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“Between the World & Me,” is something altogether different, both old and new, a combination of film and theater that could only work on TV. Coates may not have known these specific events would happen, but the world continues to live down to his expectations. “Between the World and Me” has tapped into something that falls in between the two genres, a work all its own, a pandemic-influenced theatrical TV performance that is neither movie nor limited series nor show. It is, as HBO terms it, a special, in every sense of the word. Special enough that HBO is working to make sure it reaches as wide an audience as possible, available to stream on HBO’s website.
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Actor John Leguizamo on "True Colors." Latinos have fought in every single war the country has ever had, Leguizamo said. Leguizamo brings up the story of Marcelino Serna, who fought in World War I as a private in the U.S. Army. Lots of Latino 'genius kids'Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote a Vanity Fair piece in 2017 on how Leguizamo was an inspiration for him. In the entertainment industry, when it comes to the pipeline of talent, Leguizamo said that “there’s millions of Lins and there are a million of me.
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