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Biden welcomes Boeing-Airbus deal, agreement to challenge China
  + stars: | 2021-06-15 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) + 0.99   time to read: +1 min
U.S. President Joe Biden attends the EU-US summit in Brussels, Belgium June 15, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueWASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Joe Biden on Tuesday welcomed the “major breakthrough” in a Boeing-Airbus trade dispute and an agreement with the European Union to counter China’s “non-market practices.”The U.S. president arrived in Geneva on Tuesday after the deal with the European Union was announced following talks in Brussels. “Significantly, we also agreed to work together to challenge and counter China’s non-market practices in this sector that give China’s companies an unfair advantage.”Biden said the United States and European Union would work together in specific ways, including on inward and outbound investment and technology transfer. “It’s a model we can build on for other challenges posed by China’s economic model,” he said. He said “values like fair competition and transparency” that were shared by the United States and EU made democracies everywhere stronger.
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China accused NATO of slander on Tuesday, and warned the alliance to “stop hyping up” the threat it poses after the summit’s communique took a tough line on Beijing. It noted that China is expanding its nuclear arsenal and military cooperation with Russia. Biden has urged world leaders during his trip to Europe to increase their pressure on China. China views Taiwan as an inseparable part of its sovereign territory and has tightened its grip on Hong Kong over the last year. NATO leaders in their communique also called out Russia and said that its “aggressive actions constitute a threat to Euro-Atlantic security.” It mentioned Russia’s war games near the borders of NATO countries as well as the repeated violation NATO nations’ airspace by Russian planes.
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Biden says Republican Party numbers 'vastly diminished' under Trump
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden views the Republican Party as vastly diminished in numbers even as it remains in lockstep with the man he defeated, former President Donald Trump. U.S. President Joe Biden holds a news conference at the end of the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium June 14, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque“The leadership of the Republican Party is fractured and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it makes up a significant minority of the American people,” Biden told a news conference in Brussels after a NATO summit. “I think it’s appropriate to say that the Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers,” Biden, a Democrat, said without offering support for the claim. Spokespeople for the White House and the national Republican Party did not immediately respond to requests for clarity or comment.
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“NATO is critically important for U.S. interests in and of itself,” Biden said from NATO’s headquarters in Brussels while speaking with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “Russia is not acting in a way that is consistent as we hoped, as well as China,” Biden said during his brief meeting with Stoltenberg. The new framework will be adopted at the 2022 NATO summit. At the end of the day, Biden is expected to hold a press conference from NATO headquarters. On Tuesday, Biden will participate in a summit with the European Union and then will travel to Geneva, Switzerland.
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Live Live Updates: Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan Leaves Democrats a Big Choice A plan from a bipartisan group of lawmakers does not address climate change and omits money for child and elder care. A bipartisan group of 10 senators met last week to discuss a framework for an infrastructure package. The group is pushing for a proposal that is much smaller than the $1.9 trillion package that Mr. Biden has proposed. But Biden administration officials said that they were mindful of how Mr. Putin seemed to get the better of Mr. Trump in Helsinki. The spectacle in 2018 drew sharp condemnations from across the political spectrum for providing an opportunity for Mr. Putin to spread falsehoods.
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Congress will probe “rogue” actions by the Justice Department during former President Donald Trump’s term, including its move to seize the communications records of Democratic lawmakers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday. “The Justice Department has been rogue under President Trump, understand that, in so many respects. The New York Times on Thursday reported that the Trump-era Justice Department subpoenaed Apple Inc for data on Schiff and Swalwell. Senator Susan Collins, one of that chamber’s most moderate Republicans, said on Sunday that she supported the Justice Department’s internal probe. “Has the Justice Department abused its power by going after members of Congress or the press for partisan political purposes?” she asked in an interview on CBS.
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Congress to probe 'rogue' actions of Trump's Justice Dept
  + stars: | 2021-06-13 | by ( Susan Cornwell | ) + 0.00   time to read: +5 min
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The top two Democrats in the U.S. Congress on Sunday vowed to probe the “rogue” actions of the Justice Department during former President Donald Trump’s term, including its move to seize the communications records of Democratic lawmakers. The Justice Department under former attorneys general William Barr and Jeff Sessions was regularly accused of putting Trump’s personal and political interests ahead of the law. “The Justice Department has been rogue under President Trump, understand that, in so many respects. The New York Times on Thursday reported that the Trump-era Justice Department subpoenaed Apple Inc for data on Schiff and Swalwell. Senator Susan Collins, one of that chamber’s most moderate Republicans, said on Sunday that she supported the Justice Department’s internal probe.
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Live G7 Live Updates: Biden and Putin Won’t Hold a Joint News Conference The news came as the annual Group of 7 leaders summit is underway in Cornwall, England, with the pandemic, climate change, China and Russia on the agenda. A U.S. official said that a solo press conference by President Biden would be “the appropriate format to clearly communicate with the free press” after meeting with President Vladimir V. Putin next week. Credit... Doug Mills/The New York Times After President Biden meets his Russian counterpart on Wednesday, the two men will not face the press at a joint news conference, United States officials said on Saturday. Now, under Mr. Biden, the biggest and most powerful member of the club has moved back toward consensus positions, though conflicts remain. Last year’s summit was canceled because of the pandemic, making this gathering the first in-person G7 Leaders’ Summit in almost two years.
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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin signaled to lawmakers Thursday that he supports stripping commanding officers of the authority to decide whether troops accused of sexual assault should face prosecution. A shift to place such decisions in the hands of independent legal authorities would amount to a sea change in the way the military handles sexual assault cases. The commission established by Austin recommended that independent military lawyers - rather than commanding officers – should decide whether to court-martial those accused of sexual assault or harassment. But the military has previously rejected proposed changes that would take legal decisions out of the chain of command. As a candidate for president, Biden advocated taking the issue of sexual assault out of the chain of command.
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CARBIS BAY, England — Jill Biden is sending a sartorial message of “love” as she accompanies her husband President Joe Biden overseas. The first lady wore a black jacket with the word “love” outlined on the back in silver beading as she and the president met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Thursday. She wore the same jacket more than two years ago to kick off Biden’s presidential campaign. And this isn’t the first time she’s sent a direct message with her clothes: During a campaign trip to Iowa late last year, Biden wore black skinny jeans bearing the word “VOTE” down each calf. Biden said her husband had been “studying for weeks” for the trip and joked that he is “over-prepared.”“Joe loves foreign policy.
Persons: Jill Biden, Joe Biden, , Boris Johnson, , ” Biden, Biden, she’s, Melania Trump, Carrie Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Joe, Queen Elizabeth II Organizations: British, NATO, Windsor Locations: CARBIS BAY, England, America, Iowa, Brussels, Windsor Castle
“In international relations, all politics is personal,” Biden said during a visit to South Korea in 2013. Just after touching down in the U.K. Wednesday, Biden told service members at a Royal Air Force station in Mildenhall that he’d visited “well over 100 countries” as a senator and vice president. Biden offered: “Possibilities.”“Personal relationships are the only vehicle by which you build trust,” Biden told Xi two years later when he returned for more meetings in Beijing. There’s a risk, though, of focusing on the personal at the expense of the substance. But Biden has often told the story of his last-known face-to-face meeting with Putin, telling him bluntly that he “has no soul.”“We understand each other,” Biden says Putin replied.
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As part of the agreement, Biden and Johnson will also work to reopen travel between the U.S. and U.K. as soon as possible. U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed the updated Atlantic Charter agreement aboard Air Force One while en route to the U.K. Wednesday for Biden's first trip abroad as president. “There'll be a refresher of the Atlantic Charter, which is now 80 years old,” Sullivan told reporters. And while the Atlantic Charter represents the latest chapter in the "special relationship" between Washington and London, the British government said this week that Johnson doesn't like that term. An aide told The Atlantic in a profile about Johnson that the prime minister thought the phrase appeared needy.
Persons: Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Biden, Johnson, Jake Sullivan, Biden's, , ” Sullivan, Franklin D, Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, ” Biden, Brexit, , Irish Republic —, Sullivan Organizations: WASHINGTON, British, Charter, Downing, U.S, Air Force, Atlantic Charter, UN, NATO, European Union, Irish Republic Locations: United Kingdom, Carbis Bay, Cornwall, England, Northern Ireland, United States, Washington, London
Amid all those challenges, America’s oldest allies are skeptical they have a partner they can trust after four years of the Trump administration’s "America First" foreign policy. The last time Trump met the G-7 leaders in person, in 2019, he threatened a trade war with France and pushed for Putin to be included in the group. One advantage Biden will have is his well-established relationships with a number of the leaders he will meet this week. In the near term, Biden will have to confront a world still struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic from economic and public health perspectives. Us, not themBeyond the pandemic, Biden and the world leaders are also expected to discuss steps they can take together to address climate change and the growing proliferation of cyberattacks.
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Biden Revokes and Replaces Trump Order That Banned TikTok
  + stars: | 2021-06-09 | by ( Katie Rogers | Cecilia Kang | ) + 0.99   time to read: +1 min
The Trump order had not been carried out “in the soundest fashion,” Biden administration officials said in a call with reporters, adding that the new directive would establish “clear intelligible criteria” to evaluate national security risks posed by software applications connected to foreign governments, particularly China. Mr. Biden’s order reflects a growing urgency among American officials, both Republican and Democrat, to aggressively counter what they see as a growing threat posed by China’s military and technology sectors. In a rare show of bipartisanship, U.S. lawmakers have also sought to reduce America’s dependence on China for supply chain technology like semiconductors, rare minerals and other equipment. On Tuesday, the Senate approved a $250 billion spending package to bolster American technology research and development. The order is the first significant step Mr. Biden has taken to approach the saga between TikTok and the Trump administration, which tried to ban the app over national security concerns but was immediately challenged in federal court.
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Bosnian Serb commander Ratko Mladic loses genocide appeal
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Darko Bandic / AP fileHis former political chief, ex-Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic, already is serving a life sentence after being convicted for the same crimes. Serge Brammertz, the prosecutor who finally brought both Karadzic and Mladic to justice, said Mladic “ranks among the most notorious war criminals in modern history” who abused his position of power to commit crimes including genocide. “Mladic should be condemned by all responsible officials in the former Yugoslavia and around the world,” Brammertz said. The court also rejected an appeal by prosecutors of Mladic’s acquittal on one other count of genocide linked to ethnic purges early in the war. Outside the court, another mother from Srebrenica, Munira Subasic had a message for young people in Serbia and the Serb part of Bosnia.
Persons: Ratko Mladic, Butcher, Bosnia ”, U.N, Mladic, Prisca Matimba, Darko Bandic, Radovan Karadzic, Slobodan Milosevic, Serge Brammertz, Karadzic, Mladic “, “ Mladic, ” Brammertz, Joe Biden, ” Biden, swaggering Mladic, Mayor Benjamina Karic, , Nedziba Salihovic, , he’ll, Milorad Dodik, ” Dodik, Darko, , ” Mladic, Kathryne Bomberger, ” Bomberger, Nils Muižniek, Nedzad Avdic, Anders Breivik, Munira Subasic, Dusan Stojanovic, Sabina, Aleksandar Furtula Organizations: Bosnian, Yugoslav, Bosnian Serb Army, International Commission, Amnesty International’s, Associated Press Locations: HAGUE, Netherlands, Bosnia, Srebrenica, The Hague, Zambia, Tuzla, Balkans, Yugoslavia, Sarajevo, ” Bosnian, Serbia, Amnesty International’s Europe, Christchurch , New Zealand, Norwegian, Norway, Belgrade, Sabina Niksic
“We’re going to review and reset the oil and gas leasing program,” Biden said at the time. Biden appears to have reached for the tool at a rate that outpaces his predecessors. “Biden is probably doing this more than other presidents have, but it’s the same approach,” said presidential historian Michael Beschloss. Biden, for instance, was sharply critical of Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, but has kept them in place for now — under review. But presidents, particularly Biden, have increasingly put more issues with smaller political constituencies under review.
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Opinion | Kamala Harris Can’t Win
  + stars: | 2021-06-05 | by ( Frank Bruni | ) + 0.00   time to read: +2 min
In National Review, Charles Cooke recently wrote a takedown of her under the headline: “The Democrats Have a Kamala Harris Problem.” The New York Post editorial board panned her commencement address at the U.S. Those attacks coincide with the upsizing of the tasks that Biden has assigned her. “It’s going to take a hell of a lot of work,” Biden said when he made the announcement about her newest responsibility in Tulsa, Okla., on Tuesday. And yet she asked for the voting-rights lead, according to an article in The Times on Thursday by Katie Rogers and Nicholas Fandos. He noted that her critics “see her vice presidency so far as a collection of unconnected set pieces.
Persons: Charles Cooke, Kamala Harris, Biden, “ It’s, ” Biden, Harris, I’d, , David Chalian, she’s, ” “ She’s, Chalian, , ’ demonization, Katie Rogers, Nicholas Fandos, That’s, It’s, ” Edward, Isaac Dovere, Organizations: New, U.S . Naval Academy, CNN, Secret Service Locations: Tulsa, Okla, Times, Washington
Biden cites 'historic progress' despite modest jobs report
  + stars: | 2021-06-04 | by ( Trevor Hunnicutt | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
“This is historic progress,” Biden said in a speech. It isn’t luck.”The Labor Department’s closely watched employment report on Friday showed 559,000 nonfarm jobs created last month, with wages rising, though millions of unemployed Americans remained at home. Rising wages are good for workers but threaten employers’ profits and risk sparking inflation. Republicans are pushing to cut the unemployment checks, with GOP governors leading half of U.S. states cutting off billions of dollars in unemployment benefits for residents. An extra $300 in unemployment benefits was a key part of Biden’s stimulus plan enacted in March to help the United States survive the coronavirus recession.
Persons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Carlos Barria, ” Biden, , Heather Boushey Organizations: White, REUTERS, WASHINGTON, Labor, Reuters, Biden’s, Economic Advisers Locations: Washington , U.S, U.S, United
Biden sees job growth as 'historic progress'
  + stars: | 2021-06-04 | by ( Reuters Staff | ) + 1.00   time to read: 1 min
WASHINGTON, June 4 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden said that a report showing modest U.S. job growth in May is a sign of “historic progress” for the economy. “Today’s jobs report shows historic progress for American families and the American economy,” Biden said on Twitter. “America is on the move again.”The Labor Department’s closely watched employment report on Friday showed 559,000 nonfarm jobs created last month, with wages rising, though millions of unemployed Americans remained at home. Economists suspect the factors keeping people from working may include childcare issues and generous unemployment checks. Half of U.S. states, all of them led by Republican governors, are cutting off billions of dollars in unemployment benefits for residents, rebuffing a key part of Biden’s response to the coronavirus recession.
Persons: Joe Biden, ” Biden Organizations: Twitter, Labor, Republican Locations: America, U.S, rebuffing
Fact Check-Biden and Harris did honor veterans over Memorial Day weekend
  + stars: | 2021-06-03 | by ( Reuters Fact Check | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +2 min
U.S. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris did honor veterans over the Memorial Day holiday, contrary to posts on social media saying they did not. These posts are missing context: Harris and Biden spoke about the meaning of the day on other occasions. The Twitter account for Vice President Harris shared posts honoring the military and veterans here , and here . Biden and Harris commemorated Memorial Day itself at Arlington National Cemetery and can been seen in video footage from the White House here . The Biden Administration honored veterans before and throughout the Memorial Day Holiday weekend.
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Democratic veterans of the 2009 fight over the Affordable Care Act say it's déjà vu watching President Joe Biden hold another meeting Wednesday with Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, the GOP’s point person on infrastructure. The White House is working to allay the fears within their party of a repeat of 2009 with infrastructure. The 2009 health care effort also began as broadly popular, but as negotiations continued for months, the politics changed. “Just like Obama in 2009, Biden is playing a tough hand,” said Dan Pfeiffer, a former top adviser to Obama. Pfeiffer believes the bipartisan talks are a fool's errand.
Persons: Joe Biden, Sen, Shelley Moore Capito, Mitch McConnell, Biden, Barack Obama, Jim Messina, Obama’s, should’ve, ” Messina, they've, , ” Biden, Obama, Messina, you’re McConnell he’s, he’s, Brent Spence, Jeff Dean, Joe Manchin, Kyrsten, , Dan Pfeiffer, “ Biden, Democratic Sen, Max Baucus, ” Pfeiffer, McConnell, ” McConnell, Pfeiffer, Capito, ” Capito, Kelley Moore, Ben Nelson, ” Nelson, Charlie Ellsworth Organizations: WASHINGTON, Democratic, Republicans, GOP, Affordable, Republican, Ohio -, Getty, Biden, CNBC Locations: Ohio, Ohio - Kentucky, Cincinnati, AFP, West Virginia, Arizona, Nebraska
Slideshow ( 2 images )Biden offered to drop plans to raise corporate tax rates as high as 28% and instead set a minimum 15% tax rate aimed at ensuring all companies pay taxes, sources said. In return, Republicans would have to agree to at least $1 trillion in new infrastructure spending, one source said. Biden’s 15% tax floor seeks to stop large, multinational companies like Inc from paying little to no U.S. taxes. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Biden’s proposal “should be completely acceptable” to Republicans that want to leave 2017 corporate tax cuts in place, she said. The remainder would come from other proposals including ending certain fossil fuel subsidies, a new fee on commercial truck mileage and the 15% minimum corporate tax.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Jen Psaki, , ” Psaki, Gina Raimondo, , ” Biden, Shelley Moore Capito, Mitch McConnell, “ We’re Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republicans, Democratic, Inc, Democrat, Republican, CNN Locations: COVID, Kentucky
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he was examining whether the U.S. would retaliate for a cyberattack linked to Russian-based hackers targeting the country’s largest meat producer. “We’re looking closely at that issue,” Biden said when asked if he could retaliate against Russia. When asked if he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin was testing him, Biden said no. Psaki said the increase of attacks coming from Russian-based hackers will be an issue Biden will raise when he meets with Putin in two weeks. “There will be an opportunity for the president to discuss this directly with President Putin to reiterate the fact that we believe that responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals,” Psaki said.
Persons: Joe Biden, , ” Biden, Vladimir Putin, Biden, Jen Psaki, Psaki, Putin, ” Psaki Organizations: WASHINGTON, Colonial Pipeline Locations: U.S, Russian, Russia, North Carolina, Maryland, White
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is using free childcare and the lure of a complimentary beer to try to convince more Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19, part of a push to reach his goal of 70 percent of adults having their first shot by July 4. “Americans headed into the summer dramatically different from last year's summer,” Biden said. “This virus, even a mild case can be with you for months,” Biden said in his pitch to young people. The White House also touted incentives companies are offering and called for more companies to follow suit. The administration said it is supports a plan by Anheuser-Busch to give adults 21 and over a free beer, seltzer or nonalcoholic beverage if the country reached 70 percent goal by July 4.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, ” Biden, , Kamala Harris, Lady Jill Biden, seltzer Organizations: WASHINGTON, Covid, Anheuser, Busch, NBC, House, White, CVS, Super, Major League Baseball Locations: U.S, Midwest
Harris to lead Biden administration's voting rights effort
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) -President Joe Biden on Tuesday announced Vice President Kamala Harris will lead the administration’s efforts on voting rights as Republican state lawmakers across the country attempt to enact voting restrictions. President Biden said voting rights in the United States are “under assault” with an intensity he has never seen before. [nL2N2NJ133]“I’m asking Vice President Harris to help these efforts, to lead them among her many other responsibilities. Leading the charge on voting rights is the second high-profile assignment for the vice president in less than three months. Both Biden and Harris have also asked Congress to pass HR 1 - a flagship election reform bill that would update voting procedures - and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would prevent discriminatory changes to voting laws.
Persons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump’s, Biden, “ It’s, , I’m, Harris, ” Biden, ” Harris, John Lewis Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republican, White House, Northern, Representatives, Blacks, Brennan Center for Justice, American Airlines Group Inc, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co, Microsoft Corp, John Lewis Voting Locations: United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Texas
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