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Park Police officers who forcibly cleared protesters from Lafayette Square near the White House last year were acting on a prior plan unrelated to the June 1 appearance there by then President Donald Trump, according to an Interior Department inspector general report. Contrary to instructions from Park Police commanders, Metropolitan Police officers also fired tear gas at protesters as they moved away from the park and Bureau of Prison officials fired pepper spray, the inspector general found. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said officers deployed tear gas in response to assaults from protesters. Communication issues also led to confusion, the report found, as not all the protesters could hear officers’ orders to disperse. The Park Police and Secret Service also didn’t use a shared radio channel to communicate, according to the report.
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Barr, Garland and Lafayette Park
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Postal Service was being manipulated to steal votes; that the lab-leak theory of the coronavirus was racist misinformation; and that Donald Trump and Bill Barr gassed peaceful protesters at Lafayette Park to make way for the President’s authoritarian “photo-op.”The latest of these progressive tribal beliefs to be punctured is the narrative around Lafayette Park. The Inspector General of the Department of Interior on Wednesday released a report on police actions in the park, which is adjacent to the White House. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for an investigation into Attorney General Bill Barr for the “sickening and appalling” clearing of the park. Now one investigation is complete, and it found “no evidence that the Attorney General’s visit to Lafayette Park at 6:10 p.m. caused the USPP to alter its plans to clear the park,” which it had the “authority and discretion” to do after the violence, which injured 49 officers. The Department of Justice recently asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit against Mr. Barr relating to the events at Lafayette Square.
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President Donald Trump holds up a Bible in front of St John's Episcopal Church after walking across Lafayette Park from the White House in Washington, DC on June 1, 2020. The Interior Department's watchdog on Tuesday claimed in a new report that police violently cleared protestors from a park outside the White House last June in order to "allow a contractor" to install new fencing, and not to enable then-President Donald Trump to stage a widely criticized photo op while wielding a Bible. "The evidence we reviewed showed that the [U.S. Park Police] cleared the park to allow a contractor to safely install antiscale fencing in response to destruction of Federal property and injury to officers that occurred on May 30 and May 31," wrote Mark Lee Greenblatt, the Interior Department's inspector general.
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REUTERS/Ken CedenoA U.S. government watchdog on Wednesday released a report finding that federal police did not clear protesters from a park near the White House last summer so that former president Donald Trump could walk to a nearby church for a photo opportunity. Interior Department’s inspector general, said U.S. Park Police violently dispersed people from Lafayette Park on June 1, 2020 as part of a plan made earlier in the day for a contractor to install fencing. "We found that the USPP had the authority and discretion to clear Lafayette Park and the surrounding areas on June 1," the government watchdog said in a summary of its findings. The report recommended U.S. Park Police develop more detailed policies for dispersing crowds, and improve coordination between federal agencies. The report drew criticism from congressional Democrats, who have faulted federal agents for their use of pepper spray to clear protesters from the square and street.
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Lafayette Square near the White House reopens to public
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WASHINGTON — Lafayette Square, the park across from the White House, reopened Monday to the public nearly a year after federal authorities fenced off the area at the height of nationwide protests over policing following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The square, which offers perhaps the best view of the White House to the public, was closed after U.S. Park Police officers last June forcefully dispersed protesters who had gathered near the White House. The protesters were ejected from the square shortly before then-President Donald Trump walked across the park to stand near St. John’s Church to pose before cameras holding a Bible. Fencing still surrounds the square named after the American Revolutionary War hero, but entryways on the northern side of the park were quietly opened to the public on Monday morning. Lafayette Square has long been one of the nation’s most prominent venues for demonstrations.
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But this is not the first time communication issues between the Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies have hindered a threat response in the nation’s capital. At that 2015 hearing, Lofgren suggested that communication between the law enforcement agencies needed to have a protocol so such issues would be avoided. OverwhelmedOn Wednesday, when thousands of violent rioters approached the Capitol, Capitol Police — along with Washington Metropolitan Police officers there to assist them — were overwhelmed. The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association also condemned Wednesday’s law enforcement leadership, saying in a statement: “The security failures we saw demand accountability on all levels. For too long, the U.S. Capitol Police has suffered, as well as other federal law enforcement agencies, from a lack of leadership at their highest levels.”
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ET Live Updates: Democrats Look to Impeachment as Chaos Engulfs Trump’s White House The assistant speaker of the House said Democrats could vote on impeachment next week. With less than two weeks left of Mr. Trump’s presidency, a wave of resignations hits his cabinet. The prospect of actually short-circuiting Mr. Trump’s tenure in its last days appeared remote. Sidney Powell and others, including President Trump, have been spreading elaborate conspiracy theories since Election Day about Dominion voting machines. Matthew Pottinger, deputy national security adviser Mr. Pottinger has been Mr. Trump’s deputy national security adviser since 2019.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - City officials in Washington on Monday warned supporters of President Donald Trump not to bring guns to protests this week against congressional certification of his election defeat and enlisted hundreds of National Guard troops to help keep order. They will be joined by the U.S. Capitol Police, U.S. Park Police and U.S. Secret Service, Contee said. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the president and the vice president of the United States” when they are inaugurated on Jan. 20. The head of the Proud Boys pledged on social media that “record numbers” of members would attend, suggesting that they may dress in all black like antifa activists. The Hotel Harrington and the attached Harry’s Bar, popular Proud Boys gathering spots during previous protests, will close on Tuesday and Wednesday.
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U.S. election year shaped by pandemic and Trump's defiance
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(Reuters) - The U.S. presidential election was defined at first by a paralyzing coronavirus pandemic that upended traditional campaigning and then by President Donald Trump’s frenzied but failing efforts to reverse his loss to Democrat Joe Biden. Slideshow ( 22 images )The pandemic – and Trump’s handling of it – proved to be a big reason why Trump lost. He argued things would turn around as soon as African Americans began voting in large numbers - and he was right. Trump, however, would not concede and for weeks since the election has falsely claimed that widespread fraud cost him a second White House term. His legal team - including former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani - filed lawsuits in several states contesting the election results.
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