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What Lordstown’s Meltdown Means for SPACs
  + stars: | 2021-06-15 | by ( Andrew Ross Sorkin | Jason Karaian | Sarah Kessler | ) sentiment -0.99   time to read: +2 min
SPACs are structured such that sponsors are incentivized to get a deal done quickly, even if the company they’re buying may not be ready for public market scrutiny. Both companies have been unable to live up to their rosy projections and, like Lordstown, attracted S.E.C. “You can get to the public markets sooner — but that means you have to grow up in front of the public.”The S.E.C. didn’t question those orders in an inquiry into Lordstown’s disclosures at the time of its SPAC deal. “There are a lot of gray areas with the way I.P.O.s and public companies report orders,” Jay Ritter of the University of Florida, an I.P.O.
Persons: we’ve, Trevor Milton, Nikola, Ulrich Kranz, “ You’re, Tony Aquila, DealBook, , , SPACs, Lordstown, ” Jay Ritter Organizations: University of Florida, Boeing, Airbus Locations: U.S
NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Brian Moynihan took the reins at Bank of America Corp in 2010, the U.S. bank was reeling. Since then, Moynihan, 61, has not just righted the ship, but transformed Bank of America, leaving analysts, industry people and some investors wondering what - and who - comes next. That leaves Moynihan with a new challenge over the next few years: determining who would best replace him, and marketing that person to the world without alienating other senior executives. Yet it leaves Moynihan as the longest-tenured CEO on Wall Street who has not offered a crisp idea of who is next, analysts said. “Now that he has four or five years of runway left, investors should be rightfully saying, ‘Hmmm,’” said one former bank employee.
Persons: Brian Moynihan, Shannon Stapleton, Moynihan, , , Sydney Finkelstein, Ken Lewis, Finkelstein, “ You’re, ” Moynihan, Piper Sandler, Jeffery Harte, , ’ ”, Raul Anaya, Dean Athanasia, Cathy Bessant, Steve Boland, Alastair Borthwick, Jim DeMare, Andy Seig, PNC’s Mike Lyons, Mark Chancy, Moynihan’s, Tom Montag, Montag, Warren Buffett, ” Buffett Organizations: YORK, Bank of America Corp, Bloomberg Global Business, REUTERS, of America, Bank of America’s, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Bank of America, Wall, Bank of, Justice Department Locations: U.S, New York City , New York, Bank
Having called Mr. Putin a “killer” this year, Mr. Biden is cleareyed about his adversary, they said: He regards Mr. Putin more as a hardened mafia boss, ordering hits with the country’s supply of nerve agents, than a national leader. But Mr. Biden is determined to put guardrails on the relationship, seeing out some measure of cooperation, starting with the future of their nuclear arsenals. But there is a dawning awareness in Europe that while Mr. Putin cherishes his growing arsenal, Russia’s nuclear ability is a strategic remnant of an era of superpower conflict. Mr. Biden will embrace NATO and Article V of its charter, the section that commits every member of the alliance to consider an armed attack on one as an armed attack on all. But it is less clear what constitutes an armed attack in the modern age: a cyberstrike like the SolarWinds hacking that infiltrated corporate and government networks?
Persons: “ Putin, , Alexander Vershbow, George W, Bush, , Putin, Biden, Mr, ransomware, Biden’s, “ Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Thomas E, Donilon, Barack Obama, “ You’re Organizations: NATO Locations: Russia, Europe, United States, Ukraine, Russian
Roger Federer Pulls Out of French Open
  + stars: | 2021-06-06 | by ( Christopher Clarey | ) sentiment -0.94   time to read: +2 min
“That’s not how it works,” said Paul McNamee, the former Australian Open tournament director, in a post on Twitter after Federer indicated that he might withdraw. “It’s one thing if you sprain an ankle badly and finish a match on adrenaline. Look, he’s trying to get himself ready to make a run at Wimbledon, which I believe he’s done. And a lot of people say he’s Roger Federer. He’s earned this right, and I understand that, but I still don’t like it.”Federer has been an exceptionally durable champion.
Persons: Roland Garros, “ That’s, , Paul McNamee, Federer, “ You’re, Lorenzo Musetti, , ” Patrick McEnroe, “ It’s, ” McEnroe, Roger can’t, he’s Roger Federer, He’s, ” Federer Organizations: Australian Open, Twitter, Berrettini, Djokovic, ESPN, U.S, Davis, Wimbledon Locations: Swiss, Paris
Are We Waiting for Everyone to Get Hacked?
  + stars: | 2021-06-05 | by ( Nicole Perlroth | ) + 0.00   time to read: +2 min
‘Playing with fire’These days, Mr. Panetta has swapped analogies. And Mr. Panetta can’t help but see our digital woes through a ring of fire. And it was during his tenure there that the United States, in partnership with Israel, accelerated the first major act of cyber destruction against Iran. “That was their way of saying, ‘Hello,’” Mr. Panetta said. In a matter of months, Iran’s hackers came for the United States.
Persons: Panetta, Panetta can’t, “ You’re, George W, Bush, Obama, Stuxnet, , Mr Organizations: Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Aramco, Bank of America, New York Stock Exchange Locations: Carmel Valley, United States, Israel, Iran, Saudi
The United States is roughly on track to meet President Biden’s goal of getting at least one Covid-19 shot into the arms of 70 percent of adults by July 4 — if the current vaccination pace holds. “You still have these significant pockets and states where the rates of immunity are much lower,” he added. timeto 70% atcurrent pace United States U.S. 63% 173 1 month Alabama Ala. 46% 45 1 year+ Mississippi Miss. 46% 109 7 months Oklahoma Okla. 54% 86 6 months Tennessee Tenn. 49% 113 6 months North Dakota N.D. 54% 89 6 months Missouri Mo. “You’re also looking at states that relaxed mandates faster,” said Dr. Jodie L. Guest, an epidemiologist at Emory University.
Persons: Biden’s, , Marcus Plescia, “ We’ve, Dr, Joseph Kanter, , Kanter, “ You’re, Jodie L, we’re, Plescia Organizations: New York Times, Association of State, Territorial Health Officials, United States U.S, Alabama Ala, Mississippi Miss, Louisiana La, Oklahoma Okla, Tennessee Tenn, Dakota N.D, Missouri Mo, Carolina N.C, Carolina S.C, West Virginia W.Va, Montana Mont, Indiana Ind, Dakota S.D, Kansas Kan, Arizona Ariz, Kentucky Ky, Iowa, Nevada Nev, Michigan Mich, Nebraska Neb, Wisconsin Wis, Florida Fla, Puerto Rico P.R, Colorado Colo, Minnesota Minn, Oregon Ore, Delaware Del, Virginia Va, Illinois Ill, Columbia D.C, Washington, Wyoming, Tennessee, West, Arkansas, Idaho, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Kentucky, Alaska, Kansas, Michigan, Utah, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Delaware, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, Columbia, Rhode, Maine, Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont, AL AK AZ, KY, SC SD TN TX UT, WA, Emory University, , White, % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % , . % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % , . % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % % . % % % % % % % % % % % % % ... Locations: United States, Est, Alabama, Mississippi, Wyoming, Louisiana, Dakota, Missouri, Carolina, Arkansas, Idaho Idaho, West Virginia, Montana, Georgia, Utah Utah, Kansas, Alaska Alaska, Ohio Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, Iowa Iowa, Nevada, Texas Texas, Wisconsin, Florida, Puerto, Minnesota, Virginia, York, Alabama , Louisiana , Mississippi, Ohio, Oregon, California, Maryland, Hampshire, Mexico, Jersey, New Hampshire
Do you want the tiny quicksilver thief (Kyrie Irving) or the burly crafty woodsman (James Harden) or the tall ethereal phantom (Kevin Durant)? Act I: He confuses the defender immediately in front of him with some move the rest of the N.B.A. And that’s just one of the Big 3 — probably the one who would get picked last in gym class. He has a volcanic plug of a black beard, and in many ways he hardly looks like a pro basketball player. He is so shifty and tricky and clever and quick, so deceptively skilled, that his defenders frequently end up starring in humiliating GIFs.
Persons: Sean Marks, Marks, “ You’re, , Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Irving, someone’s, jukes, scrambles, , nilly, , Irvings, Harden, Russell Westbrook Organizations: Nets, Irving Locations: Los Angeles
Departure of U.S. oilfield service firms could help margins return
  + stars: | 2021-06-01 | by ( Liz Hampton | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +2 min
REUTERS/Nick OxfordDENVER (Reuters) - Small U.S. oilfield service companies are selling equipment and shutting their doors as business activity shrank last year and contract prices have remained below profitable levels despite oil-price gains. The departures of loss-making businesses have raised the hopes of larger firms that industry margins will rise. Discounted prices offered by less powerful competitors have hurt what larger service companies can charge, said Chris Wright, chief executive of hydraulic fracturing company Liberty Oilfield Services, in an interview. The company operates oilfield equipment in Texas and North Dakota. “We’re at about the bottom for pricing that we expected,” said Mark Chapman, vice president of oilfield services intelligence at consultancy Enverus.
Persons: Nick Oxford DENVER, Chris Wright, “ You’re, , Wright, , Mark Chapman, Chapman Organizations: REUTERS, U.S, Oilfield Services, Energy Services, ABC, Superior Energy, Legend Energy, Services Locations: Lea County , New Mexico, U.S, Oklahoma, Longview , Texas, Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico, In Louisiana
On March 12, members of the private Facebook group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” began to compile names. The battle lines in Loudoun County reflect similar clashes in communities across the country over the past year. Fox News covered the dissension in Loudoun County on at least 24 broadcasts in eight weeks. “Our students are living in an increasingly diverse world, even here on the microlevel — Loudoun County is changing,” said Scott Ziegler, the interim superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools. Loudoun County Public SchoolsIn 2019, the Loudoun County school district hired a consultant group, the Equity Collaborative, to conduct an audit of the racial climate in schools.
Persons: Loudoun County ”, , Elizabeth Perrin, ” Emily Morford, , Trump, Donald Trump’s, Ian Prior, , Jamie Neidig, — Trump, Scott Ziegler, ” Scott Ziegler, “ You’re, it’s, Black, Pastor Michelle Thomas, Douglas Graham, desegregate —, Michelle Thomas, Donald Trump, , Pastor Michelle Thomas Last, Trump’s, isn’t, Perrin, Thomas, Beth Barts, Scott Mineo, Mineo, Seuss, I’ll, David Gordon, ” Gordon, Gordon, Alexis Rose, Patti Hidalgo Menders, Menders, ” Ian Prior, Barts, Brenda Sheridan, , ’ ” Barts, Andrea Weiskopf, ” Neidig, Wheaton, she’s, Neidig, Ziegler, he’s, ” Ziegler, ” Menders, She’s, We’re, Prior’s, that's Organizations: Facebook, Conservative, GOP, Virginia Legislature, Republican, Democratic Loudoun, Media, Fox News, Trump’s Justice Department, Verizon, Loudoun County Public Schools, Equity, NAACP, Raiders, New York Times, NBC News, NBC, Klux, Black New York Red Bulls, Read, Virginia Project, Virginia, Alexis Rose Bank, Trump, Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, Loudoun County Public, Loudoun County sheriff’s, Wheaton, Twitter, Locations: Loudoun County, Loudoun County , Virginia, United States, desegregate, Washington, Democratic Loudoun County, Wheaton, India, El Salvador, Virginia, NAACP Loudoun, Loudoun, Black, , Cuba, USA, Arizona , California, New York
The Fast and the Furious: Electric Bikers and Cyclists Compete for Trail Space
  + stars: | 2021-06-01 | by ( Scott Calvert | ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: +1 min
Scott Sterner and his wife, Donna Rupert, 60-year-old retirees in Dunedin, Fla., bought electric bikes a few months ago as a concession to creaky knees and hips. “I don’t even own Lycra,” she says. She says she avoids the Pinellas Trail on weekends because of all the e-bike riders. They often have “a lot of speed and not much control,” she says. Many traditional cyclists don’t get why anyone would ride a bike if the motor does the work.
Persons: Scott Sterner, Donna Rupert, “ You’re, ” Evelyn Rathe, , Ms, Rathe Organizations: de Locations: Dunedin, Fla, Pinellas, Gulf Coast
Hybrid workplaces will not last, says behavioral scientist Jon Levy
  + stars: | 2021-06-01 | by ( ) sentiment -1.00   time to read: 1 min
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailHybrid workplaces will not last, says behavioral scientist Jon LevyJon Levy, behavioral scientist and author of “You’re Invited,” joins ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ to discuss hybrid workplaces and why they won't last after the pandemic. He says social integration and belonging that comes with working in person with others is vital to a company's culture.
Persons: Jon Levy Jon Levy, “ You’re, , Shepard Smith
Marsh’s New Top Lawyer Takes On Race, Climate Challenges
  + stars: | 2021-05-31 | by ( Dylan Tokar | ) + 0.00   time to read: +5 min
That’s why Marsh McLennan’s compliance function plays a leading role on ESG-related topics such as diversity and inclusion, she said. Photo: Marsh & McLennan Cos.Ms. Brennan will oversee Marsh’s compliance program as general counsel at the unit. In addition to insurance brokerage, Marsh McLennan runs a reinsurance business through Guy Carpenter & Co. and offers consulting services through Mercer LLC and Oliver Wyman Inc. Speaking up is one of the pillars of Marsh McLennan’s compliance program, she said. “Having patience, and being willing to listen to many different perspectives is critical,” Ms. Brennan said.
Persons: Marsh, McLennan Cos, Marsh McLennan’s, ” Katherine Brennan, gesturing, Brennan, , “ You’re, Katherine Brennan, Marsh McLennan, Guy Carpenter, Oliver Wyman, George Floyd, , Biden, Ms, Dylan Tokar Organizations: Marsh LLC, , Mercer, Oliver Wyman Inc, of Chicago Locations: New York, Marsh
Why ‘Joy Dressing’ Is Summer’s Biggest Fashion Trend
  + stars: | 2021-05-28 | by ( Katharine K. Zarrella | ) + 0.00   time to read: +2 min
A YEAR AGO, an awe-struck child accosted me on Sixth Avenue as I was heading to the supermarket. According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a clinical psychologist in Washington, D.C., we humans use clothing to mark significant events, like making it through a global pandemic. We’ve spent the past year in sweatpants, consumed by uncertainty, said Miami clinical psychologist Dr. Christina Ferrari. Jeremy Scott, the creative director behind irreverent Italian brand Moschino, sees Roaring Twenties-style decadence in this post-sweatpants rebellion. That label’s creative director, Sydney-based Nicky Zimmermann, has always produced upbeat, feminine looks (like the dress at right) and stayed the course during Covid.
Persons: Gaga, , I’m, chortled, grinned, Jennifer Baumgartner, , We’ve, Christina Ferrari, “ You’re, Jeremy Scott, Libby Page, Porter, she’s, Zimmermann, Nicky Zimmermann Organizations: Washington , D.C Locations: Covid, Washington ,, sweatpants, Miami, Sydney
On a cloudless spring day in Los Angeles, Regé-Jean Page is posing on a rooftop. Though he’s already booked high-profile roles in Netflix’s “The Gray Man” and Paramount’s “Dungeons & Dragons” adaptation, Page is open to joining another series. It had been clear from his audition for Knox that Page had something special, “Bridgerton” exec producer Betsy Beers recalls. Like the Russos, the film’s directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein first noticed Page on “Bridgerton” and set a Zoom meeting with the actor. I can’t talk about which jobs I’m not doing, because I’m not doing them, [but] I’m very happy with the work I am doing,” he continues.
Persons: Jean Page, Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, Simon, Daphne Bridgerton, Phoebe Dynevor, he’ll, Bridgerton, Page, “ Simon, Daphne, , , Kim Kardashian, Dionne Warwick, Dan Stevens, James Bond, oddsmakers, Shonda Rhimes —, , We’re, Rhimes, “ Regé, George Clooney, there’s, David Caruso, Shelley Long, “ Cheers ”, he’s, Netflix’s “, isn’t, George, Shakespeare, ABC’s, “ I’ve, I’m, I’ve, Leonard Knox, Knox, Betsy Beers, ” Rhimes, Regé, you’ll, “ You’re, Mr, Darcy, Heathcliff, ” Page, Geoff Johns, Henry Cavill, Duke, Hastings, Sterling K, Brown, Malachi Kirby, O.J, Simpson, ’ ” Page, Sterling, ‘ You’ve, Christopher Darden, Marcia Clark’s, ” Brown, “ He’s, I’ll, Joe, Anthony Russo, Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, You’re, , Russo, ” Russo, Gosling, Evans, they’re, John Francis Daley, Jonathan Goldstein, He’s, ” Daley, Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Justice Smith, Daniel Craig, it’s, Brits who’ve, Marvel, snagging, Ryan Coogler’s, John, Jonathan, Brad Pitt Organizations: CSI, Miami, U.S, , Netflix, Hollywood, Seg, DC Entertainment, Marvel, Paramount, Hasbro, Brits, Sony, Facebook, Twitter Locations: Los Angeles, “ Downton, , Bath, England, Hollywood, Page’s
In an interview last month with a local Minneapolis television station, Dr. Vilke said it was “doubtful” that Mr. Chauvin had caused Mr. Floyd’s death. Dr. Vilke did not respond to multiple requests for comment. Ms. James said that Dr. Vilke had offered his expert opinion and did not tell the grand jury how to vote. Ms. James said it was her office’s ethical obligation to lay out all the facts, Ms. Brown said. To people like Ms. Brown, Ms. James’s words of extreme disappointment ring hollow now.
Persons: Vilke, Prude’s, Chauvin, Peter Neufeld, “ You’re, ” Mr, Neufeld, James, Prude, , Myra Brown, Ms, Brown, ” Ms Organizations: Minneapolis television, Rochester Locations: Minneapolis, Spiritus Christi
Live Live Updates: House to Vote on Creating a Commission to Investigate the Capitol Riot The vote is expected to be largely partisan after the Republicans’ leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy, and his team urged his members to vote no. The House is set to vote to create an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. Mr. McCarthy’s opposition to the bill on Tuesday was followed by a statement from his leadership team encouraging a “no” vote. In rejecting the commission, Mr. McCarthy essentially threw one of his key deputies, Representative John Katko of New York, under the bus in favor of shielding Mr. Trump and the party from further scrutiny. “Enough said.” Mr. Katko predicted a “healthy” number of Republicans would still vote for it.
Persons: Kevin McCarthy, Stefani Reynolds, Kevin McCarthy of, Donald J, McCarthy, Trump, ” Mr, Mitch McConnell of, John Katko, Katko, Nancy Pelosi, , Pelosi, , Steny H, Hoyer, Mr, “ It’s, Chuck Schumer, Schumer, Donald Trump, ” Biden, Biden, Erin Scott, Bill Kelly, David M, Santos, “ You’re, Barack Obama, Khalil Hamra, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hosam Salem, Mark Lowcock, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Geraldine Byrne Nason, ” Rick Gladstone, Gary Peters, Todd Young, Handy Kennedy, Michael M, Alan Rappeport, Jim Lo Scalzo, Fuad El, Nancy, Steve Scalise, Scalise’s, Robert G, Kramer, James E, Robert Kadlec, Kadlec, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Chris Hamby, Sergio Flores, children’s Organizations: Republicans, Capitol, Republican, Credit, The New York Times, Senate, Democratic, Homeland Security, Democrats, U.S . Coast Guard Academy, ., U.S . Coast Guard, , United, U.S, U.S . Coast, Associated Press, United Nations Security Council, Hamas, United Nations, Security Council, American, Democrat, Congress, Department of Agriculture, Bank, Agriculture Department, Emergent, Trump, Health, Human Services Department’s, Refugee, Border Patrol Locations: Gaza, California, Kevin McCarthy of California, America, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, New York, Maryland, Ford, Michigan, New London, Afghanistan, United States, U.S ., Washington, France, Israeli, Egypt, Qatar, United Nations, Israel, U.N, Jordan, U.S, China, States, Indiana, Beijing, Cobbtown, Black, Baltimore, Louisiana, South Carolina, Del Rio , Texas, Dallas, El Paso, Erie, Pa
Live Live Updates: Republicans Push Party Members to Vote Against Capitol Riot Commission The House will vote Wednesday evening on a bill to create a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack, and Republican leaders who do not support it may face a wave of defections. President Biden will deliver the commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s graduation. This will be the second time Mr. Biden has addressed the academy’s graduating class. Credit Credit... Erin Scott for The New York TimesG.O.P. House Democrats are expected to unanimously back the commission, and President Biden formally endorsed it on Tuesday.
Persons: Biden, Netanyahu, , Erin Scott, Kevin McCarthy, Stefani Reynolds, Kevin McCarthy of, Donald J, Trump, , Mitch McConnell, Trump’s, McCarthy, John Katko, McCarthy’s, Katko, , Bennie Thompson, Mitch McConnell of, McConnell, Khalil Hamra, Benjamin Netanyahu, Karine Jean, Pierre, Ms, Jean, Mr, Israel, Hosam Salem, Mark Lowcock, Jim Tankersley, Rick Gladstone, Bill Kelly, David M, Santos, “ You’re, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Gary Peters, Todd Young, Schumer, Handy Kennedy, Michael M, Alan Rappeport, Jim Lo Scalzo, Fuad El, Nancy, Steve Scalise, Scalise’s, Robert G, Kramer, James E, Robert Kadlec, Kadlec, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Chris Hamby, Sergio Flores, children’s Organizations: Party, Capitol Riot, Republican, U.S . Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard, Credit, The New York Times, Capitol, The New York Times Republican, Trump, Republicans, Mr, Democrats, Democratic, Republican Party, Democrat, Senate, ., Associated Press, Hamas, House, Air Force, United States Coast Guard Academy, United Nations Security Council, United, United Nations, U.S . Coast Guard Academy, , U.S, U.S . Coast, Congress, Department of Agriculture, Bank, Agriculture Department, Emergent, Health, Human Services Department’s, Refugee, Border Patrol Locations: California, Kevin McCarthy of California, New York, Mississippi, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, , Gaza, Israel, Washington, France, Israeli, Egypt, Qatar, United Nations, U.N, Ford, Michigan, New London, Afghanistan, United States, U.S ., China, States, Indiana, Beijing, Cobbtown, Black, Baltimore, Louisiana, South Carolina, Del Rio , Texas, Dallas, El Paso, Erie, Pa
Israel and Hamas May Reach Cease-Fire Soon, Officials Say
  + stars: | 2021-05-19 | by ( Ronen Bergman | ) + 0.00   time to read: +39 min
Israel and Hamas May Reach Cease-Fire Soon, Officials Say Both sides said they were close to an agreement to end more than a week of fighting. Israeli officials say cease-fire may be reached within two days. But delays in reaching a possible cease-fire have taken place because the Egyptians, who are helping coordinate the negotiations, have had trouble contacting senior Hamas officials. Israeli media has reported that Israeli officials do not expect the bombing to stop until Friday at the earliest. Israeli officials have said that as long as rockets continue to be fired at Israel from Gaza, Israel will continue to bomb the territory.
Persons: Biden, Tsafrir, Meir Ben, Netanyahu, Marwan Issa, Gilad Shalit, , Hosam, Benjamin Netanyahu, Karine Jean, Pierre, Ms, Jean, Mr, , Heiko Mass, Khalil Hamra, Abu Marzouq, Mark Lowcock, Jim Tankersley, Rick Gladstone, Mousa Abu Marzouq, Khan Younis, Israel, Ronen Bergman, Richard Pérez, Riad Ishkontana, Suzy, Abdel Kareem Hana, Ishkontana, Zein, , Mohammed Deif, Mohammed Abed, Deif, Hidai Zilberman, Mahmud Hams, Widad, Ali, , Khan, Dan Bilefsky, Hassan Salem, Deir, Kai Pfaffenbach, Moshe Kantor, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Owen Jones, conflating, “ you’re, you’re, Maya Alleruzzo, Yahel Kurlander, Thais, Kan, Kurlander, ” Israel, Yusef Abu Hussein, Jen Psaki, Psaki, ” Ignacio Miguel Delgado, Latifeh Abdellatif, West Bank Nasser Nasser, Israel Corinna Kern, West Bank Majdi Mohammed, City Mahmoud Illean, West Bank Hazem Bader, Samar Abu Elouf, CGTN, Wang Yi, Mr Wang, Bat Yam, Amir Levy, Rashida Tlaib, Debbie Dingell, Doug Mills, Tlaib, doesn’t, ” Mr, Tlaib’s, Muftia Tlaib, Luke Broadwater Organizations: Associated Press Israel, Israel, Biden, United Nations, Credit, The New York Times, Hamas, House, Air Force, United States Coast Guard Academy, Mr, United Nations Security Council, Video, Press, ., Palestinian Information Center, Shifa, Associated Press, Agence France, Israel Defense Forces, Tel Aviv, Qassam, West Bank, Police, Reuters, European Jewish, Central Council of, Embassy, Metropolitan Police, Twitter, Associated Press Foreign, Hai College, White House, Aqsa Voice, Nawa Online Women Media Network, North, Committee, Protect Journalists, Eye, Associated, West Bank Agence France, Israeli Embassy, China Central Television, CGTN, Global Times, Jewish, Facebook, Jewish Guard, Troops, Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center . Credit, New York Times, Democratic, Ford, Locations: Israel, Gaza, Israeli, Sderot, Gaza . Credit, Washington, Iran, Cairo, Gaza City, Hosam Salem, France, U.N, Egypt, Rimal, The New York Times Israel, Khan, Associated Press GAZA, Gen, Tel, Sheikh Radwan, Hebron, Lebanon, Europe, Frankfurt, Bonn, Germany, Münster, North London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Jewish, , Gelsenkirchen, United States, Turkey, London, Hyde, West London, British, Palestine, Ashkelon, Palestinian, Al Jazeera, East, North Africa, East Jerusalem, Ramallah, West Bank, Jaffa, Nablus Jaafar Ashtiyeh, Nablus, West, City, Bethlehem, Samar, Beijing, China, Xinjiang, India, Detroit, Michigan, , Dearborn
He had been throwing away money on sports betting for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic brought it to a new level. “It’s this ticking time bomb,” said Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. The companies offer features designed to stem problem gambling, allowing players to set deposit and spending limits and to restrict themselves from placing bets for certain lengths of time. She also noted that his account had been twice suspended after he made comments indicating that he had a gambling problem. Mike Wood / Reuters fileA former lawyer, his gambling addiction drove him to the brink of suicide in 2015.
Persons: , , Keith Whyte, ” Whyte, ” Sabrina Macias, ” Macias, Jeff Wasserman, Wasserman, Mike Wood, ” Wasserman, Casey Clark, “ There’s, ” Clark, Neva Pryor, “ You’re, You’re, Janet Miller, Jennifer Davis Walton, Walton, We’ve, Mitch, , “ I’ve Organizations: Fortune, Sports, Legal, D.C, National Council, ” Sports, NBC News, New, New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, New Jersey Division of Gaming, American Gaming Association, Delaware Council, , Louisiana Association, Choice, UFC, Gamblers Locations: Rhode, U.S, Nevada, Washington, New Jersey, DraftKings, Jersey, Delaware, Wilmington, West Virginia, California
Jobless Claims May Help Reveal State of the Labor Market: Live UpdatesServers at a restaurant in Columbia, Mo., last week. The labor market is struggling to return to normal after more than a year of being whipsawed by the pandemic. Credit... Jacob Moscovitch for The New York TimesThe latest update on the labor market is scheduled to arrive Thursday morning when the government releases its weekly report on jobless claims. The labor market is struggling to return to normal after more than a year of being whipsawed by the pandemic. “There is tremendous churn in this labor market,” said Gregory Daco, chief U.S. economist at Oxford Economics.
Persons: Jacob Moscovitch, South Carolina —, , Gregory Daco, Mr, Daco, “ You’re Organizations: Labor, The New York, Bloomberg, Labor Department, U.S . Chamber of Commerce, U.S . Labor Department, Oxford Economics Locations: Columbia, Mo, — Iowa, Mississippi , Missouri, Montana , North Dakota, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee , Arkansas , Alabama , Wyoming, Idaho
Live McDonald’s to Increase Wages as Job Market Tightens: Live Updates RIGHT NOW McDonald’s will raise wages at some restaurants to attract new workers. At its company-owned restaurants, McDonald’s said the average employee wage would increase to $13 an hour, with some restaurants achieving an average wage of $15 an hour later this year. The Fight for $15 organization is spearheading a strike by McDonald’s employees in several cities across the country on Wednesday ahead of the company’s annual shareholder meeting. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and several Republican governors have asserted that a temporary $300-a-week federal unemployment supplement has made workers reluctant to return to the job. “There are still major supply constraints and unemployment benefits are not the most important one.
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Live Gas Prices Continue to Rise as Pipeline Resumes Operations: Live Updates RIGHT NOW Tesla’s U-turn on Bitcoin raises questions of the cryptocurrency’s stability. Gasoline supplies vary from state to state along the pipeline, in part because some places have more storage than others. The Colonial Pipeline The pipeline can carry roughly three million barrels of fuel a day over 5,500 miles from Texas to New York. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and many Republicans have argued that a temporary $300-a-week federal unemployment supplement has made workers reluctant to return to the job. “There are still major supply constraints and unemployment benefits are not the most important one.
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PRECIOUS-Gold retreats as yields, dollar gain post U.S. inflation data
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* U.S. consumer price data beat expectations* U.S. 10-year Treasury yields hit near two-week high (Updates prices)May 12 (Reuters) - Gold prices fell 1% in choppy trading on Wednesday, en route to snap a five-session-long winning streak, after April’s jump in U.S. consumer prices buoyed the dollar and U.S. Treasury yields, reducing appetite for non-yielding bullion. Spot gold fell 0.9% to $1,820.31 per ounce by 12:45 p.m. EDT (1645 GMT). Benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury yields jumped on the stronger consumer prices reading. While gold is also viewed as a hedge against higher inflation that could follow stimulus measures, higher Treasury yields have weighed on gold, which is down over 3% for the year so far. The dollar index was up 0.7%, making gold expensive for holders of other currencies, propped up by market bets for higher interest rates to rein in inflation.
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Spot gold fell 0.8% to $1,822.91 per ounce by 1:51 p.m. EDT (1751 GMT) after falling up to 1% earlier in the session. ... Traders are concerned about what those tools may be,” said Bob Haberkorn, senior market strategist at RJO Futures. “For this week, you’re going to see caution in the gold and silver markets.”Benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury yields jumped on the stronger data. While gold is viewed as a hedge against higher inflation that could follow stimulus measures, higher Treasury yields have weighed on gold, which is down over 4% for the year so far. (Reporting by Eileen Soreng; additional reporting by Arpan Varghese in Bengaluru; editing by Barbara Lewis, Bernadette Baum and Jonathan Oatis)
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Sean Parnell, a staunch support of former President Donald Trump who narrowly lost a race for Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district in November, announced Tuesday that he plans to run for the open Senate seat in the state. “The U.S Senate is evenly divided, Senate control depends on us,” Parnell said in an ad to Pennsylvania voters released on his Senate campaign website. The Senate seat in the presidential battleground state was left open after two-term GOP Sen. Pat Toomey announced last October that he would not seek re-election. Toomey had pushed back against Trump’s claims of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, which was key to President Joe Biden’s electoral victory. “You’re always trained as a leader to go where the contact is heaviest on the battlefield because that’s what your soldiers need to see,” Parnell told KDKA, a CBS station in Pittsburgh.
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