGTON — The Biden administration plans to announce Wednesday that the U.S. has distributed 400 million doses of Covid vaccines globally, more than any country in the world, a White House official said. White House COVID-⁠19 Response Coordinator Jeff Zients is expected to announce the milestone, said the official, who added that the U.S. is shipping more than 3 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine beginning Thursday to Bangladesh and more than 4.6 million doses to Pakistan. The doses stem from a $500 million purchase that the Biden administration made from Pfizer in the summer of 2021, bringing the total vaccine doses donated to 400 million. The official said the U.S. has shipped more than 47 million doses to Pakistan, more than any other country in its donation program. The U.S. government has also bought 500 million Pfizer vaccine doses to give to the African Union and 92 low and lower middle-income countries, the official said.
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Ozzie, the world's oldest male gorilla, has died, Zoo Atlanta officials said Tuesday. Ozzie, a western lowland silverback, was found dead by his care team Tuesday morning, the zoo said in a news release. Ozzie was one of 13 gorillas at Zoo Atlanta who tested positive for Covid-19 last year. “This is a devastating loss for Zoo Atlanta," park CEO Raymond King said in a statement. Ozzie was the third oldest gorilla in the world.
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MAPUTO, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The death toll from tropical storm Ana has risen to at least 12 in Mozambique and Malawi, authorities said, although officials and aid agencies are still assessing the full impact of the storm that swept through southern Africa on Monday. Mozambique's National Institute for Management and Disaster Risk Reduction said on Tuesday that eight people had died, 54 had been injured and 895 evacuated in the prior 24 hours. Mozambique and other southern African countries have been repeatedly struck by severe storms and cyclones in recent years that have destroyed infrastructure and displaced large numbers of people. Experts say the storms have become stronger as waters have warmed due to climate change, while rising sea levels have made low-lying coastal areas vulnerable. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterReporting by Manuel Mucari in Maputo, Alexander Winning in Johannesburg and Frank Phiri in Blantyre; editing by Philippa FletcherOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Ana, Naemi Heita, Manuel Mucari, Alexander Winning, Frank Phiri, Philippa Fletcher Organizations: Mozambique's National Institute for Management, International Federation of Red, Red Crescent Societies, Reuters, Thomson Locations: MAPUTO, Mozambique, Malawi, Africa, Mulanje, Mozambique's, Maputo, Johannesburg, Blantyre
Image A health worker collecting a swab sample from a woman to test for the coronavirus after cases of the Omicron variant were detected in Porto Alegre, Brazil, last week. The potential consequences of the vaccine gap have been underscored by Omicron, which was first identified in southern Africa. Low vaccination coverage creates conditions for widespread virus circulation and with that the possibility of new variants emerging. But, he said, with more vaccination and natural immunity through infection, “Omicron offers plausible hope for stabilization and normalization.”During Tuesday’s livestream, W.H.O. officials again emphasized that the virus would continue to circulate and that Omicron would not be the last variant.
Persons: Diego Vara, Maria Van Kerkhove, haven’t, , Van Kerkhove, Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Tedros, Dr, Hans Kluge, Tuesday’s, Mike Ryan Organizations: Reuters, World Health Organization, New York Times, Johns Hopkins University, Cases, Omicron, “ Omicron, Emergencies Locations: Porto Alegre, Brazil, North America, Europe, Latin America, East, Asia, Eastern, Central Europe, Africa, W.H.O
Migrants wait to disembark from a Spanish coast guard vessel, in the port of Arguineguin, on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain, January 26, 2022. REUTERS/Borja SuarezARGUINEGUIN, Spain, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Spain's sea rescue service on Wednesday picked up more than 300 migrants trying to reach the Canary Islands in rickety boats, with nine of them clinging to a semi-sunken dinghy. The rescue service said it was unaware of any drownings as reported by a rights group. The islands off the coast of West Africa have become the main destination for migrants trying to reach Spain, with a much smaller share trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to the Spanish mainland. A total of 22,316 migrants arrived in the Canaries illegally in 2021, compared with 23,271 the previous year.
Persons: Borja Suarez ARGUINEGUIN, Jan, Helena Maleno, Emma Pinedo, Miguel Gutierrez, Andrei Khalip, Mark Heinrich Our Organizations: Gran Canaria, REUTERS, Wednesday, Reuters, Canaries, Borders, Thomson Locations: Spanish, Arguineguin, Gran, Spain, rickety, Lanzarote, Africa, West Africa, Madrid
On Monday, two weeks after the 15-member Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) announced the sanctions, the Burkinabe army arrested President Roch Kabore and seized power. West African nations and international allies have struggled to mount an effective response, as populations lose faith in governments many see as manipulating the democratic process and unable to alleviate poverty or repel Islamist militant violence. "As long as they are not going to offer adequate responses to the governance deficit, coups are going to multiply." ECOWAS' sanctions included locking Mali out of regional financial markets and closing its borders, potentially devastating blows for the impoverished landlocked country. "Coalitions outside the traditional U.N. structures are emerging and staking a claim to security and economic partnerships in Africa," a West African diplomat said, citing Russia, China, Turkey and the Gulf States.
Persons: Roch Kabore, Vincent Bado, Burkina Faso's, West Africa's, Abdoulaye Barry, al, Alexander Ivanov, Ivanov, Blaise Compaore, Said Djinnit, Alpha Conde's, Guinea's, Aaron Ross, David Lewis, Edward McAllister, Mike Collett Organizations: REUTERS, ECOWAS, Russia DAKAR, West African States, United Nations, University for Peace, Islamic, Central, Burkinabe, Burkina, Ivory Coast, African Union, Guinean, White, Thomson Locations: Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, West Africa, Mali, Russia, Burkina, Guinea, West, France, European, al Qaeda, Islamic State, West Africa's Sahel, RUSSIA, ECOWAS, Africa, West African, China, Turkey, Gulf States, Russian, Central African Republic, Conakry, Bamako, Dakar, Nairobi
DUBAI, Jan 26 (Reuters) - The global Islamic funds market has grown by more than 300% over the last decade to nearly reach $200 billion in assets under management, the Bahrain-based General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) said on Wednesday. Islamic funds' AuM growth showed signs of recovery last year, rising to $194.51 billion at the end of the third quarter, a 17.1% increase from end-2020. Saudi Arabia has the most assets under management in the Islamic funds market, followed by Iran and Malaysia, according to the report. There are 1,508 Islamic funds globally, operated by 345 Islamic financial institutions in 29 countries, CIBAFI said. "Overall, despite showing impressive growth over the years, the global Islamic funds market is relatively immature and much smaller in size compared to its counterpart," the report said.
Persons: Abdelilah Belatik, CIBAFI, Doyinsola Oladipo, Nick Macfie Organizations: Islamic Banks, Financial, Islamic, Environmental, Islamic Financial Services Industry, Thomson Locations: DUBAI, Bahrain, Africa, East, Southeast Asia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia
Ex-Senator Flake takes over as U.S. ambassador to Turkey
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Former Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) walks through the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., October 19, 2021. Senator Jeff Flake officially became U.S. ambassador to Turkey on Wednesday at a critical time for the NATO allies, after presenting his letter of confidence to President Tayyip Erdogan. After Trump and Erdogan had warm personal ties, President Joe Biden has taken a cooler approach towards Turkey. One of his first steps in the White House was recognising the 1915 massacre of Armenians as genocide - a position that infuriated Turkey. Register now for FREE unlimited access to RegisterReporting by Tuvan Gumrukcu; Editing by Jonathan SpicerOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Jeff Flake, Elizabeth Frantz ANKARA, Jan, Tayyip Erdogan, Donald Trump, Flake, David Satterfield, Trump, Erdogan, Joe Biden, Jonathan Spicer Organizations: U.S, Capitol, REUTERS, Republican U.S, NATO, Ukraine, Russia,, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, U.S, Turkey, Ankara, of Africa, Russia, Kyiv, Moscow, Washington, Russian, Syria, Libya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Qatar
West African leaders to hold summit after latest coups
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People show their support for the military after they deposed President Kabore outside state Television RTB headquarter in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, January 24, 2022. REUTERS/Vincent BadoABIDJAN, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will hold an extraordinary summit on Burkina Faso and Mali on Friday, Ivory Coast's information minister said on Wednesday, after military takeovers in both countries. Army officers in Burkina Faso ousted President Roch Kabore on Monday in West Africa's third coup in nine months, following military takeovers in Mali and Guinea. The regional bloc strongly condemned Kabore's ouster, saying he was forced to resign under threat and intimidation. A crowd also gathered in Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou on Tuesday to celebrate the coup, with some saying they felt ECOWAS was not on their side.
Persons: Kabore, Vincent Bado ABIDJAN, Jan, Ivory, Roch Kabore, Kabore's, Burkina, Colonel Paul, Henri Sandaogo Damiba, Ange Aboa, Nellie Peyton, Bate Felix, Nick Macfie Organizations: RTB, REUTERS, Economic, West African States, Army, West, ECOWAS, Thomson Locations: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, West Africa's, Burkina Faso's
Picture taken May 26, 2020. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich/File PhotoSummary 62% of pilots flying, up from 43% a year earlierUnemployment rose in Asia-Pacific region61% of pilots concerned about job securityJan 26 (Reuters) - More than one-third of airline pilots are still not flying as the pandemic continues to take its toll on aviation globally, according to a new survey, though the situation has improved from a year earlier when the majority were grounded. The proportion of unemployed pilots fell from 30% to 20%, while 6% were on furlough, compared with 17% previously as air traffic began to bounce back from 2020 lows. Of the pilots still flying globally, 61% told the survey they were concerned about their job security. "It appears only Northern America is back to post-COVID passenger numbers," said an unnamed captain flying in the Middle East and Africa.
Persons: Gleb Garanich, Jamie Freed, David Gregorio Our Organizations: Boeing, Boryspil, REUTERS, Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways, Cathay Dragon, Cathay, Thomson Locations: Kiev, Ukraine, Asia, Pacific, Northern America, East, Africa, Sydney
Those interventions offer clues about what President Vladimir Putin may be thinking amid another buildup near Ukraine. Russian military action would likely be successful, but conditions now mean it would have high military and political cost. But the war would be extremely costly for Russia because of significant improvements in the Ukrainian military since 2014. Ukraine's military is far more capable now than it was in 2014. Satellite image ©2022 Maxar TechnologiesDespite the advances of the Ukrainian military, Russia's military, due to its sheer size, would still overwhelm the Ukrainians.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Irakli Gedenidze, Putin, Yannis Behrakis, Volodymyr Tarasov, Joe Biden, Liam Collins Organizations: Service, Russia, Georgia Russian, Reuters, Georgia's, Osseitians, Global Centre, REUTERS, Luhansk —, Special Forces, Armed Forces of, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Georgian Army, Barcroft, United States, Russian, Modern War Institute, United States Military Academy, Creative Locations: Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russian, South Ossetia, Tbilisi , Georgia, Caucasus, Beijing, Tbilisi, Georgia's, Crimea, Crimean, Simferopol, Ukrainian, Donetsk, Luhansk, Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Africa, South America, Donbas, Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kiev, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine's Donbass, United, Estonia, United States, Yelnya, Western
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