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Patients with lingering Covid-19 symptoms should wait even longer, the study suggested. Some experts said seven weeks is too arbitrary a threshold for scheduling surgery for patients who have had Covid-19. The operation to be performed, patients’ medical conditions and the risk of delaying surgery should all be factored in. Oregon Health and Sciences University clinicians developed a protocol a year ago for clearing any patient who had Covid-19 for elective surgery. If the assessment raises no red flags, patients can be cleared for surgery once they have waited the minimum seven weeks since their Covid-19 diagnosis.
Persons: Brian Colvin, Colvin, he’ll, ” Colvin, I’ve, , Don Goldmann, , Kenneth Sharp, Beverly Philip, Avital, “ I’ve, O’Glasser, don’t, We’re, Jeffrey Drebin, hasn’t, it’s, It’s Organizations: Harvard Medical School, Institute for Healthcare, Regents, American College of Surgeons, Department, Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical, American Society of Anesthesiologists, Safety Foundation, Oregon Health, Sciences University, NBC, McKinsey, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Portland, New York, Crest Hill , Illinois, Chicago
Nearly 100 people are still unaccounted for in the small Miami Beach community. Scientists, however, have long noted the risk of building on the shifting sands of a barrier island like Miami Beach, especially with rising sea levels. Surfside’s mayor, Charles Burkett, told reporters that he often jogged by the condo building, which was built in the early 1980s. “I’ve been here since 1993, and I’ve never seen something like this happen,” Zalewski added, referring to Thursday’s condo collapse. ‘A real awakening’Another issue at hand for the Surfside community is one shared with all of Miami Beach: The towns are built on a barrier island.
Persons: Charles Burkett, Joe Raedle, ” Burkett, NBC’s, Kenneth Direktor, Becker, ” Direktor, Peter Zalewski, “ I’ve, I’ve, Zalewski, , Orrin Pilkey, Gilbert Gaul, , ” Pilkey, wouldn’t Organizations: Miami Herald, Miami, Miami Beach, Beach, Duke University, Coastal Management Locations: Surfside , Florida, Miami Beach, Surfside, Fla, Dade County, South Florida, Miami, Florida
Military leaders excoriated Rep. Matt Gaetz during a House hearing on Wednesday after the Florida Republican raised questions about critical race theory being taught to the nation’s soldiers. "We do not teach critical race theory, we don't embrace critical theory and I think that is a spurious conversation," Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told Gaetz during a House Armed Services Committee hearing. “I’ve read Mao Tse-tung. I’ve read Karl Marx. I’ve read Lenin.
Persons: Matt Gaetz, Lloyd Austin, Gaetz, Austin, I've, Mark Milley, “ I’ve, Mao Tse, I’ve, Karl Marx, Lenin, ” Milley, , , Organizations: excoriated, Florida Republican, Armed, U.S . Military Academy, Army, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Communist, U.S . Capitol, United States Locations: Florida, United States, America
Where to Find Rare Deals in Business Class and First Class
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The downturn of business travel creates an unexpected gift for vacationers: Cheap first-class and business-class tickets in big-city markets abound with airlines no longer holding back premium seats for corporate customers. Airlines expect some rebound in business travel later this year. One particular bargain opportunity: business class to Europe. And some vacationers are betting on locking in cheap tickets now and hoping the rest of Europe will open to trans-Atlantic visitors in the months ahead. (Of course, there are still risks to travel with a rapidly spreading virus variant threatening to set back recovery in Europe and elsewhere.)
Persons: “ I’ve, , Rick Seaney Organizations: European Union Locations: Dallas, Europe, Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia
Angry parents and community members protest after a Loudoun County School Board meeting was halted by the school board because the crowd refused to quiet down, in Ashburn, Virginia, U.S. June 22, 2021. REUTERS/Evelyn HocksteinASHBURN, Virginia, June 23 (Reuters) - The school board of Virginia's wealthy Loudoun County had planned to hold a routine meeting to close out the school year. Some signs read, "Education not indoctrination" and "You don't end racism by teaching it." Cobb County, an affluent, predominately white suburb northeast of Atlanta, soon followed with its own resolution banning the teaching of CRT. “What supports white supremacy more than making rules to say you can’t talk about racism or white supremacy?” he said.
Persons: Evelyn Hockstein ASHBURN, “ I’ve, , Wayde Byard, Loudoun, George Floyd, Vanessa Skipper, Skipper, Scott Mineo, ” Beth Barts, Ron DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, Ford O’Connell, ” O’Connell, , Daniel Wessel, Suzanne Eckes, Jaha Howard, Gabriella Borter, James Oliphant, Soyoung Kim, Sonya Hepinstall Organizations: Loudoun, Loudoun County School Board, REUTERS, Washington , D.C, Loudoun County Public, Black Americans, Republican, Critics, of, of Education, Reuters, WOMEN Republican Party, Democratic Party, U.S . Congress, White, Republican Party, Democratic National Committee, Heritage Foundation, Indiana University, Thomson Locations: Loudoun County, Ashburn , Virginia, U.S, Evelyn Hockstein ASHBURN , Virginia, Washington ,, America, Loudoun, Florida , Georgia, Texas, United States, Brevard County, Florida, Georgia, Cobb County, Atlanta, Virginia, stoke, Washington
Live Live Updates: Harris to Visit Southern Border Amid Republican Criticism Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to El Paso on Friday with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas. President Biden is set to deliver remarks on gun violence as homicides rise in some cities, raising concerns about efforts to overhaul policing. The visit will come just days before former President Donald J. Trump is set to visit the border with a group of House Republicans and Gov. While she said no one likes the conservatorship, she does not expect any push by the Biden administration to end it anytime soon. Mr. Biden dispatched aides to Capitol Hill on Tuesday for discussions that his press secretary, Jen Psaki, said yielded progress.
Persons: Harris, Kamala Harris, Alejandro N, Mayorkas, Biden, Carlos Barria, Donald J, Trump, Greg Abbott of Texas, “ I’ve, ” Ms, Lester Holt, ” Jen Psaki, Harris’s, , Psaki, , Ms, Biden’s, Zolan Kanno, Youngs, Joe Raedle, Jen Psaki, Ofer, Mr, George Floyd, John Katko, Mark Calabria, Astrid Riecken, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Freddie, Fannie, Laurie Goodman, Goodman, Michael Bright, Bright, Jim Tankersley, Brandi Levy, Danna Singer, Stephen G, Breyer, , , Clarence Thomas, Justin Driver, Levy, Jeanne Shaheen, Erin Schaff, scrounging, Biden —, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Brian Deese, Steve Ricchetti, Louisa Terrell, Shalanda Young, Susan E, Rice, Kevin McCarthy, Lina Khan, Saul Loeb, David Cicilline, Jim Jordan of, Mark Meadows, Tim Cook, Lloyd J, Austin III, Stefani Reynolds, Austin, ” Mr, Jackie Speier, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pelosi, Speier, Gillibrand, Austin’s, John Curtis of, Ting Shen, John Curtis, Curtis, Republicans can’t, George David Banks, Tom Perez, Gabriela Bhaskar, Barack Obama’s, Perez, Obama, Larry Hogan, Peter Franchot, Rushern Baker, Prince George’s, Donal —, Donald Trump, Joe Manchin III, Manchin’s, Roy Blunt, Missouri, Stacey Abrams, Mitch McConnell Organizations: Visit, Border, Republican, Homeland, Reuters, House Republicans, Gov, NBC, White House, Department of Health, Human Services, Centers for Disease Control, Miami . Credit, Getty, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Treasury Department, Justice Department, American Civil Liberties Union’s, Republicans, House Homeland Security, Fox News, Democratic Party, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Capitol Hill, Urban Institute, Treasury, Consumer Financial, Structured Finance Association, Mr, Credit, Yale, Public Education, United States, Appeals, Third Circuit, Supreme, Democrat, White, The New York Times, House, Senate Democrats, Democrats, Capitol, California, National Economic, Legislative Affairs, Management, Domestic Policy, Big Tech, Federal Trade Commission, Wednesday, Google, Apple, Facebook, Committee, Fox, Tech, Big Government, California Democrats, Video Defense, Pentagon, The New York Times Defense, Armed Services Committee, , Senate Armed Services Committee, John Curtis of Utah’s, Washington D.C, Grand America, Republican Party, Trump, Center, Conservative Climate Caucus, Democratic, Convention, The New York, Democratic National Committee, Montgomery County Council, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, Republic, Citizens United Locations: El Paso, Mexico City, U.S, Mexico, Central America, Guatemala, Europe, Miami ., New York, Chicago, Los Angeles , Washington, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Calabria, conservatorship, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, California, New Hampshire, Washington, Rhode Island, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Rayburn, Utah, Salt Lake City, In Utah, Miami, Republican, Maryland, Dominican Republic, United States, Prince George’s County, Montgomery, G.O.P, Western Minnesota, America, West Virginia, Kentucky
Live Britney Spears Hearing Live Updates: The Singer Addresses the Court At a hearing, the pop star gave a passionate speech about the conservatorship that she has lived under since 2008, saying she wanted to end the arrangement. “I am traumatized.” RIGHT NOW ‘I want to end the conservatorship,’ Britney Spears tells a judge. Credit... Eduardo Munoz/Reuters‘I want to end the conservatorship,’ Britney Spears tells a judge. Spears loves his daughter, and he misses her very much.”For years, Britney Spears had quietly pushed to end her conservatorship. Stay strong ❤️❤️❤️ — Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) June 23, 2021 Devoted fans on social media who have long suspected that Ms. Spears was not happy with the arrangement commended Ms. Spears for speaking up and reacted with disgust to parts of her account.
Persons: , Britney Spears, Eduardo Munoz, Mario Anzuoni, “ I’ve, I’ve, ” Ms, Spears, Ms, , Samuel D, Ingham III, Ingham, James P, Vivian Lee Thoreen, “ Mr, Allison Zaucha, Liz Day, Samantha Stark, Jordan Strauss, Britney, Spears’s, Jamie, ” Mr, Mariah Carey, , Halsey, halsey Organizations: ., Reuters, The New York Times, Associated Press, Court, New York Times, Twitter Locations: Los Angeles
Indiana Woman Is First Person to Be Sentenced in Capitol Riot
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The prosecutors noted that Ms. Morgan-Lloyd was not violent at the Capitol, did not plan her breach in advance, remained inside only briefly and allowed investigators to question her thoroughly about her role in the riot as well as search her cellphone. Prosecutors also said she had no criminal history and accepted responsibility for her wrongdoing in a timely fashion. “I’ve learned that even though we live in a wonderful country things still need to improve,” she wrote in her statement. The two were among some of the first people to enter the Capitol, but they did little more than walk down a hallway and then leave. One day after the attack, Ms. Bissey posted a photograph on Facebook tagging Ms. Morgan-Lloyd and another person who was with them, writing, “It was a day I’ll remember forever.” Ms. Morgan-Lloyd responded with a comment that read, “That was the most exciting day of my life.”
Persons: Morgan, Lloyd, , , Ms, Heather Shaner, ” “, Shaner, “ I’ve, Trump, Dona Sue Bissey, Bissey Organizations: Capitol, Prosecutors, Tulsa Locations: Tulsa, Washington, Indiana
Republican lawmakers in Ohio pushing for more “safety and security” at the ballot box can now point to a clear example of voter fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. Snodgrass was busted after a Delaware County election worker questioned the signature on his father’s ballot. The veteran Ohio prosecutor assigned to the Snodgrass case said this was a career first for him. In the aftermath of the presidential election, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose released an audit that he said showed a 99.98 percent accuracy rate. NBC News reached out to his spokesman to find out how many allegations of voter fraud have been reported to his office.
Persons: Edward Snodgrass, Snodgrass, , ” Snodgrass, , I’m, “ I’ve, Morrow, David Homer, ” Homer, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Frank LaRose, Christopher Devine, it's Organizations: NBC News, NBC, University of Dayton Locations: Ohio, Porter, Delaware, Delaware County, Porter Township, Columbus
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Republicans in the narrowly divided U.S. Senate on Tuesday blocked an election reform bill considered a top priority by Democrats seeking to offset a wave of laws passed by Republican-led state legislatures that impose new limits on voting. The 50-50 party-line vote fell short of the 60-vote threshold to advance most legislation in the Senate, sparking new calls by some Democrats to rethink that rule, known as the filibuster. Republicans argued that the bill infringed on states’ rights to set voting policy. Those claims were rejected by multiple courts, state election authorities and Trump’s own administration. The court in coming days could further weaken the Voting Rights Act in a ruling on voting restrictions in Arizona.
Persons: Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, ” Biden, “ I’ve, Donald Trump’s, Mitch McConnell, , Marco Rubio, , Joe Manchin, Steny Hoyer, Debbie Stabenow Organizations: WASHINGTON, Senate, Republican, Republicans, Democratic, Democrats, Constitution, NEXT, Moderate Democratic, Justice Department, Civil Rights Division Locations: U.S, Florida, Washington, United States, Arizona
An Alabama community was plunged into deep grief after a car accident Saturday killed 10 people — nine of them children, including a 9-month-old. Four of the children who perished from the crash were girls who lived at the ranch, and the other four children who died were related to someone who worked at the ranch, according to Over the weekend, mourners gathered to grieve and pray together at Tallapoosa County's Reeltown High School, where girls who died Saturday went to school. Located in Camp Hill, Alabama, the Tallapoosa County Sheriffs Youth Ranch houses high schoolers in crisis. Opened by the Alabama Sheriffs' Association in 1973, it was meant to provide children with stability as they navigate high school.
Persons: , Claudette, Cody Fox, Ariana, ” Michael Smith, Smith, , Saturday, that’s, , ” “ I’ve, I’ve, Reeltown, Cliff Maddox,, “ Everybody’s, Raymond C, Porter Organizations: Alabama Sheriffs Youth, Alabama, NBC, WSFA, National Transportation Safety Board, Alabama Highway Patrol, School, Youth Ranch, Alabama Sheriffs ' Association, Reeltown School Locations: Alabama, Butler County , Alabama, Montgomery, County, Camp Hill , Alabama, Tallapoosa, Tallapoosa County
“Nothing else made more sense than van life once that reality became true,” said Horn, who lived in Oakland before moving into her van. Many workers with jobs that let them work remotely during the pandemic left behind their sedentary housing situations and moved full-time into vans. But many workers who’ve adopted the van life don’t want to give it up. Van life vehicles need a few basics: A place to sleep, a desk or table space, kitchen equipment and some sort of bathroom setup. Working a nine-to-five job can also be a nuisance for van life workers.
Persons: Erica Horn, , Horn, , who’ve, don’t, “ It’s, Smriti Bhadauria, Kartik Vasan, ” Bhadauria, “ I’ve, I’m, Cailey Dillon, ” Kenzo Fong Hing, Kenzo Fong Hing, Kenzo Fong, Fong, van, ” Horn, Jess Shisler, Shisler, Smriti, Kartik, Smriti Bhadauria Bhadauria, Vasan, Bhadauria, ” Vasan, There’s, Dillon, Koda, Erica Horn “, we’ll, that’s Organizations: Toronto, Google, Verizon, Sprint, Staples, CNBC, Locations: Oakland, San, San Francisco, Mountain View , California, Sedona , Arizona, Platte City , Missouri
Fed officials open debate on bond taper
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Still, New York Fed President John Williams, speaking a few hours later, signaled it is too early for any turn in policy, yet. ‘HEALTHY DEBATE’Under the new approach, officials are willing to overshoot the Fed’s 2% inflation target for “some time” in order to achieve average 2% inflation and maximum employment. Kaplan said it was a reaction to a U.S. economic outlook that took a sharp turn between December and June. And by June, the outlook received a “big upgrade” that made the core of officials expect rate increases in 2023 instead of 2024. “I don’t think that this is an environment where you can just go on automatic pilot,” he said.
Persons: Leah Millis, Jerome Powell, Powell, Louis, James Bullard, Robert Kaplan, ” Bullard, Kaplan, “ I’ve, ” Kaplan, John Williams, ” Williams, Bullard, , Organizations: WASHINGTON, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Board, REUTERS, . House, Louis Fed, Dallas Fed, Official Monetary, Financial, Philadelphia Fed, , New York Fed, Midsize Bank Coalition of America Locations: Washington , U.S, U.S, St, , New
Carl Nassib Becomes First Active NFL Player to Come Out as Gay
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Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib on Monday became the first NFL player to come out as gay while still playing in the league, a significant moment in an American sport long identified with traditional ideas of masculinity. “I just want to take a quick moment to say that I’m gay,” Nassib said in a one-minute video posted to his Instagram account. “I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I finally feel comfortable enough to get it off my chest.”No openly gay player has played in a regular-season NFL game. A handful of other NFL players have come out after their playing careers ended, most famously running back David Kopay in 1975. The NFL twitter account tweeted Nassib’s video and added, “The NFL family is proud of you, Carl.”
Persons: Carl Nassib, , ” Nassib, “ I’ve, , Michael Sam, David Kopay, Nassib, Carl ”, Carl Organizations: Las Vegas Raiders, NFL, St, Louis Rams, Raiders
Will Work for Air-Conditioning
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At first, working from home felt like getting away with something. People rejoiced in taking meetings in sweatpants and squeezing in a load of laundry between calls. Nobody worried about their lunch being stolen from the communal fridge anymore. Then, after more than a year of dialing in, the physical office, in all its fluorescence, began to beckon. “I’ve started going into work a few days a week to take advantage of the air-conditioning,” said Courtney Walsh, a librarian at an intellectual property firm in Boston, whose third-floor apartment gets stiflingly hot.
Persons: “ I’ve, , Courtney Walsh, Walsh, it’s Locations: West, Boston
Trump cowboy plots political future after Capitol breach
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Today, Couy Griffin is divorced, disparaged by family and confronts a political recall drive, a state corruption investigation and federal charges. In Washington, prosecutors unveiled photographs of Griffin climbing a toppled fence and another barrier to access the Capitol steps. Griffin is one of thousands of Trump loyalists in public office who are charting an uncertain future ahead of the 2022 election cycle. He also says Cowboys for Trump is a for-profit company, not a political group. Donnie Reynolds, a 51-year-old sales associate at an Alamogordo hardware store, says Griffin is being targeted for ties to Trump.
Persons: Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s, Couy Griffin, Griffin, He's, George Seeds, , Henry brays, John, Ramie Harper, ” Harper, , Trump, ” Griffin, , “ I’ve, “ It’s, Wee Griffin, Michelle Lujan Grisham, , ” Jeff Swanson, ” Everette Brown, Brown, hasn't, Donnie Reynolds, They’re Organizations: Times, Cowboys, Trump, U.S, Capitol, Trump loyalists, Facebook, New Heart Cowboy Church, Lincoln National Forest, Associated Press, Arlington National Cemetery, ‘ Fox, Friends, Senate Republicans, Democratic, sheriff’s, Otero County Democratic Party, NFL, Marine, Holloman Air Force Base Locations: Buffalo, Washington, New Mexico, Alamogordo, Otero County, Delaware, White Sands, Tularosa, Paris, Ireland, Jerusalem, Arlington, China, Catron, Africa
In one picture, Hibma, Thompson and Genhi are lying in bed. The book is notable, too, for its diversity, both in who Heynen photographed and the range of their stories — as there are many roads to fatherhood. For Hibma and Thompson, their road was through adoption by way of a chance message on social media. As time wore on, however, Gibby’s acceptance of himself as a gay man collided with his marriage and his Mormon faith. “They are crucial in the sense that without them, there would be no gay dads,” Heynen said.
Persons: Thompson, It’s, Heynen, Devon Gibby’s, “ I’ve, ” Gibby, ” Devon, Bart Heynen, Gibby, , ’ ” Thompson, You’re, he’s, Dennis, ” Heynen, Matthew Eledge, Eliot Dougherty, ” Eledge, I’m, Locations: Devon, Salt Lake City, Utah, Logan , Utah, Brooklyn, N.Y, Nebraska
The Hottest New Concert Venue: Your Local Movie Theater
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LOS ANGELES—Brooke Green wasn’t sure who the band was, but she was excited for the show. “I’m just so eager to get out.”For now, she’ll have to get her concert fix in a movie theater. Ms. Green and her boyfriend watched a taped Florida Georgia Line concert on a recent Saturday night on a movie screen in Los Angeles. Hundreds of thousands of fans showed up for the same concert, shown one night only, at movie screens across the country. After more than a year of musicians putting on virtual tours and drive-in shows, the concert industry is tapping into multiplexes and local cinemas to draw fans back.
Persons: Brooke Green wasn’t, “ didn’t, ” “ I’ve, , Green, “ I’m, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, Bon Organizations: ANGELES, Florida Georgia, Trafalgar Locations: Florida, Los Angeles, Bon Jovi, Florida Georgia, U.S
Live Covid Live Updates: Immigrant Communities Turn to Dubious Covid Treatments Many living in the United States illegally can’t access reliable health care or fear authorities, so they rely on home remedies or the black market. Without access to health care, undocumented immigrants are turning to expensive, unproven cures. Such unproven remedies, often promoted by doctors and companies on social media, have appealed to many people in low-income immigrant communities in places across the country where Covid-19 rates have been high but access to health care is low. And even if they aren’t a health risk by themselves, they can lead people to postpone seeking help from doctors, which can be deadly. “I’m upset about the system that makes it easier for them to get help from nontraditional places than from regular health care.” Sandy Sirias contributed reporting.
Persons: Brian L, Frank, hydroxychloroquine, Donald J, Trump, , Oralia Maceda, wasn’t, Kathleen Page, “ I’m, Page, Sandy Sirias, Tyler Hicks, Takumã Kuikuro, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolsonaro, Dr, Aljerry, “ I’ve, Rêgo, Justin Hoffman, Maddie McGarvey Organizations: Cherry, The New York Times, Mexicans, Central, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Pulitzer Center, The New York Times RIO, JANEIRO —, Reuters, Labor Department Locations: United States, Fresno, Calif, Credit, The New York Times FRESNO, , Oaxaca, Mexico, Covid, BPC, Baltimore, Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil, JANEIRO, Alto, Amapá, Findlay , Ohio
When country singer Russell Dickerson became a father in September, he vowed he wouldn’t succumb to dad bod. With less time for the gym, he embraced high-intensity workouts and found ways to include his son Remington in them. Mr. Dickerson, 34, used to spend more than an hour on workouts that focused one day on cardio, the next on legs. He learned about the workouts through an Instagram feed called Dad Bod (Workout of the Day), which offers fitness tips. “You realize you can be pretty scrappy and still get a great workout,” Mr. Dickerson says.
Persons: Russell Dickerson, Remington, Dickerson, “ I’ve, I’m, , , Kailey Dickerson, Mr, I’ll Locations: Nashville, Tenn
Live Covid Live Updates: Singapore OKs China’s Sinovac Vaccine for Private Use Some are getting the shot at private clinics because it makes it easier to travel to mainland China. The updated rules give fully vaccinated players and staff more options on what they can and cannot do compared to unvaccinated players. That includes lifting mask rules for vaccinated players or resuming in-flight food service for teams that have reached a certain threshold of vaccinations. An administration official said that if the AstraZeneca doses made by Emergent are declared safe, the supply will ultimately be shared with other nations. Noah Weiland, Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Tracking Coronavirus Vaccinations Around the World More than 2.59 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, equal to 34 doses for every 100 people.
Persons: Tyler Hicks, , Takumã Kuikuro, Jair Bolsonaro, Dr, Aljerry, “ I’ve, Rêgo, Cole Beasley, Beasley, Brett Carlsen, , “ I’m, Amy Trask, ” Trask, Chris Paul, Paul, Kevin Draper, Jim Lo Scalzo, Biden’s, Johnson, Mr, Biden, Jeffrey D, Zients, Noah Weiland, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Emmanuel Berthier, Berthier, Molotov, Steve Maia Caniço, Friends, Caniço —, Organizations: The New York Times RIO, Buffalo Bills, Mr, Associated Press, Buffalo Bills football, Twitter, Player’s Association, Major League Baseball, Oakland Raiders, Phoenix Suns, Western, Suns, Centers for Disease Control, AstraZeneca, Biden, Officials, Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson, Drug Administration, Emergent, White House, White, Associated Press PARIS, , Prosecutors Locations: Singapore, China, United States, Moderna, Taiwan, Tefé, Amazonas, Brazil, Alto, Amapá, Covid, U.S, Baltimore, Redon, Brittany, France, Ille, Nantes
Rock and Soul Mainstay Steve Cropper Is Still Making Music
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Steve Cropper has been the cornerstone of some of the best rock and soul music of the 20th century, revered by fellow musicians but never as well known as some of his collaborators. As guitarist, songwriter and producer, the 79-year-old Mr. Cropper made music with Otis Redding, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Levon Helm, Jeff Beck, John Prine, the Staples Singers, Rod Stewart and Neil Young. It was a scary proposition for Mr. Cropper, one of the all-time great studio magicians. Despite the modern technology, the album is dominated by classic old-school soul songs, with surging organ, gritty vocals and Cropper’s stabbing lead lines and chugging rhythms propelling tunes punctuated by horns. When the time came to finish the guitar tracks, Mr. Cropper had to confront a problem.
Persons: Steve Cropper, Cropper, Otis Redding, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Levon Helm, Jeff Beck, John Prine, Rod Stewart, Neil Young, ” “, , Booker T, Cropper’s, , Jimmie Vaughan, ” Mr, Roger C, Reale, Reale’s, “ I’ve, I’m Organizations: Staples
Chico Basin Ranch is emphatically not a dude ranch, but rather one of a small number of working ranches in the U.S. that invite a few paying guests to join the workdays. An avid equestrian, she came to Chico Basin on a solo vacation, a gift from her husband. Tom Shandley, a former apprentice at Chico Basin Ranch, works on an electric fence line. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS Would you vacation on a working ranch? Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado Springs, Colo.See main story.
Persons: Butters, Katrina Flynn, Erika Broyles, “ I’ve, , Duke Phillips III, Mr, Phillips, Duke Phillips IV, Tess Leach, Tom Shandley, Madeline Jorden, Chrissy McFarren, Ms, Leach, Erika, John, Avery Sass Clark, It’s, aren’t, Della Frederickson, Darwin, luxuriously, El, Cacachilas Organizations: Chico, Air Force, Ranchlands, Medano, Ranchlands Mercantile, Badger, Hull, Nature Conservancy, Sangre, wranglers, Locations: Chico Basin, Colorado Springs, Colo, West, Chico, U.S, Medano, Zapata, Louisiana, Colorado , Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Mosca , Colo, Mexico, Badger, Burwell, Neb, Durham, N.Y, Manhattan, Mosca, Fremont County, Rocky, Teton County, Baja California Sur, Cortez
“I’ll figure out who Linda is later, but [I was like], ‘Just say yes, because it’s so honest.’ And then I did a little dive into Mae Martin — all the stand-up I could see, interviews — and she’s fantastic. It was an absolute yes.”Mae Martin in Netflix's "Feel Good." Lisa Kudrow and Adrian Lukis in Netflix's "Feel Good." “Mae loves George, however George ultimately identifies. And George loves Mae, however and wherever Mae ultimately lands.
Persons: Mae Martin, Joe Hampson, , Lisa Kudrow, Mae, Kudrow, Linda, Charlotte Ritchie, George, , Joe, ” Kudrow, Martin, , Mae Martin —, , ” Mae Martin, Luke Varley, Hampson, ” Martin, I’m, — “, Kudrow's, Lisa, ’ ” Martin, Adrian Lukis, Matt Squire, Netflix Martin wasn’t, “ Mae, that’s, “ I’ve Organizations: NBC News, Netflix, Channel, NBC, Twitter, Facebook Locations: United Kingdom, Manchester, England, Netflix's, British, Britain, , Mae
The Amazon That Customers Don’t See
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After five years at Amazon, Mr. Palmer felt the company’s success did not accrue to workers like him. As the virus arrived at JFK8, Mr. Palmer worried about how Amazon would protect and communicate with workers. To reverse the trend and serve its customers, Amazon would have to find a way to bring back workers. Amazon competitors 60% Amazon 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Amazon Amazon competitors 60% 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Amazon competitors 60% Amazon 40 20 0 Jan. 2020 Feb. March April May June July Source: Rakuten IntelligenceMr. Stroup’s worried how Amazon would summon workers back. “Everyone in your community, every third person, has worked at Amazon,” Mr. Stroup said.
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